Leah Darrow was a contestant on Cycle 3 of ANTM.

Before being chosen as one of the 14 finalists in season 3 of America’s Next Top Model, Leah Darrow was working as a sales associate. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri, but was born on a small farm in Oklahoma.

Although it’s clear that Leah possesses the physical attributes of a model, she was the second to be cut on America’s Next Top Model on Cycle 3. Her removal from the show was brought upon by Leah’s plain and unimpressive photo shoot. The photographer remarked that Leah did not make eye contact with the camera and Tyra Banks commented that she did not position herself well in the pictures. After being eliminated, she walked away from the room without bidding the others farewell, but vowed to keep on pursuing her dream to become a professional model.

After appearing on the show, Leah graced the pages of FHM Magazine and she is now an advocate for  the Roman Catholic Church and Catholic modeling. Some of Leah’s speeches cover topics such as modesty, chastity, the pro-life message (including the death penalty), “catholic” fashion, conversion from sin, and living your life for Christ.

She can be booked for speaking engagements through CMB Booking.

Source: BuddyTV
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Source: Leah’s Facebook
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Source: ANTM / Daniel Garriga

Source: ANTM

Source: ANTM / Daniel Garriga

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Source: ANTM / Hyungwan Roo

To see more photos of Leah, click here.

57 Responses to “Leah Darrow”

  1. karyn chappel Says:

    She rocks.

  2. maddie Says:

    I wish she would have been on longer.

  3. boo Says:

    ::Yawn:: Just a mommy-to-be type of person; not model material from my point of view. But good for her with what she is doing.

    • Leah spoke at my school today. She’s not the “mommy-to-be” type of person. She’s a beautiful person who is too above the fakeness of reality television. I’m glad that she has moved on from modeling and is doing something better with her life. 🙂

      • Suellen Says:

        She IS the “mommy to be” type of person. Is this somehow said to denigrate her? Boo should be grateful her mother didn’t think it somehow less of a choice. Why would you think this is bad? Think what you are saying about motherhood. Think what you are saying about human nature. Do women only equal men when they deny who they are? This is freedom? Sad.

    • Jamaica Says:

      Don’t like the say Boo, but it’s true, I’m afraid.

  4. Liza Says:

    She is soo pretty, but not a model; maybe commercials, but that’s it. She looks more like an actress if you ask me.

  5. Ashley Says:

    I just saw her speak. She is so inspiring!

    • FHM (Mens Magazine) modeling, then being an advocate for the Roman Catholic Church covering such topics such as chastity!!! Where do people get off with their hypocrisy!! I suppose being Catholic they let you do anything!!!!

      • Theresa Says:

        She had a conversion.

      • Laura Says:

        I’ve met and heard her speak about her faith and she said that during the photo shoot for the magazine, she was uncomfortable and felt degraded. She didn’t feel pretty at all during all of this; she realized that she just felt like an object to the people at the shoot. And she even left the set because she couldn’t stand any more of it. It was what sparked her conversion and made her go back to her faith, ending her time as a model. She is so passionate about her faith and her talks about chastity are very inspiring. Try not to call someone a hypocrite when you have no idea who they are and are drawing conclusions based on a few sentences of information or what you’ve seen on a TV screen. And making negative comments on the Catholic faith is very uncalled for.

      • Mary Says:

        Christ pulled her from the world of cheap images to the beauty of Truth!

      • Janet Says:

        You need to hear her story and you will know why and how.

      • Tony K Says:

        Dear Tara. Hypocrisy is saying one thing WHILE doing the opposite, not having a change of heart/conversion, coming to your senses and admitting you were wrong/astray in the past, first to yourself and God, then the world by being a witness. That’s called GROWTH. Know the difference.

      • Jackie Says:

        Actually, it’s more that they believe in grace and forgiveness. If you met Leah or heard her speak you would learn that she is not a hipocrite, she is a human who has experienced grace firsthand. Her conversion is admirable.

      • LarryRandi Says:

        That’s what is so inspiring!! She is such an awesome role model, in the way that she gave up “fame” and turned her life around. She shows us that no matter where we are, with God we can change and do good with the gifts He has given us! She has been down that road, and she let’s young girls know that it is NOT all that it seems to be. I believe it was during her FHM photoshoot that she realized she was NOT where she was called to be. So you’re saying that if we ever make some mistakes in our lives, that God cannot forgive us if we wholeheartedly ask Him too, and change our lives?

