Laura Kirkpatrick was a contestant and runner-up during Cycle 13 of ANTM.

Laura was born in Stanford, Kentucky, to father Greg Kirkpatrick and mother Jodie Hill Jones. She has two younger sisters, Hannah and Jarrah, and a younger brother named Jeremy. She previously has worked on her family’s farm, where working with cattle was one of her primary jobs. She has admitted to being dyslexic. Prior to her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, she had been working as a waitress. Laura was majoring in art at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky, before joining the show, and was the first in her family to attend college. However, she missed final exams due to America’s Next Top Model, which prevented her from advancing from freshman to sophomore.

Laura was considered a favorite finalist among judges and reviewers, who praised her for her bubbly personality, strong “country girl” lifestyle and Kentucky accent. She was voted fan favorite in a poll the show held after the conclusion of the series, which won her a six-month, rent-free apartment in New York City.

Laura had been pursuing a modeling career for years prior to her appearance on the CW Network reality television show America’s Next Top Model, and had looked into applying for the series before, but she was a half-inch shorter than the 5’7″ height cutoff. Her grandmother, who Laura considers her best friend, told Laura tryouts for Cycle 13, which was called the “petite edition” because it specifically sought contestants who are 5’7″ or under. Laura said it was a last-minute, “spur-of-the-moment” decision to visit Chicago, Illinois, where she successfully applied to be on the season. Laura, who was nineteen when she started on the show, was consistently considered one of the judges’ favorite finalists throughout the season. She was particularly praised by the judges and reviewers for her strong personality, which stood out as different than those of the other contestants due to her working-class, “country girl” lifestyle. She was also noted for her tendency to break into sudden fits of excitement and laughter. Her Kentucky accent has been identified as part of her charm, although during the show, judge and fashion photographer Nigel Barker said it could prove to be a hindrance during her modeling career. Barker said, “I know that in the back of their head, they don’t want a Cover Girl with an accent, unless it is already somebody super-famous.” Laura initially tried to tone down her accent as a result of the comment, but stopped trying because she felt it made her “lose my spark.” Laura was never selected as one of the “bottom two” contestants for any of the challenges. However, none of her photos were chosen as the best photo-of-the-week except for a team photo in which she and other contestants posed for on a Cirque du Soleil set. Laura said the Cirque du Soleil photo shoot was her favorite of the show, and that walking on the runway was her favorite part of the modeling experience.

Laura’s dyslexia proved to be a difficulty during some challenges, particularly when she had to read teleprompters for Cover Girl television commercials, which was one of the final contests of the season. Throughout the show, Laura spoke fondly of her grandmother, Wanda Sue Kirkpatrick, during taped segments and often wore dresses designed by her grandmother during the judges’ comments. Wanda Sue also made a dress for Tyra Banks, which she wore on the show. Starting at 14 contestants, Kirkpatrick made it to the final two, but ultimately lost to Nicole Fox, who was named “America’s Next Top Model” on November 18, 2009. Laura and Fox became friendly during the season and, although Kirkpatrick believed her personality was strong, she also admitted Fox’s photos were particularly strong. Laura initially reacted emotionally to her loss and was comforted by the show’s host, retired supermodel Tyra Banks. She said of her initial reaction to the loss: “I was really devastated at the time and cried forever until my eyes swelled up and popped out of my head! But now that it’s all over, I’m okay with it because I know I’m going to work just as much as Nicole.”

Although Laura did not win “America’s Next Top Model,” she was voted fan favorite in a poll the show held after the conclusion of the series. Although the margin was not reported, Laura said the producers told her she won by “a whole lot.” As a result of the win, Laura was awarded a six-month, rent-free apartment stay in New York City to pursue modeling opportunities. After her six-month stint in New York, Laura plans to move to Germany to further pursue her modeling career. Laura has received several representation offers from modeling agencies, including Tyra Banks’ Bankable Productions. Laura ‘s official blog,, is featured on the website for “The Advocate-Messenger,” a Danville, Kentucky-based newspaper. She was also slated to be the grand marshal of a downtown Christmas parade in her hometown of Stanford on December 5, 2009. Laura has also appeared on Banks’ talk show, “The Tyra Banks Show.”

