Lauren Utter was a contestant during Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Lauren Utter was a 22-year-old artist from Brooklyn, New York. Standing 6’0″ tall, Lauren was Cycle 10‘s tallest contestant. Lauren seemed uncomfortable and awkward in her modeling skin at the beginning of the competition, but began becoming more confident, leading her to progress as a contestant. She was complimented during her go-sees challenges, but was told by designers that she seemed uncomfortable.

Lauren was also documented on the show for siding with Claire during an argument about Dominique’s alarm clock going off at early hours. Lauren also joined Whitney and Claire while choosing to badmouth Dominique while Dominique was present in the room.

During the 9th episode, Lauren accidentally cut her thumb while chopping onions. The wound was so severe that she had to get it stitched. Luckily, that same week, Lauren was voted CoverGirl of the Week by viewers.

After making it to the final six, Lauren and the other girls traveled to Italy. Lauren made it clear that she felt she didn’t fit in with the rest of the girls or the style of the city. As documented by the show, she spent much of her time moping around and slamming things around the apartment. While in Italy, the girls filmed a 30-second Cover Girl commercial in Italian, but Lauren spoke at an inaudible volume and looked miserable the entire time. Her commercial was deemed the worst of the group and was the eighth model to be eliminated from America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 10.

Since the show, Lauren has done some test shoots and starred in Modelville, which she later quit. She modeled for Pomp and Circumstance magazine, Thorn and Class Struggle. She also appeared in the season finale on the sixth season of Project Runway.

Lauren Utter is currently signed to VIP Stars Models in New York.

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22 Responses to “Lauren Utter”

  1. Corrine Says:

    YAY!!! She’s back at modeling! I have high hope for her!

  2. PHIL Says:

    Lauren is the most beautiful girl who joined the competition!

  3. alicia Says:

    I love her awkwardness!

  4. kiki Says:

    I adore Lauren. She has all the parts to become a model. But I don’t think she really wants to be a top model. That is the reason she wasn’t able to win because modeling isn’t her true passion, art is. I think that if Lauren wants to be a top model she has to want it. But she is currently just a great girl who can take a good picture. But she still is awesome.

  5. boo Says:

    She could’ve gone farther in the competition, but it looked like she gave up.

  6. KriStina Says:

    Очень фотогеничная девушка. Она запомнилась своей непохожестью на всех остальных. Настоящая индивидуальность, Таких неуклюжих и неаккуратных как она в жизни, но настоящих икон моды и стиля на фотографиях больше не было ни в одном сезоне.

  7. Lizzy Says:

    I have no idea why this girl was ever picked to appear on the show. I have been reading her posts at RTV Games and she is such a charmer! She trashes the show at every opportunity, insults people who ask simple questions and has such a hateful attitude, plus, she has horrible grammar and swears up a storm.

    What a pity to see such a maladjusted, socially embittered person try to do something she was clearly not suited for. If she didn’t like the show, why did she audition for it, and why didn’t she quit in the middle instead of sticking around for her five minutes of reality TV fame? I would never buy anything she was hired to sell, she looks like she needs a bath and a tooth brush.

    • Steph Says:

      Love this. I totally agree. There are far many more girls who deserve an opportunity, not some girl with a bad attitude and a walk like a p***ed off 13 year old. Her commercial was something she should be ashamed of, what a waste of an airline ticket. I would also like to see these posts too.

      • Andrew Says:

        I agree. I rooted for her on the show, but somehow I forgot about her attitude in Italy.

  8. SLC Says:


    If you have a link to her comments I’d like to see them. Thanks.

  9. DNV Says:

    There’s a big difference between that unique gangly awkwardness of a model, and one who is just plain awkward. Lauren moves, walks and talks like a 14 year old boy trapped in a womans body. Combined with a complete lack of an original personality and her fake tough girl act it’s a complete wonder she made it as far as she did. Lauren needs to grow up, figure out who she really is, and get comfortable in her in skin. Until then, her lack of confidence and maturity will continue to hold her back.

  10. Renka Says:

    One of my favorite contestants of ANTM of any cycle. Seriously.

  11. Shaniqua Says:

    It’s called trolling. She’s pretty good at it.

    Love her.

  12. valentina Says:

    Giuro che ho pianto quando è uscita….è splendida….

  13. Eric Says:

    Even though her commercial was awful, Whitney and her terrible commercial should’ve been sent home. I loved Lauren and Whitney was way too over-rated, she didn’t deserved winning at all. It could be Claire, Lauren, Katarzyna, Fatima or Anya.

  14. dani Says:

    I love her awkwardness it shows you dont have to be perfect.

  15. McNasty Says:

    I think lauren was a nice model, she had the right body but didn’t know how to use it. She never stood up straight so she had like a “turtle neck” with her head down into her shoulders, and to me that was not beautiful (especially since she has a square-shaped face, she loses all neck and chin). I never saw what the judges found beautiful on her photos and I really didn’t like most of them (Tyra said she had some of the best…. I’d be curious to know which ones, the 1st homeless one was ok but then they were not wonders IMO).
    BUT after seeing the pictures she took aside from the competition, I see her potential, I just don’t understand how the ANTM did to not take such nice pictures !! (she’s almost unrecognzable on the portrait with the dark eyebrows and the bodysuit ones, there I find her really beautiful)

  16. Jannely Says:

    Lauren was my all time favorite. I seen her on an episode with a Nausea shirt and I fell in love besides her beauty and taste of punk music I believe she has it all. I love her Conflict shirt/pin she’s badass<3 it's good to know she's still modeling I wish her the best! (A) // (E)

  17. yayorad77 Says:

    Ugh, this chick was so contrived. “I can’t walk in heels cuz I’m punk. I’m from Brooklyn. I’m used to walking in ratty old Converse. I”m punk. I’m punk. I’m into punk. Hey, guys, did you know? I’m punk.” Brooklyn hipster. So cliche.

  18. Katherine Says:

    She was a great model. I loved her awkwardness.

  19. Lerdy Says:

    Awkward? This poor malnourished girl looks sickly and like she is either ON drugs or NEEDS them to balance out her bipolar psychosis. It was painful to see her on screen at every moment. I hope she got the help she needed.

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