      • Ace Nixon Says:

        Yes, Conversion and not being Catholic (or anything) is what this article is all about. Let’s just be happy for her because her choice not to live the worldly and glam life of a model is not an easy thing to do. It’s a big sacrifice.

      • william perry Says:

        Catholics don’t believe in doing anything. But anything you have done won’t be held against you if you truly want to become a Catholic.

      • JeniferR Says:

        Yes, it is called a change of heart. How is that hypocrisy?

      • atii Says:

        Whoa, judgmental much? Do a quick google and read her life story and you will understand!

      • Jessica Says:

        yeah. She realized what she was doing, and her life took a complete turn. She is an inspiration, and just because she made mistakes in her past doesn’t mean she is the same now. We all make mistakes – it’s how we choose to learn from them. Heard her speak – wonderful.

      • elle Says:

        she actually left the risque Fashion business because she realized that what she was doing just wasn’t right. She said

        “Although not all modeling is bad, much of it is dehumanizing. The dignity of the person is of little importance. You’re just a body.”

        so she put an end to her old career and decided to start giving chastity talks and promoting purity and modesty.

      • She changed. She spoke at my school today and she made a complete turn around. Stop judging her when you don’t even know the story.

      • Catie Says:

        If you listen to her speak, she’ll tell you herself that she was a hypocrite. Yes, she made some mistakes in the past, but she knows that they were mistakes. She asked God for forgiveness, and who are we to judge her? We aren’t God. God forgives, because He loves us. And He loves Leah, even though she made mistakes.

      • Meredith Says:

        Never judge a book by it’s cover. It’s the content that matters. Read and understand it, and estimate it’s worth, with your own judgement.

      • Ann Says:

        Are you that dense? People are capable of changing and evolving. Clearly she’s gorgeous and felt the pressures of society to look a certain way. She’s seen the light. I highly doubt that you’ve always stayed true to yourself, so stop pointing the finger.

      • Lorina Says:

        She repented! She realized she wanted to be more than just a sex object. Leah Darrow is an amazing person! She is funny, gorgeous, and smart. She is telling people why she isn’t going to be a sex symbol anymore. And Catholics respect anyone who has the dignity to recognize that they lived a terrible lifestyle and they don’t want to do that anymore.

      • Sam Says:

        She would be a hypocrite if she advocated chastity then posed for FHM. She converted after she realized that all of this was degrading and insulting to women and morally wrong.
        Maybe you should get your facts straight before you flame her.

      • Jenet Says:

        It would only be hypocrisy if she were still doing it. I would recommend watching her conversion story on EWTN’s Journey Home. During her time of modeling, her parents prayed feverishly for their daughter to return to the faith. Her story is a testament to the power of prayer. And who better to talk about chastity…one who knows the darkness that comes from one’s bad choices. (Like former prisoners who speak to the youth to encourage better decisions). The Lord offers forgiveness to all who seek it. As a fellow Catholic and Christian, I applaud her and all who turn from evil to goodness.

  6. DP Says:

    Good to see her leave the fake world of advertising (lying) and return to her faith and her commitment to the Fide! Best to her!!

  7. Julie Says:

    Her story inspiring thousands of girls this weekend in Steubenville, her conversion was truely amazing and her faith of God was just inspiring after being on national t.v. and in he true fake world. We LOVED her!!!!!!!!!!! A role model for many teenage girls.

  8. Kathy Says:

    I just saw her speak and what an inspiring woman she is! she is now truly doing God’s call and has such a powerful story! Thank you, Leah!!

  9. Maddy Says:

    Love You! Youre speeches at Steubenville has helped me!

  10. Oh i didnt know,thanks.

  11. LastInLine Says:

    Leah Darrow, is a kind and sweet girl.
    If you do not know her, or have not heard her speak about her life, do not judge her.

  12. Pauline '91 Says:

    Love her!

  13. jacintarenee Says:

    God bless you Leah Darrow : )

  14. Jacinta Renee Says:

    God bless you Leah Darrow : )

  15. A Person Says:

    She’s such an inspiration.

