Krista White was a contestant and winner of  Cycle 14 of ANTM.

The then 24-year-old from Pine Bluff, Arkansas worked as a retail manager before her stint on ANTM and is the oldest winner of Top Model next to Cycle 2′Yoanna House.

During episode 1 of Cycle 14, Krista revealed that she doesn’t want to date white men because a “pink penis makes her think of raw meat.” We also learn that she doesn’t own one pair of tennis shoes; she only owns high heels.

“Looking good is everything to me; I don’t even go to the grocery store looking busted,” commented Krista on camera. She concluded, “Presentation is everything.”

During the Top Model makeovers, she admitted that she hated the hairstyle with which she ended up (a horse mane pony tail extension to add on for shoots) because that is the way she does her hair when she’s too lazy to style her hair at home.

Krista was outwardly shocked after being called as first runner up to best picture during the second panel judging of episode 2.

During episode 3, Krista was called 5th following the ‘dance’ photo shoot with Cade Martin; her ‘ballet’ dancing photo impressed the judges because of how gentle and elegant she looked in her posing.

Krista was called 8th during episode 4, following the ‘vampire’ shoot with Sarah Silver. The judges said her face looked tense, but she went for it.

Episode 5 found Krista maintaining her position as a strong competitor when the judges loved the way the light caught her face in her photograph with D-Nice. Nigel also commented that she had many poses in her modeling repertoire. Krista was then called 3rd during elimination.

Krista began episode 6 by declaring that the Top Model house was clearly divided. She stated, “We’re the “realest” people in the house. On one side you have Anslee, Angelea and Alasia … and Jessica, Brenda and Raina on the other.”

Despite this declaration, she managed to stay out of the spotlight when it came to the drama. This presented as a positive for her, as she did very well during the “New York women” CoverGirl photo shoot with Mike Ruiz.

Krista’s character during her photo shoot was an ‘aspiring actress.’ Her photo received overwhelmingly good critique; Nigel said her photo actually looked like a CoverGirl ad to him; Andre Leon Talley expressed that she looked like an all-American and fresh. Due to her exceptional performance,  Krista was called 2nd during elimination.

Episode 7 was definitely a game-changer for Krista. She began the episode by winning the runway challenge at Lucky Cheng’s. She was voted as having the fiercest walk by an audience of drag queens, Miss J and folks off the street.

During the “Hair Couture” shoot with Jerry Metellus, she channeled the energy of Grace Jones and performed with an edge that incorporated her own personality. Mr. Jay said she delivered “Krista” with Grace Jones energy, making her shoot incredibly strong.

At panel, guest judge, Whitney Port said that her face was the strongest part of her photo. Tyra said her film was an absolute joy to go through; she said that Krista never once forgot about her face. The judges also said that they loved her cheek bones. As a result of her great performance, Krista was called first during elimination, adding her to the list of finalists traveling to the international destination of New Zealand. She got to pick one friend to go with her; she chose Angelea.

Krista began episode 8 by participating in go-sees, the first challenge after arriving in Aukland, New Zealand. She did well; she even received a great critique from designers. Unfortunately, she arrived three minutes late back to the agency, so she was disqualified from the challenge. Because she had a first call in the last panel, Krista was still available to win a garment from every designer she visited.

During the “same dress” shoot with Nigel Barker, Krista performed brilliantly. She not only impressed Mr. Jay, she really impressed Nigel.

In panel, Nigel said she was “magical” with which to work. Guest judge Sara Tetro said she showcased the gown beautifully. Tyra said her film was a “tornado of loveliness.”

During elimination, Krista was once again called first, meaning she’ll share the reward of the next challenge winner.

Krista began episode 9 by winning the first challenge – a photo shoot on a film set from movie Lord of the Rings. Her reward was $3,000 worth of clothing from World Design fashions. And because Krista had the best photo in the last panel, she won an addition $1,500 of clothing, meaning her total winnings equaled $4,500.

Krista didn’t stop there. During the “shadow shoot” with Tyra, Mr. Jay and Tyra both enjoyed working with Krista. Tyra said that she understood her angles, shapes and exuded passion, push and tension.

During panel, Nigel said that she had a good profile and that she found the light so it framed her face. ALT said that she had a cover quality for a fabulous beauty supplement. Tyra said that she gave her variety, variety, variety. She also said that Krista was ahead a pack and a joy to shoot.

In the end, Krista was called first for the third time in a row, leaving her part of the top four.

Krista began the finale episode of Top Model by winning the first challenge – a runway challenge during a mid-air flight to Queenstown, New Zealand. Both Jays loved how she worked her jacket and were impressed with the personality she exuded. As her reward, she won jewelry from Boh Runga worth $2,000. She also won an additional $1,000 for being called first at last panel.

For the “ugly pretty” photo shoot with Monty Adams, Krista remained consistent impressing Mr. Jay. He loved that she was ‘broken down’ and edgy.

During panel, which was a double elimination, Nigel said that she looked unbelievable in panel. Tyra said that she was androgynous in her photo, which was exactly ugly/pretty. ALT felt emotional and thought it was exceptional work. He said she would be booked immediately if she when to a go-see at Galiano. Tyra said that she created space, so you could see the background through her body positioning. Mr. Jay said that she really stepped up to the creative.

During elimination, Krista was once again called first for the fourth time – making her one of the two finalists competing for the title. Her competitor ended up being Raina, as Alexandra and Angelea were eliminated.

Following the elimination of Angelea and Alexandra, Krista and Raina were asked to pack a bag to jet set to their next challenge destination. Their destination: Rakino Island, New Zealand.

After arriving to their new home, Miss Jay greeted them with their scripts for their CoverGirl commercial.

During her Covergirl commercial, nerves got the best of her and she requested to use cue cards, even though she was hell-bent on not having them initially. Despite being frustrated, she laughed off her nerves and finished on a high note.

During Krista’s Covergirl shoot with Tony Drayton, Tony said that she had an amazing smile and that she had a strong look. He said her only danger is that she comes off too strong if she doesn’t smile.

The next shoot for the girls was for Seventeen Magazine. Nigel Barker took their photos and said that he was impressed with how both girls performed during their shoots.

Following their Seventeen Magazine shoots, Tyra greeted them with a surprise photo shoot, which included their families who were flown in by the show. Krista’s was overjoyed to see her mom and stepdad.

The final step in the competition was the Anna Sui fashion show with a rockabilly circus theme. Miss Jay said that Krista had a hard edge while walking. ALT said it looked as if she were walking on air. Tyra said she was nervous for her because Krista had to exude a bubbly personality. Tyra said she pulled it off, but she was a bit cheesy at times.

During the review of her CoverGirl ad, Miss Jay said that she had “in-your-face beauty.” He just wished that she used a little more “oomph” while shooting.Tyra said that her photo was beautiful, but she wasn’t smiling with her eyes.

With regards to her CoverGirl commercial, Nigel told her not to forget herself when she forgets her lines. He also said that the light loved her face and her skin looked amazing. Tyra said that she should always be “in” the commercial, even between the takes.

In the end, Krista was awarded the title of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 14.

Tyra said she was the embodiment of America’s Next Top Model. She said that Krista came into the show and didn’t know what she was doing, but she learned, listened and blossomed. She also went on to say that there’s an honesty and rawness about Krista that is so beautiful. The panel believes that she could have an international career in modeling.

Upon winning, Krista said the following:

“I feel just overwhelmed. I can’t believe it’s me. After 12 cycles of trying out … and it’s me. I can’t believe I’m here. I just want to pinch myself. No one ever thought it would be me. When I was young, I always wanted to see somebody that was just like me. Somebody that went somewhere and did something from a small town. I didn’t see that in my generation. I just want to be like that person.

For me to be small Pine Bluff where there’s like hundred-something-maybe people – and nobody ever leaves Pine Bluff. For me to step out and to really chase after my dream is amazing. I’m glad that there’s somebody like me that other people can look up to and see that she made it, she didn’t give up, she kept pushing and look where she is now. I’m excited! I’m America’s Next Top Model!”

To read Krista’s post-win interview with RTV Games, click here.

Krista currently lives in Las Vegas, but is preparing to move to either New York or Los Angeles (depending on where Wilhelmina sends her). In the beginning of June, she is going to New York to begin building her book. In August, Krista will be featured in a back-to-school campaign for Max Rave, which will be featured in 352 stores throughout the United States and on their website.

Krista is signed with Wilhelmina Models and is a model and spokesperson for CoverGirl Cosmetics. She previously held a contract with an agency out of Los Angeles.

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To see more photos of Krista, click here.

404 Responses to “Krista White”

  1. bsbs Says:

    You look so old.

    • T Says:

      I’m glad Krista won. She kept her cool and stayed out of the cat fights. She kept her focus and pushed through. Sure, she was kinda weak in the beginning but half way through she just turned everything around that Tyra isn’t looking for the finished article…

      As far as her looks are concerned. She doesn’t look athletic and harsh or ghetto either – I believe that people only say this because of her colour – point blank – and that’s ridiculous. She is very versatile. She’s not traditional, boring, conventional and typical. She’s different and Tyra saw talent.

      It’s true that dark skinned is looked down on and has been for hundreds and thousands of years. For mixed reasons – some want darker skin so they tan and some think people as dark as Krista or darker like Alek Awek is too much for their eyes to bare and think they don’t deserve the spot light and cannot be successful and that’s a shame because modelling especially is about celebrating ALL differences.

      Look at Ann that just won cycle 15. Tyra (and the fashion industry in general) isn’t always looking for the typical Blonde or even the exotic beauty they sometimes want different and that’s what Krista brings.

      Personally, I am a darkish brown skinned woman (think Kelly Rowland complexion) and many people tell me my skin is lovely (it’s a nice compliment).

      • Mb Says:

        “She kept her cool and stayed out of the cat fights??”

        Watch the first episode again, b*tch.

      • Clay Says:

        She did not stay out of the fights. Yeah she wasn’t on the spotlight but she provoked a lot of conflicts, and insulted a lot of models.

      • maria1924 Says:

        could not have said it better..

    • ordinary woman Says:

      I think Krista’s mother is prettier than her.

      • sean Says:

        I agree with you- her mother is prettier-and about the guetto part, you may like her but please just close your eyes and listen to her… I rest my case.
        She is not pretty, and you can see only with long hair she makes it work. She does have only one look. It is not about her dark skin… Naomi Campbell, I rest my case again.

    • ss Says:

      a very edgy look, exceptionally beautiful when she smiles. I like her look, she makes you look at her several times making up your mind. And in the end you still think wow, she is intriguing. That is what i think Tyra is going for with this, a “look” not the normal canvas.

    • cc Says:

      c Raina qui aurait du gagner… Krista est tout sauf un top model !!!

  2. Barba Tobias Says:

    I think you are a beautiful black woman. It’s sad, even now, that dark-skinned women are still considered ugly because our skin is so dark. I’m a 45-year-old, dark-skinned woman and people only see my dark skin and not me. You are beautiful and thank you.

  3. Aline Says:

    I’m glad she won. I think she has everything a top model should.

  4. I always wanted skin this dark when I was growing up. I think dark skin is the prettiest. But I still love my caramel just the same. Congrats Krista, looking forward to seeing you everwhere.

  5. rubyswan Says:

    Congrats to Krista! Hoorayyyyy, Krista! Such a Lovely BLACK BEAUTY! Amen!!

    Rubyswan from Boston

  6. brit Says:

    GORGEOUS, dark-skinned beauty!! I feel inadequate with my pale butt, but I so love her beautiful bone structure and to-die-for skin. I dont even mind the fact that she would make any girl feel plain.

  7. Lily Says:

    I’m sorry, but I would have rather saw Raina win.

    • Naja Says:

      Raina?! But Raina was clearly limited in her abilities! She was just ok in her runway and okay in her photos. She would do well here in the States, but internationally she would only have been able to go so far.

      Sure, in the European markets (ie. Caucasian) she would do well and appear non-intimidating, but just like Andre said, “if ANTM is to go to the next level, it had to be Krista.” She would not only excel here in the States, but break barriers every where else. Not to mention, Krista blazes a runway like no other!! (coming from a runway trainer) She is who I would use to show other young ladies that want to learn runway, just how it should be done. My catwalk inspiration was Naomi Campbell/Giselle. I am happy Krista won, it was indeed a wise choice! Lily, I challenge you to think outside the box and look at the history and future of Raina (on ANTM and beyond)-vs-Krista’s. Don’t be afraid of what is different.

      • Diva Says:

        Sadly, the one who goes international now is Raina. I don’t see much news about Krista going international or even getting the success after the winning. Krista’s winning was so bias and gambling in making her a role as black woman should be proud of themselves. Yeah that is a good cause, but is not the whole point of this program. Plus, she’s almost enjoying all the drama in the house like a mastermind, by being insecure herself and creating cliques and intimidating the others. What a bitch.

        Such a waste of time watching this unhealthy cycle while seeing Krista’s and Angelea’s dreckitude (dreadful attitude) all around the house. Bad cycle, wrong winner. Dreckitude!!

        Luckily she’s old enough to go down after winning. Deep down under, baby. Down with your attitude.

    • Mb Says:

      I totally agree with you.

      • tonya Says:

        You’re missing the whole point diva and mb. And by the way, do your homework, Krista is doing international work.
        Raina is commercial and didn’t go beyond extraordinary. That’s the point, duh!!!

      • Princes Says:

        Raina is doing more international today..and she is signed with Wilhemina as well..”Raina Hein has modeled for Jenny Carle Summer Collection, Cliche Boutique, Twin Cities Statement Magazine, May 2010 edition of Seventeen Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar UK and Hong Kong, Metro Magazine, Grazia Magazine, Shop NBC, Vanity Clothing, Ribnick Fur & Leather, Ellie Lavelle Spring 2011, Treats Magazine, Cosmopolitan Indonesia, Alpaca, Macy’s, Target, Office Max, Mall of America, Jagress, Betsey Johnson, Women’s Health Magazine, a cover of Glamor Couture Magazine, and she is the face of Symphony Retailers in Dubai.She has recently received a contract to model in Hong Kong for 3 months” and she is signed up with Major Model management in Paris.

    • rainey Says:

      Raina looks like a cross dresser is all I have to say!

  8. Corey Says:

    Well, she didn’t. Krista won! So, sorry!

  9. mary anne Says:

    She looks like she came from the ghetto and I’ll tell you why. Her facial bone structure is hard, so it makes her look more like a man than a woman. She has an atheletic-looking body, which doesn’t work in European fashion because such muscles are reserved for athletes. Models are supposed to appear soft, so when the light hits the arms, face and legs the bone structure isn’t as visable as the curves of the flesh. Having soft bodily features gives the illusion of an elegant nymph. In fashion photographs, in which a hard exterior is required, she would be perfect. Avante garde photograhy is about extremes, so her angular face would fit in that category.

    In couture photography, a toned body would not work and Europe is THE continent that has all the couture designer houses and elite fashion photographers. In France, there’s a special class of photographers called the “The French Mafia” which means they are the rock stars of photography. They shoot models who have a look and set of skills that will lead to beautiful art. A photographer has to have a muse when working and the model must fill that role. If she looks like she came from the farm piling hay, she would be rejected.

    The age factor matters in the model’s profession and she has already aged to the level of a model who’s been around for several years. Many start in their early teens and some even in their pre-teens. I think Brooke Shields started at age ten, right?

    There are historical models who took the world by storm with their unconventional looks, but met the standards for a model nonetheless. They had the height, the soft facial bone structure and the delicate-looking body. Krista looks like she could beat anybody up.

    I don’t know how far her career will go in America because it depends on what the market is looking for at the moment. I do know for sure that European designer houses and agencies will refuse to hire anyone from ANTM unless the person had a contract with an agency prior to auditioning for the show, did some work (domestically and internationally), meets the traditional standards for a model, and is well-versed in fashion and modeling history. McKey Sullivan is the exception, though she hasn’t done Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. Raina Hein did a cover and spread in Harper’s Bazaar right after finishing the show; an impressive feat for someone who has only done domestic modeling.

    • Paige Says:

      I wanted to see what everybody who commented had to say. And personally, I didn’t think she should have won based on her attitude, but when you said, “She looks like she came from the ghetto,” it is clear you are ignorant. How can somebody “look” like they came from the ghetto?

    • Naja Says:

      I am very very hurt that Mary Anne would say that she “looks” like she came from the ghetto. What does someone who came from the ghetto look like? You said it Mary Anne … European fashion. And many know that European fashion tends to speak to the European audiences. You must understand that all in the world are not European/Caucasian. Women of African decent do have stronger features, that is the beauty of it.

      Krista’s look is different. You here Tyra say it all the time, that it is not about that “girl next door” look all the time…but she looks for someone who is different. Sometimes your dough-eyed, straight nosed, no curve built girls tend to be boring and not photograph well, though they “look good” and harmless in person. It is all about fear. Fear of what is different. “Oh, don’t put that wide nosed, curvy, full lipped, dark skinned, etc” girl in our shows or in print…it might scare our European audience”…that kind of thinking is so 1950’s-1960’s. Fear is stupid and so is what you’ve said here. And even if she doesn’t fit the mold for soft/European, she can fit elsewhere. Who knows, maybe one day those photographers who’ve only shot soft will tire of that and branch out, and make art out of the hard. One more thing, it seems like you are really focused on European…there are other venues you know.

      Don’t be afraid Mary Anne…her black won’t bite.

      • faye Says:

        Naja I don’t think that Mary Anne is afraid of Krista’s black.I know I am not even tho I am white.I do get what she is saying.It has nothing to do with black and I an sure most of you will agree,there is no prettier woman anywhere than Ms.Tyra Banks.She takes my breath away,she defines beauty in and out.I have seen many black women on antm that I found to be beautiful to look at.I have seen beautiful white girl’s too but the ones I pull for are the ones that have it inside as well as out.Another thing I admire about Tyra is that her mother is her hero.To me that says it all about her character.I was very unhappy at the way this cycle turned out,I can’t see Krista as a top model.For me,she is not it and does not have it.She could not even shoot her commercial.They really had to work to get that out of her.

    • Kayekaye123 Says:

      “She looks like she comes from the ghetto.” Now that is the highest form if stupidity, and to think you were audacious enough to offer a justification. You really need to return to that rock you were hiding under. You poor thing.

    • Donatella Says:

      So that would mean like Raina looks like she came from a a trailer park?

      • faye Says:

        I so agree with Debra above.I was shocked she won as she looked like a guy in drag to me.I did not see the beauty in her that the judges talked about.I would never wear what she is selling as beauty is as beauty does,she so does not do it for me.Another thing,all the challenges she won,ok,Alexandra definitely beat her on the airplane walk.She was very stingy about the jewelry she won,anyone else would have shared al least with the so called runner-up.

    • joejoe_no1 Says:

      Her facial structure makes her look like she comes from a poor family struggling to make it? Come on and come up with a better reference. I work in the ghetto and everyone does not look like Krista. In fact, none of them do. You should just have said that her looks are too hard. You may not have meant to, but what you said was very offensive. And, please do not defend you statement. We have to grow from our mistakes. I was not a fan of Krista at all for the reasons you say except the ghetto thing. Best of luck to her, though. I hope they all go out there and make plenty of money and move into another career when this one has fizzled out.

    • Cyn Says:

      Mary Ann, you are the most ignorant peace of work! The Ghetto, so can we imply that if we were to see you it is more than likely you look like you come from the Trailer parks and shop at Walmart! I am from NYC and from the Bronx and the girls have more style and more class than you can ever imagine, you and your country ass would be chewed up and spit out! The European look does not only apply to the Anglo look, tell Iman, Naomi Campbell, Beverly Johnson, Beverly Peele, Kimora Lee that they look Ghetto, oh yes they could care less what you think because they are too busy rolling in their money and living in their mansions to give a crap what someone behind a computer screen thinks.

    • derolyn Says:

      ghetto dfns no looks u cd look much worse than ghetto wen ur 4rm las vegas which local myths r u reading lost sheep.check ur self u most probaly look ghetto buh r 4rm thea.think straight thea many ghetto galz that r pretty

  10. shana Says:

    “She looks like she came from the ghetto and I’ll tell you why. Her facial bone structure is hard, so it makes her look more like a man than a woman.”

    Exactly! I just figured this out, why besides her eyes, I wasn’t a fan of Krista’s looks. It’s not androgynous like a lot of places desire, it’s just mannish. She was extremely talented, but her look was just off and many of the other girls had just as much talent but a better look. I also did not like Krista’s eyes. They come off dead in a lot of photos and considering Tyra’s obsession with eyes, I don’t know why she overlooked that. It has nothing at all to do with her dark skin, her skin is her best feature. Any woman who has any color would love to have skin as nice as hers.

    Ah well she won, but anyone who knows Top Model knows she’ll have to try that much harder in the real world of modeling.

    • mary anne Says:

      It is a mannish look, that’s true. Janice Dickinson can scowl when she models, but the European fashion magazine editors love it. If Krista scowled it would be intimidating. When I see her recent book of photographs, she reminds me of Grace Jones without the makeup. If you look like Grace Jones, then you’re definitely not gonna get far in the fashion market of NYC. Krista is beautiful, I agree, but for whom? America or Karl Lagerfeld? Tyra chooses winners that American girls and women will look up to, but she doesn’t realize that it’s about what the industry demands every year.

      Millions of girls and women think the show is about the glamour, upperclass living and exotic trips. What they don’t know is the show deviates from what the profession really is about. Models don’t get to stay in fancy hotels unless they are supermodels and smart with their finances. The photographers charge a huge penny if shooting supermodels and magazines are always cashing in. Models work for themselves, but also for the agency that demands profits, profits, profits! If you can fit that into what the contestants on ANTM experience I would be amused because it’s two completely different worlds. One is pure fantasy and the other is a grueling career.

      • momo Says:

        OMG, why does EVERY black girl or person in general have to be “ghetto?” Wow, what a bunch of haters like seriously. She went on in the competition as she was (dark toned, “mannish looking”, etc.) and came out as a winner. Did any of you go and try out for the show? No? I thought so. You don’t think she already gets this from other people? So for you people that constantly hate on men and women of color: Grow up please. The has girl won. Move on.

