Lisa Jackson was a contestant during Cycle 9 of ANTM.

Lisa Jackson is a 20-year-old dancer from Jersey City, NJ.  She was the 8th model eliminated in Cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model.  Early in the competition, Lisa took a lot of heat for being an exotic dancer but she was determined to prove that she could be a high fashion model.  She was Cover Girl of the Week in episode two and won two reward challenges.  She was eliminated in Shanghai after performing poorly in the Cover Girl commercial shoot.  Tyra also questioned Lisa’s ability to handle criticism.

Lisa was one of the models in the finale of Project Runway (Season 6) and walked for TRESemme at Mara Hoffman Spring 2010 show amongst many other shows. She has also modeled for Source, Carmen Marc Valvo and numerous brands and magazines. She has also been featured twice in Top Models In Action, the first time in Cycle 11, and the second in Cycle 13.

Lisa Jackson is currently signed with Major Model Management in New York and Studio Model Management in Paris.

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49 Responses to “Lisa Jackson”

  1. Balinda Harper Says:

    You were one of my favorites.
    What are you doing now?

  2. Corrine Says:

    Loved her then, love her still! Really strong, but beautiful shots. She’s definitely one of my faves EVER! AND WILL BE!

  3. zayka Says:

    Lisa, you are very, very, very gorgeous and very beautiful. You are America’s Next Top Model forever and ever! I love you. I’ve downloaded all your photos. You are pretty even without make-up.

  4. Mariane Says:

    I like Lisa very much! She is THE WINNER!

  5. jess Says:

    Someone stole the genes of Aleisha Keys, Eva Mendes and Natalie Portman to create Lisa – absolutely stunning! She looks just like them.

  6. Marts Says:

    I didn’t like how cocky she seemed to be on the show, but I’m glad to see she’s doing so well!

  7. boo Says:

    She cried too much. If she’s done the stripping thing and stuff, her skin should’ve been tougher. When people started talking smack and worked harder to win, she got annoying.

  8. jace Says:

    Cocky? I thought she was the least cocky on ANTM ever. Wow, funny how we all percieve people differently. I also think she is prettier in her pictures after ANTM. Gorgeous.

  9. Patricia Kayden Says:

    No self-confidence at all.

  10. Beatriz Says:

    I really don´t understand how an exotic dancer has confidence issues. Just don´t get it.

    Realmente no entiendo cómo una bailarina exótica tiene problemas de confianza

  11. fifi Says:

    I can’t stop imaginng a random guy looking at her photos or her commercials and thinking: ”Hey, I got a lapdance from her!!” Love you, miss ex-exotic dancer! ^^

  12. Niki b Says:

    She’s stunning! Love her post-ANTM shots! It’s such a shame her lack of confidence let her down on the show! She had the whole package but couldn’t get it together!

  13. ar Says:

    the only girl (from this season) that really looked like a SUPER MODEL..

  14. Jenny D Says:

    she looks very high fashion she should have won instead of that wastegirl Uglishia kmt

  15. jason Says:

    And you will have knowledge of what is true, and that will make you free.

    John 8:32

  16. Linda Says:

    She is the Real Deal! Tyra’s makeover of her was on point. I loved her on the show. I’m so glad she is so successful.

  17. caroline Says:

    Wow, out of every contestant that has ever been on the show, she was the most robbed!! look at her pictures, the way she uses her body, her face is so photogenic, her eyes are alive in every shot. The only reason she didn win is becoz she was a stripper, they would never have let a stripper be a cover girl, so why even let her on the show. I’m glad she’s doing well, she was better than the show. Go Lisa!!!

  18. B Says:

    I loved your gargoyle picture! It was totally fierce!!!

    • Darce Says:

      Ditto, I too felt that she should have won and that she was eliminated because she was a stripper. If they let her on the show she should have been given the chance to go all the way

  19. angie Says:

    my niece am just proud of her continue to do whats make you happy and famous

  20. Sabrina Canty Says:

    Lisa was my favorite in her cycle on antm i’m glad she’s doing good. There should be a Lisa Barbie doll so I could ad to my collection. Lisa keep up the good work!

