Lisa D’Amato was a contestant on Cycle 5 of ANTM.

The then 23-year-old Los Angeles native claims to have been dared to send in an audition tape to America’s Next Top Model because her friends were obsessed with the show. After a year of persuasion, she decided to participate in the program realizing she had nothing to lose.

On the show, Lisa was the front runner of her season. She was portrayed as the girl with the most outrageous personality and the best model when it came to the photoshoots. She soon became known as the “most notorious” of the models, not scared to speak her mind to the other contestants. She would run around the contestants’ house with wigs, masks and weird outfits, and one time after getting drunk, she had a long conversation with a Pampas Grass bush she named “Cousin It”.

The judges eliminated Lisa eighth, as they perceived her confidence as arrogance, although her pictures and personality had been considered some of the strongest of the contestants.

Lisa has shown discontent with her elimination and the show in general by writing about it in her blog. She stated that she thought the show to be very manipulative in their ways and not very helpful in terms of learning new things about modeling. She believes that her modeling career would have been better off without the show since she was already booking jobs prior to being a contestant. She has stated: “If you really want to model your better off just walking into an agency rather than audition for America’s Next Top Model. The show is a joke and is really only about drama. ‘Shocker!’.”

Lisa has been modeling since the age of twelve, a fact that went unmentioned on America’s Next Top Model, starring in advertisements for companies such as: XOXO, Barneys New York, Mervyn’s, Teen Magazine, Sassy, YM, Seventeen, Guess, Flojos, Surfer Magazine, Dragonfly. She has travelled around the world doing runway shows and print for Barney’s New York, XOXO, Guess, Jared Gold, Devon Becke’s, Levi’s, H&M, Diane Von Furstenberg, 2BeFree, Clementyne, Sebastian’s International, Coca-Cola’s Bon Voyage campaign, Q101 (a local radio station in Chicago, Illinois), Target, and The Gap’s “Mellow Yellow” campaign.

After top model, Lisa signed with L.A Models and L.A Talent which resulted her starring in an ad campaigns like : Black Chandelier, designed by Jared Gold, Clementyne, DaftBird, Swindle Magazine (where she had a six-page editorial and write-up) and Lemonade Magazine (where she also had a six-page spread and write-up). Lisa has also modeled for Shoshanna Lonstein, DaftBird, Ford Fusion, Clementyne, Lip Service, Elle Girl Magazine, Lemonade magazine, Lilian Kha, and Permission Magazine where she appeared on the cover of its October 2006 issue. Her runway shows include Jared Gold, 2BeFree, Alice & Olivia’s Fall 2006 collection and Jared Gold’s Caspian Runway Show. Lisa has also appeared in two Old Navy commercials and on Ripe TV.

Lisa has pursued a career in music and has made a transition from modeling to performing, particularly in the rap, electro rap and hip-hop genres. On October 8, 2007, the music video for her song “Ace of Spades” dropped, garnering nearly one million plays. Later she worked with Cisco Adler (Whitestarr, Shwayze, Dirt Nasty, Mickey Avalon). This partnership resulted in tracks including “My Name Is Lisa” and “Bikini.” Adler and Lisa collaborated on videos for those tracks. Her song “Can’t Touch It!” was featured on the HBO show Entourage (TV Series).

Lisa’s debut album called “La Puchinetta” was released in January 2010. The collaborators include DJ Lethal (House of Pain, Everlast), and DJ Gavin O’Connor . Between recording sessions, Lisa has performed throughout the Southwestern United States, doing shows with her backup dancers, dubbed “The Super Smokin’ Hot Bikini Dancers”. She has opened for, or worked with LMFAO, Hyper Crush, 3OH!3, Shwayze, Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, Mickey Avalon, Ultraviolet Sound, Electric Valentine, and Boomkat.

Lisa has played as a resident and host at the Viper Room in Hollywood, California, the Key Club, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Hard Rock Hotel, Malibu Inn, Mood, SXSW (Austin, Texas), Palm Hotel and Casino (Vegas), Magic (Vegas), Coachella (Palm Springs, CA), and Hyde.

Lisa won an award from “The Reality Remix Awards” for “Favorite Altered State.” She was recently voted as one of the most memorable contestants by AOL Entertainment and as the tenth biggest villain in reality TV by TV Guide.