Laura mentioned that she had an offer from Ford Models, but she has not revealed whether she signed with them.

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110 Responses to “Laura Kirkpatrick”

  1. brit Says:

    Bullcrap she had “an offer from Ford Models” and “Will work as much as Nicole!” Ford doesn’t sign short models, and certainly not ones that are too thick and disproportioned for modeling. I’m sorry, just no. Everyone says she’s so humble, yet look at her tootin’ her own horn over an over again. Seriously, she’s not a model. Just … no. She doesn’t have the face or the body, so what’s left?

    • Marts Says:

      Actually, some models from Ford are under the “unwritten law of the minimal requirement.” When you do the job, doesn’t matter if you’re short. Best example of this: Kate Moss is 5’5″ and one of the most successful models of her generation.

    • neesy Says:

      You’re a b*tch! Wow! Laura is beautiful and rocks!

    • Jerri Says:

      How bad do you feel about yourself to come to this website and write unkind things about someone who doesn’t know you exist? Sorry your life is so bad.

    • Lily Says:

      Wow. You’re really mean. Are you happy after micking other people? Don’t view this page if you don’t like her, b*tch!

      • snow Says:

        I agree with all of you this must be hateful, mean and perfect person, know one unless they themselves are perfect would say such nasty things. Remember some old saying such as “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” or “Don’t throw stones at the glass house”. People like you are why the world is in the shape it is in.

    • ATM Says:

      Jealous much?

    • sharon Says:

      Yeah, you’re a hater. Laura’s awesome and when she said she would work just as much as Nicole, um, she is just lost. It’s called a positive attitude. if anyone on that cycle was “just not a model” It’s nicole btw. Don’t be a cu*t just because you never got a call back and Laura did.

    • Rachel Says:

      You’re a jealous LOSER. I’m completely confident that you are not someone with any sort of authority in the modeling world (and if you are, I feel even MORE sorry for you that you are THAT lame that you feel like your negative comments must be heard to the point where you have to come to a message board to put in your ridiculous two cents). Just please, learn to keep your pathetic mouth shut.

      P.S. Ooh! I have another guess…Ford didn’t sign you, and you’re bitter about them being Laura’s perspective agency, huh? Mmmmm…..bummer. 😀

    • Lael Bat Yah Says:

      Brit you are a hater. Laura is the prettiest girl EVER on ANTM. You obviously have no artistic eye because the fans disagree with you. That is why you are on a blog spouting opinions like they matter and she is on the all star edition about to go head to head with Allison, that is my guess. Bet she makes top two, and I hope she wins! Regardless, you can bet she’ll go further than you.

    • Lily Says:

      Jealous much? Lauren has the face and the body, the voice and personality. Overall, she takes amazing pictures.

    • anonymous Says:

      I thought Laura was awesome on the show! I loved how she wore the outfits from her grandmother, it made me lol when she was at the ljudging panels 🙂 I wish she would have won

    • how could you possibly know she’s not fit for a model, when your not even a model?!

    • I actually don’t know what you look like but I don’t care. You can’t go judging people like that. At a very young age she has already achieved so much even though she’s dyslexic. Nobody is born perfect, even you have problems and I can see that one of them is your attitude. We aren’t perfect but who we are is what makes ourselves perfect and she clearly made herself perfect enough for many many people. Saying something you think is right is not right so don’t go blabbing about something that doesn’t concern you.

    • lindsey Says:

      you work for ford or something? wow what a prick

    • LissyB Says:

      Laura is more beautiful than most models and her height isn’t a problem when people can see beyond a half an inch. Why so mean? You have no idea what Ford Models said to her.

    • Spencer Hastings Says:

      You are stupid obviously you don’t no anything about Laura or modeling in general

    • Melissa Says:

      she seems like a sweet girl and yes ford does have different sections of modeling be it short, full figured etc but the point is why are you hear hating on some girl you have never met, you must be jealous maybe you are too short or to curvy to be a model or just never got signed? find love for yourself!! i am not model sized but i love myself and i think i am gorgeous i believe you need to find you own inner love.. peace and good luck

    • sharon Says:

      jealous !!

