Molly O’Connell was a contestant during Cycle 16 of ANTM.

Molly traveled all the way from Charleston, South Carolina to appear on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16. She was 22 years old at the time of the show.

Source: The CW / Troy Jensen / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Russell James / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Mike Rosenthal / Pottle Productions

To view more photos of Molly, click here.

68 Responses to “Molly O’Connell”

  1. Makister Says:

    She’s the best.

  2. Brunito Says:

    Definitely my fave! I hope Tyra didn’t give her any dreadful makeover.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Yes, poor girl got a death blow makeover but didn’t let it get to her psyche dealt with it. Seems Trya doesn’t have all the answers. Next, she will cut it all off and say oh that’s “high fashion.” Please after a top photo guess Trya wan’t to even the playing field. Poor girl. How can she trust the experts even J had to roll his eyes on that one.

  4. Gabby Says:

    Love her. I would like for her to be in the top two with Hannah. But on ANTM that would never happen.

  5. rishelle Says:

    My new fave. 🙂

  6. boo Says:

    This was one of the worst makeovers, but I think that this chick won’t win. There’s really nothing special about her and nothing unique. She also shows a bad attitude and yeah, I don’t think she will win.

  7. Bella_Isa Says:

    Oh, poor Molly! She’s one of my favs this cycle, altogether with Brittani and Hannah. I hope they cut off her ugly weave and she makes it to the finals as she proved she can model really well.

  8. Bella_Isa Says:

    Plus, I would be grumpy and distracted too if I had such a nasty weave!

  9. Jeff Says:

    MOGR Make Over Gone wRong, in the bottom two for a second bad rug she had to wear not just for a single photo shoot but to live with for weeks. You go Molly be strong. Maybe Trya should have all the girls wear rugs as a challenge but have to leave the “hair” on for two days before the pics are taken.

  10. Aledrios Says:

    She’s The best!² *_*

  11. Alise Says:

    Some of the shots done by Russel James were amazing. She looks like the models in Paris and Milan runway shows. Nice facial features and poses, but I think she would be a bit old (22) for European market. Altough if I were a fashion designer I would book her right away.

  12. kiki Says:

    I don’t care for molly that much. I don’t think she will win currently because she is not consestent. Her first photo was great, her second photo was boring and blank, her third photo rocked and was one of the best that week, and her fourth photo was great to me but their were mistakes that really stood out and all those things make me question how far she will go.

  13. Stella Says:

    If Tyra hadn’t given her that terrible weave, she would have successed! She’s gorgeous and something about her shows uniqueness.

  14. Antara Says:

    Gorgeous! The camera loves her face.
    Awful weave, though. Good idea, bad execution.

  15. She’s my bet. 🙂

  16. katrina Says:

    I really like her look even though it’s kinda boring to look at but the mystery in her face is sort of interesting in some way. I just want her to win or something.

  17. tamo Says:

    Molly is my favorite!

  18. kazu29 Says:

    she has a violent attitude but i find it very endearing.some of her rough comments really made me laugh.i love her and britt.hope that they are the final two.

  19. sunny Says:

    I think this girl wins, if you check out the after photos of antm, this girl has the least “poor” test shots, which means IMG is keeping her from those lousy test jobs?

  20. Amanda T Says:

    She is my favorite too, and I am really rooting for her! 🙂

  21. Nike Says:

    I think she is beautiful and I love her look but I’m sick of her attitude. She’s so negative and although I don’t particularly LIKE Alexandria, all Molly does is whine about her. Rise above, girl! You’re a great model!

  22. mona Says:

    Her pictures are good, but if anyone should have been dubbed the bitch it should have been her. She is a real bitch and has a bad attitude.

    • brucelee Says:

      The cycle is being repeated in uk now and molly definitely comes across as the bitch and bully and gets away with it. Makes my blood boil as alexandria is only being herself which is a hardass, no-messing street smart chick which u have to be to survive in the industry

  23. Isabell Says:

    She’s going to win, she’s an absolute expert at what she does!!!!! IDC what any of yall say..

  24. RA Says:

    She’s just stunning! So perfect on the photos! And her “always angry” attitude is quite funny actually! ❤

  25. Kathleen Says:

    molly is my fave since day 1…i hope she wins! 😀

  26. gerald Says:

    When I see Molly I saw her as pretty Oriental because ehr eyes always squint when she’s on camera but she had so much potential the only real problem is her anger issues, hope she dosen’t do that in the finale.

    She and Brittani are in the final two and will be competing in a Vivienne Westwood fashion show in Morocco.

  27. It’s too bad she seemed so bummed so often. I hope she gets over that. Though I’m happy Brittani won, Molly definitely deserved to be in the top three with Hannah. She’ll do well as a model, I’m sure.