      • mary anne Says:

        I am not saying black female models look ghetto because none do not. What I am saying is the European fashion industry is not interested in black girls who look like they came from the ghetto (American ghetto, that is. African models have it easier). If their faces are not unique (“Paris” unique, not “American” unique”) they’re not gonna get to the next level in their modeling career. To be frank, the model’s profession is short, as in 7-10 years before signs of aging appears. They have to work constantly and continue to meet the standards of the industry’s model for the physical body. You cannot assume “I’m gonna make it in Paris based solely on talent and personality.” One thing Tyra leaves out in her teen-peppy speeches is just how important one’s looks are.

        You need to get through your head that Paris and Milan will never change their standards for how a model should look. You can be from an African country but still need to have an ethnic-looking face, 5’10-5’11 or taller height, a thin-thin body (think of Alek Wek), long legs, etc. all of this in addition to being well-versed on the European fashion industry. If you’re from America, you still have to know about the Parisian history and the Milanese history so as to get further in your career. You got get further fast though, which is why models who don’t meet the European requirements will be stuck in NYC (if they’re lucky) doing mediocre work. NYC also has the same standards as the European industry. The reason is Paris heavily influenced the NYC fashion culture till the 1970’s when designers started to be more original in their work.

        If you look at Krista White’s Seventeen Magazine photos, she does not look like French Vogue material. It’s a Little “Miss Alabama/country farm girl” look which will hinder her career in NYC. Her other photoshoots (the ones she did after the show) are too hard in appearance. Her bone structure is hard, her skin color is dark and her body has visible muscles. To be a Parisian model you need to be light in appearance, as in have an elf-like face, have white skin and no visible muscles (if you are White that is). On the other hand, if you’re Indian or African there is the exception, which is you’re too unique to fit those requirements exactly but still need to to an extent.

        All Indian and African models are the opposite of Krista looks like. They are thin-thin or stick-thin, have dark skin and unique faces. These categories are exotic, alluring, mysterious and sensual. They work well for avante garde and haute couture photography. You should study the African and Indian models of the European fashion industry’s history to see the difference to Tyra’s selection of African American and Indian contestants. Europe loves anything from Africa and India because these regions are colorful, adventurous, tropical, exciting, spicy and bursting with creativity! . The French, Italian, Belgian, British and Dutch colonial empires established strong connections with Africa and India like you wouldn’t believe! It is why these places continue to be sources of inspiration for artists. America has it tough because the European fashion industry is not so fond of the country’s people. Americans are viewed as dirty, racially-mixed and unintelligent. It is why models (even ones who are White) get the boot unless they fit the requirements. Fashion is part of the arts, thus the designers are artists, the models are artists, the photographers are artists and even the ones who do makeup are artists too. They come together to contribute something amazing for people of all social categories to enjoy. You create masterpieces when working with a photographer because that’s what the audience wants and what the European agencies look for.

        Krista may have created “masterpieces” on ANTM but her looks and the fact she won big prizes will make her the laughing stock of the industry. As a matter of fact, all winners are the laughing stock of the industry because they receive prizes that in real life professional models have to struggle for a few to a several years before finally getting them. Many do not get a cosmetics contract or a contract with an elite agency. They eventually give up to pursue other professions. One by one, the winners of ANTM are giving up modeling after 3 to 5 years because Paris and Milano agency scouts will not say “Yes” to them. You see what I mean? Modeling is a career that involves doing couture and commercial work. People think it’s about doing acting, commercials, runway and print work. The reality is supermodels are not known for their acting and get little to none in this category. It’s either commercials where they don’t talk or speak for two minutes at the max. Tyra preaches that a top model should do all but how many top models choose this route? Zero! A top model is someone who’s below a supermodel which is a profession reserved for those who’ve gone past the 7-10 limit and have done every type of photoshoot and commercial you can think of. They’ve modeled for a rainbow of fashion publications and walked for fashion designers of all types. Their career in the entertainment industry is short-lived and hardly worth building. Tyra hasn’t done Oscar-winning films because directors are not interested in hiring models for roles of substance. Models to directors are simply pretty women who should stay silent. The same applies for men unless one leaves his career early. Channing Tatum modeled for a few years before switching to acting. While he has gotten cheesy roles he is still getting work.

      • Naja Says:

        Again Mary Anne, you are focused on European. Is this your way of saying because she is a dark-skinned, curvy, wide-nose, woman she can’t make it? Gosh, you are set on European this and that as if nothing else exists. If Janice D (a “non-threatening, no-curve-having, soft-featured caucasian woman) scowls, EUROPEAN editors would love it. BUT if Krista (an African American, not-often-seen, different-feature having, curvier woman) scowls, oh Lord, we can’t have that! Lol. Wow.

        Just face it Mary Anne, if we all looked alike then it may be easier, but we don’t. Krista has different features than a Janice. A different bone structure, eyes, curves, hair, etc! Let it go!! The problem with the fashion market is that they don’t go after many women of color because it can be considered intimidating, scary, and just way to different for the mainstream (Translation: Caucasian) market. Take for example the cat walk and who is booked, thus you have designers like Kimora Lee or P. Diddy creating lines and going after those models that others are too AFRAID to touch.

        What is the market really about Mary Anne? Translation: Well, simply put, you need to be either Caucasian/European/European-American … or have those features. If you are a minority, you can’t have skin that is too dark, you can’t have a nose that isn’t as straight as she over there, you can’t have curve, etc. This is why so many young girls of ethnic decent (namely African) have issues with self-image because they don’t see themselves as beautiful because they don’t see “themselves” represented either in the mags, on TV, or on the runway … it is sad.

        God can open doors that the no man can shut even in the European market if that is His will for Krista and other girls like her. Don’t cash her out before she even has a chance to get started. Krista tried for 12 seasons to get onto to ANTM and she finally made it … whose to say she can’t take the opposition of the modeling world and turn it on it’s ear.

      • xang Says:

        why are you guys when a black person is being criticized, you tend call it being racist but when a white person is also being criticized it’s just normal to you..Color is not important, you are the ones separating the two..people are people..

  11. Jessi Says:

    Krista did not deserve to win. And NO, IT’S NOT BECAUSE SHE HAS DARK SKIN. Krista’s look is too hard, like Shana said and it’s not photogenic. I really think Tyra chose the wrong girl this season because Krista never had strong eyes. She never smiled with her eyes. Plus, she was older, so she had to make up for it with good modeling; but she didn’t.

    This season was just a repeat of the Teyona/Allison cycle. I clearly understand that Tyra wants more black models and yes, I will admit that Krista had beautiful skin, but she was not the strongest model.

    Raina should have won. Just like Allison should have won.

    • neesy Says:


    • Naja Says:

      There were things that Raina could do that Krista couldn’t and vice versa … skin color aside.

      Krista could walk a run-way, Raina wasn’t strong there. Raina could do a straight on, commercial shot (which was fierce), but Krista could give you couture, androgynous (sp). Raina struggled with angles, while Krista understood those and then some.

      Raina was strong in her eyes, but Krista gave you face, dahling (smile). Raina is good for the European market (she’s soft, non-intimidating), while Krista could give your international and U.S. (couture and commercial, different). She may be older but she is still just as good, and there is still some life left in that “old betty.” You may feel that Krista was not the strongest model, but if you look at it, Raina wasn’t exactly leader of the pack either.

    • Mb Says:

      I totally agree with you!

    • mzoverit Says:

      I did not like Teyona either but lets face the facts dark skin is in in Brazil. Think you idiot why do Brazilian women usually get tans it’s obvious. DUH!

    • xang Says:

      i totally agree with you.. I think Tyra has more interest in black models than regular models, I think they already had a plus factor.. and yes she is a bit old for modelling..and now I just love how Raina proved to them that she has become more international than Krista..

  12. UCantBeSerious Says:

    “She looks like she came from the ghetto and I’ll tell you why. Her facial bone structure is hard, so it makes her look more like a man than a woman. She has an atheletic-looking body, which doesn’t work in European fashion because such muscles are reserved for athletes. Models are supposed to appear soft, so when the light hits the arms, face and legs the bone structure isn’t as visable as the curves of the flesh.”


    What does that have to do with the “ghetto?” Let me reinterate, WHAT DOES AAAAALLL THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE GHETTO? All you typed has to do with sports, but “ghetto,” huh? Idiot. And another thing, why is the word “ghetto” always being associated with something disgusting and vile? It isnt! People like you have a stereotypical idea of what the “ghetto” is, but I’ll have you know that there is some very lovely people and great food and values in the “ghetto!”

    Let me guess, you thought the “ghetto” was all crack pipes, gun play and liquor stores? The “ghetto” is much, much deeper than what society told you it was. God bless all the “ghettos” of the world with the beautiful little “GHETTO” children and God bless nappy hair too! Now what?

    Krista is a beautiful sista, period! She does have strong cheekbones and she’s supposed to; shes black! She possesses ETHNIC features and again, she’s supposed to. How kooky would she look if she had flat thin lips, a small nose that is turned upright, no cheekbones and no forehead? She is supposed to have big lips, razor sharp cheekbones, beautifully flared nostrils and that smooth-as-silk black skin.

    I hope you’re plastered all over every magazine known to man, Krista. Commit to it, sista and get paid for being your beautiful black self!

    P.S. Lets not forget Grace Jones and Naomi Watts (just to name a few). VERY successfull Models who were models precisely because of their features. Superb!

    P.P.S. I think it’s a shame that they lightened up her skin and even changed the hue of her skin tone for the cover of Seventeen Magazine. She ISNT caramel complected! She is an amazing DARK, CHOCOLATE-COLORED SISTA!!


    And one last thing. Screw the industry and what its used too! There is always room for change! Change what “commercial” is regarded as! Change what “haute couture” is thought as! Change what mass is thought as!! Break the mold! Repetitive is boring! Change is exciting!

    Raina is a beautiful woman, as well, by the way. She did look wolf-like, which makes her exciting. As pretty as Angelea is, she was bland and boring to me. I see 3.3 million “Angeleas” every day. (I’m talking about the light-skinned sista). Nothing special about her; she doesnt have that flare or “look” to me that is interesting. Krista however, does. Its not enough Krista’s in fashion, although my girl from Sudan, Alek Wek, is STUNNING!!

    Big ups! While Alasia is also a beautiful sista, she too is BORING! Nothing screams “couture saavy” about her either. I didn’t think she belonged near the bottom few. Jessica didn’t belong there either. Is it me or does Raina look like the love child from Denise Richards/Brooke Shields and Ray Liotta?

    • mary anne Says:

      If you want to model, you can’t say “screw the industry” because it will lead to getting fired from every job of which you can think. There’s a fine line between obsessing with the “positive-image” movement that Tyra leads and giving knowledge on what the industry stands for.

      You don’t know what you are talking about and that’s a shame. You’re also being presumptuous. My criticism comes from a fashion standpoint, not a racist or insulting one.

      The person before you complained about my writing similar to what you said though in a tamed fashion. If you want to talk about what’s beautiful to you, then by all means do so. The industry doesn’t believe in “what’s beautiful to you matters.” They believe in “what’s beautiful to us matters.” No ifs, ands or buts about it. If you can’t accept that then become a writer or make-up artist.

      You need to accept that and move on. If you are interested in the industry, but only what the show promotes, then that makes sense. I am only giving fashion knowledge, not personal-knowledge.

      By the way, Grace Jones is not a model; she’s a holistic entertainer and Naomi Watts is white. If you want to see beautiful black women in magazines, then look at the European elite fashion magazines that feature African models. African models are absolutely gorgeous. I like Alek Wek and Iman Abdulmahajid. I also like Indian models. My favorites are Ujjwala Raut and Lakshmi Menon. Ujjwala and Iman are friends :-).

      • bujiwara3 Says:

        I agree with Mary Anne. Its not about racism, but she pointed all the aspects a successful model is considered.

        Well done, Mary Anne.

      • Theola Says:

        Naomi Sims, is probably who she meant. Not Naomi Watts….

    • Naja Says:

      Thank you for saying what you said here “UCan’tBeSerious”….People that are stuck on this European thing are simply afraid and sheltered.

      • chrissyjam88 Says:

        I understand what your saying, Maryanne but you still are being very ignorant. You’re just backing your ignorance up with fashion stats. What you’re so eloquently implying is that African models are beautiful to you, but African-aAerican models from the “ghetto” aren’t. Matter of fact, anybody born in “dirty” America. Because the more European-looking you are or the straighter your nose is, the more small and dainty your features are, the more translucent and porclein your skin is the more beatiful you are, right?

        I understand what your saying and you’re right, it is up to the the fashion designers and stylists and writers and fashion influencers to put out what they want, but IF IF IF IF IF Krista could be given a chance, and somebody, some brillant designer saw the beauty in her and put her out there, all it takes is one influential person to say that its okay to like something and its all she wrote. All I’m saying Maryanne is that you need to understand that as a black woman of america I will never give up on that image even if you do.

  13. krissy Says:

    Yaay! I just now watched this! Haha! I’m glad Krista won!
    I really liked Raina too, but oh well. I’m glad she came in 2nd place though!

  14. amina Says:

    Using words like ghetto/sporty just shows how deep the racism/stereotyping/prejudice is against black females (as Krista mentioned). This view of black skin, black hair, etc. as ugly originated during slavery/colonization and has been passed down through the generations.

    The late Lena Horne mentioned her frustration of being viewed as a black verision of a white woman.

    The recent CNN feature on kids and race shows how much adult views (and media) continue to shape young minds and promote prejudice. This is why models who look like Krista have a better career in Europe because of the lack of aversion to darker skin seen in the U.S.A. and other third-world countries who accept the fair-skinned black females as attractive and the darker-skinned females for comedic relief in the media.

    • mary anne Says:

      Models who facially look like Krista don’t exist in Paris or Milano. You cannot look like her if you want to work for couture designer houses. Jean Paul Gauttier and Givenchy wouldn’t put up with it. Neither would Gucci or Valentino. If you want to talk about skin color, you can be dark-skinned and make it for sure in Paris or Milano, but your facial features have to be soft not hard or like a neanderthal’s face. You see what I am saying? Study the photographs of African and Indian models working in Europe.

      Prejudice against black females is not what you think. It’s a matter of preference. Fashion is about aestheticism, so what a designer considers beautiful is the same approach a painter, sculptor or writer takes. When fashion became an international industry, the models who got the most work were Lisa Fonssagrives and Doreign Leigh. These were the pioneers. They were white, but 5’8 or below and had children. By today’s standards Lisa’s 1950’s photographs would be considered too old-looking, as in the face looks too old.

      If you look at the word “ghetto” when applied by a blue collar white man, it’s racist, but in fashion, a designer who lives in Paris most likely have not have heard of the word. He might just say, “too American” or “too plain.” If he does know the word, then he will apply it in the fashion sense, “she’s too ghetto because she doesn’t have the aesthetic qualities of the model’s body.”

      Naomi Campbell is dark-skinned and she’s absolutely breathtaking. The reason is she has the face, the body and the height that works in the industry. Her face is not “ghetto” as in manly-looking, plain-jane or “I’m gonna punch you in the face.” You see what I mean?

      You need to study European fashion history to see how different it is from the way regular people perceive it. It’s art manifested into reality; as in, walking, breathing and evolving art! 🙂

      • Lannie Says:

        My goodness, ignorance should be a crime. You cannot define “ghetto” however you want to. And the “however you want to” in this instance happens to be completely unfounded. How can “ghetto” mean manly-looking or plain-jane?

        There is firstly, no fashion sense of the word ghetto and secondly – more importantly – ghetto is not an American-only and non-European word. It’s important to note that it means a part of a city (sometimes a slum-type area) inhabited by a minority group – of which there were many in Europe. I’m struggling to ascertain in what sense that can relate to somebody’s face. And I daresay that the real reason a designer based in Paris would not use that word to describe somebody is not because they don’t know it, but rather because they’re aware of the offensive and ignorant undertones it conveys when used imprecisely.

        If you don’t work for Gucci or Valentino, just leave it because you’re being really quite disrespectful whether you realize it or not. If Krista White, does well, she does well. If she doesn’t, she doesn’t. Who are you to typecast and then denigrate her face for being “ghetto?”

      • mary anne Says:

        I know what I am talking about because I’ve studied fashion history and the photographs of ethnic models. If you do too, your response would be, “yes, there are certain types of facial features that work in the industry.” Not pretty, as in what we think is pretty, but what the designers and modeling agencies think is pretty. There’s ‘cultural view of pretty’ and ‘fashion view of pretty’. You see what I am saying?

        There are non-white models who have broken the barrier, but these were unique-looking and came at a time when the industry wanted to try something new. In the 1970’s, Iman Abdulmahajid and Beverly Johnson broke the ethnic barrier as black models with their own unique circumstance. Beverly Johnson had the face and body to model (though not the height) and Europe hired her plenty of times for print work. Iman Abdulmahajid was the muse for famous photographers including Peter Beard. She was this tall giraffe with a long neck and eyes that could melt anyone. These were women with features the industry said “Not plain-jane, not poor city girl, not ugly, but perfect!”

        You see what I mean? If you don’t believe me, then please Google images of Alek Wek and Oluchi to get a more contemporary version of how far the industry has come in their acceptance of black models. You’ll notice they look nothing like the “models” on ANTM. They don’t even look like Tyra Banks back when she was 18 years old doing runway work for Chanel in Paris.

        It concerns me that you and many other people are not understanding what fashion is. Fashion is an artform. It requires your fingers to get sore and bloody from toiling to perfect a dress or suit. It requires ignoring your friends so you can get your first collection done and then go through the ardous process of hiring models to represent your work. Everything is done with very sharp attention to detail, patience and alot of hard work. Hiring models is only easy when the crop meets the standard for the body. You should ask yourself the question: “Can someone who doesn’t look like any of previous African American or African top models that made it in Paris receive the same success?” If you can answer that question correctly you would’ve been correct on the ideology of the industry. In fashion, everyone’s an artist. They come together to produce something magical and if something doesn’t fit what they are used to getting it better be a revolutionary period in which changes are accepted (though within the same boundaries).

        I can keep talking, talking and talking about the reality of the international business, but what’s clear with regards to the comments on here is there is too much emotional emphasis on the quality of an ethnic category’s looks than on what the industry ideally looks for in ALL models, regardless of the race.

        Believe it or not, European fashion industries know what the word African American means and they call black models from all over the world that don’t meet the criteria of a model that word. It doesn’t mean they’re racist, it just means they are referring to a type of look that doesn’t work: “the southern girl/country bumpkin/school girl/farmgirl/plain city girl.” You see what I mean?

        Anyone can argue their viewpoint, but it’s not relevant to what the industry stands for. I know what I am talking about because unlike most of the ANTM fanbase I happen to study fashion history and the models in my spare time.

        I love the father of Haute Couture, Charles Frederick Worth as well as the models Lisa Fonssagrives and Alek Wek. Alek Wek is an African model and Lisa Fonssagrives is one of the first two pioneer models of fashion history. She has 200+ covers of Vogue which has not been surpased by any model to this date.

      • collette Says:

        Are you a top model in Paris? Like one that knows these things or do you just look it up?

  15. Natalie Says:

    I think Raina was the better model. Krista seems to always have the same facial expression and sometimes she can look kinda dead.

    Sorry. 😦

  16. kaddie Says:

    Krista HAS what a model needs to stand out. AMAZING bone structure in both her face and her upper body (the woman’s clavicle is stunning). Sharp features sell internationally. Proof of that was that she booked five times as many designers in New Zealand than Raina.

    The posters here who have stated that Krista is too “ghetto” are basing this on one thing only – the fact that this woman is a dark black girl.

    The fact that most of them felt like they had to write a treatise in order to justify their actions demonstrates that they really didn’t have a basis for their statements.

    She has the strong African features that still make Grace Jones a better known name in the industry than all of the American girl-next-door types put together. Even Cindy Crawford had strong bones and features.

    Ultimately, there’s a certain contingent in the U.S. that can’t seem to move on past the 50s.

    It’s the 21st century now – deal with it. Globally, (especially in Europe by the way) sharp, beautiful girls with amazing skin and bones are in. Cute, roundish-face girls are forgettable and out.

    • mary anne Says:

      “It’s the 21st century now – deal with it. Globally, (especially in Europe by the way) sharp, beautiful girls with amazing skin and bones are in. Cute, roundish-face girls are forgettable and out.”

      Do you base this view on the pictures of hundreds of Eastern European models in elite fashion magazines? I don’t want to burst your bubble, but please look at the images of African fashion models who have booked advertisements for Givenchy, Jean Paul Gauttier, Hermes, Gucci, Max Mara, Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc. You’ll see a sharp contrast to the way Krista White looks.

      Krista does not have amazing bone structure (for a MODEL) but is a pretty woman. Black fashion models in Paris do not look like Krista. Look at the pictures of African models such as (but not limited to) Iman Abdulmahajid, Oluchi Onwegeagba and Alek Wek to see what I mean. If you do that, then your viewpoint will change. It’ll make you see the reality of the industry and not a fantasy image.

      If you don’t know anything about the African models in Paris, then you are wasting your time talking about the things in which the industry does not believe.

      Alek Wek has a roundish face and she is one of the most successful top models to come out of Africa. Are you saying her look is out? The roundish face with full lips is favored when it comes to African models. It gives the authentic look of exotic beauty. The smooth lines and mystery behind an ethnic-looking model; Alek Wek’s face is curvy lines in every aspect. She is unique-looking.

      You might think I’m getting emotional, but I am not. I am simply telling you something that’s fashion (not girly ANTM-fantasy). If you can understand what I am saying, then at least I made a positive impact.

    • mary anne Says:

      Grace Jones doesn’t have any impact in the fashion industry. She is merely an entertainer who experimented with fashion trends like Lady Gaga does today. She is not a fashion icon, she is an entertainment icon.

      If you want to compare amazing-looking, African-American fashion models to the ones of today, I recommend looking at pictures of Beverly Johnson and Chanel Iman. Beverly is a beautiful woman and as a model she had the facial bone structure that was soft but not huge. It made for a less-intimidating look.

      Chanel Iman has a small head with soft, curvy lines. It works in the industry because when the light hits the bone structure is not distracting. Your eyes go straight to the model’s eyes. If you have facial bone structure that’s huge it doesn’t translate well into couture or commercial modeling.