    • Jaz Says:

      I love Laura shes so happy.

  2. Hey Brit! There are all kinds of models; short, fat, tall, ugly, and pretty. So being short doesnt mean you can’t model. Are you the owner of Ford Models to know if they sign or not sign petite models? You should not talk about people like this. I know you’re entitled to your own opinion, but I guess this time it would have been better to keep it to yourself. Jeez! Now I’m wondering what you look like?

  3. kiki Says:

    Brit: What is your problem? Laura has everything to be a model except height. It’s true she probably won’t work as much as Nicole, but she will work harder than Nicole and all the other girls, so you must hate Laura because you want to be a model and you’re probably tall but unattractive. So leave Laura alone because Laura is a pretty great model.

  4. mary anne Says:

    She’s one of the most beautiful contestants in the history of the show. That smooth facial bone structure and milky skin are her lovely qualities. Her height is a hindrance to her career as model. I know that Leslie Hornby (Twiggy Lawson) and Kate Moss were short models who emerged at a time when fashion was going through a revolution, but it was good timing! In any other decade (including the current one) modeling agencies would have said “No, your looks are not gonna work, get out!”

    The revolution in fashion of recent is focused on Asians and Africans. Asian and African models are the “in” thing in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, London and NYC. Of course, they are all tall and thin like their white predecessors. Hermes, Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood and Issey Miyake are fond of African and Indian models.

    The thing about the reality of the profession is these models who go on to working for haute couture and mainstream designers in all the global fashion capitals did not approach it with a “I’m gonna change the industry with my powerful looks and fabulous personality” attitude. They were like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Lisa Fonssagrives, Jean Shrimpton, etc.: humble, willing to learn, willing to maintain the standards required of them and have an evident passion for modeling. This means what the agencies, photographers and designers want, they get!

    The idea of changing an industry is promoted by “America’s Next Top Model” while the notion of accepting an industry for what it is so as to work within instead of against is lost on women who aspire to become supermodels (the goal is to learn the craft of modeling and perfect one’s skills not simply to become a supermodel…or “America’s next top model”).

    Laura could make it if the revolution changes to only short models being the new trend, though such a limited focus never happens. The fashion industry is extremely complex not simply a “wine-drinking, partying, TV-show acting, catwalking for rich designers, and posing for popular magazines” package deal. There’s the business side of it which models learn through their agents.

    Designers are required to have their collections approved by a fashion council that represents a global capital before showcasing them. If textile company representatives like what they see then a designer will sign a contract with the company to have his/her clothes made by factory workers. Do designers make alot of money? The’s only a small percentage of the industry that comprises of rich designers. Most remain in mainstream or underground. Like with every model, every designer aspires to receive an opportunity to showcase his/her work in NYC, Paris, Milan, New York or Tokyo.

    If a model does not fit into a particular size she shouldn’t cry over it just because a powerful figure in fashion once told her she would get work from upscale designers or become a “star” (something Tyra Banks is more passionate about promoting than even the harsh reality of the profession itself).

    Laura will not be able to fit into the dress sizes upscale NYC designers make (not even Jeremy Scott who is signed with the Parisian fashion council as a courtier will change his technique). A model has to be a size 6, 7 or 8 and must be 5’9 to 5’11 feet tall. Remember, fashion as we know it today was not mainstream till the 1950’s when haute couture designers like Pierre Cardin and a few other Parisian designers decided to start selling clothes as “pret-a-portier” or ready-to-made for wealthy people to buy in boutiques.

    Up until cheap knockoffs of pret-a-portier items were beginning to be produced in the 1990’s fashion was meant for the rich who had the money to pay courtiers to design dresses for them. If you were in the upperclass you were tall and skinny not 5’4 and overweight. The rich ladies and girls could not be overweight because it was expected of them to marry young while still thin and pretty. Although, times have changed since the 1950’s. Now, it’s ok to have some meat on the bone (which is beautiful, nonetheless). The tradition of designing clothes for the elite is something one cannot get rid of. The same applies for designing clothes for women who are thin.

