Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi was a contestant on Cycle 6 of ANTM.

Mollie Sue started out as a strong contender on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6. Prior to her elimination on the fifth week, Mollie Sue had been able to produce quality photographs and had never once landed on the bottom two. However, as the competition got harder and as the number of the girls became smaller, Mollie Sue slowly lost her edge over the other girls, until finally, after the CoverGirl commercial shoot where the girls had to use what they learned from an improvisational class at The Groundlings, the judges decided to send Mollie Sue home for her failure to express her own true “persona” in her pictures.

After appearing on the show, Mollie has become an incredibly successful model internationally. She relocated to Paris, France, where she was featured as one of Paris’ Top Models in Photo Magazine. She also graced the pages of French Cosmopolitan.

She has been featured in Vogue Russia, Vogue NipponVogue Italia and has modeled for Levi’s, Vision, Winners F06, Florida International, Out, D La Repubblica Delle Donne, Mixte, Tush, ANNA, Madame Figaro,, Zink, Madame, Cosmopolitan, Cop.Copine, Fashion, Self Magazine, Diesel, The Lake & Stars F/W 07, Adorn W 07, Grazia, Vanidad, Avant-Garde, Sang Bleu, Gondi Ishiko, Soon, Rene Furterer International Magazine, Style Mag, Intersection, Casadei 50th Anniversary and appeared in Top Models in Action for Cycle 11.

Mollie Sue is currently signed to several model agencies, including Storm Model ManagementFord Models in NYC and WM Models in Paris. She has been signed with Why Not Models in MilanAce Models in GreeceElite in New York and Barcelona and Success Models Paris.

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To see more photos of Mollie, click here.

(Warning: Many of Mollie’s photos feature artistic nudity, so please use caution when browsing in public or at work.)

34 Responses to “Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi”

  1. Sophie L Says:

    I love the fact Mollie Sue has become so successful! Good for you girl! Just shows ANTM is about good TV versus thoroughbread modeling. Stunning pictures. I saw her in a BBC documentary about Rankin too, looking good!

  2. Marts Says:

    Heh. She said in her farewell speech, when she got eliminated, that they just eliminated their winner. And she was right.

    She had no potential. She had skills. Big difference.

  3. lissa Says:

    Wow! These pics are awesome! The judges always send the wrong girls home!

  4. steena Says:

    Take THAT all you ANTM judges! You go girl!!!

  5. neesy Says:

    Mollie rocks! Was shocked when she got eliminated.

  6. AWilson325 Says:

    She’s stunning! ANTM definitely had it wrong, but everything happens for a reason.

    Congrats Mollie Sue!

  7. abygail Says:

    She has a high-fashion look. she just didn’t know yet when she was at ANTM. But now she’s just rocking it!

  8. TLynn Says:

    Season 6 was my favorite. Dani deserved to win, but I thought Mollie Sue should have gone further. …And this is why. Good for you Mollie Sue.

    • Wicky Says:

      Season 6 clearly had the best contestants. I think several of the runners-up — Joanie, Jade, Mollie Sue, Nnena come to mind — could have won on any other season. It was just tough competition, so I can’t be too hard on Tyra, although Mollie Sue for sure went home too early. Danielle has been extremely successful as well, so it’s not as though the judges picked a dud.

  9. Dawon Says:

    Mollie Sue is amazing and obviously driven. Success in the modeling industry is achieved not only through beauty and talent but through drive, ambition, and vision. ANTM opened the door and she walked through that door, and made it happen.

    Wishing you continued success.

  10. kiki Says:

    I loved her bald photo. I think that it was the best photo ever.

  11. tamo Says:

    I love Mollie so much.

  12. maga Says:

    Loved Mollie Sue! I was shocked they got rid of her so early on. She looks amazing!!! Most model like of all the top models.
    Well done, girl!

  13. jenn Says:

    Molly is the MOST BEAUTIFUL model YET out of EVERYONE on most ALL cycles. I hope she is banking because SHE IS THE real deal! The MODEL!! LOVE LOVE HER!!! So GORGEOUS!!! Wow.

  14. jenn Says:

    Oh and I was SOOO mad she got eliminated so early. She should have WON, hands down.

  15. Annicka Annick Says:

    I love Molly Sue. She’s hard-core and her snarl is the business.