It was reported that Lisa dated British singer Robbie Williams in October 2006, after being hooked up by a mutual friend in Hollywood. She has also been linked romantically to Cisco Adler.

Most recently, Lisa appeared on the third season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew for alcoholism. It was there that she shared on camera that she had been physically abused when she was a child.

Lisa no longer models, as she is focusing on her music career. Her latest album was released in January of 2010. She’s produced music videos for her singles Ace of Spades, Grind, Trainwreck, Surrender, and Sextape.

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Lisa at 16 Years Old

Lisa at 11 Years Old

Lisa at 19 years old

To see more photos of Lisa, click here.

79 Responses to “Lisa D’Amato”

  1. maria* Says:

    Manipulating? Oh please! She should be so lucky, since she’s too ugly to even be a model.

  2. Donna Says:

    In the last picture she looks ok. I am in SHOCK that she had a modeling career before and after the show. I think she is hideous and not at all likeable. I don’t know how she made it on the show. She doesn’t look like a model or even anything close to a pretty human being.

  3. Destiny Says:

    In response to the jerk-offs who wrote above me: Please, Lisa is awesome in every way. Not only can she take a great photo, she is funny, talented and a good-hearted, nice human being. Everything she said about that scam of a reality show is true. All reality shows are a manipulation. Or wait, do you girls think “Rock of Love” is real? Brett Michaels is really searching for love and not just trying to re vamp his career? Idiots! She’s not boring. She’s not plain. That’s why you hate her, ding bats!

    • NightOwl Says:

      I agree with you on that.

    • rhon Says:

      Exactly!! I’m sorry, I find it hard to hate Lisa. I love her confidence and she takes very good pictures. She would have definitely won!!

    • C-Shel-H Says:

      Here here!!! Lisa was w/o a doubt the best model that cycle. But, as we know (and as I understand) ANTM seeks more than just the best model – they want the best “role model” and there, Lisa had her dilemma! I think she has worked through some tough times and challenges and I wish her well. Her determination and honest character will take her far regardless of industry choice!

      • Zsa Says:

        I agree except that Eva does not seem like a role model and Naima had drug problems (not that I am judging we all have problems) so it may be more than that with Tyra. I’m trying to figure her out.

  4. Cay Says:

    Wow, Lisa at age eleven reminds me of Candace Cameron!

  5. Heather Says:

    Wow, looking at her younger pictures, she does remind me of Candace Cameron. She looks amazing bald. Not many can pull that off. I think those who say she isn’t beautiful obviously have issues with themselves. She’s moved on from ANTM and proved herself 10x over.

  6. kiki Says:

    What is her race?

  7. TheGreat Says:

    UGLY!? She’s not ugly at all! She’s actually beautiful. Shut up, people. You don’t know what ugly looks like.

  8. Azereht Parlan Says:

    “What’s my secret? I tell myself I’m beautiful every single day.” – Lisa’s ‘secret’ during her Secret ad.

    So far for me, her ‘quote, unquote’ is the most heartwarming message I’ve ever heard from someone, it’s just so, so beautiful. So inspiring, makes me wanna cry. Really. I like Lisa! 😉

  9. muslimgirl Says:

    Lisa is beautiful and hilarious. It’s hard two find both nowadays. All her photos are unique and I look forward to seeing them because she always look different. No one with that small of breasts can still pull off a topless shot. The bald head was great and she’s not afraid to let go. She reminds me of Janice Dickinson because she’s not afraid to say what she wants and do it.

  10. Amy Says:

    I always thought she looked like Corey Haim.

  11. Alex Says:

    This girl is a MESS! And her music “career” is too. But back to her modeling, yeah she did some good stuff but being a whino is not something you should be embrassing on a show like this, with a whole bunch of impressionable young girls looking up to all these girls. I think she should have left way before she did and that the whole “crew” kept her cause it was “good TV.”

    Although I think she has a shiny future in trashy couture, but is that even a future?

    Hope she sobers up for real and gets on track.

  12. Christine Says:

    I LOVE Lisa, loved her on the show. I think she is sweet, quirky and tragically honest. I hope she is happy in her life and doing what gives her drive and passion.