  21. Ansar Says:

    Love from Singapore!!! Would love to meet u in person!!

  22. did you all know? Says:

    she’s just starred in sean paul’s “she doesn’t mind” video, playing the airport’s sexy security officer:

    check it! really nice girl

  23. jeyhun Says:

    I love Lisa….

  24. Cesar! Says:

    Lisa should have won her cycle … She was STUNNING fron head to toe… Amazing love her one of my favs ever in ANTM!

  25. LaDon Wardlow Says:

    I’m a 55 year old fan of ANTM. I felt that Tyra was very prejudice against Lisa from the onset. When presenting them with their photos, at the end of an episode, she would never say ‘congratulations’ to Lisa. All others, but, never Lisa. She

  26. CoosCoos Says:

    One of the most physically stunning (face AND body) contestants in top model history. Why is she not in Vogue??

  27. G Says:

    Lisa is one of my all time favourite girls, I wish she had the confidence in herself because if she did she would be a supermodel!

    But still Marie Claire, Vogue, signed in NY and Paris. So happy for her. I hope she’s doing well.

  28. Rebecca Says:


  29. george Says:

    i liked her alot

  30. carlita Says:

    you always reminded me of Alicia Keys, but way more regal and elegant! one of my favorite models…so gorgegous…and i loved you in Sean Paul’s “She doesn’t mind” video. thumbs up

  31. ali Says:

    I love you lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  32. Nirvana Says:

    Sean Paul’s she doesn’t mind brought me to this page..I really liked you in the video.

  33. Sajib Says:

    I didn’t know who she was .When I see her in sean pauls video i began to search for her and found out she is a model.You are amazing,beautiful and talented.You certainly made me fall in love with you.I wished i could have seen you earlier.I would love to meet you one day so that i can show you how much i like you.

  34. Aww Says:

    Did you guys notice, Patricia’s model in Project Runway season 11… it’s Lisa! It’s like every season they have one model from ANTM.

  35. bella Says:

    It looks like Lisa is one of the models in Project Runway season 11 that’s running now, could that be? I thought only undiscovered models could compete there? 🙂 Think Lisa’s beautiful though 🙂

  36. Dora Marbl Says:

    omg, she defines perfection! I’m in love…

    Xoxo a straight girl!

  37. Shelley Lester Says:

    OK, watching Project Runway Season 11, where the designers made prom dresses out of “duck” tape, and I could swear that Lisa Jackson is one on the models on the runway. When Heidi says “Thank you Lisa!” I am totally convinced that it’s her. Got a running bet with my hubby (who watches both ANTM and Project Runway with me) so someone please confirm that Lisa Jackson is the model that is on Project Runway tonight!!

  38. Gail Says:


    Gorgeous pics. I can tell from the photos that you have grown a lot. I’m so proud that you are still modeling. You are absolutely stunning and all your recent pics show life. You go girl!

  39. Private Says:

    Lisa was the winning model on this last season of Project Runway. Great Job & congrats!

  40. tia Says:

    Saw Lisa in the John Legend ‘who do we think we are’ video. Love how sexy and relaxed you look. You’ve come a long way since top model.

  41. Trav Says:

    I could of hit this one day before a.n.t.m… Always wish I did.. My girl “yao ming”

  42. Irene Says:

    She’s look alike of Megan Foxx!

  43. Ramona Buchanan Says:

    Lisa put the M in ANTM. I think she’s the prettiest and best model ever to come from ANTM! You go Lisa!

  44. Curt Max Bergfors from Stockholm and Miami Says:

    Lisa mail us please!

  45. Katherine Says:

    One of the best girls in ANTM. She had an endearing personality and amazing modeling abilities. Glad to see her go far!

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