  16. Jessica Says:

    Leah now advocates modesty and chastity, and the fact that she was a former model for FHM makes her story even more inspiring. Leah experienced a conversion and now admits her mistakes of the past. She left the world of high-fashion to embrace her Catholic roots and to promote the true dignity of womanhood. This is as far away from hipocrisy as you can get, this is true humility and surrendering to God’s greater plan! Truly beautiful! 🙂

  17. Cara Says:

    She spoke at my high school on thursday….one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She’s a total rockstar and her message is so true!

  18. Meredith Says:

    To all you people who are hating on Leah, don’t. If all you know about her is what you have read from this article and what you have seen of her on ANTM, you don’t know half of her story. She just went to my school and gave the most moving speech about her life and the struggles she has faced. She goes across the world telling her story, and each time she tells it, she feels the sorrow of her mistakes from her youth. Everyone goes through hard times in their life, the only difference here is that she has the spot light on her illuminating everyone of her mistakes. She has repented for the things that she has done wrong, and is working towards a degree in theology. She goes to mass almost everyday, and is kind to all the people around her. I guess hearing the story from Leah, who has done so many wrongs, and was able to recognize the bad in what she was doing and turn her life around, just makes her more inspiring, not a hypocrite. The catholic church teaches forgiveness, and I think any religion would be foolish not to accept Leah back after she repented. Think before you speak, and speak for a purpous, not just to add more negativity into the world.

  19. Jeanette Klein Says:

    i heard her speak not to long ago. She told us how they had absolutley NO privacy during the show. We heard her whole story, and she is so inspiring!! GO LEAH!!!

  20. Don Says:

    I like Leah Darrow. I love the fact that she turned away from the lifestyle of “selling her body” and is now a speaker for modesty and chastity.

  21. Dee Hanssen Says:

    Leah spoke at our school this morning and gave an outstanding speech. She is a very positive, eloquent speaker. The students really enjoyed her message and gave her an standing ovation.

  22. Mike grace Says:

    I heard her speak last night and was moved to tears. As a father of two she is a great role model.

  23. Katy Says:

    She’s wonderful. She spoke at my school a few months ago. It doesn’t matter that she was cut second from ANTM. God obviously had different plans for her that she never even saw coming. ❤ She's very inspiring.

  24. PJ Says:

    Spare me the sanctimonious nonsense. If your modeling career had a lucrative future, you never would have left it. Since you could never make the Big Time, suckering idiots with 1940s mentalities pays well. Did you return all of the money made during your allegedly lamented modeling career? I doubt it. Have fun with the Protestant Bible Thumpers/con artists on Catholic Answers. No one in their right mind takes them seriously.

  25. she was at my school just HOURS AGO sharing about herself and about LOVE , Relationship and Etc, She really is a Down to earth person! i said that because i was able to get a Picture WITH HER! *puking Rainbows! IM ISABELLE TIRAZONA from PHILIPPINES a HIGH SCHOOL student from West Visayas State University.

  26. Gio Says:

    I just heard her testimony and it’s very compelling. It’s remarkable how she acted out her faith and went to confession.

  27. maryanne Says:

    you came tour school this year and really you gave the most inspirational talk of my life you put everything in life in perpective and you made me realise how special each individual is. you seriously rock! i was so excited when you gave me hug after your talk i could have sat and listened to your story for ever, you have not only made me realise how it is to be a catholic but to make sure that we always make the right descisions in life because there is always consequences for our actions. i love you

  28. Patti Says:

    God is in the business of changing lives. Leah is allowing God to lead her in the way she should go. Her speech in El Paso was moving and inspiring.

  29. Good for her, exposing ANTM – Human Dignity is what we all deserve, not being reduced to objects for anonymous television audiences.

  30. Kay Says:

    She spoke at my school and the students had a very negative response to her. Her message was good but was very unclear and she had a lot of trouble getting to the point. She also talked to a group of 16-18 year olds as if they were in the eighth grade which they did not appreciate. Overall, her message was good, but I feel sorry that she was not able to deliver it in a meaningful way for us.

  31. Laura Says:

    Leah gave a speech at our Steubenville Atlanta conference and she was VERY pregnant, and is due today!

  32. Christine Says:

    Thank you Leah Darrow for advocating modesty and the value of each person! God is doing wonderful things through you!

  33. Maria Sanchez Says:

    Leah is such an inspiration for all. Showing her videos to my daughters is the best possible way for me to talk to them about modesty and chastity.

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