    It wasn’t until the 1990’s that obesity became a big problem in America. Although, designers are not interested in the demands of the majority consumer group. They are very busy artists working to churn out carefully crafted collections in accordance to the guidelines decided upon by the fashion council. A fashion council is what decides how the industry of the city it represents should be. NYC has a fashion council to represent all of America, Tokyo has one to represent all of Japan, London has one to represent all of the UK and Milan has one to represent all of Italy. These five capitals are always interacting, exchanging ideas and working on business deals. What sucks for models who don’t fit the ideal body type in the industry is the Parisian council is the leading influence in the group of global fashion capitals, and trust me, the city’s designers would be shocked if Laura came to their studios on a go-see!

    Believe it or not, NYC fashion was heavily influenced by Parisian fashion till the 1970’s when it begin to invent its own set of styles. The influence in how a model should look and what dress should be is still there. Paris will always be the granddaddy of the fashion industry.

    To end this long stream of valuable information with a bit of harsh truth: Laura is living a short-lived dream that will remain hardly fruitful. She could study fashion design though.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Laura is the best! She and Nicole are the best! I love them both.

  6. ana Says:

    Brit, you don’t need to comment so badly on everyone. Why are you even here? To say bad things? That’s a waste of your time. Just get over yourself because a lot of these girls are pretty people. Laura was so nice; so why are you making fun of her?

  7. izzitme Says:

    I thought she should have won rather than Nicole!

  8. delft Says:

    She is definitely one of my favorites.

  9. kiki Says:

    I think that Laura should have won. Mostly because Nicole could only take good pictures and plus she looked the same in all her pictures. Laura looked different in all her pictures and they always looked good and plus she could do runway modeling.

  10. Angel Allan Says:

    Plus, plus, plus … Laura has a better personality than Nicole, which is what ANTM is always talking about.

  11. SLC Says:

    Laura made this season fun to watch and hers and Nicoles pictures were my favorite of the season. Happy they made it to the final two and hope they both have successful careers.

  12. Tlynn Says:

    Laura’s a freakin’ chamillion! She is so pretty (inside/out).

  13. Gracie Says:

    Appreciated the fashion genetics lecture. Especially the “if you were in the upperclass you were tall and skinny” factoid. Good to know that Jackie Kennedy (5’7″) and Elizabeth R (between 5’3″ and 5’5″) were peasants. (Perhaps Mary pointed that out to Elizabeth and that’s what made her react so crossly).

    I think the judges made it clear they saw something special in Laura, so I hope she makes the most of her gifts (not the least of which is her radiant personality and authentic kindness).

    “I may not be a lion, but I am a lion’s cub and I have a lion’s heart.” –Elizabeth R

  14. boo Says:

    Hope she keeps modeling. She’s very funny, open and not afraid to try stuff.

  15. LIZ Says:

    I love Laura! She was way better than Nicole!!! Laura should have won.

  16. Znave Says:

    Any new pictures? She’s gorgeous.

  17. Dreemer Says:

    Laura was my favorite. To me she crossed the color line. You adored her no matter what race you were. As Tyra said, she as beautiful inside and out. Now as for Brit, girlfriend has issues. As many of the others have noted, she is hating on Ms. Laura. Heifer should try to go out there and try to get a contract. I hope Laura does her thing and shuts down the haters. Brit, get a life, get a man, get something because you sound like you’ve got nothing!!! Trifling beotch.

  18. septmystic Says:

    Laura was sweet, unassuming and a terrific model. She worked for each and every shot and was not complaining about every little thing. I think the negative comments only show how truly unhappy one is about themselves. I think Laura has a look that says “model” but also she learns and grows. Models should take in criticism and she does so with charm and grace. Go Laura!

  19. Kelly Says:

    You can follow Laura on facebook. She is doing really well! She just shot a commercial for Pac Sun. She also do some work for Steve Madden.

