Michelle Deighton was a contestant on Cycle 4 of ANTM.

As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Michelle greatly impressed the judges with her versatility and talent. While on the show, Michelle came down with a skin condition called impetigo, and her condition led the other girls to panic because they thought Michelle had a contagious, flesh-eating bacteria. Because the disease may be passed on to little children, Michelle had to do the fourth photo shoot with a doll instead of a real and very energetic child, making the other girls extremely envious. Michelle fell to the bottom two after the “7 Deadly Sins” photo shoot, and the following week was eliminated when her dull pictures from South Africa failed to excite the judges.

After her stint on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Michelle signed a modeling contract with both the Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency and M Models International. She also worked with Elate Wear and strutted her stuff on the runway for fashion shows like San Francisco Fashion Week Presents “Emerging Stars”, Antique Denim Spring/Summer 2006, Megan Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2006, and Elate “Celebrity” Fashion Show 2006. She also appeared on WWE Friday Night Smackdown, where she fought with Melina and was rescued by the Mexicools. The WWE has also offered her a development deal, and Michelle is busy finalizing the terms of the contract.

In September of 2007, Michelle and beau, Jon Dalton, popularly known as Jonny Fairplay, of Survivor: Pearl Island fame, announced that they were expecting their first child. The two had been dating for about two years and Michelle was over four months along. They had initially declared that the baby was due January 26, 2008. In October, Michelle wrote in her MySpace blog that they had learned that they were expecting a baby girl. She also mentioned that she had signed on with Expecting Models – a pregnant modeling agency. On January 16, 2008, a little over a week ahead of schedule, Jon and Michelle welcomed Piper, their 6 lb 7 oz baby girl.

She has modeled for Elate wear, Louche Clothing, Celebrity Baby Blog, Mommygoround.com, and has appeared in Life & Style Magazine.

Currently, she is signed with Wilhelmina in New York.

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To see more photos of Michelle, click here.

33 Responses to “Michelle Deighton”

  1. SvetaGasanova Says:

    Michelle is a very-very-very-very-very beautiful model.
    Too bad she didn’t win. 😦
    Sveta from Latvia

  2. Loulah Says:

    I don’t know what the hell they were thinking dying her hair blonde. It made her hair look sooo damaged!! Thank god she went back to being a brunette.

  3. Massay Says:

    Wasn’t she a lesbian?

  4. Sveta Says:

    And she said on the show that she was a lesbian?

    No, she is a bisexual.

  5. Camilla Says:

    Hate that they made her hair blonde. It totally ruined her look. She was so beautiful before! I loved her and was sad when she was send home.

    Why is it saying Jon and Michelle welcomed Piper, their 6 lb 7 oz baby BOY. Piper is a girl name and I know they had a girl.

  6. kiki Says:

    She looks great with any hair color.

  7. Froggy13 Says:

    The show did her a serious injustice dying her hair so blonde. In most/all of her ANTM pics she just looks off but in all the others here she looks beautiful. I liked her when she was on the show, but her pics never stood out; the show never captured half the beauty she shows in these other pics.

  8. KriStina Says:

    Она замечательная, классная и очень красивая. Она должна была быть в финале с Naima

  9. boo Says:

    She’s okay, but not a big fan.

  10. Marts Says:

    For the fans of Michelle, you can see her on WWE’s reality show, Tough Enough. Yep, she’s trying to be a pro wrestler.

  11. Lisa Devales Says:

    She is beautiful and now she is back to wrestling. I saw her on that new reality show that Stone Cold Steve Austin is doing on Syfy. I knew her face looked familiar. Hopefully she makes it big.

  12. Heather Says:

    She is MUCH prettier as a brunette than a blonde. I wondered wth they were thinking when they made her go blonde.

  13. zigzag Says:

    I love her, she is stunningly beautiful!

  14. Joseph Says:

    I didn’t like her on the show, her distant personality was a bit annoyin. I also didnt like her look, her face shapes are a bit rough shaped .. sorry to say, i think she should be eliminated sooner.

  15. Eric Says:

    I love Michelle, but she went WAY further on the competition than she deserved.

  16. Himela Says:

    She looks much more beautiful with black hair.

  17. Aldona Says:

    I think she was kinda strange. She made weirdo facial expressions sometimes, made a bit sluggish impression on me. Of course she looks as a nice girl but… Being a pro wrestler… I can’t stop thinking she was looking rather thick& heavy sometimes!!

    But her face is very good for modeling. Unusual.

    I wish this girl best:)

  18. jeffret t. Says:

    she is a awesome lady with so many skills..welcome to danville va. michelle,i watch your commerical on star news representing DDC .

  19. KhrisKline Says:

    oh michelle isn’t a bisexual anymore, she didn’t stick with it…she is married now and was given such a wonderful daughter…

    • Fiona Says:

      Just because someone gets married to a man and has children doesn’t mean they can’t be bisexual. It’s not black and white, sexuality is a spectrum.

  20. Boone Says:

    I love this woman! She reminds me of a cat! She has very feline features. It’s her eyes I think. And me, being the God of Cats that I am, went nuts for her even though I’m not str8. I can just tell we would be best friends. She is extremely striking but the blond hair they gave her on ANTM was NOT a good look for her. She is the kind of woman who will always look better with dark hair. She had problems on ANTM because of that damn Impetigo that she contracted from somewhere. Probably from one of the other girls! It doesn’t affect everyone but it can stay on another persons skin until it finds a host it likes and it obviously had good taste since it chose Michelle to attack. I’m pretty sure that’s what affected her attitude throughout her cycle since the other girls made such a big deal of it. She was also struggling with being Bisexual and trying to deal with coming out about that, too. She went through a lot on that cycle! Glad she is happy and doing what wants now. She deserves it and will always be one of my favourite models and one of my favourite women. Keep on keeping on, Michelle!

  21. Dd Says:

    NEVER understood her appeal. Such a

  22. I didn’t like her figure, especially the upper part, because it looked too big and square’ish.

  23. Risha Says:

    Post pics look awesome. Yeah so much better as a brunette. Again the pic look great, love the edgy ones.

  24. Major Pfeister Says:

    impetigo can be an annoying disease but it is easy to treat if you have a good doctor…

    Take a look at the most up to date blog post at our new online site

  25. Khris Fowler Says:

    Oh really? Michelle’s daughter, Piper Addison is grown-up now…she’s 5 years old and looks so pretty just like Michelle, except little kid’s a blondie…and that website of Michelle’s fb up there isn’t, like, working anymore…I saw the one she’s using now, which looks like she created just last 2012 and I saw her child 😀

  26. Niamh Says:

    Michelle was fine but I found her very boring. She didn’t have much personality, and she wasn’t extremely good-looking either, I think she got way further than she deserved.

  27. JJ Says:

    Michelle was so sensitive when she started, glad she gained some confidence later on, personally I think she’d be perfect for sports brands, great athletic figure and strong face.

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