  16. Patricia G. Says:

    She was my favorite all along, I was pissed when she got eliminated, instead of kicking out Furonda for example. It doesn’t matter, she did her best and now here it is!

  17. Kat Says:

    Didn’t she used to have a tattoo on her chest? I wonder if it was fake or she got it removed..maybe they edited it out. She looks good though…glad she went far.

  18. Vindicated Says:

    I feel so vindicated to see that Mollie Sue’s modeling career exploded after ANTM. If I feel this vindicated, I can’t imagine how vindicated Mollie Sue must feel!

    Seriously, I was stunned; STUNNED I say, when Tyra and company sent Mollie Sue packing. When I first saw Mollie Sue, I thought she was a certainty to win. I’d not seen a more beautiful model before on ANTM nor have I seen one since. Mollie Sue is breathtaking.

    Her photos are simply gorgeous. Her skin is flawless. She is just breathtaking. I couldn’t believe they sent her home, and while I don’t remember their reasons for choosing her to go, I do remember thinking at the time their reasons for sending her packing were vague and really made little sense to me.

    There has got to be some specific reason Tyra had for wanting to send Mollie Sue home; some reason why she didn’t think Mollie Sue was right for ANTM that she didn’t want to share with America. And, we will probably never know what that reason was. However, the best revenge is living well, and Mollie Sue has done that in spades.

    Well done, Mollie Sue. Keep up the good work.

    You know – I spotted you from the beginning as a top model, and you have given me affirmation that I do have as good an eye as I thought I did for what the modeling world is looking for in a model. Thanks for that.

  19. gerald Says:

    When I saw her for the first time in ANTM I kinda like say that she she is too quiet but damn she sure photograph like one of those European girls I kinda felt shocked that she became too successful just like Katarzyna of Cycle 10.

  20. jorge Says:

    me encanta Molly, me alegro que le vaya bien, fui su fan desde que la vi, congratulations!

  21. Tikka Says:

    I really have to disagree with the judges. Mollie is awesome and a lot of fun to work with. She is just amazing

  22. kahuna Says:

    I love Dani, but Mollie Sue should have won her season by a long shot.

  23. Nana Says:

    Mollie was the best 4ever in season six.
    I really don’t understand the judges, when you see Mollie you know you are in front of a top model.

  24. LisaLaggrrr Says:

    Wow she photographs amazingly! I didn’t see it so much on the show, but I think that may be because of that horrible haircut. Tyra feels the need to go so crazy with the makeovers that some of the girl’s really get the shoddy end of the stick. The Peter Pan thing she had going was way too 1-dimensional. And that “Little Boy Blue” shoot really solidified the ugly pigeon-hole the hair put her in. But in these photos she looks great with all haircuts, colors, etc. She has amazing eyes and eyebrows. I also have to wonder about Tyra as the photo editor. The judges will criticize girls for always taking pictures in profile or not showing enough neck or “I wish you’d done something different with that hand” and I gotta wonder how often there is what they want to see among the other 59 or so pictures that Tyra DIDN’T pick. There are also many times that Tyra likes something that the other Judges don’t. I wonder if she deliberately sabotages them.

  25. Kai Says:

    I have the feeling that some of the girls who get eliminated are actually more successful that the actual winners…
    Molly Sue is just gorgeous and I’m glad she’s doing this great!

  26. Esther Says:

    Bella!!!!! que espectáculo de Muer, todas sus fotos son EXCELENTES…Las otras chicas son buenas, pero no tenia que perder frente a Jade >=(

  27. Himela Says:

    Tyra failed with Molie Sue terribly eliminating her.

  28. Pamela Says:

    Wow! You don’t need a title to be a winner! Go, girl!