  13. Sara Says:

    LOVE HER! She was so charming and had a beautiful funloving personality. And she is BEAUTIFUL!

  14. Lyuba Says:

    Mm…she’s so funny. I like her very muuuch!!
    “calm down…eat cooky!!”

  15. Tikka Says:

    She has gorgeous pictures, and I really think she should have stayed instead of Jayla. Although I did not like her personality, she is amazing to shoot!

  16. panda Says:

    Do people realize how OLD she will be in the all star cycle??? It’s such an advantage to the later cycles…

  17. Cari Says:

    I find it interesting that the judges tend to criticize the girls with confidence as coming off as arrogant. They spend all of what? A total of 6-7 hours with them throughout the whole season? When you receive amazing feedback about taking great photos I would become confident too!

  18. Niamh Says:

    I didnt see why everyone hated her – she was funny!

  19. Valentine Says:

    Gorgeous look, stunning photos – what else does a MODEL need?

  20. Terra Says:

    What is funny is I love her hair long and I love her hair buzzed but I hate the do Tyra chose for her. The whole season I thought she was old looking and ugly but I have definitely changed my opinion. She is a great model.

  21. mel Says:

    She was in Tacky House! The castle episode with the siblings Adam and Eve? She married Adam and she wanted to renovate the house. 🙂 So COOL

  22. brieaj Says:

    All I saw in every episode was Lisa trying to give constructive criticism. She was open and tried so hard to make friends with that pack of bitches. No matter what they said about her “looking old” and being “crazy,” she continued to show them that she cared and tried to make each one smile. I think she was eliminated unfairly. Her attitude made her seem arrogant…BS she was always friendly and bubbly. This episode REALLY disappointed me. Lisa…you want a friend??? Come and find me girl and we’ll have a blast. Continued luck with your music career…who needs those snotty bitches anyway. YOU ROCK!!!!

  23. LisaLaggrrr Says:

    She is awesome. Funny and entertaining on top of taking great pictures. Love her. Screw the Haters.

  24. hollisss Says:

    Luckily being a model (for pics and runway) no one cares what you are doing behind the scenes unless they are freaks,

  25. CherriesRain Says:

    Is she married?

  26. Creen - Colleen Says:

    Ugh, I dunno; I can’t stand her.

    Thought it couldn’t get trashier than Angelea but then I was re-introduced to her.

  27. Awesome shes doing well. Had no doubt that she wasn’t

  28. Trixie Says:

    I really don’t like her. Okay she can model, and act, but she really has an attitude. Allison did deserve the Greek speech award. She cannot justify herself by saying “They love the Military” and nobody looked to impressed by her. Also, her confidence does come off as arrogance, and too much of it. She’s rude, mean and irritating. Maybe if she actuallu had good intentions other than trash-talking, and attention-seeking, she could be decent.

  29. camilo. Says:

    She won tha all-star cycle! 😮

  30. Betty Says:

    I honestly feel that Angelea came back in a big way and found herself. She gave Allison Harvard a run for her money too…but at NO TIME did I EVER think Lisa D could win this. She looks like a few kids I went to school with — very average & I could not find 1 photo she took that was amazing. She is just not that pretty in my opinion…and there is nothing interesting about her. She is not a classy girl. She reminds me of someone who should be dancing in a men’s nightclub. Sexy, confident, “flexible” (LOL) but certainly no all star. Allison Harvard is exceptional in every way and has what it takes to be a great model. If Angelea was disqualified and was the orig winner, I think without a doubt Allison should have taken this home. Her eyes and face are incomparable. If you passed Lisa D on the street, no one would notice her. My opinion. I cannot believe she won.