      The reality is designers and photographers work with models who have something that appeals to the audience on a national scale. There are not alot of agency executives who will take a look at Krista as a model and see potential. She is 25 years old (too late to start modeling), has a toned body (not good for commerical or couture modeling), had spent more time auditioning for ANTM than pursuing a modeling career, and lastly, was given a contract with an agency, a spread and cover of a magazine and a contract with a major cosmetics company for free (which is by tradition, reserved for top models and supermodels).

      The first two prizes are given to models who are talented and have been working for years struggling to get to the next level. We’re talking rejection after rejection after rejection with only a few bookings. Krista may booked six go-sees in New Zealand, but she won’t get them because the designers were recruited for a faux go-see event. As in, contestants will go on fake go-sees to see what the life of a model is like (it’s not accurately presented by the show). They don’t get to do the jobs they booked after the cycle ends.

      Designers don’t take the show to heart for it is merely a playworld wherein they are confused on whether to act professionally or like a positive-reinforcement coach. it gives designers and other influential fashion figures a chance to be soft and supportive because the reality is these contestants will not get jobs in Paris or Milan. It’s kind of like the Make-A-Wish-Foundation without the terminally ill element. The contestants can “book” jobs on the show but that’s part of the script. Yes, every episode has a script, in case you don’t know. The script is basic and then builds as contestants are grilled with questions by producers to the point where it becomes manipulation, harrassment and intimidating.

      For any winner having a few to all of such circumstances that Krista has makes for a shorter and unsuccessful career. What defines success is climbing to the next level within 7-10 years, then continuing if the industry still wants you. A model’s career is short and costs a lot of money for which the agency pays. It’s a profession based not just on looks but etiquette, knowledge of the industry, the profession, fashion history and possessing a good personality. You have to have all of these things in order to book jobs. If you go on a go-see and know nothing about the designer you are wasting his time. Designers look for models who understand their collections so as to represent them well on the catwalk.

      The model’s profession is not some fantasy, glamorous lifestyle where anyone with the “unique looks” approved of by insecure teenagers will travel the world doing important things. ANTM doesn’t give the reality of the industry because it crushes the hopes and dreams of many young girls who are considered “ugly-ducklings” though want to model to prove everyone wrong.

      The show is empowering in this respect, but deviates from the model’s profession by selecting contestants that won’t be sent to Paris or Milan for work or have a model career. Before ANTM, fashion was an exclusive world that one would need to be talented to be accepted into. It’s an artistic world filled with temporary and permanent muses (models), designers creating masterpieces and photographers producing magnificent work. In other words, high quality in all its professions is of utmost importance. High qualiy to the fashion industry is the opposite of high quality to the majority of a population.

      Fashion is not a play-world or a “accepting of all types of looks” world. You can’t just barge in with weird looks and think the industry will accept you. The industry views the global Top Model franchise as a joke. No agency will send someone who didn’t model before winning a show to Paris or Milan with the hope he/she will be warmly received. The reason is they know it would cost them alot of money that can’t be paid back.

      Models make money for agencies not themselves. You go to paris, you’re making money for your agency, so it’s a very selfless (sacrificial) profession. Trips to Paris and photography shoots are not for free, as with any fashion captial. You’re going to have to pay your agency back with the money you make. If you can’t make enough, then it’s better to quit early while you can.

      Trust me, a model’s career costs thousands of dollars in which he/she gets a meager fraction of it. If a model chooses to branch out into other areas of revenue like entertainment, writing or business she can make enough money to pay back her agency. Models are in debt when finished with their careers. It’s the harsh reality. What do you think the $100,000 CoverGirl contract is for? For leisure-spending? No! It’s used to pay off expenses the agency and the cosmetics company covered for your career. Commercial shoots and print advertisements cost money and these two businesses get a share of it.

      Agencies are very selective when it comes to models because they are only interested in the ones who can make them the most money. All follow the trends of recent but still adhere to the typical standards for the model’s body (5’9-5’11 height, thin or thin-thin waist, long arms and legs, long neck, high cheekbones, long hair, small bone structure and no visible muscles). If you are from a country in Africa or India, exceptions will be made because it’s a different ethnicity with its own set of body types. You see what I mean? For America, there are no exceptions because the industry views all Americans as having the same body type. Obesity is associated with America and dull-looks as well. We are a racially-mixed population with many individuals of multi-racial background.

      The industry is about two opposite sides of the human race, not the gray area. Models such as Beverly Johnson and Chanel Iman are the exceptions to the rule because they are not your ordinary Americans. They have unique features that work in the industry. Of course, I am speaking entirely from a FASHION point of view which is different from a social point of view.

  17. anonomyous? Says:

    Why is everybody saying “she is dark skinned?” It doesn’t matter in a good way or bad way. Don’t relate to people by color; relate to them by personality!

    There would be a HUGE problem if all ANTM winners were white or black, but if you would take a moment, we all are the SAME! Don’t wish you were a different skin color either, because god made us all in his image and we are all beautiful!

    I dont know if this comes out mean or not, but it’s not supposed too. I’m just tired of hearing about skin color. WHO CARES?!?! If Krista wasn’t her skin color, would your answers be different? Yes, they would. So next time you look at Krista or any other model, don’t look at their skin color. Look at what’s beneath because that’s what counts.

    • mary anne Says:

      If you want to talk about just skin color then I agree with you. Dark skin is so beautiful because it gives the element of mystery. In avante garde photography, the photographers will try extremes in creativity. They might make a model completely nude and show minimal light on the face to give the element of mystery while still showing the lines. It’s really cool. I once saw a photograph of Naomi Campbell in Harper’s Bazaar. She was dark-skinned, completely nude wore ballet shoes and did a slicked pose en pointe. It was magical! She looked like a nubian goddess. She can get dark-skinned or light-skinned and it won’t matter because she has the body type that works in the industry.

      Now, I don’t talk about which race is better than the other; I talk about fashion. Fashion is not racist. On the contrary it’s very accepting of the myriad of looks as long as it fits the ideal body type. “Body type” doesn’t include skin color. It’s about the size of your hips, waist, the size of your head, the length of your arms and legs, and so forth. All kinds of skin color is accepted in general, though designers and agencies look for the standard body type (read my previous posts) in all interviews.

      If they say, “She is not right for our collection” it’s not because of her skin color but rather the whole package. When you hire a model it’s about what she is bringing to your studio, as in her looks and portfolio. Personality is not as important, what matters is charm and the ability to model. If you can be a “good clotheshanger” (a term used in the past eras of the fashion industry) on the runway, then you will get hired repeatedly.

      Stacy Mckenzie is a Canadian model who has big lips, freckles all over her face and curly light brown hair. She signed with an agency in New York City in the 90’s and quickly went on to booking jobs with Parisian designers such as Jean Paul Gautier. What made her stand out was a less-intimidating bone structure, tall height, thin body, small head, full lips, fair skin, etc. If she had dark skin she could change her name to a Sudanese one and will still be sent to Paris! Haha :-). By the way, did you know that Top Model Lakshmi Menon is the muse of Givenchy? Amazing, isn’t it!?

      Modeling is a profession that is not easy to understand unless you’ve studied the past models, read their interviews, studied historical and contemporary fashion, watched many pieces of fashion show footage and read elite fashion magazines (only pay attention to the professional models in advertisements not the celebrities). Try not to think about race when it comes to modeling, think about the standard body type used in the industry then you will get “it.” It’s a hard-and-fast rule and that will never change. The things that do change in the industry is the acceptance of models of color. Now, we have people from China, India and Japan modeling for Parisian couture designers. (Most of the couture designers are based in France. It’s the country where haute couture comes from.

      If you want to make it as a model you do have to go to Paris to model for the photographers and do runway work for couture designers). From 2000 to 2007 there was a heavy emphasis on Eastern European models and Latin American models. Agencies wanted Latinas and Russians to represent them in all the major fashion capitals. Black models were still hired but the ones from Africa were recruited in larger number.

      For the industry there was a giant influx of mixed races. Lakshmi Menon is the third top Indian model to reach a high-level of success in Europe. 2007 was her beginning as a haute couture model (both runway and print). She has dark-skin and these full lips that would make anyone melt. She also looks mysterious and a bit dreamy when modeling. It’s the exotic look that agencies love. When she booked the cover of Vogue India a few years ago the big agencies in Europe started giving her more attention. She was already booking couture jobs in Paris but not enough. It was the Vogue India cover that caught started a frenzy amongst the agencies, photographers and designers. What makes her look work is she is tall, has an accent, has a small head, is thin, has long arms and legs, has long hair, has facial features that are the opposite of the ethereal Eastern European look, and doesn’t have big breasts or a big butt. She fits the standard body type completely.

    • mary anne Says:

      There’s one more very important thing I will say: the winner of each cycle is handed prizes that in the real world do not exist. Modeling is not about fancy trips, free gifts, easily-obtainable fashion spreads, cosmetics contracts, agency contracts or staying in wealthy hotels.

      You stay in cheap hotels in the cities when traveling, but your home base is in the city your agency is located. You live in a small apartment, have a part-time job and use that to pay your bills. The money you make from modeling is minimal which means you get a fraction of what you earn. The rest goes to the agency which pays for your trips, hotel expenses and the first portfolio you make with them.

      Unlike what America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) portrays, you don’t become a successful model after twelve weeks of Reality TV. You become a successful model after working for several years in all five major fashion capitals and minor fashion capitals. The term “top model” is as controversial as the word “supermodel” due to the misuse by certain pop culture icons.

      In truth the word “top model” is not what ANTM portrays it to be. You don’t get a contract with an elite agency, a contract with a major cosmetics company or a spread in and cover of a non-fashion magazine for teenage girls. You get underground and commercial work for your whole career unless an agent recognizes your talent and will send you to Paris. The ultimate goal is to get to Paris because that’s the place where your career actually begins. The show is more about giving people opportunities professional models dream about getting (not including the Seventeen magazine prize, which actually hurts a model’s chance at getting signed with an agency in Paris. Parisian agencies look for models who are not commercial because the city is about haute couture only. Besides, Seventeen magazine doesn’t exist in France. It is an American publication.)

      ANTM is an insult to the industry and it peeves the elite artists in NYC, which is why the winners never get to go to Paris to book couture jobs. The exception is McKey Sullivan; when she models, she has the 1980’s facial features. It’s brilliant! However, she is not getting couture jobs in Paris because of her association with ANTM.

      It’s true that the fashion industry is not supportive of anything that’s television or popular culture. They are part of the artistic world like writing, painting and theatre. To be faced with something outside of their industry is unnatural. Reality TV gains alot of fans but in the real world it doesn’t work. ANTM portrays an askewed version of modeling and fashion. It’s very tacky, catchy and “cute.” Fashion doesn’t have any of these qualities. It’s an artform one has to toil for several years (beginning ideally in high school) before becoming a success.)

      If you’re serious about modeling you will continue on regardless of the types of opportunities you’re getting in the industry. Too many winners of ANTM have quit due to not getting enough job offers through their agencies and being recruited by Parisian, Japanese, Italian or British model scouts.

      CariDee English is now a musician, as well as Naima Mora, and Eva Pigford is a full-time actress, Yoanna House is not modeling anymore due to choosing to be a full-time mother (and she got breast implants, yikes!), Adrianne Curry is doing commercial and underground modeling (sparsely) in addition to television work, Saleisha Stowers is … well … she’s facing the same fate as the previous winners. Even Whitney Thomspon, Teyona Anderson and Nicole Fox are going through the same situation. They’re not successful for the reason the industry doesn’t want to give Reality TV competition winners any opportunities.

      The winners get scraps compared to the top models who’ve been toiling the natural way. How do you think Lisa Fonssagrives and Dorian Leigh did it? They were working when TVs were owned by the wealthy class. They didn’t know what it was. 🙂

      • collette Says:

        You’re scary.

      • Miss E Says:

        Very much agree with you on that. Most of the winners don’t get the big breaks. The bigger irony is the girls who were eliminated are doing better like Anya Kop Rozova, Natasha Galkina (recently singed by IMG), Katarzyna Dolinska, Mollie Sue Gondi and funny enough Raina Hein who just bagged a modeling deal in Paris with Major Models and a 3 month stint in Hong Kong. I guess being a winner on ATNM carries a major amount of stigma. Perhaps that is why they amped it up in Cycle 16 with Vogue Italia and asking designers like Roberto Cavalli and photographers like Matthew Rolston to be on the show.

  18. lola Says:

    I think dark skin is gorgeous and Krista is a beautiful black woman. I don’t really understand why dark skin is not considered pretty with some of you folks. Maybe it’s an American thing (I’m from Europe, so I don’t know.) She may look a bit androgynous, but it’s even better for a model, especially a high-fashion model.

    • mary anne Says:

      You should read all of my posts thoroughly, then your viewpoint will change.

      It’s not about whether someone is beautiful to regular people or not. It’s about what the fashion industry believes is beautiful, which is detached from the real world. It’s certainly not an obsession :-). Dark skin is beautiful and designers in France love dark-skinned models from Africa and India. The current muse of Givenchy is a dark-skinned Indian model.

      I gotta be honest though, there’s a fine line between haute couture modeling and commercial modeling. Commercial modeling is where fair-skinned beauties with curves dominate and haute couture modeling is a seperate category.

      You can look androgynous and still be a model. Jenny Shimuzu is an andrognynous model and she was popular in Europe. Alek Wek is also androgynous. The similarity lies in the beauty of the facial lines. Jenny has the short haircut but an elf-like face as well. Her cheekbones are high, her eyes are small, her head has long angles, the mouth is small etc. Alek Wek has a bit of pronounced brow but her face has curves. So you don’t think “She’s about to beat the crap out of me” but rather “She’s from another world….such alluring flavor!”

      When you have a model like Krista, the challenge is trying to find something that can project aesthetically (and there shouldn’t be a challenge in the first place). Her face is too hard to do couture modeling which is where the angelic/etherereal/exotic look is in. She has a mannish face not an androgynous face. Androgynous means both manly and feminine features. If Krista were to have a very short haircut she would be considered a man because there’s nothing feminine in her face.

      Europe is about softness being lead by a burst of intense creativty in fashion. Krista is not soft in appearance. Alek Wek has dark-dark skin. She’s like pitch black but her look is not intimidating. There’s a HUGE difference between her and Krista.

      It’s not just the looks but how their careers started as well. In Europe you don’t win reality TV competition shows with the expectation you’re gonna make it big in your desired profession. In America it’s the same thing. Sadly, too many do believe they will become successful and end up losing their dream as a result. This is why so many of ANTM winners are ending their careers early to venture into other professions. When designers tell you your look is not right for this season’s collection it’s because you don’t have what they physically want in a model. A model has to do at least one thing well to make enough money to pay the bills. If you’re walking down the catwalk wearing a Lanvin coat and Prada heels, people will start whispering about whether it’s a transvestite or not. That’s the reality! Name at least one top model who looks exactly like Krista White. If you can do that then you’re making a statement that’s worth considering.

      • Cher Says:


        I don’t think that Krista needs to look like any models at all. Sometimes, if you look like a certain famous model, you might be kicked out of this industry. You see Kahlen?

        Why must we change our viewpoints just after we read your comment? In fact, I think that we should respect other’s opinions and perceptions. Maybe, you are trying to persuade us that Krista is different from other European models. But come on! What’s the point of comparing? Elyse was very successful in Asia too.

      • collette Says:

        You’re nuts, Maryanne. You have such a vendetta against Krista. I’d call the cops on you, seriously. You have way too much time on your hands; stop watching the show if it puts you in mad-vile-racist-stalker-mode.

      • Naja Says:

        Thank you, Cher and Collette!! If there was a “like” button, I could click on it; I would. Mary Anne, you do talk/type a lot. Geesh! I agree with Cher and Collette.

      • Cher Says:

        You’re welcome:) hahahaha

  19. mary anne Says:

    I encourage you all to take a look at what the historical model is and how it has influenced today’s trends in modeling:

  20. mary anne Says:

    I also encourage you all to study the history of the modeling profession to see what it is (not the Reality TV shows). You’ll understand there’s a difference between modeling and what ANTM portrays. It’s important to know that :-):–american-beauty—hyper-stylized-fashion/226

    • Ayo Says:

      Hey Mary Anne,

      I admire your patience and persistence in getting your message across. Although your description of Krista was mean, it was the honest opinion of the fashion industry. I am black and glad to have learned a lot from your posts about why the industry is the way that it is. If only more people had minds open to unfavorable and inconvenient truths! 🙂

      • Eff Says:

        Great Caesar’s ghost … Mary Anne, AGAIN!? Will you never learn?? Your writing tone is kinda distinct. If you’re going to carry on being new posters, learn how to change your style so it’s not so obvious. Just saying.

  21. Cori Says:

    I think the person here making the comments about how fashion will never change and what fashion will allow, needs to really get off their high horse.

    Fashion in and of itself is about CHANGE. Several UK designers have even changed the sizes of models they will allow on the runway. Your argument about things not changing, doesn’t hold water in the fashion industry. An industry that changes from season to season. Remember Twiggy? She was too thin to be a model in her day, but she changed the whole game by being in it.

    We in America thought we’d never see the day when there was a black president. But there he is, love him or hate him, there he is. There will be the designer that thinks Krista is GORGEOUS. And for the record, most ALL winners of Top Model have gone on to have STELLAR careers. You can see that here on this very site you’re posting on. Pick a winner, Naima withstanding, and you’ll see they have all continued and flourished.

    And for the record, may I direct your attention to Italian Vogue’s ALL BLACK issue in honor of women of color. Yes, other countries find black women BEAUTIFUL. As for your ghetto comment, I don’t know what you were trying to say, but you ARE typing and have time to go over what you’re typing. That comment comes across as blatantly RACIST. After saying that little word, any valid or interesting thing you may have had to say, lost all of it’s value.

    And if I may educate you a bit, her age does not come into play. Most women of color of any race, tend to age less visibly than their paler Caucasian counterparts. This is why Tyra and Naomi are still working today, whereas you see other models from that same era, now moving on to other projects. Their faces didn’t hold up well enough to do a lot of modeling, but thank god they were at least smart.

    In any case, I’m happy Krista won and to the nay sayers and haters, stand back and watch her smoke. And I’m sure she’d say thank you. Can’t have a world without haters.

    • mary anne Says:

      One more thing, Cori. Study the muses of the British and French designers to see what they look for in a model. Lea T. is one of the favorite models of Givenchy and she’s transgendered. I know the industry changes; believe me, I know! But, it is about change regardless of what ANTM fans believe. If you truly know fashion you would acknowledge the preferrences of couture designers. Couture only has one body type and it doesn’t include Krista’s look.

      It’s the truth. You would have to be living under a rock to not know jack about European fashion. Don’t talk about things you don’t know. I happen to like Givenchy and to read about their muses.

      A while ago I learned that the creative director is now one of the judges of BNTM. I think it’s ridiculous, but he is bringing the expectations every European designer has to the show, as in no plus-size models, no lumpy-looking models and no one with a lack of knowledge on the industry. It’s fashion, so there are no exceptions; especially now.

      After 2000, the industry became tight due to the huge waif-look trend that started with the rise-to-fame of British model Kate Moss. Shows of Top Model franchise make it much harder for non-traditional models to get work because the industry’s response is often to shut them out. The winners do not go on to stellar careers but some of the ones who don’t win do go on to stellar careers. Tyra eliminates contestants who have the knowledge, the look and/or the charm to book jobs in Europe. The show is a joke and will always be such. When I look at the real world of modeling, I only see the opposite of what ANTM promotes. It’s not unhealthy body image but rather what constitutes fashion and the model. What you say is irrelevant, period. Karl Lagerfeld would laugh. In the September 2006 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, he laughed at the idea of Lindsay Lohan being the spokesmodel for Chanel before giving his scathing view on ANTM later in the interview.

      Karl Lagerfeld is the head designer of Coco Chanel. He is the head honcho in European fashion industry and no winner from ANTM has booked a couture show in Europe. It’s not just Karl who prefers real models, but every designer in the world has a preferrence for real models. Every designer has his muse, so what if Krista White were to be Givenchy’s muse? It wouldn’t open the doors for similar-looking models, instead it would make the industry look like a joke. My comments have nothing to do with whether dark-skinned models can make it in Paris or not. They have to do with the total package.

      Designers will hire models who are aesthetically appealling because of the looks, character, knowledge and talent. This is what modeling is. You can make it big in Paris if you are aesthetically appealling because Parisian designers don’t discriminate against race. It is about whether one is beautiful or not. Krista White is not model-beautiful, but she is beautiful in my point of view. She can be darker or lighter and I would still think she’s unique-looking, but her look doesn’t work in the industry. You see what I mean? The facial features and toned body she possesses factor in to why she won’t book jobs. In America, she can book runway jobs on BET or in any other black fashion show. However, Europe will stay say “No.”

      You need to read every single post I’ve written to get “it.” If you choose not to, then you will continue to make presumptious and misinformed statements.

    • Einez Says:

      Cori, I’m going to have to disagree with you here. The winners of ANTM don’t always have the “stellar careers” you think they may have. Why is Adrianne in Reality TV with her husband or why is Caridee pursuing a country music career or why is Whitney Thompson designing jewelry? Ironically, it’s the eliminated contestants who are doing a bit better. Mollie Sue Gondi, Elyse Sewell and Katarzyna “Kat Dol” Dolinska and both Mollie and Kat have modeled in Haute Couture shows in Paris. They are the ones still modeling full time.

    • jaamgirl Says:

      Very well said.

      Mary Anne is on a racist rant. They feel that way about Obama and others. No surprise. Didn’t stop us from having our President, and it didn’t stop Krista from winning.

      Not likening the two … just a casual observation.

  22. Pat Says:

    I agree with those who says that Krista looks too mannish to be a model. And I thought Raina didn’t look really soft either. I always thought Jessica would and should have won because she has IT.

    And seriously, those who are complaining about others being racists, come on; give it a rest.

    Nobody has complained about Krista’s dark skin tone; it’s actually really pretty.

