Lauren “London” Levi-Nance was a contestant during Cycle 12 of ANTM.

The 18-year-old Arlington, Texas native was a student during her appearance on the show. London, a 2008 graduate of Martin High School in Arlington, TX, was always recognized for her flair for fashion. Viewed as a trendsetter, her stylish ensembles were sometimes copied by her classmates. And she was always known in the hallways as being “that really pretty girl.”

The pieces of London’s ANTM opportunity began coming together while she was working at Faces in The Parks at Arlington mall. It was there that London met makeup artist Tawnie Tatum who started using the aspiring model for various makeup shoots. After being scouted by an ANTM representative who saw her photo in Tatum’s online portfolio, London was invited to an audition for ANTM’s Cycle 12 in Houston. Her bio and video submission were then personally viewed by talk show host and ANTM executive producer Tyra Banks, which led to another move in the direction of a promising modeling career. Once final selections for Cycle 12 were made, London was on the list, with her dream of professionally posing for the camera right at her fingertips.

Her mom Judy, a substitute teacher at Sam Houston High School, said London has model looks without “model” behavior.

“She’s not one of those ‘I’m all that’ type of girls,” Judy said. “She’s real humble and ethical. She’s very sweet and into her faith. She’ll just stop and talk to homeless people.”

Judy, a single mother of four, raised London alone after London’s father left when she was only three and her brother Jackson was just five months. London is the oldest of the siblings. A part from those past family struggles, London also suffered from bulimia, an eating disorder she overcame before joining the ANTM cast for Cycle 12.

London, who was a ‘street preacher’ during her appearance on the show, had a strong presence, as well as captivating photos. Unfortunately, London was becoming increasingly self-conscious of her body when she began to gain some weight. Her body issues became more apparent during her photo shoot with R&B superstar Ciara, so Jay discussed weight concerns with her after the photo shoot, telling her that while she was way too small for plus-size modeling she should watch her eating habits to continue to fit in sample sizes.

In the end, London was eliminated during episode nine. She had won one reward challenge during episode seven.

Upon leaving the show, London told E!, “When I went to the competition, I was recovering from an eating disorder, so my self-confidence was already kind of shaky because of my experience with my problem beforehand. And, I’m pretty sure it did show in my photo shoots.”

Since the show, London appeared in Playboy Magazine in October, 2009. She did not personally pose for the men’s publication; the photographer who took the photos two years prior sent them to Playboy without her knowledge. She confirms this on her Twitter page HERE.

She has taken several test shots, but is not currently signed with an agency.

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65 Responses to “Lauren “London” Levi-Nance”

  1. izzitme Says:

    Reminds me of Christina Applegate.

    • Anthony Pybus Says:

      this is my roommates sister, she comes over a lot. shes still smokin hot, i always remind her that i have seen her naked….

  2. a cool person (: Says:

    She is soooooo pretty!

  3. collette Says:

    I dont think jesus would be proud that she got her baps out for the lads.

  4. silver nail polish Says:

    What Christian would show off their naked body in a Playboy magazine?

    • neesy Says:

      What “Christian” judges other people?

      • Joan Says:

        All Christians.

      • Javier Says:

        What ‘Christian’ judges other people? Well, the Pope and all of his cardinals and other Catholic priests; all of the Republican party leadership and militants; and the overwhelming majority of U.S.-based protestant denominations (with a few notable exceptions). I love it how Christians get to judge and ‘preach’ (in London’s words) everybody, but then they get to do whatever they want and have the guts to play the ‘Christians don’t judge’ card.

      • Terra Says:

        Sigh this is why I am Mormon. We don’t judge anybody. =) And no, Latter-day saints are not associated with Purgatory. So don’t go there.

    • Rissa Says:

      God made women. Christian or otherwise, why should we be ashamed to show off our bodies?

    • Penny Says:

      can you not read? she didn’t pose for Playboy, some rotten photographer that she’d posed for when she was younger sent them in without her knowledge. And before you say you shouldn’t have gotten topless for the photographer, she probably didn’t want to, and the photographer probably convinced her it was in her best interests – THAT SH*T HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. This is one of many reasons why it really sucks that the industry encourages youth in models and experience in everyone else. Google “Terry Richardson” just for one example.