  29. lorraine Says:

    Tyra knew what she was doing giving Molly the boyish haircut suits her to perfection ,Pity the texas Beauty Queen from cycle 5 refused to cut hers her career maybe would have been like Miss Sue here…listen to Tyra sometimes
    Conggrats Molly Sue

  30. Jessica Says:

    She is one of the only girls that has been on the show that actually had potential to BE a TOP MODEL, not just be given a label like all the winners of the show, who most of the time just become another model and don’t really amount to much in the fashion industry. Mollie Sue (and Lauren Brie too) took fantastic pictures and had a look that was edgy, high fashion and couture. But Tyra eliminated them both because they had “no personality”. So what? Most TOP MODELS don’t… if Tyra actually wanted to pick a winner who had the most chance of actually becoming a TOP MODEL, there is no way certain girls would have won, for example Cycle 9’s Saleisha and Cycle 14’s Krista, the latter of whom didn’t seem to take her win seriously and has only done test shots after the show. If Tyra chose girls who could be top models, instead of her personal favourites, the show would have panned out like this (at least I think so):

    Cycle 1: Elyse (high fashion, and she is HUGE in Japan)
    Cycle 2: April or Yoanna (both girls were high fashion and had great looks, but I don’t think Yoanna was ready when she won)
    Cycle 3: Toccara (clearly high fashion – after all she is the first black plus size model to grace the COVER of Italian Vogue)
    Cycle 4: Kahlen (Carmen Kass the supermodel anyone? She had much more potential that Naima)
    Cycle 5: Nik (another girl who was high fashion and oozed supermodel. She could be big given the right chance)
    Cycle 6: Mollie Sue (all her post show work proves she has what it takes)
    Cycle 7: Babin #1 or Babin #2 (realistically, these girls were one of the only girls of their whole cycle who could ever grace the pages of a high fashion magazine such as Italian Vogue)
    Cycle 8: Jaslene (the right decision. High fashion, couture, and one of the most successful winners to date. Don’t get me wrong, I love Natasha, but Jaslene has the body type and height advantage)
    Cycle 9: Jenah or Heather or Lisa(how could commercial Saleisha win? These girls are all high fashion and are born models, with natural ability. This should have been the final 3.)
    Cycle 10: Fatima or Katarzyna (both high fashion girls. Fatima has gone on to model for Hervee Leger (huge achievement) and Kat has done tons of post show work)
    Cycle 11: Lauren Brie (Unique, Gorgeous, Loveable, and High Fashion. She could not only be a top model, but a role model too)
    Cycle 12: Allison (beautiful girl, beautiful BIG eyes – she looks like Italian Vogue! This girl has been robbed twice… is Tyra jealous of Allicat?)
    Cycle 13: Nicole (GREAT choice, beautiful girl, born to model. The only other girls who had true high fashion potential were Erin and Rae. However, Erin went crazy and emotional, and Rae has done next to no post-show work. But there you have it)
    Cycle 14: Raina (You don’t find looks like this girl has everyday. Gorgeous, but also a REAL size, not super skinny. She was high fashion and has since graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in Arabia. In your face Krista!)
    Cycle 15: Kayla or Jane(I loved Ann, so it’s hard for me to say this, but I didn’t feel like she could be a top model because she’s scared of people. Kayla has the high fashion look and a killer portfolio to match. She didn’t do great in All-Stars, but having Franca Sozzani as a fan can’t be a bad thing right. Jane is now a VERY successful IMG girl. Enough said.)
    Cycle 16: Brittani or Molly (Brittani is couture, that is a fact. However, Molly was undoubtedly the stronger of the two, her attitude got in the way of her crown though. But it never held Naomi Campbell back did it?
    Cycle 17: Allison or Dominique (in my books, Allison should have won TWICE. The lovely and wonderful Dominique was suddenly deemed as forgettable, so that Tyra could keep her favourite, Angelea, in the competition. I cry for you girl…
    Cycle 18: We are yet to have a winner, but it will be an American. After all, it is clearly some crazy plan of Tyra’s to prove that Americans are better than Brits, maybe to get back at Naomi Campbell after all these years. My money is currently on Azmarie (who has had more first call-outs than five ANTM winners already) and Laura (even though she has revealed in an interview that she is only modelling to get money for her future).

    Agree or disagree with me, it’s up to you. She’s produced good models, but is yet to produce a top model – THAT’S a fact.

    Peace out!

  31. Its good ! Great job keep it up.Thanks for update the new information and picture.Its awesome !

  32. dori Says:

    Its annoying how the judjes choose not so pretty girls, just because they look friendly and could make that make up popular, over such beautiful and unique ones, having their own personality.

  33. I always remember seeing her at the Orpheum in Tampa and other places thinking she was stunning and honestly had no clue she did all this lol but great to see her doing well 🙂

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