    • mary anne Says:

      I agree with you; Krista White’s skin color is BEAUTIFUL! I love dark-skinned models. If she had the body and face of Alek Wek she would have a long career in NYC. Since she doesn’t have a unique-looking face or a youthful one for that matter (she’s 25, that’s beyond the age requirement for a beginner model), she can’t make it in a foreign major fashion capital. Plus, she was handed contracts professional models have to work twice as hard to get. It’s a harsh truth to accept, though I believe Tyra Bank’s legitimacy as a model is the reason why so many America’s Next Top Model fans are rooting for the winners who are regular looking.

      Tyra is a supermodel who became a bigger success with her own production company. As a model, her legitimacy holds weight. But as an entertainment icon for fashion, her legitimacy in this aspect does not exist.

      It is the reason why the industry rejects the winners more often than we imagine. They may be relatable by look and personality but their careers are short and lower level. The top models whose careers last for more than ten years have never auditioned for a Reality TV competition show. There’s one (Gemma Ward) who won a televised modeling competition, but fit the standard body type the industry wanted. She was simply handed a modeling contract which is what any aspiring model wants. No model wants a contract with a cosmetics company or a spread in a magazine soon. They take baby steps first then larger steps, which is what supermodels did.

      America’s Next Top Model is not creating careers for the winners, though some of the contestants who don’t win go on to modeling for couture designers in Paris and Milan in addition to receiving contracts with multiple agencies around the world. The reason why the national young audience love the show is because Tyra chooses winners they will like. If Tyra chooses a winner who has Twiggy Lawson’s 1960’s body type minus the height, young girls will think “Ewwwwww! She’s anorexic! Yuck! What was Tyra thinking!?” The reality is this is the type of look the industry has always considered an ideal fantasy. Little girls don’t get it because Tyra focuses more on regular-looking bodies as acceptable for fashion than the standard body type which is not what you see in school cafeteria at your lunch table.

  23. mary anne Says:

    *laughs* You’re funny, Cori . 🙂 Study contemporary and historical modeling. Then give another statement.

  24. Maricha Grundy Says:

    I am very saddened by all of the negative comments about my home girl, Krista. I am a forty-nine-year-old, dark-skinned woman also from Pine Bluff, Arkansas via Valencia, California for seven years and a total of thirty years living in California.

    She rocks, so get over it that she is not blonde, has blue eyes, and is underfed with a flat ass. Black is beautiful because white women are in the plastic surgeon office every day trying to get our lips, ass, cheekbones and curves. They also want our skin color so they lay in the sun baking or get a spray tan.

    Get over it and realize that dark skin is beautiful with no wrinkles. By the way, I look thirty and am told that all of the time, hater b*tches.

    • mary anne Says:

      If you know about the history of modeling, your response would be completely different. It’s not about skin color or whether someone is black or white. It’s about the look that sells in fashion.

      Fashion doesn’t discriminate, but rather stands for a certain image that translates as beautiful in artwork. They used to discriminate against ethnic-looking models because they didn’t trust the idea of exotic women being beautiful. It was all about white, tall, blonde-haired women. Even Lisa Fonssagrives, whose hair color was naturally brown, had to dye her hair blonde to find print work, plus she was only 5’8! She’s the first supermodel in world history and the one with the highest number of Vogue covers (200 to be exact).

      Krista White is beautiful without a doubt. She has an amazing jawline that is similar to Naomi Campbell’s, just amazing! Because of the way her face is constructed, her age and her toned body she will not make it to Paris or Milan. To model you have to facially look soft. Iman Abdulamahajid has a soft-looking face. It is part of why she is as successful today as she was when modeling. Her face is not intimidating, but is exotic and that works. 🙂

      Krista’s face is intimidating. It won’t work in haute couture because the genre is meant for models who are ethereal in appearance or rather, a heavenly beauty. The way the European market defines this is not the way regular people define it.

      Fashion in Europe is the exact opposite of America’s Next Top Model. It is the real deal and all models have the goal of reaching Europe. It is the continent where one’s career is taken to the next level. You can model for elite photographers and walk the runway for elite designers in NYC but it’s not gonna make a difference unless an agency scout from Paris or Milan sees you have the look they want for the fashion shows.

      Commercial designers are minimal in quantity in Europe because haute couture is the predominant genre of fashion over there. If you want to model, you model for haute couture and nothing else. In America, Krista White’s looks may get her jobs, but they will be scarce. If you study fashion you would understand what I am saying.

    • John Says:

      I agree, Maricha.

      It’s unfortunate the perspective that has been bestowed upon black women (and men) when it comes to shows that revolve around beauty (NTM) or dating (The Bachelor). It seems like they would have to dedicate a show to black people to erase the “Oh, she’s the token black girl because they have to be diverse” problem. They vet these people beforehand and now damn well if they are open to other races. I bet you see more gay people kissing on Network TV than you do interracial kissing. WTF?!

    • Mb Says:

      Its not about Krista being a black girl. Even if she was white, she still has that same face and not pretty.

  25. OK really? Says:

    Mary Anne, I think the problem is that, despite your obvious studies and endless paragraphs you posted here about the history of fashion, you lost most of us with the association of Krista’s looks with being ghetto. There is no website, no history book or anything else you can base that theory on. It just makes no sense. Please properly educate yourself on such a term before attempting to tag that to someone based on their looks.

    • mary anne Says:

      If you read everything I wrote previously, then your statement would be different. If you did read everything I wrote then I’m surprised you didn’t learn one of the most important elements of the model’s profession: the look.

      I’ve said it over and over and over in different ways, too: Krista’s look as “ghetto” does not mean all girls from the ghetto are ugly. There are some who are beautiful. By “ghetto” I am not referring to an entire population living in an improverished part of a city. What I am referring to is the stereotype of a girl who physically does not look like a haute couture model, but does look like someone who could work in a cheap, sleazy stripjoint next to a highway where there’s nothing but bars and truckstops.

      It’s not an insult, it is the truth about how fashion views this type of look. Her look is not beautiful for fashion but it’s unique looking in general. Wait a year or two then see how far she has come in career. Even in America the fashion industry turns people who look like her away. They want models who can work both domestically and internationally.

      Her facial features make me think “ghetto” because in the ghetto you gotta be tough and fiesty to make it. There is NOTHING SOFT about her face. NOTHING! Anywhere in the world (not just Europe) that type of face will not book jobs. It’s about the total package. Yes, she has a thin waist, yes she has appropriate hieght, yes she has thin legs but these don’t matter if your body is toned and your face isn’t elegant.

      I highly doubt CoverGirl will renew her contract. There’s no cosmetics company in world who will book someone with her kind of face for a campaign. Krista is WASTING her TIME and that of the industry’s too!

      By the way, you don’t need to tell me to educate myself. How about you try some reading before talking about fashion with me again? Perhaps, you won’t take the challenge because you’re not into fashion but rather the peppy, self-esteem, happy-go-lucky, faux-feminist ideology Tyra spews on a weekly basis to a national young audience who are under the age of 10? Her show America’s Next Top Model is filled with this “goodiness”. Keep taking a bite out of if it, you’ll feel fantastic! ;-D

      • jaamgirl Says:

        So … umm … everyone in the “ghetto” is “tough and feisty?” What a generalization.

        The worst type of racist is one who does not realize their racism. Shame.

      • Naja Says:

        “Her facial features make me think “ghetto” because in the ghetto, you gotta be tough and fiesty to make it”…um, Mary Anne … what you said here refers to a persons attitude, characteristics, and demeanor. NOT facial features. That is the direct result of her parents. Translation: Her facial features make me think “ghetto,” I mean black = ghetto, right? Oh excuse me, I mean some of THEM are beautiful …”

        Mary Anne, you are digging a hole, baby girl. Mentioning “ghetto” in the first place translates to being just as offensive as saying “you people,” “trailor,” “hillbilly,” etc. and in that case, you are referring to a person’s character/mannerism, not their facial structure.

        Now to quote your robotic replies … if you read everything that was written previously then maybe your statment would be different.”

  26. izzitme Says:

    Carbon copy of Teyona but less attractive!

  27. maria Says:

    This is just another win due to Tyra. This gal looks like a man. Are you sure she isn’t? What on earth are these people thinking to have chosen her over the others?! it’s pure politics if you ask me!

  28. Clara Says:

    Wow. So many lengthy discussions about Krista. I have no problems with her skin colour (just so I make myself clear, first things first) What I DO have a problem with is that she lacks expression. If you look at the photos after ANTM she’s practically expressionless in most of them, if not plain blank; I get the feeling that she’s just going through her motions without even thinking about them much. Every photo is the same expression, nothing changes, nothing catches my eye and nothing jumps out at me and says ‘i’m gonna go places’.

    • Mb Says:

      Ha! I totally agree with you, Clara. Even when Krista was on ANTM, what’s up with the COVERGIRL photo?? It didn’t make me wanna buy those products.

  29. Clara Says:

    Ps. She looks bored out of her mind.

  30. Boring... Says:

    Mary Anne, you’re someone whose main activity seems to be posting on a blog about America’s Next Top Model. You don’t really have much credibility in the first place, so your constant assertion that you know what you’re talking about whilst everyone who doesn’t agree with you that Krista is “ghetto” is getting increasingly tired.

    You can say whatever you like in defense, your use of the word ‘ghetto’ here is bigoted and uncomfortable to read. Yes, we all know you don’t like Krista’s look. So what? Obviously nobody cares what you think about that. She won full stop. Get over it now.

    • mary anne Says:

      What do you know about Parisian fashion history? Please tell me. 🙂

      I would be delighted to hear your viewpoints because then you won’t seem distracted by single words. Fashion designers say worse things than I do about models of all types. Tyra was treated the same way. One of the reasons why she switched from haute couture to the commercial genre is because at a dressing room in Milano there were seamstresses who were calling her el grosso “the gross-looking girl.” It had to do with her curves, butt and breasts. She wasn’t the thin girl that ensared the industry anymore.

      You can say whatever you want, but what I say is the truth (she looks ghetto = she looks like the stereotype for a girl who’s from the ghetto). Get that through your head!

      Your opinion doesn’t fly in an industry that tears models to bits if they don’t meet the standards for the ideal model’s body. The sooner you can accept that, the more intelligent you’ll sound when it comes to fashion. There’s no room for sensitive, crybaby opinions over the kind of criticism given to models. If you’re a model and someone tells you your look is too American or too “ghetto” it’s because you don’t look physically refined.

      There’s a refined look and then there’s the “ghetto” look. You see what I mean? It’s not racism, it’s just fashion. Deal with it and move on.

      • ......... Says:

        My question is why haven’t you moved on? And why do you feel everyone else should believe you and take your opinion as gospel? I have no problem with you saying whatever you want about Krista; I don’t know her. But you make a fool of yourself coming here and waxing lyrical about what is “vogue” in Paris. It’s America’s Next Top Model. I just can’t understand; who even cares? Again, research “ghetto” and express yourself more precisely. Ignorance is a curse.

  31. MAF Says:

    Krista is beautiful and I’m so glad she won! That light-skin girl thought that she was going to be one of the last two standing. Krista fooled her. Danielle of Cycle 6 was another very beautiful dark skin sister! BLACK IS CERTAINLY BEAUTIFUL.

  32. modelunic Says:

    Unfortunately, Krista has really failed to convince anyone why she won. I’m Black myself and this is not driven by rasicm, but Teyona and Krista have great height, good looks and even nice skin, but are not versatile models.

  33. Tameka Colbert Says:

    This woman not only defines a beauty, she defines ART! (Wow!) And when you have a woman who can define art, beauty has no place in a competition. Because defining art as Krista has done represents a combination of all types of art, beauty and other things! (Amazing!)
    You go girl!!!!

    Tameka Colbert
    Tifton, Georgia

  34. Einez Says:

    Lots of comments on Krista. I guess she has her fans and detractors. Personally, I didn’t really like this cycle at all, nor do I like her that much, so good luck to her. I will agree with some of the people here that Krista lacks expression. Also that a lot of winners don’t always achieve the success they expect. Oddly enough, it’s the eliminated contestants like Elyse, Mollie Sue and Katarzyna that are doing better then the winners of their cycle.

  35. Susan Says:

    Krista is not an example of what the fashion industry requires for a model (here in America and in Europe).

    To make it as a model one must be sent to Paris to walk for haute couture (in Paris there is only haute couture, nothing else. The same can be said about Tokyo, London and Milano) shows. There is no model (unconventional or conventional looks) that looks like Krista.

    It is an unfair reality that young girls in America need to accept so they can stop deluding themselves about how successful the winners are or stop being infatuated with the (below-standard-looks) contestants who are not models, just contestants on a Reality TV competition show.

    The show has taken a 100% drastic change from the previous 14 cycles. It is now filled with just elite artists from the fashion industry, the judges look more professional, the photoshoots have become more fashion, Jay Manuel is finally keeping his mouth shut (or at least nearly all the way) during the photoshoots so the photographer can do what his/her profession requires (direct the photoshoot), the judging room is refined, the crop of contestants are American-thin or thin like the Parisian models and some have looks that work in Paris (Ann and Kendal are the ones that have the right look).

    While the show may not be a respectable representation of European fashion (that is where fashion comes from, not America) it has taken a bit of a professional approach. I must say that it is wrong to hand contestants a contract with an agency reserved for supermodels, a contract with Vogue Italia which is reserved for successful models and a contract with CoverGirl which, by tradition, is reserved for supermodels/top models. In terms of changing the audience’s view on what fashion really is the show is doing something right.

    You cannot bring Andre Leon Talley and keep the show completely commercial for the next three seasons. It just does not work for him because he is only about haute couture and elite fashion figures. He is too refined for the girly-girl, commercial, bubblegum teen popculture, smiley, fantasy photoshoots that would make fashion designers in Paris puke. And it made Karl Lagerfeld sick to his stomach (read his interview with the Sept. ’06 issue of Harper’s Bazaar).

    I believe little girls will not like the show now, especially since the judges have become not-so-relatable to the young audience. Well, Andre is never relatable to the young audience. He has mature tastes, but the judges are harder on the contestants this time around, so it works well for him. It means they don’t condone commercial looks (the winners of previous seasons all are just commercial models stuck in the American fashion industry). They are not going to do silly challenges (notice the lack of challenges so far?) nor will they do things for the shock effect. They are grownups behaving like grownups and kids do not like that.

    Sorry little girls, you are going to have to smile and nod with every little mean remark the judges make about the contestants’ bodies. Afterall, this is what happens all the time in European fashion and Tyra knows it all too well. She was a haute couture model for seven years before the bigger breasts and butt image.

    • Marie Louise Says:

      Actually I can’t stand Andre Leon Talley!

    • huh? Says:

      “Krista is not an example of what the fashion industry requires for a model (here in America and in Europe).”

      ALT himself had claimed that Krista, as a model, DOES have international appeal. He announced that on national TV, during the final moments of that cycle while deliberating their winner.

      However, I do admit that at the end of the day, ANTM is no more than a reality show. Its faithful viewers feed on its “drama” and what not.

      • Christine Says:

        His name is not ALT, it is Andre Leon Talley. When you refer to someone in the artistic profession the proper thing to do is say their first and last name. Andre Talley did say that Krista has international appeal but isn’t vouching for any of the African-American contestants on Cycle 15. He’s more focused on a contestant who has the type of body Paris is looking for. The 14th season was Andre’s first time on the show so he most likely did not know the impact of speaking on television can have over a national audience. You are correct, he did say that Krista has a shot at an international career, but so did Jaslene. The reason is both can do commercial work here in America and in other countries. They will not be taken to the level of haute couture which only exists in Europe. Haute couture is the french term for very sophisticated dressmaking which is reserved for the aristocratic consumers.

        Please remember that editing can make a person seem like someone they are not….though this happens all the time (with any reality TV show). Andre may have looked like he supported Alasia, Angelea and Krista but he was just being nice. Sometimes people are nice because they don’t have the heart to hurt the feelings of someone who doesn’t have all the qualities of a model. Can you imagine a girl with no arm walking up to Tyra Banks saying she wish she could be a model? Tyra will say “Awww, you can be a model. You have a lovely face and good height. I suggest you go to a local photgrapher and have your test shots done, then go to an agency to give the profession a shot.” That’s what Andre was doing only he didn’t really think Tyra would use it as implicit support for her decision to choose Krista as the winner.

        If you watch the season finale of Cycle 14 carefully, Tyra announces Krista as the winner and walks up to her to give a hug. Andre sits behind the desk fuming. He looked really mad with Tyra’s decision and didn’t hug her. Raina said in a written interview after the show aired that after Krista was crowned he ran up to her backstage to offer his number because he could send her to London to model. Because of Andre’s assitance with Raina’s career she received the cover of and spread in Dubai’s Harper’s Bazaar. It should be said that Cycle 14 was a kiddy’s cycle.

        Cycle 15 is Andre’s attempt at giving American a nearly-correct version of European fashion. He’s trying. 🙂 It’s boring for many kids who are used to having a physical body type and personality to relate to. Unfortunately for them, this is not the case from now on (for three years that is, unless Andre wishes to stay on longer).

        It’s a matter of principle from the fashion perspective. Children need to realize before Tyra was on TV she was a model who started her career in Europe as an haute couture model (it lasted for seven years before the commercial aspect of her modeling career began). Her respect for the European market is still there so now she has to express it (especially around Andre who was Annie Wintour’s assistant editor for more than a decade). Now, there is less drama on the show because the environment is more serious.

        I always say that if you want to make it as a model you have to go to Paris, but that is only decided by the Parisian agency scouts who are looking for their types of beauty not what the American children consider beautiful. It’s hard to accept, but that is THE REALITY of the European market. Cycle 15 is basically kissing the rear of the Italian fashion industry. Tyra’s gotta do what she needs to in order to receive respect again. She lost it since Cycle 1. If she chooses to pick someone other than Ann as the winner it will be a disaster for her show because the European market in fashion is uniform. Their types of beauty translate as beautiful to the rest of the world. By the “world” I am referring to the fashion industry of every major fashion capital. Fashion is completely seperate from society because it is an artform (it was a trade before Charles Frederick Worth who was the first to put a label on his garments). Painting is not dominated by society because it is art. Now, since 2000 parents and children are causing an uproar about how unhealthy the models look and that the top models (not ANTM’s winners) and supermodels are giving the young generation a negative impression of how a body should look. They blame fashion designers and fashion magazines for negatively influencing their children who are either bulimic or anorexic. The truth is it is the parents’ fault for not educating their children on healthy body image and enforcing it consistently. You cannot blame an artist for doing what he was taught as an apprentice. You can only blame a social institution for poor parenting skills.

    • Maggie Says:

      Sorry Mary Anne, you repeated too many of your same themes in this sock puppet post to avoid recognition. Probably smart though, to back away from the “ghetto” faux pas. BTW, you really seem yo have ghetto and small-town-wrong side-of-the-tracks kind of jumbled together in your mind. Ghettos are urban.

      • Linda Says:

        I know right? Like we don’t know it’s the same person posting under a different name. I don’t know how/why anyone is reading through these long, tedious, waste-of-time posts of hers. She clearly has too much time on her hands. And she’s way more invested in bashing Krista than what is healthy.

  36. Bonita Says:

    Very interesting and educational posts. I’m impressed. Beauty is all races and having a specific look for the benefit of showcasing couture fashion is understandable. We are the fattest nation in the world, so I think high fashion has had little to no affect on our unhealthy eating habits. Thanks for the good reading and actual knowledge of the industry.


    • Susan Says:

      Yes, I don’t know why Americans nitpick European models when they are not the ones who go through the stress and rewards of the daily routine of the model’s profession. Yes, it does take a healthy three-meal/exercise/practice/continous studying to make it as a model. Americans who watch ANTM and know nothing about the European market are in great number. France, Italy and England are foreign nations with different social attitudes than America’s social attitudes. We promote a healthy lifestyle yet assume it means scorning models who are subject to media scrutiny in America.

      Being a size zero is attainable if one chooses to make meals at home, watch what she eats, exercises daily and drinking eight cups of water. Experimenting with foreign cuisines is helpful. I reccommend Asian cuisines because of the lack of McDonald’s in the mix! Hahaha. There are top models who are a size zero and are not anorexic. Lakshmi Menon is a prime example because she is from India and her diet is alot more nutritious than what Americans are used to eating.

      It’s easy to admire the winners of ANTM when they look like regular people. The ones who don’t win are either not right for Paris or are but get ridiculed due to their lack of appeal. Commericial modeling is the sole path for the winners. They are given commercial prizes and fashion shows on the show to begin with so their careers are bound to be commercial.

      You can’t become a superstar based on a commercial career. In modeling becoming a star or superstar is not important. Any agent would stress to a model the importance of sacrifice and hard work for the sake of the model’s profession. Stardom is what ANTM gives but it does not translate as success in Europe. The models in Europe are very humble and quiet. They work because want to be successful not because of what stardom entails. European artists could care less about stardom. To them one’s craft is more important than fame. Although, in America fame is so important to the youth that this group fixates on contestants who are seemingly going to become famous because of personal qualities.

      In Europe, models rarely speak because part of being a Haute Couture model is doing everything everyone tells you to do without questions asked. Your personality is only important for the career not for the masses. Models are private for the reason they need peace to concentrate on their careers. ANTM winners don’t get peace because the paparazzi and the public follows them everywhere.
      People should get it through their stubborn heads that modeling is not ANTM and never will be. The show promotes a very childish notion on what modeling is. Although, it has now taken a “high fashion” approach which means no more pleasing the young masses.

  37. Susan Says:

    If Krista were to look like any of the models in this fashion show she would be sent to Paris:

  38. Devanity Says:

    Mary Anne, no disrespect but it’s clear that you don’t really know heads or tails of what is and isn’t viable in the industry.

    Androgyny is and always will be a staple in the fashion industry. Stella Tennant, Mariacarla Boscono, Agyness Deyn, Sessilee Lopez … all known for strong bone structure, all androgynous, all WORKING models (in all markets). Race has nothing to do with it. And furthermore, I’m not sure what “ghetto” to which you’re referring. Krista doesn’t at ALL have a typical “African American” look. If that truly were the case then scouts would be RUNNING to the hood to scoop up all of the 5’11 stunners, with amazing cheekbones on every corner.

