Lulu Braithwaite was a contestant during Cycle 13 of ANTM.

The 19-year-old student and aspiring model from Brooklyn first made an impression on viewers when she revealed she was a in a long-term relationship with her girlfriend, whose name she had tattooed on her chest. (Later in the competition, she was criticized for having the tattoo, as tattoos are frowned upon in the modeling industry.)

In interviews, Lulu talked about waiting in line for NY auditions for twelve hours, and she happened to be just inside the doors during the time of the New York riot.

During her appearance on the show, Lulu was never a front runner, but she showed potential to get there. She did win the smizing reward challenge in episode three when her, Bianca, Brittany, Courtney, Kara and Laura all won a dinner with Sean Patterson. The losers had to do the dishes.

Lulu was eliminated from the show in episode four following the “make me tall” photo shoot with Jonathan Mannion. The judging panel felt that she had an uninspiring personality and that she performed poorly during the shoot.

During interviews upon her leaving the show, Lulu said, “I didn’t think I was going home. Even though she [Brittany Markert]  won the (runway) challenge the previous day, I didn’t think I was going home. And I didnt think the reason I was going home was good. I didn’t agree with the reason, I didn’t agree with the person chosen beside me, I didn’t agree with any of it.”

Lulu had taken some test shots, but has not been picked up by an agency.

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Source: Shon D Photography

13 Responses to “Lulu Braithwaite”

  1. neesy Says:

    Maybe you went home ‘cuz all you did was talk crap with Ashley!

  2. Danielle Says:

    I love you, Hammer Pants Shot.

  3. anastacia Says:

    Okay, you’re off to a good start! Don’t give up!

  4. Tutorcation Says:

    Did I just see Lulu on a Party City commercial?

  5. Mickey Says:

    I hope you go far … and i thought you were sent home to early!

  6. boo Says:

    Meh. Nothing special. I don’t think she’ll go far.

  7. Nininha Says:

    Lulu was Pinky and Ashley was The Brain.

  8. Xxx Says:

    Just a Willow Smith!

  9. hotlegend Says:

    the last two images are sooooo Grace that…you look cool!!!!

  10. gerald Says:

    She’s so immature she talked back to almost everyone behind her back that’s why she was eliminated but I loved her makeover you know the one like Cleopatra.

  11. Ny Says:

    awww I liked Lulu. knew she wouldn’t win but I do hope she goes far. don’t give up!

  12. Lboog Says:

    Lu Lu was a follower and as long as she’s a follower she will not get far

  13. Michael Says:

    Personality aside, I thought her pictures on the show had rivaled Nicole’s in awesomeness for her time there.
    Biggest bull elimination ever…

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