Marvita Washington was a contestant during Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Marvita Washington was the 23-year-old retail sales associate from San Fransisco, California. During her time on Top Model, Marvita had solid photo shoots, and was even called out second in the Elle Macpherson lingerie photo shoot for her strong presence. Unfortunately, Marvita’s performance took a downward turn during the photo shoot involving paint and facial close-ups. Marvita found herself in the bottom two for the first time, alongside Whitney because their photos were seen unsatisfactory. In the end, Marvita was eliminated because of her defeatist attitude, as well as looking bored and disconnected in her photo. The judges also felt that Whitney had more drive. Marvita was the fourth model eliminated from Cycle 10.

In her interview with BuddyTV after her elimination, Marvita explained she just had one bad photo shoot on one bad day, but she definitely did not felt defeated at all, unlike what the judges were trying to point out. She defended herself but that b-roll was edited out, leading the viewers into believing that she really checked out of the competition. Marvita stressed that she wasn’t giving up and also believed she was doing well in the show. “I think that had I had another chance I would have been fine, because all my other photo shoots I tried really hard on,” she said.

Still, Marvita had good things to say about being on ANTM, “I made a lot of new friends, and I learned a lot more about myself and how to get along with girls.” But one of the girls she didn’t get along well was Fatima. She said that Fatima was the kind of person that she simply can’t get through even after all the attempts she made just to be closer to her.

Since the show, Marvita has appeared in Ebony Magazine, December 2008 and Supermodels Unlimited. She has walked for various designers, including at BET’s Rip the Runway 2009.

Marvita is currently signed with Ikon Model Management.

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24 Responses to “Marvita Washington”

  1. Tina Says:

    Wow, she looks fabulous in most of these pics. Where was this girl on the show?

  2. boo Says:

    She’s manly pretty.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Gosh, She was eliminated too early … I mean look at her. She’s interestingly gorgeous.

  4. GäLv Says:

    She looks like Kelly Rowland in some pictures.

  5. Melissa Says:

    She is just STUNNING. She was my favorite, and I think she was eliminated too soon, but I think it helped her modeling reach the next level.

  6. Multifariousb Says:

    I agree. Where was this girl in the competition? Looking at her updated pictures, I see why Tyra brought her on to the show. Her and Fatima where rebirths of famous models of the past. Marvita looks like a baby Grace Jones and Fatima like a baby Iman.

  7. Azereht Parlan Says:

    I’m glad Marvita landed on some magazine, runway and model management. I remember she has the “weirdest” or just simply different hair makeover and she owned it pretty well. That HORSE HAIR! It’s kinda funny, but she’s cool. Yeah, I think Marvita’s cool and beautiful!

  8. Anya Says:

    She`s sooooo beautiful with the long hair… amazing.

  9. cristina Says:

    Con i capelli lunghi e lisci è dolcissima e fenomenale,è comunque bellissima,anche quando sembra virile.

  10. Cassie Says:

    She looks African and has fantastic legs! OH! Someone on here says her face is manly. It’s not manly. Krista White’s face is masculine, marvita’s bone structure is soft and creates smooth lines. I hope Marvita is working in Paris. She would be viewed as a younger version of Grace Jones. Tyra should’ve kept her around longer. Those legs are just too good to send them home.

  11. Cassie Says:

    The close-up picture of her smiling is so cosmetics advertisement.

  12. Green Green Says:

    наверное они выдавали на шоу ее худшие фото за лучшие. иначе она победила-бы. а не эта толстая баба tipical american bilch сука с мордой как кирпич.

  13. Michelle Says:

    My Girl, I am so happy for her, I knew she could make it….

  14. elizabeth cummings Says:

    tyra apparently did not give her the right hair! Like lisa on cycle ten; made that girl look like a scared poodle. i am ssssooooo happy for marvita washington, who, by the photos, should have at least come up on the last two.

  15. george Says:

    i love her look shes very beautiful

  16. Magdalene chapman Says:

    Black is gorgeous

  17. Hs Says:

    Short or long hair doesn’t really matter. She is fab! I am so glad that she found work after antm. 🙂

  18. dissapointedintiffany Says:

    Wow Marvita has really pushed through her tough exterior. I’m happy for her & hopes she has a successful, lucrative modelling career.

  19. Debby Says:

    I always loved mar vita she made the show AMAZING funny and interesting. I also liked Fatima but Marvita will remain the best of the show

  20. Mocha.i3 Says:

    So good to see you’re doing something with your talent, but don’t forget your time and treasure.

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