      Poor girl, just getting over bulimia and then ending up in that fishbowl. I remember the episode in which Jay talked to her about gaining weight and she obviously felt terrible. Didn’t know about the recent experience with an eating disorder but that has got to have been playing havoc with her mind. I hope she is over it and London – if you ever see this page please know you have supporters who wish you all the very very best.

      • trey Says:

        Javier your very ignorant about christians…just like you and those who dont believe n god or not christian like to make christians look bad, just because one is a christian we are not perfect. jesus was the only one that was and we can only try to be like “christ” we are only human and we make mistake so the question is, “are you save?” that gets you into heaven not that u are a christian. He died for our sins. so lets get that str8.

    • Jenifer Says:

      A sinner who repents. We all have sinned, but repentance means you cry out to God ask for forgiveness, then learn God’s commandments. Then you reach a process called sanctification, edification, and transformation. Then you accomplish the redemption and live a new life constantly improving yourself, all while have new wisdom, love, and compassion for others. You show them the light from your own spark. All thanks to Christ we can have this.
      Sounds stupid to a God-hating Atheist but rather the above post than a hypocrite bully who points at everyone and still sins themselves in a pointless dead end. Better humble pie Christian than Christians who act better than others. They need to remember when Jesus said to Peter unless I wash your feet you have no part with me. We all have to repent. And if you don’t want to repent and don’t care, why would you break down another, seems contradictory.

  5. Jesse Says:

    She’s so hot!!

  6. paul Says:

    She’s like a hotter version of Lady Gaga.

  7. simone Says:

    Lamento que você não nenha conhecido o Brasil na epoca do ANTP, certamente você faz a diferença no mercado de trabalho das modelos… Já arrasou!!!

  8. Hailey Says:

    I loved her on the show! I really hope she gets signed soon. 😦

  9. John Says:

    She is the prettiest girl ever in ANTM history! I love her! She is amazing, her photos are terrific!
    She is my muse! My drawing inspiration! I do love her. I want her twitter and facebook please!!

    Love her sooo much; she should have won it.

  10. passer-by Says:

    She’s really very pretty. And dark hair suits her more that blonde.

  11. mars Says:

    Woah, she’s a beauty. Can’t believe she’s not signed. Too bad she decided to do Playboy; I don’t think that’s gonna help her chances with fashion agencies.

  12. Rebeca Says:

    Just to clarify, she didn’t pose for Playboy. She did the photos two years prior from them appearing in Playboy. The photographer sold them to Playboy. She wrote it on her Twitter.

  13. Guz** Says:

    She is very pretty women!

  14. полина Says:

    очень милая девушка

  15. SANDY Says:


  16. Ria Says:

    She is gorgeous. But did she really bare her top for Playboy or was that photoshopped?

    • modelscribe Says:

      Hi there,

      London did not pose for Playboy, nor is that photo photoshopped. She took the photos with a photographer over two years ago – and the photographer sold them to Playboy without her knowledge. She confirms that on her Twitter page:

      I did NOT pose for playboy. The photographer who took these photos (2 years ago) sold them to the magazine behind my back. Sorry 4 confusion
      10:32 PM Sep 22nd, 2009

      Thanks for visiting,

  17. boo Says:

    I liked her; she was the only one who had it. Again they eliminated her because she couldn’t stay her size. Medium body people is okay for magazines!!! I mean, c’mon, seriously. Even models can change from skinny modeling to plus-size modeling. Oh yeah, I forgot they can’t be medium built though. Hope she continues and starts modeling. She can go far.

  18. Brunito Says:

    Her body shape is bad, but her face is sooo gorgeous!

  19. pau antonio Says:

    Sooo beautiful!!

  20. marianna Says:

    Hey, Christians! Weren’t Adam and Eve nude when they were created? Why do you pay so much attention to whether she is dressed or not? Dressed or nude – she is beautiful both!