  31. Penny Says:

    Well that’s nice that she has fans. Everyone should have one. I don’t get it though, I think she’s frightful. Interestingly I do like the pictures of her here where her head is shaved, they are pretty, her face looks lovely in both. And I do like the photo Tyra took where Lisa is frowning and yeah I think that is brave. But in action – on the show – listening to her spout inanities (“I have to nail this one right out of the park”) and run around doing “characters” and tossing bubbles in the swimming pool and hot tub, bragging about herself, then making excuses when something doesn’t work out the way she thought it should, backstabbing every other competitor, PEEING IN A DIAPER for attention from the MTV idiots, and just generally being ‘wacky’ I think she’s unbearable. Some of these pictures, especially the ones in underpants, are really tacky; there are two legs-apart crotch shots. One minute on the show Lisa is all oh I can’t wait to meet Janice Dickinson, she says what she thinks, she doesn’t care, and two seconds later weeping and crying “she doesn’t know me” – no, Lisa, but she says what she thinks, she doesn’t care, just like you. Lisa gave a totally classless interview after she left the show (well probably more than one), calling Nik a lesbian (hey Lisa she probably isn’t in light of her relationship and baby with Braylon Edwards), said repeatedly on TV that she didn’t steal Bre’s granola bar and had no idea who did and then recently admitted that yeah she did steal it after all. And now she has inexplicably won the “All Stars” and is in discussion to develop a TV show. YUCK. She undoubtedly has a great future on VH1 reality TV such as “I Love Money” and a future episode of “Charm School – ANTM”.

  32. Bordeaux Says:

    She’s the winner of the all-star cycle (17). Now haters, what would you say? She won over Allison, the runner-up of cycle 12.

  33. lulu15 Says:

    she beautiful with her long hair but with her short hair i think she looks a lil bit older..

  34. anniesa Says:

    with the right hair styling, soft make up and not over tanned skin she’s gorgeous. But with her dirty blonde short curly hair, over tanned skin and terrible make up she look……..old, white trash and ugly

  35. Delaney Says:

    ya’ll are all just haters .
    LISA is amaaazing & ya’ll are saying that she’s hideous and that ya’ll dont like her personality . people she has more personality than all you bitches put together & hey look who won all stars . wait a go lisa 😛 – show these hoes what your made of :]

  36. Grace Says:

    So… she just won antm all star… 😛

  37. Himela Says:

    She was the more suitable to win ANTM All Stars in my opinion due to her appearance in front of the camera.

  38. Miguel Says:

    Did anyone catch Lisa’s cover feature in the Dec 2011/Jan 2012 issue of BRINK Magazine – she looked really good and it was a cool interview. She’s really cool!

  39. arasevera Says:

    Of course her pics look good. It is called RETOUCHING. Anyone can be made to look good with all the retouching software available these days. Just like anyone’s voice can be altered with computer software (“auto-tuning”)…you get what I am saying…
    On the all-star cycle is was SO OBVIOUS that she had horrible skin and looked far older than her stated age of THIRTY.
    And, if she is “focusing on her music career” then why the heck did she even waste her time on the All-Stat show? Her unimpressive reaction to her “win” on the all star show left a lot of people with a bad impression of her. The tacky crotch-shots of her were no help to her already poor reputation.
    She did not in any way deserve to win the all star cycle.

  40. Charlotte Says:

    I am not a fan of Lisa but I am happy for her that she won. When I read some of her interviews and such I found her to be a fairly decent person. And she does take some amazing pictures. Good Luck Lisa! Been searching for your Vogue photos. I am sure it will be amazing!

  41. potato Says:

    uuuuhhhhhhhhh she was on allstars me no like her ;(

  42. jaime Says:

    Lisa is awesome. I always forget that most people aren’t open minded like me. They want cookie cutter little prissy girls to win. Lisa was FUN! She was crazy and she was HOTT! She was an obvious model. And she was memorable…do any of you even remember who eon her season? Oh yeah Nicole…wth is she doing? And who cares for real. Lisa is definitely the best model to come out of ANTM. YOU GUYS SUCK for real..go back to your boring Middle America lives.

  43. Jude Says:

    I never watch cycle 5 but I love her in All-star cycle. Can see she really work hard to prove herself. She acts, she sing, and she model. Energetic, funny, and just REAL. Great personality is what I love the most! she really deserve to won the All-star cycle:)All the best Lisa!

  44. Sammy Says:

    Okay, so after reading on what she said on her blog about ANTM being manipulative, why would she want to participate in the All Star cycle?! I hated her from the very beginning on cycle 17. Her photos were not as strong as Allison’s and on top of that, her manners on the show were not very lady like. And is it just me or does she look like a rat?

