Lexie Tomchek was a contestant during Cycle 15 of ANTM.

The Geneva, Illinois native was 18 years old during her participation on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15.

During her interview with the judges, Lexie shared that she had a less-than-ideal childhood. She said she used to fight with her mom (who had Lexie at 16 years old) profusely, which was much more than just bickering. This caused her to move out the house at the age of fourteen. She said that being independent is going to help her modeling because she doesn’t have anyone telling her what to do; she makes her decisions on her own.

Lexie was called 9th during selection of the final 14.

In episode 2, Lexie performed well during the four-stories-high Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) fashion show despite the suspended catwalk swaying in the air causing her concern. She especially impressed the judges with her Teen Bully photograph taken by Deborah Anderson.

While her photo was being reviewed, Nigel said that her eyes bounced out of the picture. DVF said that what stood out the most was her attitude inside coming out. Andre Leon Talley said that she looked great in a bikini and he too appreciated the attitude she projected in the photo. While deliberating, Nigel concluded that she embraced her empowerment word, which was ‘unique.’

Lexie was called 5th during elimination.

The girls received their Top Model makeovers during episode 3. To spice up the game, Lexie, along with Ann, created a list of “faux makeover instructions” for each girl. Lexie wrote them all down (which were full random guesses) and allowed them to be found by Liz, who immediately spread the news. Later, the girls figured out the list was a fake, but had no clue who created it until panel when Tyra wanted the girls to come forward.

Lexie’s makeover consisted of shoulder-length hair, colored darker, and given more volume with extensions. While shooting during their makeover shoot, Mr. Jay said he felt uninspired by her.

During the “Fallen Angels” shoot with Anne Menke, Jay commented that every time she gets on the set, she let’s him down. Anne said that, in her opinion, Lexie should not be modeling.

Because of her unimpressive performance, Lexie fell to the bottom two girls with Sara. While in the bottom two, Tyra said, “You chose predatorial and you delivered BLAH, which is too safe. You chose predatorial, but your photo is not even editorial; it’s deadatorial.”

Ultimately, Sara was asked to leave, while Lexie managed to survive another week in the house.

In episode 4, Lexie and the girls were taken to Knott’s Berry Farm for their next challenge of posing while on a moving roller coaster called the Silver Bullet. Having to portray “jealousy and envy” while posing for the coaster cam. While reviewing her final photo, Nigel commented that her hands looked like talons.

During the “Undersea Goddess” photo shoot with Matthew Rolston, Kacey and the girls had a chance to model jewelry from Martin Katz, Neil Lane and Mikimoto. While shooting, Lexie got sick due to looking through moving water into camera. Despite her motion sickness, Lexie completed the shoot, but continued to feel sick long after the shoot.

In panel, Nigel said that “she has a beautiful profile, but he wants to see more of her head on.” ALT said she was “very elegant” and “there is something warm about her smile.”

While deliberating, ALT commented that he “loved her profile” and “her chin is a like a society woman who turned into a great model.” Nigel concluded by saying that she “looked fantastic, but he was concerned that she won’t survive in the competition with just a great profile.”

With her solid performance, Lexie was called 6th during elimination.

In episode 5, Lexie and the girls participated in a Herve Leroux runway challenge where the catwalk consisted of two fast-moving conveyor belts. Lexie did very well on the catwalk; she felt so good about her performance, she thought she’d win the challenge. Unfortunately, Kacey won the challenge instead.

During the “Lucha Vavoom” photo shoot with Brahka Squared, Mr. Jay commented that Lexie “wasn’t graceful and didn’t know how to relate any emotion she was feeling through her body.” He also said that she “shaped up toward the very end of the shoot.”

In panel, Nigel said that her photo “wasn’t particularly pretty” and that she “didn’t look like a model.” ALT said that he “didn’t feel edge or energy from her.” Tyra said that she “looked as if she wasn’t invested.”

While deliberating, Nigel said he “he didn’t see any story from her; it wasn’t translating.” Tyra added that “Lexie has potential, but is not bringing it.”

Unfortunately, Lexie landed into the bottom two with Jane. Before eliminating one of the girls, Tyra told Lexie:

Lexie, you have a vivacious personality; big. We know who you are, but when you get in front of the camera, especially this week, we ask, “Does she want to be here?” Because it looks like in the film that you’re not invested.

Lexie ended up being the 4th girl eliminated from Cycle 15. Before exiting, Tyra expressed to Lexie:

You are genetically a model, but you’re not putting it on the page; some girls need a little more practice for Top Model.