  20. Gina Says:

    What a beautiful girl, and she was so sweet. She’s one of the few girls I’ve seen on ANTM that didn’t feel it necessary to hate on some other girl to make herself feel confident. She never looked the same in any of her pictures, and she just kept getting better and better. I was really hoping she’d win, but I was just as happy for Nicole, who was really awesome too. This was one of the few seasons in which I think Tyra actually got the finalists right. The two girls that most deserved it got to walk it off.

    But what I loved most about Laura is the fact that she PROUDLY wore everything that her grandmother made her, no matter what the judges thought of it. She wore her home-made clothes with dignity. She doesn’t apologize for her humble country origins. She’s just herself, and proud of it. I hope she makes it huge! She’s one of the few people I think could truly make it as a supermodel without ever becoming a self-centered diva. She’s going to always remember and respect her roots.

    Luv this girl!

  21. Tanya Ferguson Says:

    Laura you are awesome! You beautiful spirit shines thru! I love Nicole, but you were the true winner for that season!

  22. tareco Says:

    I am sitting here watching the re-run of this season now for the upteenth time! I have to say that Laura is definitely my all time favorite. She is the total package–she has the looks and the personality to go with it. She will go very far whether in this business or something else. I liked Nicole but wish Laura would have won.

    I don’t follow this show anymore but there are some winners that just shouldn’t have won: I could not stand EVA!!! YUK!!! On the other hand, (I don’t know which cycle) but it was the one with Danielle and Joanie! I absolutely loved both of them and wish they both could have won! They seemed to have such a good relationship with each other and they were both so classy! My other least favorite winner was Carrie D–UGH!! Pretty but no class whatsoever.

  23. I’m super excited to see that Laura is returning to ANTM All-Star show! She has been my favorite through out any season…not only for her amazing ability to transform from “girl-next-door to Super Model” during her shoots, but because of her refreshingly kind and genuine small-town girl personality. When she gets excited about new experiences, it’s so easy to feel that same joy. She’s humble and she adores her family. She wanted to win so that they had a better life…not just her. It’s such a rare thing to find that kind of selflessness in today’s young people. Good Luck Laura!

  24. Laura Says:

    I think that Nicole really deserved to win because she just has the goods. Nicole is just more fluid with her body, she speaks more clearly, and like Nigel Barker said that she is easy to direct and I think that is very important in doing a commercial. It takes more than just being cute and having a sweet personality to be a model. Laura has those goods but she lacks certain qualities too. Laura needs to work on moving her body more and her speech. Everybody seems to think that Laura has this most wonderful personality but everybody is not like that, everyone has their own unique personality. Some people can relate to Laura but also some people can relate to Nicole as well . Nicole has a shy and awkward personality, also she seems to be more relaxed and that is fine with me . Some girls can relate to Nicole because they are going though the exact same thing and they can use her as inspiration to get through in their own life . If everybody had the same personality life would be just boring and I like to see different personalities and I think that the modeling world likes to see that too . It makes life interesting, not the same and that is what modeling is about being interesting, not being the same . I don’t know why people are saying that Nicole is snotty because I just don’t see it . This is one of my favorite cycles and I love watching it and I just don’t see it . When people were just talking bad about Bianca behind her back, Nicole was the only one that I saw that actually stood up for Bianca and I ask how is that being snotty ? To me that is being a good human being and being respectful . To me being respectful to other people is more important than having a fun personality. You need to show other people respect if you want to gain respect from other people and I think that Nicole has that trait . In this business you will be dealing with designers, photographers, and other models and you need to respectful and I think that goes a long way than having a “fun” personality !!!!!

    P.S I know that this site was supposed to be about Laura but I had to defend Nicole because she is my girl . Nicole you deserved to win because YOU have what it takes and don’t let anyone make you think different . You are great just the way that you are and don’t change for other people . NOW WORK IT !!!!!!