    As for Grace Jones, she was a model first, and a damn important one at that. Singing and acting came later. Do a Google image search and all you’ll get are countless FASHION photos, point blank, period. It’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a fact.

    Lastly, Raina is beautiful but her measurements are a HARD sell in the real industry. Her waist is almost the same width as her hips. The designers in NZ pointed it out, and I’m surprised that it was ignored by the judges. Her body isn’t anywhere near as well-proportioned as Krista’s and she looked really bad in the swimsuits. Modeling isn’t just about a pretty face.

    Without the competition, if both girls walked into an agency, Krista would get snatched up first hands down and her androgyny would be an asset and not a hindrance.

  39. Marts Says:

    You know there’s a little problem when the argument takes more space on this page than the portfolio.

  40. Bonita Says:

    Low self-confidance is the number one obstical for African Americans. Racism is number sixteen. Having family and friends of most races I see this as true. Attitude is so important. Being angry only holds the angry person back. I have a beautiful very dark complected friend and people treat her like a queen.

    She knows her beauty and isn’t “waiting for the world to change” before she starts living her best life. She dosen’t need the go ahead from anyone to claim her beauty. Look around you at the people you know. Who are the happiest? I see many black young women who talk and act in the most disgusting and vile manner. They also expect people to treat them better when people want to get as far away from the ugliness as they can.

    Loving yourself means you care about how you treat yourself, others and what comes out of your mouth and your actions. By the way, the white people who carry themselves and act in this way are avoided also. It’s not a race thing. It’s a self-hate thing. How bad do you want to be beautiful? How bad do you want to be happy? Nobody can sing your song or dance your dance. Yesterday I was grocery shopping and saw the most beautiful loving and glowing African-American actually tap dancing in the frozen food section. (Did I mention she was 86 years young?) She just glowed and everyone around her was mesmerized.

    She was beautiful at which to look, be near and owned her beauty and worth. She has been through things I am sure no young African-American can directly experience. Yet she is who she is because it’s her choice. Her life I am sure has not been obstacle-free, nor has anyone reading this. Claim your beauty. You don’t have to try to make someone ugly for you to be pretty. By the way, that never works. Rise above what you don’t want and BE who you do want.

  41. neesy Says:

    I will hunt down and b*tch slap the next person who says “ghetto.”

  42. Bonita Says:

    One more thing since this has become about race. A million white people can say to a little black girl, “You are pretty; sorry about the past.” Until she is in an environment where owning her beauty and worth (home) is encouraged and demonstrated, it’s likely that it may take many years searching on her own and knocking her head against the same wall until she figures out, “Eff this; this is BS. I am beautiful and have worth.”

    Only when she falls in love with herself will the rest of the world as well. There are certain people who just have IT. You are around them and want to smile. The energy and air is actually different around them. They may be white, they may be black, they may be missing an arm or leg or have Down Syndrome, but that does not hold certain people back. It’s a choice.

    Own your words, own your actions, own your worth, and quit blaming the world (who is just as beautifully flawed as yourself) to rescue you and make it okay. You are okay. More than okay. It’s YOU who needs to get out of your own way and truly live. Be grateful for every breath, every smile, the food that nurishes you, the love that is endless in this world. Stake your claim or just take the easy way out and look only at the bad and say I’m black. Life must suck. I am powerless and have no choice. The blind man walking down the street may not agree with you but you have free will. Use it wisely. Wishing you a better day!

  43. Bonita Says:

    PS. In my above statement, when I said look only at the “bad,” I meant your own assumption of what is “bad.” That assumption in my opinion is BS. We have now an epidemic of gay kids killing themselves because they take some a**h***’s opinion as real. Not to mention they hate the bullying going on. My point is that love your flawed self and your brother’s flawed self and see and know the beauty is in the flaws. A flaw is simply another’s perceived notion of what is wrong or not perfect. I mean, flaw as the beautiful ragged edges which is a part of who we are and who we continue to become.

  44. sattia Says:

    I love her. I’m so glad she won. She’s got that AMAZING modelseque face and she’s a black girl, which I am and very proud of. She looks like she’s doing us good! I wish Krista a lovely career and I’m rooting for her forever.

    Krista, you were never too old to model. You may have been twenty four, but to me and I’m sure to other black young girls in the world, you looked sixteen.

    Lots of love, Sattia!

  45. Sally Says:

    Krista was okay, but I don’t know if she was the best of the bunch.

  46. Michelle Says:

    To Shana, Mary Anne (obviously from the podunk south) and every other person who does not appreciate black beauty.

    Your jealousy and prejudice is petty at best. Brit was right – anyone would pale in comparison to Krista, but it wouldn’t take a trailor park or trash can for you two to pale in comparison.

    Anyone with enough sense would know that strong bones commands attention and in Krista’s case earned her the ANTM title. She has everything a top model needs to enjoy a long, successful career in the industry. All of the judges agreed that Krista has what it takes to have an international career as a model. And Krista would be rejected by any fashion faction around the world? Oh but you would know because you are world renowned in the industry like Tyra, ALT or Nigel right?

    Even if you were, you don’t know anything about anyone except of your own prejudice, self-hating, assinine kind. I don’t think anyone with two names has any right to talk about anyone else anyway. And on the subject of background, the ugliest of people who come from ghettos are the ones that hail from trailor parks.

    You have never seen hard looking until you’ve seen those inbred, toothless and pasty looking folks. So leave Krista alone, Mary Anne and Shana. Actually, hate her all you want because she doesn’t even know that pathetic ignorami like you two exist.

    • QPQ Says:


      If you’re going to call someone out for being racist, could you do so without being racist yourself?

      Calling someone out on being racist and then throwing racist comments right back at them isn’t going to help stop racism.

    • Christine Says:

      I see a lot of negativity and a lot of positivity in these comments. It’s like a non-stop battle between two sides.

      There’s no reason to attack each other or even resort to serious issues such as racism. Racism has nothing to do with fashion which is an industry seperate from social influence.

      I know there are so many fans who see ANTM as a source of fashion knowledge, but when supermodels who did haute couture a lot longer than Tyra Banks criticize the content and winner choices, it should be obvious there’s some validity in their perspectives.

      Take a look at Tyra Banks’ career as a model; she worked haute couture for seven years then switched to commercial work because she got curvier and grew bigger breasts. It had nothing to do with her weight, it was a matter of how unappealling she was becoming in the eyes of the European designers.

      Throughout the history of European fashion, the models never strayed from the ideal body size because obesity was rare (and still is) in that continent. My suggestion for Americans is to go to Europe to see the different body shapes for yourselves. There are much different dietary habits in a continent such as Europe versus a continent such as North America. America threw out European cultures in the late 18th century (including tea!) and created its own.

      Although, our cuisine is often viewed as unhealthy, especially since America is the most physically unhealthy nation in the world. No one is a size zero except in places like Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean nations, France, Sweden, etc. or even the transcontinental region of Russia and the Asian continent there are healthier dietary habits (which have been around for many centuries).

      It’s not uncommon for girls and boys to be skinny (not “CariDee English” or “Nigel Barker” skinny). As a matter of fact, skinny is equated with youth/health and is expected for young ones to be this way. In India it’s the same situation. America is not a great source of beauty for European designers and agencies because of a difference of cultural values with regards to the model’s profession, the lack of knowledge for it and the irrelevant look (the look is not related to the European looks which dominate the continent).

      African models don’t look like African-American models (they just don’t, sorry folks), so are physically fit and facially appealing for the model’s profession. Africans have more of an advantage because of the continent’s historical relationship with Europe and the geographical proximity between these two. Granted, there are some African-Americans who are unique-looking in the eyes of French, Italian or English agency scouts so are swept away to Europe to perform in haute couture shows.

      If you look at Krista White, does she have the face of any of the Somalian, Nigerian or Sudanese models working in Europe right now? She looks too old and too hard to be a haute couture model, a profession reserved for those who are younger and youthful-looking. You gotta look 16 to work in Europe, age 25 is close to the age models retire, which is 27. Supermodels retire in their late 20’s or early 30’s.

      You guys should stop bickering and wait for a year to see if Krista has booked haute couture jobs in Europe. If she books a campaign for Coco Chanel then the ones who say she wouldn’t make it are proven wrong. If you book a campaign for Coco Chanel it means you are Karl Lagerfeld’s new muse.

      He is the one that will really take your career further as a model. Unfortunately, Karl Lagerfeld banned Tyra Banks from his shows back in the early 90’s, despises her and the show ANTM and has never hired a winner to walk in one of his shows.

      Coco Chanel is based in Paris and Karl restored it back in the early 80’s to its original prestige. The designer label is the greatest of all the designer labels in the world. Karl is “god” in the world of fashion. So his disgust for the show ANTM is not good for the winners who want to work in Paris, Milan, London or Tokyo.

      • huh? part 2 Says:

        Firstly, stop assuming regular folks are relying on ANTM as a source of fashion knowledge. It’s 2010, I think people are becoming rather aware of ANTM’s position in the world of fashion; it is in fact NOT part of that world at all.

        People have long since understood that it is merely a reality show for pure entertainment purposes and YET they appreciate it. It indeed provides lots of laughs and they sincerely enjoy the humor and action. Not forgetting that Tyra had achieved her status as a HOUSEHOLD name, therefore, it is only natural for some people to blindly believe her to know it “ALL.”

        BESIDES, what other TELEVISION PROGRAM provides insight to haute couture? NONE! ANTM might not have even come any close in attempting to do so, BUT as a former supermodel who still is somewhat knowledgeable of the industry that mocks and resents her, she is capable of providing valuable input into how to further one’s career as a “well-rounded” model, as in most facets of modeling.
        People take what they can get and they do realize that this is as far as they can get!

  47. Bonita Says:

    A small percentage of the population understands the fashion world and those who do are at many different levels of opinion.

    Fashion is an art and I agree it’s not a race thing, but for so many Americans whose mind frame is that certain things that do or don’t happen have to be because of race. So much personal healing does need to take place. Like it or not we are a flawed people and will use different outlets to vent rage, guilt, or self-loathing. If you truly believe you are a beautiful, strong black woman, so much pain would not come through in your comments.

    Pain is a part of life; a signal that healing is needed. This is about a specific art form, but many reactions are of a more human place. A place very reactive to others words and perceptions. Being of the beauty world I very much appriciate and understand how much and how many different talents need to come together to make a simple piece of art. Being of the human world, I also understand what is needed when coming from the heart. Not everyone is meant for everything or has to like how certain things are done. There will always be movement and change in the art world and as an industry fashion is show casing an art form. Take it or leave it. You may find another art form more your taste. Enjoy what you enjoy.

  48. Cher Says:

    I was a big fan of Allison, Chantal, Natasha and Anya. But I wasn’t a big fan of Raina at all. Raina came across as a hypocrite to me; she’s also a girl who can only rely on her looks. Krista’s look is definitely not my favorite, but she has a good working attitude during photoshoots. She’s so raw and straightforward! And she’s going to go far with her raw-ness. So rock on, Krista! 🙂

  49. Gina Says:

    Okay…I’ve read all your comments for and against Krista, and I’m going to point out the one thing that almost nobody has written anything about: THE GIRL CAN SERIOUSLY SELL CLOTHES! Did any of you people actually LOOK at her pictures?!! Excluding the Seventeen magazine pix (which totally sucked), Krista can model her ass off. In fact, sometimes her hard, androgynous looks are exactly the perfect compliment to the softness of the garment she’s wearing. It’s like you’ve all forgotten that the model is a prop and is secondary to the garment she’s wearing. She’s supposed to make the clothes come to life, and make you notice how good the clothes look on her.

    At the end of the day, this is about selling clothes, shoes and accessories, and I’m not going to decide against buying a dress or a pair of shoes because the model wearing them is too dark-skinned or too blonde. My only concern with the model is if she makes me want to own the clothes she’s wearing.

    To those of you who can’t get past her color and her “non-traditional” looks, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. I remember this same argument over Alex Wek because some people thought that beauty only comes in one color and has to appear “western” to be acceptable. Based on how much she’s worked, she certainly proved all the haters wrong.

    I’ll be the first to admit that the first time I saw Krista, I didn’t give her a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, not because she was dark-skinned but because she was so, well…Pine Bluff.

    ANTM has been notoriously hostile to poor Southern girls of any color and their accents, like Danielle Evans (also from Arkansas) and that poor little Laura Kirkpatrick from Kentucky who’s grandma made all her clothes. They were insanely good models, but way too much was made of their accents, especially given all the Russians on the show that had accents, as well as all the Africans that had accents, and apparently it’s NEVER a crime to have a British accent.

    I didn’t have much hope for Krista in the beginning, but then I saw that girl work. She completely blew me away. Her pictures were breathtaking in spite of the fact that I don’t really think she’s pretty at all. She’s a “handsome” woman, striking because of her angular, masculine features. It’s because she’s not cookie-cutter girly like every blonde I’ve seen on the catwalk that she caught my attention.

    To Maryanne and others who can’t handle it:

    Just let it go. I admit, the “ghetto” thing put me off too, but I read all your comments and I get what you’re trying to say: She’s too black-looking (i.e., “ghetto”) for a white fashion world to accept and embrace. Of course, they said the same thing about America having a black president too. People said forever that America would never be ready to vote for a black president in our lifetime. But here we are. Just when you think things can’t ever change, they do.

    I know you think that Paris is the center of the universe and the fashion world will never change, but I would remind you that just 50 years ago, there were no black high fashion models at all. The first black supermodel was the late Naomi Simms as recently as the 60’s. Even then, they thought Paris would never open itself to having black women on the catwalk, but then there was Beverly Johnson, Wanakee Pugh, Mounia, Grace Jones, and of course, Iman. Without them, we wouldn’t even be here having this discussion. But for them, there wouldn’t even be a Tyra Banks, and ANTM would never have been created.

    It used to be that you never saw black people in commercials because advertisers didn’t see any point. Then Pepsodent started putting black people in their toothpaste commercials and it sold like wildfire. Why? Because black people have teeth too, and brush them daily. Putting people that look like them in commercials sent a powerful message to an under-served market that Pepsodent valued their business. Soon everybody was putting black people in their commercials when they finally realized that they’re a huge market that spends an awful lot of money.

    I think you’re going to find that nowadays, many of the women who buy couture in Paris, Milan, NYC, etc. are Arab, Indian, and yes…they’re black too. Many black women, including quite a few that were born in the ghetto, grow up to be doctors, lawyers, scientists, astrophysicists, CEO’s and even supermodels, and they like AND BUY clothes like women everywhere. Just ask Oprah. You won’t see them on the news or in the movies because the media doesn’t seem to care about black people who aren’t shooting each other or selling dope. But they’re everywhere, and just because you don’t know any doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You may not notice them, but designers all over the world sure have.

    The Lakme Fashion Week in India as well as Fashion Week in Thailand, South Africa and Dubai serve as proof positive that women of color everywhere are now a serious couture market and the fashion world is officially on notice. Lily white fashion shows are going to become a thing of the past, and sooner than you think for the reason I mentioned above. Everyone likes to see people who look just like them selling things, even high fashion. If they want to survive and continue to prosper, the fashion world is going to have to become more diverse.

    Like it or not, the only color that really matters to Paris, especially in a sluggish global economy, is GREEN. Fashion tradition may be rooted in blonde, blue-eyed western beauty, but ultimately Paris really just wants to sell super-expensive clothes to as many people as possible. If models like Krista can sell them, especially to their growing legion of wealthy non-white customers around the world, said models are going to work…a lot. So brace yourselves. Things being what they are, I think you should expect to seen even more Kristas in the future because at the end of the day, it’s all about selling clothes…not preserving antiquated racist traditions.

    Congratulations Krista!

  50. Danny Says:

    Why do you guys hate Krista?

    She won Because of the following:

    1. Her photos were overall stronger than Raina’s starting since the very first CoverGirl;
    2. Her runway walk was stronger;
    3. Her bone structure shines in her photos;
    4. The CoverGirl even thought she did not smile. Tyra said she loved Krista’s Face;

    Stop hating. She is a beautiful woman.

    Most of you probably have the same look and don’t even know it. PLEASE STOP HATING.

  51. Mark Says:

    Just watched ANTM again, sat with my 13-year old daughter. I must confess as a man I know nothing about fashion. To be honest, I find it to be a baffling world of needless obsession and vacuous self perpetuation. But, it fills a need for some I presume.

    What is the most damaging though is despite the obvious facial beauty of most contestants on the show, their true nature is on the whole, grotesque.

    Sure, the program is skillfully edited, and it would be quite dull without the drama, the forced humour and faux feminist ramblings of Tara et al, but come on ladies. I don’t care if a person is “ghetto” or not, the only thing I see is gutter. Just dogs fighting over a bone. And that is how this “reality” program and the “real” fashion world run in parallel.

    Is it really just about over-designed, vastly over-priced rags worn by emotionless backstabbing bitches? Krista, I mean you particularly.

    No style, no presence, certainly no personality or real beauty. And that is not something I think young girls should offered as something to aspire to be.

  52. Virginia Says:

    Not one person has stated that Krista should not have won because of her skin color. NOT ONE.

    People want so much to make this about race to deal with their personal demons with self worth. Let’s take BLACK out of the equation for once. If she was white would you think she is model material? I have worked with local models BLACK and white and none of them looked like a man except of course for the men and they even looked softer than she does.

    I’ve looked very hard at her pictures and it’s almost painful to try to find something feminine about her. It should not be that hard. For a top model their look should not distract from the clouthes and finding softness should not be such a chore. I only see masculine; no softness whatsoever.

    I have seen men in drag look more high fashion and approchable than her. Not to mention on the show she was just so cruel and down right mean. Very attractive. Is that a strong woman or just a brute? To each his or her own but I think a lot of people are just happy a black girl won such progress for the black community right? Come on!

    • Julie Says:

      You do make a very strong point. It’s not about black or white, it’s about what the industry defines as beautiful. Chanel Iman is a great example of beauty…she’s otherworldy! Of course, by “beauty” I am referring to the fashion industry’s notion of beauty. The industry much more rigid expectations for beauty than society does. People should remember this and understand why fashion design and modeling are professions within the arts not mainstream pop culture. There’s a huge difference. I reccommend to anyone who watches ANTM for their fashion education to study the biographies of the historical fashion designers and to study the photography collection books of legendary photographers. Try Richard Avedon or Irving Penn. Helmut Newton, Peter Beard or even Herbit Ritts! Bruce Weber is another one too. I know for children ANTM is addictive and that’s understandable but I believe their young minds are not ready to accept the reality of industry or the reality of the career of every winner of the show. Tyra only chooses winners who the national audience will look up to.

      With regards to modeling, it’s not about being a role model at all. You model because you want to model not because you want to be an inspiration to others. Designers frown upon models who preach “I love my curves, I love the way I look, I love my imperfections, I love my big nose, I love my hard facial features, I love my personality” because they don’t hear “I will do whatever you want me to and better than anyone that came before me in addition to looking exactly the way you want me to” first. You model because the industry says you can model. You look exactly the way the industry wants you to look. You smile, stand, sit and speak when it is appropriate. That what is means to be a model. Your life is dictated by those above you, though you do have choices which includes rejecting or accepting a job. As a beginner model you take all you can get….unfortunately for the winners this means commercial work and never leaving America because the Haute Couture designers in Paris do not care for “role models” or girls who do not fit their archaic and permanent vision of beauty. Sorry, kids! That’s the reality. 🙂

      I know the show stresses personality and even supermodels and important figures of the fashion industry come on the show as guests to talk about personality as an important trait (I assume they say alot more since the show has editors to cut and change sound material). Personality in the fashion industry refers to “charm, refined speech, intelligence, good listener, comprehension, extensive knowledge of the model’s profession and fashion (of all major fashion capitals)”. It also refers to the ability to act (as in, during a photoshoot).

    • Corrine Says:

      Krista has recently walked for Betsey Johnson, mind you. I do agree that Krista is never going to make her mark as a couture model. However, she would be able to garner considerable success over the years in several other facets of the modeling.THE INDUSTRY IS VERY DIVERSE. Her androgyny WILL work to her advantage; I suggest patience. Let’s see if she proves you wrong.

      • Julie Says:

        If she manages to develop a commercial career in America it would be pure luck. I agree with what you are saying, though. We shall wait and see how far she will go. If she ends up going past the third year mark then it means she will not cave into pursuing acting or music like so many of our winners have chosen to do. CariDee English has made her mark in the commercial market which is great for her. She’s doing what she’s expected to. The same goes for all the winners.

  53. Tamonica Says:

    The girl can sell clothes? What info backs that up? Photo shoot photos she pays to have done or an actual spread (besides Seventeen Magazine). I have seen the photos online and I don’t see any that look like adds or photo spreads I see in American Vogue or Vogue Italia or In Style or Cosmo or fill in the blank. Is this where fashion is headed? Maybe, but in 6 months, since she won I see no evidence of it and 6 months in a models life (especially with exposure from ANTM) is a lot! Maybe we will see her in the Spring working for Armani or Chanel? What? It could happen, right?

    • Julie Says:

      I doubt her agency will trust her to book jobs let alone go-sees in Paris or Milano. She was in Italy this year because the show’s destination being Venice, Italy. If the fashion show in the season finale is a haute couture one, she will walk in it, of course. However, it’ll be a “Ok, so they gave her a freebie. She’ll go back home and count her blessings for receiving an opportunity they don’t give to someone of her look.”

  54. lala Says:

    Comparing Alex Wek and Krista. What? Alex Wek is beyond gorgeous! Just because Krista is black does not mean she has Alex’s beauty. I think all races are beautiful and I know there is healing between the races (for some folks) that need to happen before people blame others for racism when it’s as simple that to some Krista is not what they consider beautiful. Reading the posts it does not appear that those that don’t find her beautiful are racist. She simply does not project beauty to them.

    • Julie Says:

      Alek Wek is beautiful, Krista is not. By “beauty” I am referring to “fashion beauty.”

    • Mark Says:

      Actually, she projects nothing at all. Her face is “situation vacant,” permanently. It’s a real shame that Krista and quite a lot of the other contestants in this cycle are incapable of bringing the power of the emotions they display in the house to any of the photo shoots. Even some of the rejection, vulnerability and hurt. There is NO PASSION in front of the static cameras.