  28. sheena Says:

    I’m so happy even Molly didn’t win she still get a contract in img models together with Brittani! I’m so happy for Molly !! ANTM MOLLY!

  29. iiiahM Says:

    Molly is my favorite too. You can tell that she is a real person. Regardlss of what she done in the past she still became a better person because of it. She os not pretentious at all. She is out-spoken. Too bad she didn’t win. But i know she will be out there modeling, because she is born to do that.

  30. lauren Says:

    I hope she makes it far like elyse lots of seasons back. She has the modeling potential, she cant take a bad picture!
    All her pictures are FIERCE!

  31. Ashton Says:

    I really wish Molly would have won! She was very unique in her own way and still beautiful and amazing at taking photos. Brittani was okay but I found her to be somewhat annoying and too emotional. Everyone gets angry at times and Molly was learning to control her anger.. I think her story with being adoption and all would have been a lot more inspiring to people out there then Brittani’s, although that was interesting too. I wish Molly would have won, but I hope the best for her and hope to see her make big achievements!

    • Mari Says:

      But this isn’t all about having a story and having to sell it and be inspirational to everyone out there… it’s not about “who in this show has the worst upbringing / childhood / emotional trauma?” It’s about who has the overall best performance in this industry and how they performed as models. I mean the only real reason that they go into the whole “I came from a trailer park” issue or “I had abandonment issues because I was adopted” is just there to make it more interesting for the viewers, really.

      I think overall they were both amazing and both were very, very beautiful. I wish them both the best with their careers!

  32. amina Says:

    Molly has boht the look and talent! I hope she becomes wildly successful in the industry. ANTM really strengthened the talent pool this season.

  33. phyllis Says:

    She is so cool; love her.

  34. TheRealNdu Says:

    I think Molly was amazing. I love how they tried their best to fix her new “weave” for the makeover shot. She rocked it.

  35. k.ate Says:

    I love how she looks with her natural shouder length hair I hate how they cut all her hair off in the last epsoide.

  36. Andres Bulgarin Says:

    i love Molly O’Connell , all my heart,

  37. tmp Says:

    she had the most beautiful hair.

  38. nat Says:

    poor molly.i see she trying hard for becoming next winner but what can i say brittani won this competion.congratulation brittani,hope u success in your career

  39. ILoveMolly Says:

    No, I believe it’s not IMG but Image Models.

  40. Sue Wonda Says:

    Everytime I see her photographs she looks like Kate Moss. It’s a blessing and will take her to Paris if an agency chooses to sign her

  41. British Fan Says:

    I don’t like her. She’s sulky and moody. And her attitude with Alexandria is a disgrace. I hope she goes soon.

  42. blue Says:

    Hated her

  43. anonym Says:

    She is the best.

  44. geepee Says:

    she should have won

    • Helen Says:

      I loved Molly and all, but I just think Brittani was better than her, plus she had that kind of an attitude that the judges couldn’t stand

  45. sarahheartmolly Says:

    I agree she should have won….ilove molly:)

  46. Shitty Latifah Says:

    She has been blonde, why didn’t Tyra just put curlers in her hair, so she would have had curly blonde hair without having to wear weaves.

    Her face in androgynous, unique but I prefer her with long hair, because she, no offense and sorry to say, looks like a lesbian with short hair. I saw the picture in her Tumblr .

  47. imran Says:

    not too happy but where is the rest of the picture of the beach

  48. ardfjdjd Says:

    i’m so pissed that she didnt won, aaaarhsgdsgdg
    she has such a gret personality, loved how she made fun of alexandria
    hope that life is good for here now 😉

  49. Jay Says:

    Finally someone from South Carolina!!!!!!:)

  50. messy Diane Says:

    Molly could have won! but her att sucs! hope she changed after the show. I think she takes the title for using the F word in the show. Almost every sentence was punctuated with the F word.

  51. Lyoly Says:

    I HATE HER. she is very angry. Brittani is the BEST!!! i’ m so sorry that Brittani left her model career ):

  52. Mati Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Molly! Hope to see more of her in the future

  53. Hoosier Consumer Says:

    Watching a rerun of this Cycle. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Molly and Brittany have fallen flat on their mean old faces. I find it hard to believe ANYone would want to book either of them, based on their horrendous, witchy behavior on the program. Who would want to put up with either one of them?

    • pointandshoot Says:

      Def. agree. I am a professional photographer, and I wouldn’t want Molly within ten feet of my set, regardless of her talent. Lots of other andro types out there who at least act like they want the job.

  54. Katherine Says:

    I don’t see much when I just look at her, but she photographs extraordinarily. She had an attitude, but I couldn’t help but love her.

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