Marjorie Conrad was a contestant during Cycle 11 of ANTM.

Marjorie was nineteen while she participated in America’s Next Top Model. The Marseilles, France native was a student based in San Francisco, California during the show’s run.

Marjorie was an exceptional contender during the show; she was consistently one of the top five called out first during each episode. During the seventh episode, she won the reward challenge. She also won the reward challenge in episode twelve, but was also chosen for elimination in that very same episode. Marjorie was the 10th girl eliminated from the show.

Marjorie is currently signed with Look Model Agency in San Francisco and has been featured in the American Apparel Daily Update and opened a Marciano Fashion Show.

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63 Responses to “Marjorie Conrad”

  1. Einez Says:

    I have to admit there were times I felt like shaking Marjorie for being so negative.

  2. jorge Says:

    I love Marjorie, but she was so goddamn nervous. She was really cute.

  3. ninit Says:

    I think Marjorie is the prettiest girl from the 11th cycle, but her nerves!
    Well, I hope she’s still modeling by now.

  4. SLC Says:

    That girl is so high fashion it’s crazy. I hope she has a good career; she’s a great model.

  5. Veronika Says:

    I almost was crying when she was eliminated!

  6. Tanya Says:

    She was like alien … so cute. ;

  7. kiki Says:

    I think she deserved to win.

  8. Nastya Says:

    I cried when she was eliminated from the project! She’s cute!

  9. katrina Says:

    Yeah, she was so cute, but she’s too damn nervous. I even thought she was crazy at first. Too bad. She was eliminated. I like it how Analeigh and her maintained their closeness after the competition. 🙂

  10. Grace Says:

    She’s really awkward looking and sounding and not pretty–erm, on a daily basis? Idk how to phrase it but I’m sure you understand what I mean. But she’s really lovely and adorable, and gives amazing photographs when she gets in front of the camera. Plus I like her figure.

  11. the chumscrubber Says:

    Where is Marjorie? She’s at home with her parents. They’re enjoying their winter break while it lasts.

  12. katy Says:


  13. kiki Says:

    Where is her first photo?

  14. boo Says:

    Meh. She was the most annoying on the show.

  15. winnter Says:

    She was super annoying… and awkward. I almost felt a little embarrassed watching her at times. Looks a lot better with the longer hair, though.

  16. norma liliana ramirez botero Says:

    Me parecio que marjori en el tiempo que estuvo en antm lo hizo muy bien.

  17. Azereht Parlan Says:

    I happened to watched this cycle only now and she’s my bet. I cried as she was eliminated and felt so bad that the judges didn’t give her a chance to “redeem” at least a part of who she really is; those lovable nerves she always have. I love her, and yes, I am in-love with her vulnerability! She’s a high-fashion model! I think she’s my favorite out of all the ladies in all the cycles. 😉

  18. Melissa Says:

    She kind of looks like actress Hilary Swank.

  19. Kelly Says:

    I am watching 1 of those ANTM marathons & had 2 just do a search for Marjorie 2 c what ever happened 2 her! That’s how awesome she is I guess! So adorable! I think her personality was quite endearing!

  20. ANTM groupie Says:

    She was a nice antidote to the usual blah from contestants i.e. I’m the best, I’m going to kill competition, etc, etc.

    She’s French, she’s got alot of angst.

    Maybe they should have cast along Angelea of the Bronx. Nasty meets Nervous.

  21. gerald Says:

    I remember as being awkward I mean she is a ball of nerves!!! I loved her she looks editorial than most of the girls in the house, I loved her hunchback of Notre Dame.

  22. marie Says:

    I am thinking “Agyness” everytime I see her face!

  23. Kat Says:

    I had heard for a while she was working out of the fashion industry. But if she is back, her pics are so much better. She drove me nuts on the show…such a great look and so damn nervous, she made me want to bite my nails! She has a perfect model look and all, I hope she got it together. I was surprised she beat out Elina and Sheena, among others, but who knows how they make decisions. Good luck to her.

  24. Heather Says:

    J’adore Marjorie! She was such a sweetheart. She, Elina and Analeigh were my favorites of this season.

  25. anya Says:

    She should have been in the top 2 with Mckey.

  26. k.ate Says:

    I think she and analeigh should have been in the top two.

  27. Tommi Says:

    Easily the moist annoying contestant ever on ANTM. I’m not surprised her CV is so short.

  28. she’s like a woody allen’s film character

  29. Ksushnik Says:

    I adore her!! she is so nice and she is so real!! i trhink she was the best no doubt…she shoudl have won

  30. Jenn Says:

    This girl desperately needs treatment for anxiety; it was painful to watch her. People with anxiety disorders often gravitate to alcohol as she did on the show because it act just like a benzo (ativan or valium). In all seriousness, she really needs anxiety medication and I hope she uses some of the money she makes from modeling to pursue therapy.

  31. Eric Says:

    Marjorie Conrad…
    Would you marry me?

  32. moho Says:

    She reminded me of a hunchback Chihuahua. Her insecurities made the show hard to watch.

  33. Chuck Says:

    Marjorie personality is like a French female Woody Allen.