      It is quite ironic that the one week where some of the “models” (using the term very loosely) have had their eyes blanked out they have managed to actually do their job and work it for the camera. They at least had an excuse for the “lights are on but nobody is home” expressions on their faces. Perhaps the correct tag line “the body is warm but it is DEAD inside.”

      And before the “race ” card is played again, I have no issue with any skin colour on this show or otherwise. A lazy employee is a lazy employee. Do your job or go home.

  55. Liv Says:

    I think using the word “ghetto” struck a lot of people as wrong. Mary Anne is very knowledgeable about the history and state of fashion. I really don’t think she knew how much that word would take away from what she had to say. That being said, I really don’t think if you don’t like Krista you don’t like her because of her skin color. Come on guys, that can’t always be the excuse. Tyra is black, Miss Jay is black and gay, Andre Leon Tally is black. People who watch the show wouldn’t do so with these folks on the panel. They wouldn’t want to see so many black folk not to mention how many contestants are black. Come on people give people a little more credit. Not everyone is racist just because they don’t agree with you doesn’t make them “hater b*tches.”

  56. sara Says:

    The people for Krista seem very angry.

    • Linda Says:

      What happens when people casually pass off stereotypes as having a “ghetto” face is that you get a strong response. I see lots of comments on other black models here and i don’t see any anger aroused. Why? Because no one on the thread casually said they had a “ghetto” face. To not like Krista is one thing, to say someone has a “ghetto” face is pretty absurd. Even the person who originally said it figured that out because she eventually stopped posting as Mary Anne and started using sock puppets to post, excluding the “ghetto” comment. I am willing to bet that if that casual stereotype hadn’t been thrown out than there wouldn’t have been such a strong response.

  57. Peaches Says:

    She be a great model!!!!! Go Krista my black sisssssta!

  58. shelly Says:

    People please! She was a b*tch on the show. All this talk about personality? Her bone structure is manly. Just not my taste. I would probably find her more attractive if she was nice. Have you seen her twitter page? Trash talk only and I don’t think she has once put a complete sentence together. Look at Raina’s twitter page and pictures. She is pleasing to the eye and dosen’t communicate like her mouth is full of sh*t.

    • Cherubim Yee Says:

      HAHAHAHA. Why compare her with Raina? Since you do. Then let me ask you. Haven’t u been watching Top Model? Raina is the hypocrite who kept saying that she didn’t talk bad about anybody but at the end, she was the one that talked about every single girl. Like what the rest of the girls say, I agree with them that she’s fake. Ok. I am so sorry Raina fans. (Watch the bonus clips.)

      If Krista was the bitch, then she is probably the bitch who admits that she’s one. And at least she does not act like an angel. She shows us her TRUE COLORS. Which might not be pleasing to you, but definitely what some people would want in this society.

      Sorry if I’ve been harsh. But what goes around comes about. 🙂

  59. mickey Says:

    Krista did what she came to do. Can’t blame the girl for that. We are still waiting for evidence of any success. Anyone knows where we can find that info please share. There may be a market that she would do well in. Again I’m not sure what that would be. Anyone have any info on magazine spreads (not Seventeen) or fashion shows she has walked in or any brand that has taken her on I would love to know.

    • Mark Says:

      Which market she will do well in? Obviously, with her in-depth knowledge and public statements about “meat,” Smithfield.

      She do strut her stuff with Lady Gaga reflex to a sell out audience of anti-White activists. 🙂

  60. Well, to be honest... Says:

    Calling Krista “ghetto” is racist, whether you understand why that is or not; it’s sad that people defend the use of the word “ghetto” here because it shows just how entrenched racism in the discussion of “what is beautiful” and the world of fashion really is.

    To Liv, it doesn’t just take away from what she has to say, it discredits it. Read Devanity’s comment. I don’t understand why posters like MaryAnne come to this site and go on and on and on and on about what realistically is her own personal view.

    I personally have worked a lot with big names in fashion and fashion media but I don’t try to shove my views down everyone’s throats as “fact” because IT IS NOT RELEVANT HERE. The way she speaks is so self-assured that it’s obvious for other posters to say, “Oh yeah, she knows so much about fashion.” And that’s laughable. America’s Next Top Model isn’t known for finding the next biggest model. That is a fact.

    When you take this into consideration, some of the posts are actually pretty irrational. Who did you want to win? And why? Whether you like Krista or not, she was undeniably hard-working, never complained and was always striving to improve. On a show that’s sole purpose – let’s be brutally honest – is entertainment, who else could have won and it would have made a difference? I think people should just wait to see: Will Krista do well or not? Actually, I give up. I’ve learned people are generally too unintelligent or unwilling to read between the lines of human interaction and meaning. Most of the comments here are dumb and pointless and so is this one. A waste of time.

    • Maxine Says:

      Well, to be honest…“, you are so funny! I would love it if you make some more assumptions about what someone said without actually reading it. Read all of Mary Anne’s posts and you’ll see that your own has one or more irrelevant statements. Ciao!

      mary anne Says:

      July 9, 2010 at 10:50 pm

      “She looks like she came from the ghetto and I’ll tell you why. Her facial bone structure is hard, so it makes her look more like a man than a woman. She has an atheletic-looking body, which doesn’t work in European fashion because such muscles are reserved for athletes. Models are supposed to appear soft, so when the light hits the arms, face and legs the bone structure isn’t as visable as the curves of the flesh. Having soft bodily features gives the illusion of an elegant nymph. In fashion photographs, in which a hard exterior is required, she would be perfect. Avante garde photograhy is about extremes, so her angular face would fit in that category.”

      • Elena Says:

        Maxine … 86% chance you’re Mary Anne under pseudonym. How can you know if someone has read all the posts or not? Or are you trying to start a fight on the internet by being catty? You have one opinion, other people have another, you can’t be categorically “Right.” Why can’t you understand that? How do I unsubscribe from this website? The lack of intelligence is killing my delicately tuned Cantabrigian brain.

  61. monica Says:

    When I first read these posts, a lot of them made me think, “Come on!” All the comments saying why do you hate Krista, you hater b*itches, why do people hate dark skin racist etc. What are you people reading?

    Your feelings about yourself and race are loud and clear. There is so much self-hate and trying to project it on the white population. Our generation is much different from the past. Life is a process. Holding on to past pains only brings the pain to the present. I’m not suggesting forget the past, I am saying don’t let old stereotypes blind you from the possibilities of today. Maryann’s posts got a lot of flack because of a word that some find disrespectful (yet many of those same people may have used that word themselves and probably not always in a negative way).

    She does have a lot of fashion knowledge and like it or not even with that word her posts were more on point than most. It seems like everyone who thinks Krista should have won also need to pull the race card and throw trashy hateful comments about the white population and those who don’t agree.

    We are not our great great grandparents, nor do we deal with the same challenges as they did. Womens rights also took along time to happen. I don’t see women use that as a stone to throw in society as much as race. Even during the times of slavery there were tons of people against it. If this were not true we would still have slavery today. I find it disrespectful to cheaply play the race card when great black men and women worked so hard for change.

    They did not even let the threat of death give them the excuse to play small. They simply cared too much. I hope in some way, people’s eyes can be opened and a little more respect can be paid to those who fought so hard to make change. Just because change has happened does not mean that because progress has been made any black female can or should become a couture model.

    There are far more white girls rejected from the industry than black (simply because of population numbers). Stay stuck were you are or simply be all you can without always using the race card because a the end of the day its you that has to live with you why not make life a little more pleasant than playing the role of victim.

  62. monica Says:

    PS. Is this the legacy you want to leave your children. As another person stated earlier a CNN survey talks about how big of an influence the media and ADULTS have on childrens self worth and racist views. What is YOUR behavior and words say to your children. Do You make it all about race and victomhood or do you help them rise above life obsticals in a proactive and healthy way or just say that inbread no good piece of white trash?

  63. cici Says:

    Well said.

  64. cici Says:

    There has to be someone out there that can share with us all she has done since the show. I’ve looked but can not find. It’s been awhile now I don’t see her in any major magazines and must have missed her cover girl ad. I thought she had a year long contract or was it 100,000 for one time print ad? Anyway someone has to know. I’ve looked no success. Anyone Anyone????

    • Maxine Says:

      It’s funny when people assume that the CoverGirl contract entails alot of money and work but in reality the winners who used to do only “My Life As A CoverGirl” 1-2 min. commercials and had one scarcely spread advertisement in non-fashion magazine(s) (or so it it seems). Do they receive a hundred thousand dollars this way or does the contract include going to conventions and parties? It’s really bizarre we don’t see their CoverGirl advertisement(s) everywhere online and in print publications like we normally do with celebrity CoverGirl advertisements. We see more of Queen Latifa’s and Drew Barrymore’s face than any of the winners. Do they even receive the hundred thousand dollars? There’s much hype about the show’s coveted CoverGirl contract but only on the day a new episode airs we see the “My Life As A CoverGirl” commercials in addition to Queen Latifa’s and Drew Barrymore’s CoverGirl commercials. What’s funny is the winners are going to tell the truth about what the reality of being a “spokesman” for CoverGirl is and whether they get the money or not. It’s my opinion and I also think if they did such a thing the company will sue them for spilling the beans.

      • Maxine Says:

        Ooops, sorry. My bad. I meant to say: “It’s funny when people assume that the CoverGirl contract entails alot of money and work but in reality the winners who used to do only ‘My Life As A CoverGirl’ 1-2 min. commercials had one scarcely spread advertisement in non-fashion magazine(s) (or so it it seems)”; “What is also funny is the winners are not going to tell the truth about what the reality of being a ‘spokesman’ for CoverGirl is and whether they will get the money or not.”

  65. Aurdry Helena Says:

    Raina Hein was on the cover of Vogue Arabia and I believe she had a spread. She is the spokesmodel for Symphony Mall the largest Mall in the Middle East. She is also is an advertising model for Mall Of America in Minnesota. I live in downtown Minneapolis and see her pictures all day long on the sides of buses and God does she look Gorgeous. If you follow her twitter page she keeps fans updated as to what days or nights she walks in fashion shows and also has many tweet picks of her outfits and drastic and amazing makeup and hair. This girl is nonstop busy. Hope this helps! Oh wait you were asking about Krista. Sorry dolls, can’t help you there.

  66. Aurdry Helena Says:

    Oh and let me add she is on billboards all over the metro area. Again beautiful. We have some local magazines that she has done some fashion spreads in for high end designers and some pics advertising for high end boutiques. These magazines are kinda like the New Yorker for Minnesota. The billboards I mentioned above were also for Mall Of America. It has always been my openion that Raina did not win because she didn’t Need to win. Just my observation.:)

  67. Aurdry Helena Says:

    My last post was about Raina’s billboards. I don’t think Krista has any.

  68. james Says:

    I think it’s time my black brothers and sister quit playing the race card in such a pathetic vile and self humiliating way. Be black proud not ignorant. You want people to treat you better? Don’t look weak by using race when it’s not about race. To show such rage at people you don’t even know and who by the way don’t think are racist makes you look like an out of control fool. Great way to represent!

  69. Maxine Says:

    It’s hilarious people jump to conclusions about Mary anne‘s posts when they haven’t read them word-for-word.

    If they choose to get upset over the phrase “She looks like she came from the ghetto” then it could mean they are from the ghetto and/or find the word to be racist. People need to read very carefully what another person says for it will lead to bullying if something is not understood correctly. I advise people to avoid bashing eachother. By the way, when a person says “She looks like she came from the ghetto” refers to the stereotype of what a black girl from a ghetto looks like (the face, body, hair, jewelry and/or clothes).

    When a person says “Her behavior makes her seem like she is from the ghetto” refers to the stereotype of how a black girl from the ghetto acts and speaks like. Doesn’t anyone watch those rapper music videos or see the advertisements in magazines? It’s chockful of stereotypes! In fashion there is no room for stereotypes. If you want to be a model you better look the way an agency expects you to or face scrutiny for looking too bland. Stereotypes = plain/funny looks.

  70. Maxine Says:

    I believe the embarrassing, excessive and unneccessary drama occurred because of a misunderstanding of an individual’s pop culture reference:

    mary anne Says:

    July 9, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    “She looks like she came from the ghetto and I’ll tell you why. Her facial bone structure is hard, so it makes her look more like a man than a woman. She has an atheletic-looking body, which doesn’t work in European fashion because such muscles are reserved for athletes. Models are supposed to appear soft, so when the light hits the arms, face and legs the bone structure isn’t as visable as the curves of the flesh. Having soft bodily features gives the illusion of an elegant nymph. In fashion photographs, in which a hard exterior is required, she would be perfect. Avante garde photograhy is about extremes, so her angular face would fit in that category.”

    • Linda Says:

      Give it up Mary Anne. We’re all smart enough to know it’s you. Your “ghetto” comment is just as inane now as it was the first time you said it. Repeating it won’t make it any more logical. Your explanation for how someone looks “ghetto” is rubbish. It’s okay if you don’t think Krista was great. It’s okay. But you’re not changing anyone else’s opinion now matter how hard you try. Now you just look silly.

  71. Mel Says:

    The first race card was played at post number 2. Post number 1 just said she looks old. I think post number 1 was really trying to say ‘black.’

  72. Jessica Says:

    This is better than cycle 14 when that one girl was losing her mind all over the place. I don’t see how those girls didn’t crack up during her stupid sh*t.

  73. Bev Says:

    I like that most of the girls on Cycle 15 are acting cool with each other.

  74. Max Says:

    I like the ‘pink penis’ quote. Girl’s got class.

  75. Shelly Says:

    Cherubin … You’re right. I’ve been served. It’s best to be an honest bitch.

  76. dena Says:

    Daaaang! Didn’t know Raina had billboards!! Go Raina, Go Raina, Go Raina!

  77. Christine Says:

    Hope they make a better choice in cycle 15. I like Ann the best.

  78. char Says:

    It’s a shame that Krista is even associated in any way to these posts that are not pro-Krista. She said she wanted to be a positive role model for black girls and the language and insults that are being thrown at those who would not have voted for her are so ugly.

  79. michael Says:

    Krista started the whole stereo type thing with the white man and his pink penis. Racist and sexist. A man could never go on TV and say a black woman and her black vagina. The whole world would have a nervous breakdown.

  80. Sophia Says:

    Krista has beautiful skin, great walk, worked very, very hard to use the feedback she got from judges and creative directors and photographers. The dead look in her face is too hard to ignore. She can model her body, but I don’t see her modeling her face. I think it’s important to have the whole package. Raina could model her face and body but I didn’t like her walk as much as Krista’s.They each have things to perfect before they reach their full potential.

  81. Sue Says:

    I think she has a lazy right eye. If you look at her close-ups, her left eye is centered but the right eye goes off a bit making her look, well, I can’t think of the word. Anyway that may be why she dosen’t smile with her eyes. I think that may be why people keep commenting on her lack of expression.

  82. Karina Says:

    Where is SHE now?? This site is called Krista White ANTM where are the models now? All that is talked about is her on the show, then at the end mention CoverGirl and Wilamena, which were already mentioned on every episode of ANTM. Is she still in Vegas? Did she move to LA? New York? Raina had a Vogue Arabia cover secured I think even before the public knew who won. And now billboards? She most be poorly represented or just not working. I’m tired of WAITING to see how she does. Nobody had to wait for Raina. She started her International career right out of the gate. The girl needs to be get some exposure soon.

  83. thomas Says:

    I’m glad Raina is doing so well. Girl is gorgeous!!!! I wouldn’t mind taking her home to meet mama. And I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t say anything about my “pink penis.” Girl’s got too much class.

    • Mark Says:

      And if all else fails, Raina could always get a contract with the Disney Channel. The Donald Duck pout certainly hasn’t harmed Miley Cyrus’ career, despite her nasal whine voice.

  84. Chris Says:

    This seems to be the only exposure she’s getting. Well it’s not even about her. Mary Anne gets the most attention, the rest of the posts are people just working through their own crazy sh*t.

    • mary anne Says:

      I haven’t been on here in a long time and am SURPRISED by how many comments there are about posts being perceived as racist when there’s nothing relevant to fashion discussed in these.

      Countless ANTM fans love the show, but do not have a general understanding of the history of fashion which is beyond complex.

      If you take the 18th century to the 21st century, you will see it is the ideal collective period block of aesthetic fashion. The body has to not only resemble the refinement of the ensemble but the personality as well. If I didn’t mention in my previous posts (how many did I write?), the attitude is so important in French fashion. You walk down the catwalk entertaining the audience as the personification of intelligence, chic and sensuality because you get the French and can emulate their culture.

      Watching ANTM is not watching video footage of Parisian runway shows or feeling captivated by the collection of old and new photographs of models who were the muses to the elite fashion designers/photographers. What was it that Janice Dickinson said about the elite photographers of France? Ahhh, yes! They were called the “French Mafia.” Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s the crop of models was diverse in looks. Today, there is not much difference because the models or Paris resemble in some ways Kate Moss *chuckles*. She brought back the archaic size zero look that was started by Lisa Fonssagrives in the 1930’s and revived by Twiggy Lawson of the 1960’s.

      Do the contestants and winners know of this important history? No! They are uneducated and that is wrong. All supermodels are educated on the history of fashion and modeling. You can’t get far without knowing what was the artistic motivations of every couturier in France.

      In America, you can get far by knowing a little bit about the designers because our country makes everything so easy and less rigorous. You can get by with just knowing your commercial designers because they’re more common than the elite (traditional and prestigious) ones and have more coverage.

      It’s sad and that’s what ANTM is about.

      • Maggie Says:

        “Haven’t been here in months”?


        Christine, Susan, Maxine and Julie have done such a good job representing your POV that one could almost think you were all the same person!

        You’ve posted repetitively about your extensive study of fashion history as well as about how a top model needs to be knowledgeable about fashion history. You’ve also said multiple times that REAL top models have to work for yars to earn a contract with a good agency and an ad campaign that winners of ANTM have given to them as a reality show prize.

        I’m sorry to say it sounds like sour grapes from someone who is trying to make it in the same industry. Not to say you haven’t made some interesting points (and yes, I have read them ALL) but it ends up coming across as bitter and condescending, even leaving off the “ghetto” comment. Unclassy.

  85. Chris Says:

    The poster that discussed Raina talking about what the others were talking about is a bunch of bull.

    You lose your mind over a post! She put up with a house full of crazy and even though she did say some stuff about the girls, she was the most positive! And the girl is beautiful!! She’s smart and a great model. I agree she dosen’t speak like her mouth is full of sh*t.

    Gotta love a girl with brains, beauty and class (yeah I’m bring up the pink penis). Is that the best Krista could do to entroduce herself to America on TV? Did she practice that in front of the mirror? Maybe she read it to mom and stepdad before the show. Way to make the family proud!

    • Cherubim Yee Says:

      I am really sorry if I’ve offended you.

      I am just not a big Raina fan. And maybe my perception is really different from yours. The part about her being so positive really freaks me out. I do not think that she’s genuine at all. And that’s why I came up with that statement. Btw, I know you might be a big Raina fan (just assuming), so you’ll react that way. And I mentioned her name because Shelly compared her to Krista.


    • Cherubim Yee Says:

      And btw, I may not like Raina’s character, but I definitely think that she’s a TRUE FASHION MODEL; just like my best friends who are crazy over her. Raina’s eyes are stunning.

  86. Bethany Says:

    Mary Anne:

    Although I loved reading your posts where you shared some of your knowledge about fashion and enjoyed all the crazy people who showed their a$$es, girl – you are on overkill.

    Less is more and I’m sorry to say just a few words into your post (this last one), I had to simply stop.

    We know you are also MAXINE, Julie and I think Christine (Sorry, can’t keep up with all your pseudo-selfs. The smiley faces, verbiage and saying the same thing over and over while throwing in a couple names or dates just looks like a pathetic cry for attention.)

    The JIG is up. If this were a runway, I would say you are so 1982 and not in a good way. Sorry honey, party’s over.

    You are not as young as when you started these posts; it’s time to hang it up. Even Karl would agree.

    • mary anne Says:

      What gives you reason to say I am making up many names? What is your proof? If you can present me with valid proof that is not objective then you will sound reasonable.

      • Cher Says:

        you know what Mary Anne? You know yourself that you’ve just LIED. Come on, if you wanna talk about morals then why are you doing this.

  87. sid Says:

    To Mark: You a big Disney fan? I bet you like Justin Bieber too. Miley sure gets a lot of attention, not to mention money. You may just be on to something.

    • Mark Says:

      Disney fan yes. Disney channel no. Its just something else I suffer to have quality time with my 13-year-old daughter. But the proliferation of “Donald Duck pouts” on that and other U.S. stations just shows where things are headed. Fashion will replicate art which replicates fashion. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

      There was a “model” who said years ago she would not get out of bed for less than $10,000. Judging by the contestants on ANTM, for just $11,000 they will stay in bed and even call you sir in the morning.

      That’s progress. Some honesty at last!

  88. Jay Says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! Mary Anne You’ve been served!!! She forgot to mention Susan also. Now what are you gonna do for fun?? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • mary anne Says:

      That doesn’t make sense to me.

      Why would I take on different aliases? Is it possible that there are people out there who have knowledge similar to mine or exactly like mine? Not all fans of ANTM are ignorant of the industry. Some are well-versed because they love the artistry of fashion, modeling, hairdressing and makeup.

      There are other commentors besides the name Bethany mentioned that sounds like me. Why not mention them too? It would only add to your circumstance of zero non-objective proof. By “non-objective” I mean something watching the individual in-person. You cannot assume anything for there is no probable trace to cling to.

      All you see are words on a website; that is all. How can you proceed from there?

  89. Jay Says:

    That last post was wrong of me. Mary Anne/Julie/Christine/Susan/MAXINE may be like that Sybil chic from the 70’s and might not be able to help it. HAHAHA!!!!

    • mary anne Says:

      “That Sybil chic?” She was a model in the 1950’s and 1960’s, not the 1970’s. The 1970’s was ruled by a diverse crop including Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson.