  45. Katy Says:

    Lisa is crazy. She rants about the evils of ANTM (which I totally agree with), but then she goes and signs on for Cycle 17 All-Star. She’s not pretty, she can’t model, she can’t make attractive faces. She looks like a 40-something-year-old crackpot mother raising 3 illegitimate children with her deadbeat boyfriend. And she peed herself in front of the Jackass guys! Why does anyone even like her???

  46. jes taylor Says:

    i guess a life of drinking and having emotional issues has aged her. she looked lovely when younger. but now she looks much older than she is. very sad.

  47. Foxy Says:

    She used to be hot when she was like 17 or something.
    See that teenage pic of her when she was taken with a guy. She was pretty.
    She didn’t get respects because she was a total skank. Drinking, smoking, self-partying, sex that she aged before time physically.

    I found her dreamy on the show even though she was NOT sane! She could be so cute and so charming, y’know.

  48. Gia Says:

    WOW I didn’t see it one the show but one of her eyes IS crooked! Anyway, I think she looks better with shorter hair but these photos do nothing for me. She kind of looks like Sandra Bernhart who it one of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen. She played on Roseanne remember? I don’t think she deserved to go home right when the girls got to London though. I thought Jayla should have left. I thought she took beautiful pics on the show, especially when she had to pose in the field with the horse. But now she looks super old.

  49. kaninhjerte Says:

    I don’t think she deserved to win the all-star season. Allison is more of a humble person, which I think is very positive in the modelling career. You don’t want the models you hire to be cocky, like Lisa.

    I don’t think Lisa is ugly. But i don’t like her appereance. I think she’s average, and I don’t see her as a model at all.

  50. Niamh Says:

    Lisa may have been outrageous and took it way too far, but she entertained us! And hey, she’s a good model

  51. Morgan Says:

    She really should have kept her hair brown and longer, her face is too angular for the short look. When she was younger I think she was much much more gorgeous, now I think she’s just pretty.

  52. rhiannon49 Says:

    I love Lisa shes fun, real, & takes beautiful photos

  53. jaime and emily Says:

    we think Lisa is the best model to come out of ANTM ever!
    who won All stars? who constantly works? Definitely beautiful and FIERCE

  54. Nicole Says:

    I think Allison should have won, plain and simple. Lisa is not only weird looking (in a bad way) she’s just not high fashion enough. To be honest this whole time I thought Allison won. And now I’m watching the show and I’m like… Oh, right… Lisa won. Ugh.
    Lisa’s face kind of bothers me, although her outspoken and confident personality is really cool. I just think Allison really should have won because her face is more high-fashion, unique, and I feel like more agencies will have a higher demand for a face like Allison over Lisa. Lisa is cool and all but Allison is purely art. Isn’t that what fashion is? It’s about art, uniqueness, and pure beauty. Not some generic, super-personality “I’m a hot bitch” model type… It’s just too superficial and bland, ironically, since her personality isn’t bland. You get what I’m saying?
    Either way, good job to both and good luck:)

  55. Yoshi Says:

    She is really ugly, as a child she was pretty but after that… and her behavior is just sad and she likes her self 2 much

  56. Jamaica Says:

    Mmm…she’s alright. She’s okay. There’s nothing special about her. She’s obviously more of a celebrity than a model. If she’s really the best model out of ANTM ever, then why is it that models like Bre, Yaya and Toccara, who never even won the competition became so reknowned and prominent that they outshined many of the winners of these cycles in the fashion and entertainment industry?
    That’s just like saying just because Fantasia won American Idol, she’s the best singer ever to come out of the competition, when clearly Jennifer Hudson so outrageously outshines her, winning an Oscar and several other awards.

    Just so you know, Lisa went into the entertainment industry after modeling for a few years, which shows she wasn’t much of model material. Heck, neither her or Allison were real models to begin with but I prefer Lisa over Allison because she took prettier photos. So overall, the judges made the right decision.

  57. me encantas sos ere tan divertida me facinas y mas cuando ganaste la modelo estrella de año eres tan divertida sabes yo tambien quiero ser madelo si quieres me puedes buscar en facebook me puedes buscar me llamo sely michelle alcantara garcia y solo tengo 15 año tengo una blusa amarilla y un moño alto sos eres genial


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  59. matty healy Says:

    Only real model of cycle 5

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