Monique Weingart was a contestant during Cycle 16 of ANTM.

At the time of the show, Monique was 19 years old. She traveled to the Los Angeles show locale from Hebron, Illinois.

Source: The CW / Troy Jensen / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Russell James / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Mike Rosenthal / Pottle Productions

To view more photos of Monique, click here.

35 Responses to “Monique Weingart”

  1. Says:

    She looks like Katie from cycle 1!!!!

  2. Brunito Says:


  3. Cini Says:

    She reminds me soo much of Megan Fox! She’s gorgeous and likeable. 🙂

  4. Alise Says:

    Gorgeous girl, but bad personality. Even though Alexandria is nuts, Monique should not have read her diary. Could have been a bigger person in that situation. Disappointing.

  5. kiki Says:

    I hate this b*tch.

  6. ambar Says:

    Is she plus-sized model?

  7. Stella Says:

    She’s gorgeous!

  8. sondra Says:

    She wows me, but why she was eliminated very quickly? I thought she would stay longer.

  9. AnKa Says:

    She’s so stunning, but she became such a b*tch at the end.

    • StephChi Says:

      Thats because she is a bitch in real life. A group of my friends went to high-school with this girl and they were all shocked that she made it on ANTM simply because she was always such a terrible person.

      • startledbylightening Says:

        It shows, she seems very full of herself and it doesn’t care about anyone else. She was just always “I’m pretty, everything revolves around me, why doesn’t everyone cater to me, doesn’t everyone know I’m special because I’m hot?”

  10. Sheena Says:

    I like her eyes. She’s so beautiful. 🙂

  11. Alex Says:

    I think she is GORGEOUS!

  12. katrina Says:

    Based on what I watched I think she’s kind of a b*tch. I mean when they had a challenge involving fans it seemed that she was so over everything. She’s not a supermodel yet so she doesn’t have to have an attitude like that.

  13. zoe Says:

    When I first saw her I thought she was gorgeous, and really similar looking to Olivia Wilde, and maybe because I’m an Olivia Wilde fan I keep expecting her to be nice and similar in personality.

    Unfortunately whenever she opened her mouth I just get reminded of Paris Hilton; she absolutely needed to filter the things that she said if she wants to come across as likeable.

    I don’t think she came across as b*tchy since she never seemed to be intentionally mean to anybody, she just didn’t seem to think before she spoke and she came across a bit simple and shallow, like was incapable of thinking any intelligent or deep thoughts.

    For all I know she could be really intelligent, but in order for her to appear nicer, smarter and classier, she just needed to tone down the Paris Hilton airheadness and the diva-like attitude that she had throughout her final episode.

    Personality aside however, she took some very good photos and I don’t think that she deserved to go home in the episode that she did; especially because Alexandria struggled in the photo shoot and had personality issues that week, and Mikaela was not better than Monique in the final photo.

  14. Megan Says:

    I don’t know why, but I absolutely love Monique! She’s just so funny to me. I know she was kind of a bitch, but that’s what made her so hilarious to watch. I was really disappointed in her leaving so early. Definitely not a high fashion model, more Sports Illustrated or Victoria’s Secret, but a gorgeous girl all the same.

  15. ANTM groupie Says:

    Girl ran out of steam and stopped caring.

  16. x Says:

    I am not a fan a plastic surgery, but from her old pics it looks like she had some done on her nose – and I have to admit that it looks good.

    She seemed like a bit of a spoiled brat though, didn’t she? Hopefully she grows out of that.

    • JBear Says:

      She didn’t get plastic surgery its just the photos are sooo enhanced that it looks nothing like her. Trust me i went to highschool with you she looks NOTHING like what does in real life.

  17. gerald Says:

    She ahd the body and the face like Megan Fox but the attitude is like mean and the sound of her voice is very annoying, she should be modelling for Victoria’s Secret and Playboy rather than Italian Vogue…

  18. k.ate Says:

    She looks a lot like megan fox to me and she should have not gone home over Mikaela.

  19. Wesley S Says:

    Always All the time.Maybe Baby It is A Yes (It is not for you to understand)!!

  20. Leona Says:

    She is so pretty, but unfortunately she was a bitch….

  21. Just watched the entire cycle. Even though she’s got an attitude, she was by far my favorite… I loved it.

  22. Emmica Says:

    There is no doubt that she is gorgeous. But when she was on the show, she had a major attitude problem. She had a very “I’m above everyone and all this” attitude.

  23. kiki Says:

    She is signed with Otto Models in LA. That was the agency Jael was signed with.

  24. jeff Says:

    She’s a sexbomb,one of the sexiest girls ever to appear on antm.

  25. Cyn Says:

    This girl was a complete conceited bitch through out the whole season. It is funny how you White folks view models when it comes to White and Black, you apparently see bitch when you see Black but never see the bitch attitudes in the White models.

  26. John Says:

    She is a strung out junkie and sucked my dick tonight in a Newport Beach night club bathroom for a line??????

  27. Katherine Says:

    Gorgeous. Loved her. She’s got a little Megan Fox going on. Even though she was bitchy, I still got a kick out of it.

  28. Jennifer Christner Says:

    Monique is an asshole. A horrible personality makes somebody instantly ugly in my eyes. She thought she could get by on her looks alone, but she didn’t. She sucks.

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