    • bibi Says:

      Honey please don’t be ignorant, read your bible.

      • Jenn Says:

        Try reading it yourself.

        Christians conveniently take phrases from “the good book” quite literally, while ignoring those that don’t suit them or don’t seem to make sense.

        Example? The exact section of the bible which supposedly condemns homosexuality states, in no uncertain terms, that we are also not to eat shellfish, or to sit on a seat on which a menstruating woman has sat. The same page – I kid you not. Now seriously. If we took that one to the bank, most of us girls would be standing one week out of four!

        I once heard it said, and it’s oh-so-true: the Holy Trinity – Fear, Guilt and Shame.

        And don’t use sarcasms like “honey,” to condescend to others. It strikes me as quite un-Christianly.

    • Jenn Says:

      Agreed, Marianna. If the bible is to be taken literally (which I doubt), Adam and Eve were blissfully unashamed of their bodies until they were “cast out,” for seeking knowledge. What kind of a lesson is that, I ask you?

  21. Justathought Says:

    Just a thought, if those pictures were taken “2 years earlier” wouldn’t she have been 17, making her a minor? You can’t do nude or topless photos of a minor… 2008 she was 18, 2009 pictures were taken “2 years earlier?” I’m confused.

    • I am the photographer who photographed London nude and I can confirm that she WAS NOT under age, as the shoot took place in May of 2008 (not 2007).

      I think she got her time-frame wrong when you tweeted.


  22. hotlegend Says:

    Hold on one minuet why oh why does Tyra and her crew always seem to get things twisted Miss London can model and she’s absolutley stunning and flawless.

  23. Kristian Yves Says:

    Can someone kindly cite a verse on the Bible saying that nudity is immoral? In my personal belief, when God says “our body is the temple…” it means that we would have to respect it. London posting naked on a photo doesn’t neccesarily mean she doesn’t respect herself. Malice is for the people who looks at it. Pornography exists because of people’s way of thinking towards nudity. If we have someone to blame, it is ourselves because of our malicious thinking. I’m not a fan of Playboy either. Above all, what is London’s profession? A MODEL right? where nudity is NOT a taboo.It’s not about RELIGION guys… It’s more about personal relationship with our Creator no matter what name we call Him.

  24. what is london’s real acct.?? fb,myspace,tweeter..
    thanks.. and anyway.. she’s soooo gorgeous!!! loved her from the start.. 🙂

  25. wth?!
    *twitter i mean.. gosh! -.-

  26. ilikeher!!!!!!! 🙂

  27. gerald Says:

    God bless London… when I saw her at ANTM cycle 12 I say that she had the looks and the soul I say that London looks better with short blond hair than long brown her!… Anyway she looks a little bit of Lady Gaga but great pictures and I am a little bit of surpried that London was at a cover of playboy… I hope she does high fashioned not some porno…

  28. joyce Says:

    i love..her eyes……..! and her blonde hair…..

  29. Rianna.Xu Says:

    I like her mouth and her eyes

  30. Jenn Says:

    I don’t think London is a naturally thin girl. Most girls aren’t. She may have gotten down to model-size to get on the show via her eating disorder (I don’t know this, I’m just saying she may have). However, just “eating healthy,” as Jay suggested to her when he addressed her weight, probably wouldn’t result in her (or most of us) maintaining a model physique.

    I liked her in many ways – she was spunky, smart, and added life to the show. But please, girl! Leave Jesus at home, would you? Fine to tell others you’re a preacher, but it’s intrusive to “spread the word” when others aren’t asking for it. Just ’cause it’s “Christian” doesn’t make it less-creepy; if someone had been on the show spreading the Word of Allah, or preaching the tenets of the Hindu Brahma, people would have been aghast.

  31. Jenn Says:

    They’re boobs, people, get over it. Fifty percent of the world has them, in varying sizes. It’s a human body, for heaven’s sake. It’s such a colossal bore when people shriek about nudity. Yawn.

