Mikaela Schipani was a contestant during Cycle 16 of ANTM.

This Boca Raton, Florida native was 21 years old during her  appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16.

Source: The CW / Troy Jensen / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Russell James / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Mike Rosenthal / Pottle Productions

To view more photos of Mikaela, click here.

31 Responses to “Mikaela Schipani”

  1. onaldmail Says:

    She is stunninggg!!!!

  2. Makister Says:


  3. Gustavito Says:

    Amazing!!!!!!! Hannah, Brittani, and Mikaela FTW!

  4. Onna Says:

    I saw some pictures of her and they are so stunning. They look high fashion to me.

    • Sasha Says:

      Well Duh! she has been modeling since she was 15! she should have won against that other ungrateful pouty bitch Brittani. if brittani had been eliminated someone who deserved to win like alexandria wouldve and shouldve won.

  5. Jack Leander Says:

    Mikaela is incredible. She should have won the first two events. All the other girls are a wreck. She is a pro!

  6. Jeff Says:

    Hope there is a vampire shoot or Goth shoot; she would “stomp it to the death.” Wow, right out of the Addams Family TV show.

  7. Marts Says:

    Her striking bone structure reminds me of Yoanna for some reason. But Mikaela is more high fashion than Yoanna was.

  8. Mariana Says:

    I think she’s the most beautiful girl this cycle! And probably in the history of ANTM.

  9. sianson Says:

    does anyone agree she looks so much like supermodel daria werbowy

  10. ambar Says:

    Loovveee her very much. Her bone structure very wooww.

  11. Stella Says:

    Her bone structure is amazing but I really hope she brings more to her photos!

  12. sondra Says:

    She should have won. Her face is very stunning. My bet she and Brittani/Jaclyn should in final two.

  13. Meg Says:

    It’s sad she just got eliminated… She was my favorite and is so beautiful.

  14. boo Says:

    she looks like she’s always asleep, so the one note look sleepy eye face is what made her lose

  15. gerald Says:

    Mikaela is so gorgeous I wonder why she kinda gave up the first and second photo is so stellar and screams high fashioned but when the weeks progressed Mikaela’s photo is very average anyway loved her face the bones and her jawline is so stunning she should be made for Italian Vougue anyway she had this sort of European look.

  16. datum pi Says:

    Her bone structure is a little TOO defined in my taste! You could cut a roast on her cheeks which makes her look so much older than she is and I doubt she’ll be able to get work for much longer unless she gets her big break or whatev. Does anyone else get a Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky from Full House) vibe? lol

  17. k.ate Says:

    I thought she was ugly and should have gone home sooner then she did.

  18. Risky Ramanda Says:

    Sometimes her face looks like the combination of Odette Yustman and Jennifer Carpenter

  19. fredz Says:

    i definitely love her his eyes were stunning i like also the fact that she’s like pocahontas

  20. fredz Says:

    she’s like an innocent gurl that can do high fashion that people would love her so much

  21. JimmyJohnCrackBaby Says:

    This girl had the most potential. Needed more direction……

  22. JimmyJohnCrackBaby Says:

    Everybody relax! Eat a cookie……….

  23. Loves love Says:

    She’s a quiet person, but since she’s beautiful and has a cool style, she look a lil bit arrogant if we don’t know who she is. Too bad that she didn’t get first call out in Fierce Roast coffee commercial whereas she’s an actress as well.

  24. Jazzy Says:

    Dead Eyes. Sorry.

  25. Krimzon Says:

    Beautiful look,charming personality as well.:) She’s in a few short films on YouTube.

  26. Katherine Says:

    Based on looks, she should’ve won. But her photos were horrible. Except her first one. But I know she’s had a successful modeling career. She’s just needed some practice.

  27. startledbylightening Says:

    The backstage photo shoot, I did not care for her pictures. I think she’s got an amazing high fashion face, and just ends up looking stuck up or like she smelled something funky. Just disappointing.

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