Lauren Brie Harding was a contestant from Cycle 11 of ANTM.

Born in Charlottesville, Virginia, this 20-year-old was based in nearby town Radford, where she was a student. Lauren Brie had already signed with Elite when she was fourteen years old, but decided to stop modeling to further her studies.

Lauren Brie began the competition with a steady climb from average photos to exceptional photos, according to the judges. Her performance began to decline in episode six and was later eliminated in episode seven, when her “award show snafu” photo didn’t please the judging panel.

Since the show, Lauren Brie Harding signed with MGMT First in New York, Muse Management in New York, L.A. Models, Nova Models in New Zealand and has signed with Priscilla’s Model Management in Sydney, Australia under the name “Brie.”

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Source: Brie's Portfolio at Muse NYC

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29 Responses to “Lauren Brie Harding”

  1. maria* Says:

    She should have won!!!!!

  2. Cassie Says:

    I agree! It was RIDICULOUS that she was kicked off so early.

  3. Karen Says:

    She’s got it all. Gorgeous eyes, full lips, perfect Sports Illustrated / V. Secret body. I didn’t understand her early elimination at all. Tyra keeps her favorites around regardless of their performance. Lauren Brie was quiet and low key. Perhaps she was eliminated early because she didn’t make drama on reality TV rather than her lack of ability. Booooo, Tyra.

  4. Matt Says:

    Lauren Brie is beautiful, but her Fiercee Award pic was AWFUL! Elina’s was bad too, but not that bad. Lauren Brie was mediocre at best, but was too damn beautiful and to damn edgy to be that bad. I’m saying she is bad, but she wasn’t as good as she should have been. She did have it all, but she needed to learn how to work it better to have gone further.

    • abygail Says:

      Yeah… the camera really loves her face. Too bad she doesn’t know how to always work it during the show.

      Her post-antm pics shows great improvement though.

  5. sofie Says:

    I don’t like the photos she took on the show, but the other photos I’ve seen are gorgeous!

  6. kiki Says:

    Her hands in her makeover picture are so creepy.

  7. rishelle Says:

    SHE is PERFECT to be a high-fashion model! I cant believe that she was eliminated so early. She shot stunning pictures like her photo during the ANTM 11 that is shot by Russell James. That photo was AWESOME!! I really love her. And I know she had a chance to win! Eerrr. She should have won! I’m so disappointed.

  8. alex Says:

    She looks like Rhianna of cycle 15.

  9. mel Says:

    She look like Anya from cycle 10! She shoud be in the top 5!

  10. boo Says:

    She was pretty. That’s all.

    • Jamaica Says:

      Thank you very much. People tend to overrate these models when in fact, they aren’t that great. What I’ve noticed in a lot of her shots is the same deadpan, mouth-opened look in many of her shots. And occasionally, her eyes can come across dead. Sorry, but she’s not a top model to me.

  11. Anna Says:

    I loved her!

  12. Alex Says:

    She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Her lips and her eyes (when photographed well) are SPECTACULAR!

    This show can be SO frustrating yet I keep watching it.

    The picture where she is posing in a bikini is the prettiest picture out there; damn she is HOT!!!

    Oh well, I guess she wasn’t weird looking enough to win. I’m sure her future is GOLDEN!

    Loved her very much!

  13. Boone Says:

    Yes, another girl who can go very far and likely will. I tend to agree with Karen’s comment above. Tyra keeps her “favourites” around and that’s really what the show is about. Of course, Mr. and Ms. J have a lot to do with the decisions as well, to be sure! It’s really quite aggravating at times yet we all keep on watching. I do wish at times that they would let US ( the viewing public ) be the judges. Then perhaps it might be more fair.

  14. Aysa Says:

    She looks like blonde Natasha Galkina on some photos.
    She’s a good model and all but I don’t like how she looks without makeup AT ALL.

  15. Niki b Says:

    She was the best this season by miles! It was a shockingly bad decision to have kicked her off so early! She had the best pics every week!

  16. gerald Says:

    She is so gorgueas kinda reminds me of Kendra Wilkinson with the face and blond hair.

  17. Ny Says:

    LOVED this girl!!! and the fact that she’s from my hometown just made me love her more. wanted her to win so bad

  18. Kat Says:

    In some of those photos she looks like Caridee. I love her look though, you’d think she’d be taking the fashion world by storm. Gorgeous. They should not have eliminated her when they did. I’d would have liked to see her in Amsterdam!

  19. Tamrhi Says:

    She looks incredible in her post antm photos. Beyond incredible, if i may go as far to say!
    She’s a natural, well done to her 🙂

  20. Allie Says:


  21. Jessica R Says:

    I’m pretty sure she’s done some Allure Bridal pics. Saw her in a few different bridesmaids dresses in bridal mags. Love her!

  22. vickz Says:

    I absolutely LOOOVE the picture in the water, with her hands all tangled and shit. LOVE IT 😀

  23. rhocurl Says:

    she is really pretty esp in her shots, but if i see a pic of her i wudnt recognize her cuz her face isnt unique #thatisall

  24. luigi soldier Says:

    A marathon of Cycle 11 was just on Oxygen . I can not believe L.B was sent home and joslen got to stay! Bullshit! They could’ve even sent sheena home geez!
    Wait, actually I can believe seeing how the cycle before they choose god awful Whitney over Anya! Tyra just wanted to create Buzz around the show for picking a “plus size” girl to win since the show was starting to suck. If L.B woulda stayed she woulda Killed the CoverGirl commercial! I will always believe joslen shoulda went home she was gonna get sick anyway she coulda been at home resting instead of making herself look stupid with that commercial of hers. “Hehe boring is PAST now lifes a BLAST HEHE ” ugh so annoying and fake… just like tyra, that’s probably why she stayed over the lovely high fashion L.B

  25. Ace Says:

    I didn’t think she was very memorable in the show (I would often watch an episode and it would get to the judging and they would call her and my mind would be all, ‘who?’ xD). But her post antm photos are stunning!

  26. Jimmy Says:

    I have no respect for how Tyra eliminates girls. She always favors African American girls n she obviously eliminates girls that can outshine her.

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