  90. Sue Says:

    He means Sybil from a true story written in the 70’s. It’s about a woman who had many personalities and was just wack. It’s okay sweety, you probably don’t know what you are doing. There is help for those kind of mental conditions. I would start with a check-up and go from there. Much luck to you. Don’t feel bad; everybody has issues and people are starting to be more tolerant of mental health issues.

  91. Tamara Says:

    I noticed it too, but I always believe ‘you give a person enough rope thing, look what she did with the rope.’

  92. kimber Says:

    Mary Anne/Susan/Julie/MAXINE/Christine/Sybil I would be so embaressed right now if I were you. 😦

  93. kimber Says:

    You’ve been outed; nothing more to do. Sweet dreams. Hope you find another site to play with tomorrow.

  94. lola Says:

    I saw it too. Does that mean her/their 15 minutes are up?

  95. Jay Says:

    Mary Anne: You got daddy issues? Did daddy not pay enough attention? That’s why you milked the attention for so long and in as many ways as you could. Are you done milking or do you plan to continue?

  96. shelly Says:

    Could be mommy issues. That can be sometimes worse.

  97. lola Says:

    She could have been dropped as a baby.

  98. Paul Says:

    I don’t think Mary Anne is racist; just crazy. Any chance she’ll stop now that it’s openly discussed? We may be encouraging her by writing anything at all. After all, it’s the attention she needs.

  99. Tanya Says:

    She’s not going anywhere. She needs this too much.

  100. Angelina Says:

    She was funny on ANTM but hard to look at. I couldn’t tell if she was a man in women’s clothing or not. Her mom is prettier.

  101. Brian Says:

    She’s so hot! I don’t know why people are complaining about her. She’s a beautiful black woman with the coolest skin tone!

  102. collette Says:

    Mary Anne: Prejudice never showed much reason.

  103. Kirk Says:

    Why are you guys bullying each other? That’s a waste of time. Talk about something interesting like Nigel’s still-bald head.

    • Effie Says:

      This forum has deteriorated (?) from stupidity and bigotry to hilarity. Kirk, “still bald.” Where do you suggest Nigel gets new hair? I don’t know why this makes me laugh so much. I’m just hoping André Leon Talley is offered an advertising contract with Alizé.

      Mary Anne, Mary Anne, Mary Anne. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white; racist or not; support Krista or Raina. All we can do is wait and see what happens. Krista won; she’ll do well or she won’t. You lost your mind on here. Just chill out; let it go.

      Seriously though, back to the matter at hand. Where is she now??

  104. Gina Says:

    People who work in the industry and have firsthand experience and knowledge would not be caught dead preaching to the choir like speaking from a text book. True artists just are not like that. They live what they know and let the audience decide for themselves. They have no time or interest in trying to convience others of “how things are.”

    • Yes, Gina. Says:

      Preaching to the choir on a website about ANTM, no less.

    • Larissa Says:

      Why does Tyra try to convince millions of fans of “how things are” with regards to modeling and the fashion industry?

    • Larissa Says:

      Tyra shoves her views down people’s throats and if someone refuses to accept she gets eliminated. Before Andre Leon Talley, the judges simply accepted what she spewed and the contestants did too or faced negative, irrelevant criticism.

      ANTM is all about Tyra’s mindset and beliefs which don’t entirely reflect what the industry is about. It sells to the little girls who are struggling with self body image but to people in the industry it’s junk speech.

  105. Kay Says:

    Congrats Krista! I watched Cycle 14 over again, and I was just as proud of you as before. Don’t worry about the haters. You got used to that in the “house.” They can’t help it! Keep your lovely light shining and you will continue to be blessed!

  106. Jennifer Says:

    All I’ve got to say is her skin is amazing, and I would love skin like hers. It looks so soft and silky.

  107. Praise God Says:

    It is amazing to me how race seems to be the topic of discussion.

    I have only seen a few people say, “Regardless of whether or not I like Krista or thought she was best suited to win ANTM, God bless her endeavors anyway!” People do not realize how words can be hurtful and tear a person down.

    Krista will get enough criticism in the industry. Why does she need to read a blog about it? Let me be one of the few to say: Krista I am happy for you and pray for your continued success. God bless you! Please do not let the ignorance of others discourae you. It is so easy for people to hope for your failure and criticize, but it takes humility, a kind heart, and love to pray for your success. God is good and as long as you keep that at the forefront of your mind and acknowledge Him in all your ways, He will bless you and make your enemy your foostool. Be encouraged sister!!

  108. Praise God Says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but we must be mindful that our tongue can cut like a sword. There is power in the tongue. But I see that we live in a day and age where people just don’t care what they say or how it may tear a person down. So sad. God bless you all.

  109. Gina Says:

    I agree with Praise God as far as this whole situation has turned into a circus, it’s NOT about Krista. I too do not think she is the best choice, however all this battling also is not about her only skin color and people trying to prove their opion is the “right” one.

    To Mark: I hope you can find some other things to do with your daughter than watch TV. Come on! That’s your excuse to watching the show to spend “quality time” with her? You are the parent find something you both find positive to do. Watching TV with your kid is not really doing anything with her. Go sledding out to lunch shopping out for ice cream go to the library and explore different cultures or the world. Books are a lot closer to “quality” than TV. To me that’s just a cop out. Do it now so she can actually have an experience of what a healthy man is so she can make good choices when she dates or picks a mate. There are lots of things you may feel are not a good example for her so why bond with her in that way? Then make fun of duck lips??? How old are you? Your behavior is what she looks to. You are setting her up for a fall. Not a television show (this show does not claim to parent children that’s your job). Start doing it and get away from the boobtube if you don’t like what’s on. Either that or you just may be a 13-year-old boy on this site because I don’t know of any grown men who act this childish.

    • Mark Says:

      Thank you for your advice, it tells me an awful lot about you. Try looking past your obsession with fashion and the belief that it really means something.

      My reason for watching the program is not from a voyeuristic view. It’s because of the issues raised by the concept that other people can set themselves up in an industry that is artificial and subjective. Tyra (is that short for tyrant?) judges on a week-by-week basis who is and who is not worthy of a meaningless title that sets them up for further self obsession and ultimately, oblivion.

      The program is popular with the girls in my daughters school, and because of it, they have a lot of self-esteem issues that need addressing.

      Raina, like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are looked up to by young teen girls, and yet, the look is definitely “Donald Duck.” Girls as young as twelve are asking for implants so that they can look like that. Shows how fickle fashion is, some agencies 10 years ago would have called that a deformity and not given the models camera time.

      As for my comment regarding staying in bed, do you not see “modeling” as call girl behaviour? “Pay me and I will pose?” And the excesses of the Naomi Campbells and Kate Mosses of the world? Is that what you want young girls to aspire to be, and have self worth issues about? The worry is, people pay them to look like junkies and tolerate their b*tchy expressions and diva behaviour.

      And you wonder why I watch the program? Tell her she can’t watch it and she will go elsewhere and still watch it. Watch it with her and advise her that its not real and they are not people to emulate I think is better parenting. Either that, or she will be as neurotic as the girls on the program, believing they are the centre of the universe and worth a tuppeny damn.

  110. Veronica Says:

    Being an artist myself I agree with the preaching to the choir post. Can’t believe how many people posted. The Mary Anne thing was funny though. I know it’s wrong of me but that Sybil quote made me laugh out loud!

  111. Susan Says:

    Mark: I worry for your daughter! That is QUALITY time watching ANTM and Disney. Are you sure it’s her idea to watch these shows together and not yours? You give me the creeps, dude. Especially after the duck lip comment (how mature) then the “will stay in bed for $11,000 and call you sir in the morning.” Are you REGISTERED? You sure have a lot to say about young girls. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    • Mark Says:

      Again, thank you for that fascinating insight into your psyche. I doubt you were sick at all, but I bet you felt better after your little outburst.

      Here is a thought. Would you hire a person to promote a product who is considered more important than the product itself? Are these models more than just clothes horses to drape fabric over? I doubt it. They are a commodity, just like the product they promote. Bought and sold, over and over. Do you buy what they advertise?

      And you choose to imply I am less than wholesome because I can see through the whole charade?

      It’s all about balance. The camera always lies.

  112. sonya Says:

    What an interesting and long dialog. Is it true Mary Anne is really several people? Why does Mark (father of a 13-year-old, who is forced to watch the show for quality time with his daughter) leave several posts about young girls and women? I thought this was all about his daughter. Sounds like he’s getting his kicks from the show and posting here.

    I have never seen such an array of posts for one subject. I feel like I’ve been on a long journey. Sometimes I laughed, got upset or got grossed out. To each her/his own, but WOW.

  113. fatima Says:

    I’m happy that you won; you’re a beautiful woman and you’ve shown all of the ignoramuses what you’ve accomplished! All the best for you and your career! 😀

    Who cares about your age, your skin and your bone structure? The judges chose you to win and those who said otherwise have never even achieved an inch of what you’ve accomplished!

  114. tina Says:

    Mary Anne/Julie/Christine/Susan/MAXINE/Sybil/Ayo/et al. Does it at all matter to you that calling someone “ghetto looking” has hurt and offended so many??

    It appears you would fight to the death before owning a mistake which has been brought to your attention. Be a lady. Take responsibility for your words and show some integrity. If you honestly did not know you were being verbally hurtful then once realized the “proper” thing to do is apologize. This whole site is about people telling you that your words were offensive and hurtful.

    How you handle your business is up to yo,u but a lady of class is strong enough to accept her mistake and graciously apologize to those offended. Your behavior here is a reflection of where you are in your growth and maturity. There are lots of people who are knowledgeable about different things and never have I seen such an aggressive display of “I’m right you are wrong and that’s how it is.”

    All of the energy you put into your posts are a reflection of you and your own issues. Nobody else. To pretend that you are Ayo (a black girl who is so appreciative of your knowledge) is just a little scary to me. I think you may need someone to talk to and help you with what you need. Not all attention is good attention. I am seriously concerned for your mental well being. You know how many you have hurt and or offended and have no remorse at all. That’s a very bad sign. Hoping you get the help you need to process your wanting to defend when so many are hurt by your words.

  115. tets Says:

    Here’s another winner who BLEW the competition out the water, and BLEW the judges away. Krista was one hell of a fierce competitor. Every last shoot she did was nothing short of AMAZING!!! Wow, she’s brilliant!!

  116. susan Says:

    Mark: I really did throw up a little in my mouth.

    Anyway, it’s okay to hate fashion with a passion. Yes, I get she will watch the show elsewhere; however, have a little more faith in your daughter. She will always come up against challenges in life, but if you give her a solid foundation to build upon she will be okay.

    You cannot keep her from fashion; it’s a girl thing (sometimes a boy thing).Our children are fatter than they have ever been in history, so we can’t say fashion is making everyone anorexic or bulimic. It’s just not so. When children fail, most of them will tell you it’s because of what they did not get at home, not what they read in a magazine.

    Fashion is a beautiful thing to tons of people. People enjoy looking good and expressing themselves through cluthes. People have brains. They don’t buy everything advertised or feel like a loser if they didn’t get a certain shade of lipstick. Most kids are not in therapy because they read fashion magazines or watch a ANTM. Kids have serious problems like abuse, neglect and not being told and shown by important adults in their lives how wonderful and fabulous they are and feel trusted in making good choices.

    If she enjoys fashion, she enjoys it. Big lips, small lips, whatever. It’s who we are and kids aren’t going out getting surgury’s to look like models. The most kids want to do is get a nose job sometimes. It’s the celebrities that are getting all the work done. People have eyes and minds and common sense. We all know when someone looks like sh*t after surgury. Now back to you.

    The rage you express towards models and fashion is something that is your own and has nothing to do with your daughter. I still think it’s weird you put so much anger and energy about young girls, models and fashion. I don’t think it’s a good idea to bog her down with your issues she has enough on her plate as she blossoms into a young woman who I hope follows her inner guidance and hopefully feels comfortable in loving what she loves. Give her more credit and stop making her your excuse.

    • Mark Says:

      Susan, thank you for your response, but I stopped reading after the first line. How can I take seriously anyone that says she pukes because of something she read on a fashion blog? And on assumptions that are based on what?

      After that, you have zero credibility.

  117. susan Says:

    PS. Mark: Bravo for “seeing through the charade.” Most advertising and media and especially the news show only the angle they want. Very few people buy high-end fashion. It’s not for everyone nor does any or pretend it is supposed to be. Most young girls buy their clouthes from The Gap, Old Navy, etc. reasonably-priced and fun to wear.

    Does your daughter wear couture or anyone you have ever met in person in your life? People saw for themselves the girls go crazy on the show and I don’t think anyone thought, “Wow. I want to be just like her.”

    I still think you need to get away from the TV and actually do something. Take her shopping and let her show you she’s not interested in couture or asks you for a lip job. Come on, these are your issues. She probably wants a cute pair of jeans and some MAC lipstick. Neither will turn her into a wh*re or a self-obsessed crazy person. Only what you do or don’t do is going to play a big role in these areas. Glad to share another piece of my psyche.

    From what I’ve read so far, you don’t know much in that area either. I happen to have a very healthy appreciation for fashion and like what I like and am no slave to any designer, nor do I have an eating disorder and I care more about people than things and don’t believe everything I see or read. It’s called using your brain.

  118. Jez Says:

    Mark: Raina was born with those lips and teased when she was your daughter’s age.

    WTF is your point, dude?? You label things which you yourself know nothing about and say sexually degrading things towards young girls and young women (Lady Gaga, you should work in the meat industry / penis comment), will stay in bed for 11,000 and call you sir in the morning???? Again WTF???

    And if someone comments on this site and not share your view they are fashion obsessed? For real, man? What are you on? The whole world of communication is what it is. It’s not just fashion.

    You don’t complain about the beer girls with big t*ts selling beer. I think you were dropped as a baby, too or just need to be right like Mary Anne.

    I pray for your daughter. You say sick, inappropriate things then when are called on the inappropriateness make excuses that are just as sick as your comments. Take a parenting class and join a support group.

    Don’t let your foul behavior give your daughter a harder time than the things she needs to experience for herself. The girls on the show who lost their minds probably don’t even read fashion magazines (that shows by their lack of fashion knowledge) these girls came to the show with issues because of family and cults, etc. Really, dude what are you on?? Do you have issues with the female sex? Think it’s ok to criticize and insinuate girls who model will prostitute themselves?

    Call someone “duck lips” when that was how she was born? Did you know Raina has her degree from Concordia College helped take her college volleyball team to State finals 3 years in a row, successfully models with an athletic (yet not anerexic) body. And when someone pays this VERY sucessful young lady a compliment you say she can go work for Disney if it dosen’t work out. Well it is working out “Duck Lips” and all. Again WTF???

    • Mark Says:

      Jez, first of all, I was not aware that we were friends, or worst still, that I am American. “Dude”? “Wtf”? Nice try, although I have visted the States, I am not of that continent.

      That aside, it is news to me that Raina has grown up looking like that. I thought she had had elective surgery / silicon implants to give herself some edge. It’s a competitive industry and with Miss J’s penchant for wearing Minny Mouse costumes, I thought Raina was copying. Apologies to her, her family and her fans. It’s great if that is her natural look.

      Assuming also that you are not an alias of Susan/Mary Anne, etc. (who can tell) let’s address your other issues.

      You think that “fashion” is not selling commodities / bodies? A model gets a contract with a big agency after the gruelling process of selection / photoshoots, etc. and then is booked for jobs. They turn up, dress up, pose or strut the cat walk and go home. Their work is paid for, their agent gets a cut and they receive a percentage. How is that so different to working for Heidi Fleiss? The bought/sold concept is still the same. They have still sold their soul. The lack of any physical act is incidental.

      You may find that concept inappropriate or even harsh, but next time you watch the girls on the show, watch them climbing over each other to get their freebies and “best of show” first photo call. Is it really any different to Hugh Hefner and his house of girls? Fashion is a meat market, however you dress it. “Haute couture” or “glamour,” it’s girls dressing undressing for the camera.

      Let’s move on to the excesses of the fashion industry. Very extreme example, but let’s not forget Frankenstein’s bride, Donatella Versace. Is that an example of a balanced view of fashion? And the supposed “super models.”

      Naomi Campbell is more famous for her court appearances, her high-profile boyfriends and filthy temper than for the clothes she wears. Ignoring the issue of “blood diamonds,” is it not curious that she stated “lots of male admirers send me gifts, even in the dead of night.” Hence my comment about staying in bed.

      Kate Moss is apparently known for “the London look.” Well, I am from London, and I don’t know any woman who looks like that. Dead behind the eyes, bitter mouth and pallid complection. And that is just for a fashion shoot. And yet, even after her drug problems, the industry laps her up.

      You are right, I know nothing about the industry. But with modern technology, I can read a lot. Even Wiki. Not sure if this site will allow a link, so you google it. There is an objective view of the prog, and even within the fashion industry, there is disquiet.

      Google forever21. Its very enlightening. And Donna Karan – lawsuits.

      Finally, I am not angry at the fashion industry. I just believe there is an “elephant in the room” and no one is prepared to mention its existence.

      For those unaware of it, that means it is based on the idea that an elephant in a room would be impossible to overlook; thus, people in the room who pretend the elephant is not there have made a choice. They are choosing to concern themselves with tangential or small and irrelevant issues rather than deal with the looming big one. That is, fashion is a money machine. It’s not art.

  119. jessie Says:

    Me and my friends LOVE – did I say Love? Fashion. We go to shows (fashion shows), our favorite magazines are French Vogue and Vogue Italia. We were really cute clothes and care about fabric and are partial to some desighners.

    Two in our group have actually modeled, one is a makeup artist and the other is trying to after many years of hard work get her designs out there. She has had some success in our metro area. Did I mention we LOVE shoes, handbags accessories and Makeup! MAC and Makeup Forever also Urban Decay are some of our favorites. Some of us work with folks with disabilities, we together do the Aids walk, Walk for Diabetes and Race for the Cure.

    We volunteer together at our local food shelf and some of us have kids (who also volunteer when out of school at the food shelf kids ranging in age from 8 to 12). We love our community our families and friends. Do you know MAC has several lipsticks called VIVA GLAM and the entire $16 (I think that is still the price) goes to children nd adults with sids. Estee Lauder is a huge supporter of breast cancer awareness and there is probably not one company of the fashion world that does not give GENEROUSLY to local and national charitable causes.

    You insult so many passionate people who love the art of fashion and give so much much needed cash to organizations that are very worthy. You HAVE NO CLUE what you are talking about. Fashion is not just a bunch of overpriced rags, it’s a vessel to support many, many people through jobs charities and beutiful clouthing makeup and accessories many many females enjoy. Again YOU HAVE NO CLUE how many artists and fashion companies give and give and give and their employees give extra of themselves whether monitary or hours of volunteer work for people who desperately need the kindness, help and cash.

    Your words are an insult to many hardworking people who love to give and love beautiful things. When was the last time you biked for 2 days from Minneapolis to Duluth to help folks with Aids? Have you ever set foot in a foodshelf? Do you buy from companies that have an exceptional track record of giving back. MAC even has a program where children design T-shirts and cards and raise money for families affected by aids.

    You simply have no idea what the reality and different branches of the industry do. You insult so when you yourself say you don’t know a thing about fashion. That is the only statement I have seen you make that has any truth. All that trash talk is only a reflection of you. Sorry Mark but next time you try to have a discussion educate yourself first.

    • Mark Says:

      Jessie, what is the difference between a fashion victim and a victim of fashion? Two seasons.

      How often do the the fashion press tell women that la mode or to be on trend they have to wearing, clutching or standing in xyz, then in just 6 short months the same editors are saying zab is in fact the de riguer / only thing to own and eveything else is passe. And how many wardrobes are bulging with items that have been bought, worm once and never see the light of day again? And those items are not cheap. And how many people have spent more than they should on these items?

      The fashion industry has collectively refused to take responsibility for that issue. And so many others. Bulimic children, the overt sexualization of the marketng of under-tens clothing, the bullying of children that do not own the latest “must have” and the general shallow attitude of the industry. And of course the cost cutting exploitation of minority labor forces. All of these have always been entirely the responsibility of the consumers, never those that tell them what should buy. And its for what? So that some vain women can look nice?

      A true heart and and honest demeanor does not need window dressing.

      It is only right that the “fashion houses” give something back to the community they leach from.

  120. jessie Says:

    In my above statement I meant to say MAC supports children and adults with aids (it came out sids). I forgot to mention we also volunteer with Special Olympics. Most people in this field are very generous of time money and spirit. I have found in my experiences that people who work in the arts regardless of how much money they make or time they have tend to be very generous. I am sure there are many people reading this who if in the industry or know of what goes on or has someone close to them work in the industry they would have way better stories to tell that would blow you away. You picked the wrong kind of people to mess with. We back up our words passions and beliefs with actions. Not everyone can say that. Gotta go! Macy’s is having a shoe sale and I need to pick up the latest VIVA GLAM. Did I mention all of the celebrity spokes models for VIVA GLAM? No? That’s ok I think you get my point. Gotta shop!!

  121. mint Says:

    I’m an adult attending college and I noticed that people here are attacking those who are polite and present logical arguments (as in things that make sense and emphasize a valid point) and again when a post has new knowledge to share with others.

    It’s very rude to act as animals (too emotional and stubborn…no logical argument or complete knowledge related to fashion, modeling or the industry) because the ones who take a mature approach are coming off as intelligent and calm. They’re not resorting to threats, accusations or antagonistic behavior. It baffles me that someone would invest negative energy in a post without checking himself first. Who is he/she actually getting mad about someone else’s opinions and knowledge?

    I noticed so much attention is given to race and the use of derogatory terms when it’s actually not the case. I looked at the posts of people others assume to be one individual and see nothing demeaning, harsh or racist. There are very angry fans who say something to the effect of or exactly “Mary Anne called Krista ‘ghetto'”. As a result, people who come here later on see these posts and assume Mary Anne did say such a thing (she said “Krista looks like she came from the ghetto and I will tell you why…” not “She is so FREAKIN’ GHETTO!!!!) It’s important to speak honestly and not jump to conclusions about someone’s thoughts, character and mind frame.