  25. Laura Says:

    I think that Nicole deserved to win because she has what it takes to be a model . Nicole really knows how to move her body, she has the look, and she knows how to speak correctly and I think that is very important for doing a commercial. Also I think that Nicole has a better fashion sense than Laura, so that is a plus. Laura has a fun personality and that is great but everyone is not like that . Some people can relate to Laura but some people can relate to Nicole as well . Nicole has a shy, awkward, and relaxed personality and that is fine with me . I don’t see anything wrong with that . Everyone’s personality is different and that is what makes everyone “unique” and not the same . There are probably girls like Nicole that are going through the same thing in their own lives and they can use Nicole as an inspiration to get through it . I don’t think that Nicole is snotty at all . When everyone was talking bad about Bianca behind her back, Nicole was the only one that I saw that stood up for Bianca and I ask how is that being snotty ? To me that shows that she respects other people and to me that is more important than having a “fun” personality . I think that Nicole is more high fashion and I think that she can go further than what Laura can, but I am not trying to be mean I am just being honest and I also think that is why Tyra and the other judges picked her . I was looking at Nicole’s pictures one day and I thought that they were really good . I saw an emotion in Nicole’s pictures, she showed feeling . I also saw a peacefulness in her face and her pictures just make you want to think, and in a way she is telling stories through her pictures . I think that Nicole should also model for Abercrombie and Fitch because she totally has that look . Now when I look at Laura’s pictures I don’t see anything, she is blank . I don’t see any emotion at all . The only thing that I see is just a pretty girl trying to model and that is not enough . My point is I like Nicole, she is a good girl, and she has my respect . I think that Tyra and the judges made the RIGHT choice . I am sorry Laura that you lost but you need to just except that but learn from it too . If you want to be as good as Nicole you need to work just a little bit harder that’s all !!!! Laura is one of my favorites and I did enjoy watching her . She is very cute 😉

    P.S I know that some of you don’t agree with Tyra’s decision but it takes more than just having a “fun’ personality to make it in the modeling world, you have to deliver in pictures . That is what the clients are paying for . If you don’t give them what they want, then how are you going to make it ? I am not a model by any means but to me it just makes sense and that is where Laura fell short, she didn’t deliver in pictures . I think what Tyra is trying to say is that if you can’t model as well as you should then you need show your personality, then the clients can look at that and maybe they can use you for something else because of your personality. Model first, personality second !!!

  26. alexis Says:

    i love the pictures of laura in all the photos especially the seventeen magazine cover in the prom dresses


  27. ela Says:

    In the end, the last episode, and in the runway show, its write in Tyra face that she like more Laura than Nicole. If depends of Tyra, Laura absolutly had to won , but Tyra isn’t the only judge. Laura did not please the Greek and Trojan at the same time.

  28. Jennifer Says:

    Laura you are a class act. Keep it up and we look forward to seeing great things from you.

  29. larissa Says:

    I respect Laura, because all the persons derserve this, but I don’t like her. She has no sense of style, and she wearing very bad. She can be better in a runaway than Nicole, but I think, Nicole has a peculiar walk, exclusive oh her. In addition, you need admit, Nicole take phtos so much better than Laura. In my oppinion, Nicole be sucessfull in all the world. While laura, I don’t so sure.

  30. Rianna.Xu Says:

    I love her more than Nicol

  31. Jose Menoni Says:

    Laura and Nicole are big winners, to overcome their obstacles despite all the negative energy that came out of the other participants, tyra bank program is great, but I liked this series more than others, many participants had dreams and feelings real successes laura and nicole for being so triumphant, greetings from Venezuela.
    P. S. to see that now tell all those losers who always made ​​fun of you.

  32. Jose Menoni Says:

    Laura and Nicole are two beautiful human beings, both outside and inside, both were able to capture their most beautiful feelings throughout the competition, fought openly and was sincere, not only be beautiful on the outside, too, and more value has to be beautiful by inside, her positive attitude to adversity (dyslexia laura and nicole timidly) was supreme, I love to see how to beat the envious who always spoke ill of them, I’m not very fond of fashion or fashion shows, per the Tyra is great, leave a good message, again hits laura, nicole and tyra, God bless

  33. helen Says:

    Laura was by far the most striking and personable model of the season. She has both at the same time an unbelievable classic beauty and an incredible editorial edge. You would never know it until you see her in print or on the runway, what a cameleon! Love her!

