Lisa Ramos was a contestant during Cycle 13 of ANTM.

The then 19-year-old student from Queens, New York took a break from going to school in order to pursue her dream of becoming a model.

Lisa was added to the show roster after Amber DePace quit for undisclosed reasons. Lisa was brought on during episode two and was unfortunately eliminated that very same episode following the ‘childhood photo reenactment’ shoot with Baldomero Fernandez. The judges noted her poor performance and timid personality as reasons she was eliminated so quickly.

Since the show, Lisa has done some test shots and print work for a summer magazine. She is currently represented by Basic Model Management.

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20 Responses to “Lisa Ramos”

  1. Marts Says:

    It’s really amazing. She was the first to be sent home and she worked her butt off, becoming even more successful than many others who were in the competition with her.

  2. aiicha Says:

    Kinda looks like Lindsay Lohan. Kissable lips.

  3. kiki Says:

    I looked up Lisa at her agency. I found out that she is currently 5’8″.

  4. boo Says:

    She could have been the winner, but I think she copped out.

  5. Engsamnang Says:

    Yes, she amazed me with her post-antm photo. She looks professional and modelesque with strong look and editorial face. I heard she’s even more of a success than Nicole Fox, the winner, which highly awesome. I now actually doubt about antm of how the earlier eliminee perform better than the winner in their modelling life such as Samantha Francis, Mollie Sue, Allison and now Lisa.

  6. Boone Says:

    Absolutely stunning and beautiful woman! I think Paulina may have been correct in the interview she gave after Tyra ‘fired’ her. ” If you want to be a successful model, DON’T try out or be on ANTM “.

  7. sami Says:

    Wow. Her portfolio after the show is fantastic! Makes me wish they would’ve kept her around a little longer.

  8. ngluvjj Says:

    She’s very pretty but I don’t like her *sexy* photoshoots. they almost look like “pornography” but overall her look is amazing.

  9. Lilly Says:

    She looks alot like Selena Gomez/ Victoria Justice. Especailly picture #4!!! That I swear was Selena.

  10. Lore Says:

    OMG!!! her face is like Danna Garcia a Colombia¨s actress,
    she is so gorgeous to me the most cute girl in all ANTM.

  11. nissie Says:

    She kinda reminds me of mila kunis.

  12. mariana Says:

    shes so pretty

  13. Bert Quirin Says:

    Diese Schönheit ist überirdisch, unvergleichlich.
    Das schönste Gesicht, das ich bis jetzt gesehen habe.

  14. Molly Says:

    She’s now on the show, Guy Code on MTV2 as well. I was blown away when I realized it was her. She’s doing quite well.

  15. victoria Says:

    she was my after school teacher in elementary school! kinda shock she could be this successful 🙂 I miss you ms.lisa *hug

  16. Jessica Says:

    Some of these post ANTM pics are so stunning. Where was this girl during that photo shoot that got her eliminated? Watching the rerun she just looked so sleepy, and bored, and like she was so over the competition. No wonder she went home! She would have really been a contender if she could have performed like this.

  17. Kayla's fan Says:

    She is beautiful and she should have gone further. Most of the time, the girls that get eliminated in Week 1 are the least memorable and we all forget about them after a while. But for some reason, she is one of my favorite contestants. There is something about her.

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