Mercedes Scelba-Shorte was a contestant and runner-up during Cycle 2 of ANTM.

After appearing on America’s Next Top Model, Scelba-Shorte became a spokesperson for the Lupus Foundation of America. She signed with Nous Model Management and has also landed small roles in a number of TV shows including One on One, All of Us, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

She has appeared on the cover of Wedding Dresses magazine in 2005, Lupus Now magazine (Fall 2004 and Fall 2007), and Arthritis Today. She has also graced the pages of Teen Vogue.

Her commercial credits include: Chili’s, Target, Hewlett Packard, Sears, AT&T, Payless Shoes, Bell South, and Chevy. Other modeling credits include: Anchor Blue, Kohl’s, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Halston, Mervyn’s, and Macy’s.

Her runway credits include DSquared2 Milan Fashion Show Spring 2004, Rock & Republic, Studios John Sakalis Fall 2004 and Ellegirl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models 2005. Mercedes was also in a commercial for Chili’s restaurant in 2007 and was featured in the Kay’s catalog for Holiday 2007. She can be found modeling Mandy Moore’s Mblem line and landed her first beauty campaign for Leeza Gibbons’ Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup. Currently, she can be seen in a Subway television advertisement.

Mercedes left Nous Model Management in L.A. in 2008. She then signed to Elite Model Management in L.A. and now is signed to Click Models in L.A. under the name of Mercedes Yvette. (I could not locate her portfolio under Elite.)

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Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging


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Source: ANTM / Massimo Costoli

Source: ANTM / Massimo Costoli






To see more photos of Mercedes, click here.

33 Responses to “Mercedes Scelba-Shorte”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Mercedes has a newer myspace than the one link listed at the top of this page. Her new myspace is:

    She just started it in March, so there is not that much on it as of 4/21/2010.

  2. полина Says:


    Rough translation: “Classy!”

  3. Janna Says:

    Mercedes is just so beautiful!

  4. Romano Says:

    Mercedes is one of the world’s most beautiful women.

    • Boone Says:

      I heartily agree with you, Romano. She really is a staggeringly beautiful woman. She has such gorgeous features. Really wish she would have won her cycle, though.

  5. Molly Says:

    I think Mercedes should have won cycle 2! She is such a beautiful person, inside and out. I hope she continues modeling, she is really talented.

  6. Алёнка Says:

    Hello. My name is Alena! I live in Russia and we have 2 season showed only a year ago. I immediately fell in love Mersedas and should she win, not John! Mersedas SUPER!

  7. boo Says:

    Good for her; I liked her. Keep on modeling, girl.

  8. Makister Says:

    Eh, just an ordinary girl … a finalist????? Oh God no.

    • Stars Beyond Says:

      Not to be mean, but I do agree with Makister here. She’s no extraordinary girl. I have no idea how she made it to the top two. I was expecting someone like April or Sara to go there along with Yoanna; definitely not her.

  9. Michelle Says:

    Good to see her looking healthy and happy.

  10. 4sher Says:

    Mercedes has the certain Je ne sais quoi that pulls you into her and her photos. unfortunately, the illness she suffers from drains her and the “it” and leaves her looking exhausted. She deserve to be in the final two because she pulled it off until the end.

  11. Xxx Says:

    She look like J. Lo.

  12. Katherin Says:

    She was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. mercedes was very great is rather unfortunate she didnt win

  14. Vincent Says:

    Oh gowsh this lady is super amazing, her strength is juust aawsome..!

  15. I really thought she should have won the competition. She had it all over Yoanna.

  16. Himela Says:

    Mercedes was really cute and sweet but she was far too commercial.

  17. Jamella Says:

    I was diagnosed with lupus 5 yrs ago. I wish I could get a better update on her 2 see how she is doing because I’m having a hard time with mine

  18. Jamella Says:

    I was diagnosed with lupus 5 yrs ago. I wish I could get a better update on her 2 see how she is doing because I’m having a hard time with mine. I’m having flares, my hair, is falling out, I have mood swings & I have a problem with getting out of bed in the mornings. I would love 2 meet her or atlease hear how she is doing with her lupus.. Thanks

  19. Ouma Garekwe Says:

    Hi babe
    Pretty as ever. Keep up the good work sweety and God bless.

  20. I loved her, she has such a timeless face!

  21. Katie Says:

    Ehhh…she’s honestly just an average girl.

  22. Joe Williams Says:

    I’ve never in my life seen such a radiant person like you

  23. Kalli Says:

    Loved her photo as a goddess , too bad she didn’t win, but second place was also nice for her. Wonder how she is doing now with her lupus. Hope she still models alot… nice girl.

  24. Katie Says:

    Someone please tell me how she made it so far.

  25. Gia Says:

    I thought Mercedes should have won but not that I see these photos she’s nothing but a commercial model. It looks like she doesn’t know how to do anything else. She’s got that sweet smile in so many of these that they all look the same and I forget about them.

  26. toby Says:

    I luv her so much she inspires me…stay blessed. I LUV u

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