  34. drea Says:

    i luv laura. she seemed like such a real, humble, sweet and genuine person. unfortunately, i dont see her as a high fashion model. i see her as a really pretty girl who can do commercial/catelogue work. regardless of what she persues in life i believe she will be successful cuz i hold strong to the idea of good things happening to good ppl. i think the more appropriate model won the title for cycle 13. that’s real.

  35. Sydney Cubit Says:

    Laura hosted a fashion show and season premiere kick off in her home state of Kentucky check out footage here:

  36. Eliseo Salas Says:

    I loved Luars, she’s so pretty and kind but honestly Nicole was the better picture model but Luara worked that runway. She inspires me to model too.

  37. lunayofanda Says:

    laura is such a sweet girl,too bad she didn’t win,but I hope she keep pursuing modelling career

  38. kim moore Says:


  39. kim moore Says:

    my wife and i heart broke tonite

  40. Teddylyn Says:

    i just love them both
    nicole and laura
    they have their own careers and lets just support them

  41. Linda Marcum Says:

    I really loved Laura. She should have won. She was so genuine. I’m so sad she was eliminated from the All Stars. I wanted her to win it. I hope Lisa doesn’t win. Alison should win.

  42. Katie Says:

    You know, it’s really disappointing to me to find that Laura did some nude, or mostly nude shoots!!!

    ~ I thought that she was going to be a good role model, but i guess she didn’t exactly live-up to my expectations! 😦
    It’s too bad, ’cause i really like her and think that she’s very sweet, and has a good atittude!

  43. becky Says:

    as usual Tyra goofed again and let Laura go . Laura is everything that a true model is , inside and out . We need more like her for role models of our young society now and future. I love Laura, you continue to shine and kick butt sweetie, god gave you a beautiful gift.

  44. Cort Says:

    Obviously she is amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and spectacular enough to have made it on to Season 17 All-Stars…Laura is my all time favorite 🙂

  45. rose ann Says:

    LAURA is one of a kind !! ❤

  46. datum pi Says:

    I think Nicole deserved to win more than Laura cos Laura never had top photo… I thought she should’ve been eliminated with Erin cos even though Laura’s photo was better, Jennifer had more potential… She’s a sweet girl and can transform herself but she didn’t do amazing throughout the competition. She just kind of scraped by. And Brit’s allowed to have her opinion just like all of you so get over it… 🙂

  47. Grace Says:

    Laura is the best! She was so nice to everyone and i think they did a great review of her! She is sooo pretty and an awesome model!

  48. tiffany Says:

    I’m just wondering if Laura Kirkpatrick has ever done. Shoot for fitness magazine? Particularly the Sept, 2011 issue.

  49. ohh mahh god!!!! i do really love laura.. i was so sad wen you did not win.. the all star cycle.. but its ok for me your the best mwa mwa mwa=)

  50. Kristen Says:

    At first glance, I didn’t have much hope for Laura. But she quickly became one of my all-time favorites. Beautiful girl and such a sweet personality. She looks like a “girl next door” which I prefer much more over the “high fashion” look.

  51. adam ali Says:

    i love laura to be the winner but she become nom 2 so keep it up and show the people how beautiful you are

  52. Lauren Says:

    Laura is an inspiration to me! She is different from othe models and that’s her shtick. I’m only five foot two inches and seeing how much she has accomplished with the odds against her and not being the ideal model height is great! I love her!:)

  53. Spencer Hastings Says:

    I LOVE Laura she is so gorgeous and her personality is one of the best I have ever seen!!!! It would truly make my life to meet her!!!!! I watched every episode and Laura rocked every photo shoot!!! Laura definetly should have won over Nicole!!! I love you Laura!!!!!!

  54. Laura ignore the ignorant people on here. In the history of ANTM no one has ever been as humble as you and kind hearted. I think you amazingly beautiful inside and out. Those that kick at you are just jealous they couldn’t be as beautiful either way. You do what makes you happy and no God doesn’t like ugly and those people will pay in the end.