During Lexie’s exit interview, she told cameras:

I was given a chance and I didn’t really take it and run with it. I want to be here, but I see why I’m leaving. Even though it doesn’t seem that I was learning and taking in knowledge, I really was. I bet Kacey’s thrilled that I’m gone. I wish them all the best, honestly. All but one. I wish eight of them the best.

To read Lexie’s post-elimination interview with Reality TV Games, Click here.

Lexie has plans to move to Los Angeles. She’d like  to go to a couple of open calls to explore her opportunities. She doesn’t want to fully commit to modeling in Chicago, but wants to make sure she can get work in L.A. before she makes the decision. She’s looking over her options, but would like to continue modeling and possibly acting.

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To view more photos of Lexie, click here.

25 Responses to “Lexie Tomchek”

  1. Niki B. Says:

    She is actually high fashion! GOOOO Lexie!!!!! LEXIE FTW

  2. kiki Says:

    Nigel should look at all of her pictures because she looks great straight-on. I see her in the top five.

  3. Toby Says:

    You were my favorite – personality, beauty and all. I wish you all the best success in your dreams, hopes and aspirations!

    Continue eminating your positive energy, Lexie!

    All the best,

  4. Mariane Says:

    I think she will be a successful model.

  5. Lexie Says:

    Thanks everyone! Someone just sent me a link to this page.

  6. Chilly710 Says:

    Glad to see her doing well in modeling. Wish I could’ve seen her go further in the competition. 🙂

  7. Janna Says:

    Unique looking. The retro style picture of her in the stockings is nice.

  8. rey Says:

    She just went back to a bleach blonde. I follow her in Twitter.

  9. dude-ish Says:

    I say Lexie and Rhianna were my favorite faces of the season and I was sad to see them both go early. I’m glad to see she is doing well now hope for the best.

  10. Faith Bowman Says:

    Lexi was one of my favorite models to work with and she was a joy to be around. I’m very proud that she used her drive and ambition to get so far, but I was really surprised at how she was portrayed on this show. She is a great person, and a very good model.

    But as sad as I was to see her get voted off of ANTM, I know that she is a winner. They didn’t ‘get’ her.

  11. Ariana Says:

    Good shame, I hated her sooo much. I live in Atlanta and I went with my cousin to the auditions and I saw Lexie. She was cutting her ugly eyes at my cousin and shame that Kacey used her like a pawn. Kacey’s the owner and she’s the dog.

  12. Makister Says:

    Firstly, I thought she was haute couture, but then sooooo ugly.

  13. Leigh Says:

    She reminds me of that actress and director; someone help me out here! She was in Whip It.

  14. jenny Says:

    She very ugly.

  15. datum pi Says:

    I LOVE how every photo of hers is completely different! Straight to camera isn’t her forte but she still turns it out! I love her personality too and I’m doubtful, Ariana, that you would remember Lexie cutting her eyes at you out of all the girls that must’ve been at the auditions… haters needa hate somewhere else. I kind of wish she would’ve gotten the strawberry blonde afro!

  16. Ny Says:

    Aww she looks great, I always liked Lexie.

  17. KriStina Says:

    А мне она всегда нравилась….. Очень жаль что её выгнали так рано=((((

  18. hmm Says:

    Uma thurmond, she looks likeuma thurmond. she’s also an awful person to be around.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    love lexie. you rock!

  20. blue Says:

    She complained too much

  21. canis Says:

    I liked her and think that she would be able to do high fashion. I didn’t get why she was eliminated, why was this *forgot-her-name-cause-she-was-boring”-girl called instead of her?

    I’m not sure if she could have won against Ann though, but she Lexie should have made it at least to Top 4. Would have loved to see her in the statue photo-shoot. 🙂

  22. connikins Says:

    I never saw her as a model although I think shed make an awsome actress! She has personality and that trick she played on the girls during makeover week was an award winning performance! Haha! I’d love to see her on film shed be so funny! x

  23. Kayla's fan Says:

    I love Lexie’s personality, she was so funny, sociable, bubbly and smart! I thought she was going to make it to the TOP 6 but too bad she didn’t! I was rooting for her and Kayla for the whole cycle. Never liked Ann, never will.

  24. Katherine Says:

    She is beautiful and most definitely a model. Loved her quirky looks. I hope to see her go far. I wish she went further on the show.

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