    Mind you, it’s a bit surprising that this girl was the one to have a boob-shot surface. One can just hear her saying, “I know God had a purpose for me, in wanting me to show my boobs, but I’m not sure why.”

    I’m surprised that London acted so shocked that the fellow who photographed her sold the shots “behind my back.” Really? Why wouldn’t he sell them? Photographers take and sell photos – that’s how they earn a living. If a boyfriend had taken them and sold them – well, that would be another matter.

    Presumably she must have signed-off on this; a magazine like Playboy would never purchase photos from someone who didn’t own the right to sell them. The bottom line (or top!) – if you let someone take pictures of your boobs, don’t be surprised if you see them popping up (literally) somewhere in the future!

  32. Megan Fenty Says:

    She is the prettiest girl ever in ANTM! I LOVE her! She is amazing, her photos are terrific!
    She is my muse!I want to be as a she. I do love her. Who know her facebook?

    Love her sooo much♥ she should have won it. I cried when she go home…♥
    She is very very very very very very beautiful…

    (maybe I have a lot of mistakes because I’m Russian and know English not so good)


  33. Willi Says:

    re: Flashing lightstick photoshoot – replace that with a linksword, her dress with the swimsuit from the post makeover shot and its Ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur

  34. classicrockstillrocks Says:

    i’ve been saying this since i saw her. She looks like a young madonna. please tell me you guys see it!

  35. boobob Says:

    Christians are idiots. And always judge everyone!!! F*** em! …Personally, I am glad they were fed to the lions… and I wish we could cleanse the earth of at least some of them again. When she’s that hot, Let her be naked… The photographer is a jackass for selling them, though. F*** him, too. London, you are so talented and sweet-hearted. You may actually be the exception in christianity. Suck on that. You people care about the dumbest things on earth.

  36. boobelle Says:

    Believing in God is one thing… But lumping the most judgemental, close-minded, backstabbing people into one group and calling them christian is kind of like a cult. Well, it IS a cult. Let’s all get together in a huge building to act sweet to one anothers’ faces but then tear them to shreds when they have their back turned. Actually, not all “christians” are bad, I’m sure. I think it may just be a southern thing. The “bible belt”… But down here, in hell, a.k.a. South Carolina, the baptists are the biggest wastes of human life I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. Just despicable.

  37. percy Says:

    its kind of a shame that there isn’t room in the modeling world for people of average weight?
    i mean from the sounds of it you have to either be super thing or plus sized

  38. David B Says:

    Why she is neked? she is not a precher street !?!? je suis déçus ….

  39. rebecca squires Says:

    omg i wish she won. really love her face. It is like a canvas and her eyes are so calming yet strong. HOW DID SHE NOT WIN.. did they just love someone for that cycle. Go london!!!!! So i wrote this because i find hard to believe that she was out— i was shocked. should have been a finalist. Then they could have seen how she could have won. Makes me sad they missed it with her she had average weight and how quiclky have you had to drop a few pounds. no no noShe is so pretty no lie.


  41. cd2012 Says:

    Im watching ANTM over here in Scotland (for some reason we’re only being shown this season now) and was soooo pleased to see London on it. I loved the fact she was a street preacher and you could really hear the Holy Spirit speak through her when she spoke. However being a young Christian female i am gutted she did the nude photo (whether they were published or not the fact she did them is bad enough!!) but we all make mistakes and im sure she has moved on from this to better things. Im also 100% certain that God has forgiven her for what she did and loves her still. Thats why its so amazing to be a child of God – we can mess up a million times over yet God is still there, loving us (ofc deff not saying that we sin because God forgives us but everyone slips us and God understands this – repentance is key!)

    Oh, and just for the record, she is NOT fat!!! I keep looking at the shot with her and Ciara and honestly cant see what the problem is :S

  42. Dwadegurl Says:

    Ohhh my gosh. I know who she reminds me of with her longer hair! She looks like silver from 90210!! Jessica Stroup

  43. eua Says:

    Should not be flygei London, is a doll I ❤ Alison :*

  44. eua Says:

    You should not have to leave London, is a doll ❤ ❤ ❤ ,3

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