  34. Minie Says:

    Oh mon dieux! J’adore Marjorie! J’aurais tellement aimé qu’elle gagne, elle le méritait. Elle et Analeigh étaient vraiment cute ensemble, elle formaient une belle paire… j’espère qu’elles sont encore autant amies. Ah sérieux, vive ANTM! C’est trop bon!

  35. arasevera Says:

    LOVE this girl. She takes awkward and makes it beautiful. I think she is one of the most attractive girls ever on ANTM, and should have been a winner. Some of the newer shots, above, are mind-blowingly gorgeous! Some of these shots would look great on my walls as art – she is THAT beautiful, unique and artsy. I hope to see more of her in some major campaigns in the future.

  36. Alicia Konan Says:

    Marjorie meritait de gagner, la plus adorable differente de ces beautes glacees. et elle est si belle . She was cute, adorable the best and intelligent so sad she was eliminated

  37. dudulss Says:

    Lol when watching the top four in her cycle, i feels like “oh my god, there are three manly lesbo with a sweet girl.”

    If i were Tyra and the judges, i would be confused because in this cycle there are a lot of potential girls (McKey, Marjorie, Analeigh, Elina, Clark, Nikeysha & Lauren Brie)

    But still, Marjorie, McKey & Elina is my fave!

  38. Neenie Says:

    She definitely photographed well and had the type of body that was photographed very high fashion. BUT, the minute she opened her mouth…..she translated ANXIETY to everyone else!

  39. Debora Says:

    Has Marjorie thrown herself from the top of a building yet?

  40. cattyfan Says:

    She needs treatment for her scoliosis, and needs her teeth straightened.

    One of my least favortie contestants ever.

    • pointandshoot Says:

      And that goshawful haircut they gave her….why, why, WHY does some poor person always get stuck with that motheaten look? I actually liked her hair better before they did anything with it-gave her more of an edge.

  41. G Says:

    Watching back this cycle, annoys me the week she’s eliminated she is actually coming out of her shell. The whole 11 weeks she was on the show she was being told to “get over” her nerves, they are stopping her and when she does/gets some confidence Tyra has THE nerve to say that’s what made her special and now she’s lost her charm thus eliminating her.

    How silly, yet another great model who doesn’t “spew rainbows” (as Jenah from Cycle 9 so excellently put it) being eliminated for silly reasons. Sam was much, much weaker. How on Earth that girl made it so far, as Miss Jay would say.. “Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild!”..

  42. marjorie wuz awesome……..luv ha die….

  43. Deana Says:

    Looks like Claire Danes in many photos

  44. Maggie Says:

    I just finished watching the episode where she got eliminated and I honestly feel like I don’t have the desire to continue this cycle anymore. She was so adorable and I loved her high strung personality! I had a love hate relationship with those nerves of her’s… haha she was truly stunning in her photographs… so sad 😦

  45. belinda Says:

    Love her!

  46. Loved her at first…. BUT, I got to where I could not stand her. She hates everything, scared of everything, did not want to do anything. I could NOT work with the negative all the time~~~

  47. Jen Leighty Says:

    Marjories a basket case….she used her “nerves” as a tool to manipulate people…sad, pathetic…..flake!

  48. Khris Fowler Says:

    She was a favorite cause she’s very awkward, in person and looks…she’s very, very tall and lanky and I like that…she’s adorable, though

  49. Gehirn Says:

    Like the other I love Marjorie, I felt really bad when she go eliminate. But she is high fashion model… Always

  50. Jax Says:

    Most annoying model on ANTM ever. And all the b.s. about being French. She only spent her first 7 or 8 years in France and was otherwise raised in the States. My kids are American, raised in France for 15 years and they have both Americanisms and Frenchisms, but they’re not nervous twits like Marjorie was. If anything, having some experience with more than one culture during one’s childhood makes people more secure, open and confident. Her neurotic affectation had nothing to do with spending a few years in France. In my opinion, she was just using it as an excuse for her nervousness and bad behavior. She and Elina were just rude.

    • pointandshoot Says:

      Agreed. I felt very sympathetic toward her initially, but now that I’ve watched a rerun of cycle 11, in hindsight I can see how tiresome it must have been to have to hear her constantly whine about how much she thought she sucked-only to end up the darling of the judges nine out of ten times. Her humility honestly seemed contrived after a while….she took really good pics, but I felt as though the judges were just sick of dealing with her when they finally let her go. And the whole “you have to be European to understand” thing….I can understand why the other girls were so nonplussed. It came off as elitist and snotty, and actually pretty ridiculous when you consider how long Marjorie has been stateside. I had to wonder what both her and Elina’s mothers thought of their daughters trashing them on national television, too. Real classy….

    • doreen agar Says:

      A surprisingly immature post from a parent of teenagers. Anxiety disorder/depression – nervous affectations?

    • pointandshoot Says:

      Agreed. The euro elitism bullshit got old pretty quick. I have French friends who would be beyond offrnded by her attitude if they bothered watching this show.

  51. momo Says:

    she’s one of my favs. and yes, the nerves…it helped her tho. cuz that one time she just let go, she got eliminated. her nerves make her do the craziest things and that’s what special with her.:)

  52. Allicia Says:

    I don’t know why but I want to meet her more than I want meet my lovely Allison Harvard ❤

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