  55. sakie Says:

    I Love Laura I think she should of won. Dont get me wrong Nicole was good,but I just think Laura looked so much better on the runway.

  56. jeff Says:

    Happy birthday laur
    a(belated was on jun 12)hope u had a wonderful b-day!!!

  57. Heather Says:

    I love her!!! Should have won!

  58. jack Says:

    will u meri me i love u

  59. charlotte purvis Says:

    dear laura i know i am joining in with everyone else but you are amazing and my absolutee favorite model.Thank You for just being you. As soon as possible want to own some of your clothing line. Thank You!

  60. gal Says:

    OMG ! laura your one of the preety girls in the whole history ANTM ! and you have a big personality ! good luck and you allways will be my favorite!

  61. I love her!! She’s beautiful inside and out!!

  62. Josh Grooms Says:

    Actually, i have met Laura in person and models her new clothing line Grumbage. She is not what anyone expects her to be she acts just like the small town girl that is very timid and shy, but very outgoing. Its funny how everyone thinks that they know her so well since she was on tv, but yet have never met her in person. Its also funny that so much judgement can be laid without any prior experiences. Before anything is said, everyone must have met her and actually sat down and talked to her. Until then, grow up and keep your unintelligent minds off of Laura.

  63. rhonda trapp Says:

    I love L
    aura she is beautiful and down to earth, I love that she wore her homemade clothes proudly, probably made her grandmother very proud, I loved her attitude and I hope she does very well in live Laura ignore negativity and stay sweet, Rhonda

  64. jeff Says:

    Luv u laura wish u had won c13+17,u were my fav in both those cycles,glad 2 hav met u in toronto in may2012

  65. Tadt Says:

    You are truly an inspiration and its because of you that I was able to get over a deadly illness and plan to pursue my dreams Jan 5 and audition for ANTM as a gay, short, black, skinny, dyslexic/adhd (dnt they go hand in hand? Lol)… I cant wait to see what hapoens to and for you in the future. Never let these haters get u down!

  66. Ken Says:

    Laura was and still is one of my favs along with Annaleigh from cycle 11 and Heather from cycle 9. They all should have won! You don’t have to fit the worlds example of model. Each designer has specifics for their models so even though Laura is shorter then norm she is beautiful and a model! She will get work because not all designers want tall super thin models! I know she will do well no matter what her career. Love you girl!! Ken
    PS Annaleigh has a film career now, She starred in Crazy Stupid Love

  67. Raya Says:

    I think that like Nicole, she is gorgeous and sweet, which is a rare combination. I wish her the best.

  68. Cody Choate Says:

    She Should Have Won. Think She Was Great.
    Brit On Needs To Shut It.

  69. Marina Says:

    For me she is a winner of 13 season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she is the best!!!!!

  70. Joyce Thompson burton Says:

    I love Laura she takes amazing puctures and has the best personality in Top Model history!!! I wish her well

  71. TazzyUK Says:

    Laura is Super Duper Cute & Genuine, especially when shes being herself and comfortable. That accent just adds to her cuteness

  72. Silla Says:

    That beach shot was horrible. I still to this day think that decision to eliminate Jennifer because of that photo was bs. This girl didn’t deserve to go to the finals.

  73. Gail Says:

    Laura is so beautiful on the inside and out. She is the sweetest girl, never said a bad word about any of the other contestants. Her sweet smile is contagious. She seems like some one I could relate and be friends with. Her photos are fabulous, and such a different look than in person, with both being outstanding. I would love to know what she is doing now. Love her!

  74. Cecelia Rodriguez Says:

    Hi Laura, I am a fan and followed the ANTM. Just want to say hello and tell you that your an amazing and awesome young lady, I also am from a little town in California but moved to another little town in Colorado,Rifle by the way. I also am a grand-ma and I loved how respectful you spoke of your grandma and that’s one of the reasons why I think everyone loved you now that made you very attractive. You stay beautiful inside Laura .Always a fan Cecelia

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