    Hence, ask him/her what she meant by that statement. What was he/she feeling at the moment? If not, then ask yourself such questions. It’s important to remember that you can’t get away with behaving uncivilized in a classroom, but can get away with it on the internet, which is a disease in itself. Uncivilized behavior is what causes individuals to develop low self-esteem, depression, commit suicide or injure themselves. It’s not fine when bullying online leads to the victim injuring himself.

    I’m being really serious about this because online bullying, which is deviant behavior, has led to the victim committing suicide. In the past, multiple studies were conducted on online bullying and on interpersonal bullying. I think the first episode of the 15th season of ANTM was meant to show the negative effects of bullying. Fifty years from now you all won’t remember what you say but your character should be refined so that way what you say online will not translate as deviance.

    You guys should think about what I say because words can hurt physically and emotionally whether you know it or not. There are fans of ANTM who are struggling with self-esteem issues and there could be fans who cut themselves or fans who are bulimic or fans who have the type of eating disorder in which they cannot stop eating. Really think about the impact your words have on readers and how it makes you look as an individual. Yes, those who victimize others irrationally are displaying bad character. Please think about all of this, thank you for reading my post. 🙂

    • **** Says:

      If you truly believe what you wrote, Mint, you must also realize that it’s not a one-way thing. If one person writes something that multiple people find questionable, then clearly those words are hurting others emotionally. In the same way, you can’t just stick everyone who feels Mary Anne‘s post was offensive with the tag “angry fan.” Come on.

      Secondly, try not to forget that Mary Anne – because I presume that’s who you’re talking about – has an opinion and that’s just what she has. An opinion. What she’s saying isn’t empirical truth and it isn’t the whole truth (or even “complete knowledge.” How can one person have complete knowledge?!) As we can all see from opening up Vogue, etc. An obvious example: androgyny is in.

      So when you talk about stubbornness, see it from another point of view. 1) If one poster says something others find offensive, should that poster repeat it ad nauseam? 2) Does said poster really have any right to believe they know everything and that their opinion is right to the extent that if anyone disagrees he/she says: you don’t know what you’re talking about/read my posts properly.

      Indeed if someone is going to post so pertinaciously, they better be aware of the possible backlash. I cannot be in control of another person’s reaction, so I must be in control of what I say. Internet or no internet.

  122. Tim Says:

    Mark Have to say I threw up a little in my mouth, too. Dude that’s just sick what you wrote.

  123. crystal Says:

    Mark is the new Mary Anne!!! HA! Wonder if he will use other names to keep going. I’m sick of Mary Anne but she did know some stuff.

  124. Nett Says:

    Mark in your first post, you admitted to not knowing sh*t about fashion. Now your on a site babbling inappropriately about young models, comparing them to prostitutes and are so passionate about how the industry is so wrong.

    That’s BS that this is about your kid; none of your babbling makes sense and I still don’t get your hatred for fashion and the need to degrade young girls for choosing this profession is helping your kid. The poster who said the stuff about charities is right; look it up. You’re just creepy.

    • Mark Says:

      If ANTM is not about selling sex, why did Tyra simulate a sex act with Mr. J during cycle 14?

      Try explaining that to a 13 year old. And worse, Mr J asking afterwards, “Was that good for you?” with Tyra pretending to be sweaty and dabbing her forehead. “Babbling inappropriately?” In the context of what?

      Look at the top of this page and the photos of Krista White. There are photos of her dressed like the working girl Julia Roberts played in “Pretty Woman”. And another film character, “Pris” the pleasure replicant from Bladerunner. And dressed in a acid green fluffy shrug, looking like a blow up doll.

      Can you see the theme that runs through the show?

      Sex sells.

      But it’s all right if you attach some designer name tags and a few up-market photographers turn up. It suddenly becomes tasteful?

      You are being intellectually and personally dishonest if you cannot see the contradiction.

      • Nettie House Says:

        I agree with some of what mark is saying. America’s Ntm has grown more about sex. I remember one season a young lady was put off because of her unwillingness to take off her clothes for a shoot. If Tyra isn’t about sex why put girls in this postion. Yes, we realize that in order to model for some of these agencies you have to remove all of your clothes, however this is Tyra’s show.
        To be honest modeling for Victoria Secret is nothing but soft porn. How do you take your clothes off in “good taste”? Oh yeah, Tyra did!!

  125. cici Says:

    I agree with ***** when she says to the other poster that Mary Anne cannot be exempt. She has in my opionion caused the greatest amount of pain if any was caused with her relentless use of the word GHETTO when over and over posters said how offended they were.

  126. jez Says:

    Mark: It’s best not to attack when you don’t know. Talking about Raina. You not liking the industry is your personal choice. What I have issue with is your vile comments about things and people you don’t know.

    In my opionion making sleezy comments about young girls is crossing the line. The industry is a reflection of this world. Imperfect yet every business does what it knows to supply a product that is in demand. If your concern is the well being of young girls being prostituted maybe some of your time/money can be spent in the organizations that actually deal in child trafficking and organizations that try to stop children who are being raped or sold. Fasion is not for everyone nor is anyone forced to but brand names it’s a choice.

    It is not deemed hazardous to the health like nicotine or alchohol. The world is dealing with true tradgedies and the fashion industry is one of the main contributers to helping these causes. Nothing you can say except “sorry” does nothing to make your vile comments less harmful. Everyone see’s the elephant who loves fashion or dosen’t. It’s not the elephant raping and suppressing children and there rights that is a group of sick people who do.

    On being Mary Anne, sorry don’t agree with her use of the term “ghetto” once it was told to her over and over how offensive it was. I believe you and her have done the most damage as far as your crass, uneducated comments.

    Every business every family has people in it that mess up. So say twenty models tops messed up how about the thousands upon thousands who do a wonderful job at something they love? The industry like I said does more humanitarian work and great quantities of money have been used to help people truely in crisis.

    Your comments look to me like you just want to work out your anger and frusterations about your personal life. There are people trained that can help you work through your anger (I say this in a sincere way). Hope things work out for you.

  127. jez Says:

    Ps. Mark: Bringing up Naomi as an example of what a model is is not logical or fair. I can say Cindy Crawford, Elle McPhearson, Christy Turlington, Brooke Shields (yes, she did model),Christy Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, Alec Wek, Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Karlie Koss, Gemma Ward, Lakshmi Meon, Hanneli Mustaparta, Daisy Lowe, Isabell Fontana, etc.

    These women are models who are held in very high regard. There are tons more good that comes from the fashion industry than the handful of “bad” elephant and all. You add nothing new by saying the elephant quote.

    By the way I am a makeup artist who has been blessed to work with Bob Mackie some years ago and have worked fashion shows with many a models and find them to be very kind, grateful and cooperative. The people backstage who put things together are like a tight-knit family and there is a lot of love and commeratory and the girls are very well taken care of. ANTM … yes. I agree some, well most of the girls put on the most pathetic display and I am shocked they would show that behavior.

    That is not the real world that is a TV show. The modeling world is not like that. Do some research for yourself don’t take my word for it. Look up the major fashion houses check out what charities and organizations they support and how much money is put towards worthy causes. Same with cosmetic companys.

    Look up the models I mention. Check out their track record. I think this all started with you being shocked by a TV show but I do not think that excuses your very mean and inappropriate comments towards people and things you know a fraction of a percent about. Even that being the case your comments crossed the line in a very bad way.

    • Mark Says:

      Yes, thanks Jez/Susan/Mary Anne for that list, I had heard (vaguely) of most of them, but some of them because of their famous partners. You had forgotten Maria Helvin and later, the rest of the “heroin chic” models. And of course, Agyness Deyn.

      As animated corpses or mannequinns, they do the job. Are they worth the money? The jury is out. Modeling for Victoria Secret (is that a lingerie catalogue?) is hardly haute couture, is it? And whatever happened to Rachel Hunter?

      But as a layman on the outside noticing the emperors new clothes are sadly missing, I can not but notice that the look of the girls on camera is tight lipped bitter and the eyes blankly aloof. By design, or do they really have zero personality, besides their spite?

      Elle (the body?) McPherson brought the next top model franchise to Britain this year, and it was vulgar and trashy, which is saying something in the context. In an effort to be as ratings popular as the parent program, shock tactics were employed. It was a train-wreck that my daughter chose for herself not to watch.

      And the Australian version in one cycle allowed one of the contestants to willfully over feed her fellow contestants with calories knowing that a swim wear shoot was coming up and the pounds would be visible. And she kept her place. Cheating vs. ratings?

      You are right, the show in whatever incarnation is no reflection of anything but what the producers allow to happen, but it needs supervision at this end. As has been pointed out, my daughter is a spirited teen with a mind of her own, and she is given quite a bit of leeway. But as she has the height and build of a model, and is blessed with natural good looks, modeling is something she was seriously considering.

      But she has decided for herself that to get on in that world you have to be nasty. And we have seen no evidence to contradict her.

      And when she is older, we will allow her to watch, Devil wears Prada, Absolutely Fabulous, etc. and she will know for herself that her choice was sound.

      Meanwhile, we will encourage her to get a proper job. 🙂

      • Mark Says:

        Ps: I was joking about Devil wears Prada. It was so vacuuous and badly acted, not even I would think it was a true reflection of the industry.

        And AbFab episodes, they are wonderful comedies, nothing else. But I gather it did not travel well to the States, the irony was lost, as always.

  128. Tammy Says:

    Actually a good model is a clothes hanger and frequently referred to as such. Top designers want the focus to be on how the clothes lay and flow and hang on the body. If a model is “more important or “too flashy” it takes away from what is being showcased. This is very common knowledge.

    • Mark Says:

      Thank you for that point. But what is the point if the model is not allowed to exceed certain body dimensions that are unrealistic for the general public? Those garments will not hang correctly on any other shape than a models vital statistics? And what of the walk and pose of the catwalk? Are those natural? Will the clothes only hang right if you pop your hips and thrust out your jaw in a most exaggerated and forced fashions?

      The clothes go from “how much did you say you were paid to look like that?” to “how much did you pay to look like that?”

      It’s a win / win for the fashion house and a lose for the mug that buys the end product. It will never hang like it did on the cat walk, and the consumer will never look like the model unless she struts, cat walk style. And if she does, people will laugh hystericslly.

  129. mary anne Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You guys are so funny. 🙂

    All this drama over me and some guy who doesn’t give a care about fashion? Okay, I can see the posting count is nearly 200, in a year it will be a thousand, and in two years: two thousand.

    How about we agree to disagree. I’ll stop talking about Krista White and you guys keep your mouths shut because we both wasted time arguing either valid points or invalid points.

    Capische? Jeez, get a life, ya’ll! Not even I care about who is right or wrong with regards to Krista. She’s too old, inexperienced and looks like a man in women’s clothes. That’s all there is to it, ciao!

  130. Ben Says:

    Mark: “An excuse is worse than the most terrible lie.” Alexander Pope

  131. Ben Says:

    Mark: The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.

  132. Trish Says:

    Mark: I worry about one person being so full of hate. Spewing so much hate. My God, what is wrong? You have so much hate for something you yourself know nothing about.

    Everything has flaws. You still I don’t think have convinced ANYONE that your rampage has any merit. People please correct me if I am wrong, but every industry is flawed. There is nothing that is perfect to everyone. Venting your rage here does what?? I’m confused as to why you are still posting. To get even with those that disagree perhaps? I don’t think it’s working.

    I pray you find solace in something because you will drive yourself crazy being full of this hate and negativity.

    • Mark Says:

      No hate from me, Trish. Not even a frown or a creased eyebrow. Intense maybe, even worried, but never hating.

      You are right, every industry is flawed.

      But other industries are regulated. If a supplier in other industries wants to encourage business and offers a little incentive, it’s called a bribe. And the practice is called corruption. In the fashion world it’s called “goody bags.” And just watch the freeloaders and models / editors alike just lapping them up. Is there any evidence that fashion editors are not swayed by the quality of the “goody bag” or prime seat (front row, centre), in strict pecking order of course, provided during fashion weeks? Is there any evidence they are?

      If non-fashion competitor companies in the same line of work decide to get their heads together and decide not only their pricing in advance but what will be the prevailing trend in the ensuing months, its called “operating a cartel,” and they feel the full force of the law, both sides of the Atlantic. Price fixing and operating a “closed shop” is against the law.

      But the fashion world is above the law it seems. It would appear that not only do the “fashon houses” decide what designs will attract the best prices, they decide what the trend will be, in unison.

      And to rub the salt in the wound for the buying public, they encourage the brand snobbery that makes some people feel that the wardrobe is better stocked than their envious neighbor / friend / school friend. And do not say that is not true. I flicked through a stack of fashion mags this afternoon in a news agent. “This seasons must have” screamed the headlines or page headers. The editorials are focused on not missing out on the latest from Europe despite the economic downturn.

      And the glossy pictures centre not just on “inspirational” shoots of models wearing “clothes to die for,” but pages of “celebrities” and their latest fashion disasters at film premiers.

      Back to my comment about “you paid how much to look like that.” It would appear that “celebrities” do not pay for the clothes, they are lent them to showcase them to the hoi polloi or unsuspecting public.

      My stance is not one of envy or personal slight, because I have my suits made for me, bespoke. And I cut out the labels. Even though I can afford to buy “brand” clothes, I refuse to, unless I can lose all the labels. Why should I advertise for a company when I have already paid for the item in the first place?

      My life is not enriched by people knowing I am wearing designer merchandise. My personal budget for clothes is relatively unlimited, but why would I show that by wearing the labels?

      • Mark Says:

        And returning very briefly to your point about every industry has its flaws, there is another that is affecting every industry and facet of life.

        Recreational drug use.

        The difference with other industries is employers are able to random drug test their employees. Some, like sport, have it as a mandatory requirement. Regular screening for drug use is a compulsory contractual obligation.

        And yet, the one industry that has the most effect on everyones lives, even me included, is the clothing trade. High end, low end, back end.. you name it, “fashion” has crept into everyones lives.

        Is there drug screening, even at model level? And what of the entourages, the journalists, the editors, the back room essential pamperers and preeners? Not to mention the freeloaders, the hangers-on and the bottom-feeding wannabe celebrities, A-z?

        If mandatory drug screening was introduced, I suspect the fashion industry would implode.

  133. Trish Says:

    Mary Anne: Even you don’t care who’s right? HAHAHA!! Why so many posts?? Why did you keep going??

    People posted because your posts were offensive just like people post because Mark’s are. Girl, you talk about people, then talk about the people that respond, then post under how many names I can’t count.

    Your attempt at being witty only makes you look all the more a fool. You mock the number of posts when most belong to either you or Mark.

    People don’t respect either of your “opinions” and from reading their responses think you are both crazy and mean.

    Mark if you watched the show (which you said you did), you knew Raina’s lips were natural. It was talked about several times. You bring up lawsuits. The lawsuit is to protect the designers designs from being copied.

    I read about it on CNN. You are both sick people with no regard to how your words affect others and neither of you seem to have a conscience.You both have tendencies of people with severe mental health issues. I have shown your posts to a friend who works in the field of medicine and this is his opinion. Mary Anne you don’t have enough sense to know you are the laughing stock of this website and I assume your life is the same. You both spew hateful things. I think you both just want to fight and have something to do. Mark, you like Mary Anne will fight to the death to defend what so many have stated is hateful, vile, etc.

  134. Ben Says:

    GOD LIVES: I have a sincere respect for your beliefs and wishes for healing, but I don’t think even God can help here. We have free will and the will to only change if we want to. Some people only change when life gets so bad they see no other options. I do appriciate the love you and your church are spreading and send love back to you. We need caring people in the world. Thank you. 🙂

  135. Nett Says:

    I think discussing the clothes Krista is wearing in her portfolio is a cheep shot (I’m being funny if you can’t tell).

    Those are not designer clothes and have no idea why she would have these photos in her portfolio. The Tyra and Jay thing is called humor.

    The media is filled with sex. It’s not fashion that is the enemy. Most couture fashion is not the least bit trashy and some extreme runway looks do not make it to the street it’s simply showcasing an idea then made into more customer friendly versions.

    Your daughter is not goint to be currupted watching a show or exposed to media. We all lived through it and some of us are okay. I use to listen to Prince’s songs “Head” and “Lady Cab Driver” blaring in the bathroom every morning while getting ready for school. My dad who was strict never said a word. He got it. All generations have a bit of rebellion in them and it disen’t mean they are going to prostitute themselves.

    By the way, I looked at fashion magazines with my friends also and we were all virgins until 18, 20 and 23. People have brains and are not so easily corrupted. I hope she never reads what you posted on here that could be very damaging towards her being female and basically shaming her sex. And her interests.

  136. Nett Says:

    Mark: All you are doing is throwing out past dated stereotypes. Women who are truely into fashion don’t just fill their closets with clothes to be never worn again and most mix it up with classic pieces and add something they may find in a trend that is worth having such as belt, scarf, hat, etc.

    You don’t know how a real woman shops nor do you know about the industry. I see you only picking a tiny piece of info and damning the whole industry. If your girl sexualizes everything the way you do and has an eating disorder that has more to do with what happens in your house. I hope this girl has a mother. Is this why you are so angry? Do you hate her mother or did she pass and this is where you take out your hatred and grief? What the hell is wrong with you?

    You have no sense of what is up or down. Again you are throwing out stereotypes and it’s always a mistake to generalize or put people into catagories. Example: you are black you must steal cars, you are white you only want to keep the black man down you like fashion you are a prostitute to the designers and fill your closet with things you will never wear. No body I know fits your stereotypes nor do I see it in the part of the industry I work.

    You are simply a ragefilled person on a rampage to nowhere and nothing. Why do you give away all your power and energy to something you know nothing about and hate so much. Your thought process is disturbing. Do you tear apart and degrade all things or just fashion? Are you really as lonely as Mary Anne and have no where else to go and noone to talk to? I think you have crossed the point of delusional and are on a downward spiral and need someone to help pull you out. This behavior is psychotic and very disturbing. This is not a matter of liking or not liking fashion. This is about a personality disorder. To so fiersely attack again and again. It’s not that serious but I think to you it is. You have lost touch with reality. Take a step back and gain some perspective. This is a site about fashion, not a place to exercise your demons. You keep claiming the industry is inappropriate, but you are the one on here time and again being inappropriate and it appears you are so full of darkness you cannot see the light.

  137. Tracy Says:

    Mary Anne: You forgot to say “NO BACKS PERIOD DOT DOT DOT.”

  138. Tracy Says:

    Mark: When I looked at Krista’s pictures, I only saw bad clothes and Photography. What’s with all this being about sex? The outfit you compared to “Pretty Woman” (Still don’t see the connection. Maybe my mind just dosen’t work that way.) She is covered the exact same way a one-piece swimsuit covers. Is a swimsuit offensive also to you? I was once told that a sane person will never understand the mind of the mad. I’m okAY with that.

  139. Tanya Says:

    Hate to say it, but TOLD YOU SO Mary Anne will never leave.

  140. John Says:

    Mark: I take it you are a single dad. To criticize and justify your critisism endlessly about women who like fashion (most do) and girls who like fashion (most do) tells me you don’t have enough respect for women to have one around.

    I have a wife a son and two teenage daughters. The girls love to shop it’s true and are still quite healthy both mentally and physically. Yes they watch the show and like other TV shows they know it is just that. Treating women and girls like they are stupid (cannot think for themselves) if they watch a show or read a magazine is very insulting. You saying you have to sit with your daughter during the show and tell her it’s wrong or she will become self absorbed, etc. Man to man what is wrong? As hard as I try to see your point, it just dosen’t hold water.

    Your words are basically saying your daughter is stupid and if you are not right their to protect her from this show (your first excuse was quality time you used that excuse about Disney after insulting Raina and Miley) she will think she is the center of the universe and probably prostitute herself to the fashion industry and or designers.

    As a father, I take great offense in your comments about young girls who model and also if you don’t like a woman’s comment on here you dismiss her as fashion obsessed there for she has no merit. I know of no other men who share your behavioral traits, but as a college graduate I have taken a few psychology classes and if my memory serves me right you probably need some help to get right mentally. Stop with the sexist degrading comments about girls and women. You sexualize innocence to such a degree that I beleve your behavior on this site if anyone is foolish enough to believe a word you say, would be far more damaging. Your obsession with sexualizing everything about girls and women who like or are in the fashion world is abnormal and your “jokes” lead me to believe you are simply a very sick man.

    • Mark Says:

      John, I read all of your post. And your first sentence in its assumption was immediately wrong. So therefore, your second was even more wrong. After that, I laughed. Good luck with the rest of your life.

      • mary anne Says:

        Mark: From my own experience, my suggestion is to not address the cold bullies directly. Say correct informed and logical things only, because it’ll still give you the appearance of being civilized. Yes, there are so many children and adults who act like children on the internet.

        Unfortunately, too many come on ANTM and some use different aliases. For all we know, each bully could be just one person. There are many people who know things one who has studied fashion history and the history of the model’s profession would say.

        I am speaking to you out of compassion: please don’t address the people who viciously attack you like gangstas from the ghetto or use words in a way they can’t understand (even if its derived from a mentality in a culture of the fashion industry). Some people evidently think you are racist, but try to back up your viewpoints with correct knowledge pulled from reading books on fashion, studying biographical footage of models/designers or reading articles on them.

        I realized the relentless abuse of someone new is disastrous when people are too arrogant and self-absorbed (worse than childish) to listen to what you have to say. Many only read a paragraph or read something short someone said after a sentence or two of a post written by you. The same thing happened to me (too often) and it’s because people do not read my original posts or even get past the first or second line. They do not have time to read long posts so generalize about what the poster is thinking and feeling. They assume far too much which leads to being offended. Don’t take their savagery as personal. Be the grownup and remain civil.

        Sometimes posters will intentionally or unintentionally push you to talk like them because they don’t understand what you are saying. It could also be because the ones who are pretending to be black are white and the ones who are white are pretending to be race-friendly when they really just don’t give a crap about African Americans.

        I am against online bullying because the perpetrators are manipulative and animals. On Krista White’s page most are animals because they don’t use their intellect. Never let them get to you, ever! You’ll be victimized if you let them get to you. Stay strong and persevere.

        Remember this: ANTM411 is for people who know nothing about fashion (although, some who do come here, such as myself, offer advice with a fashion-oriented mindset…which is why the use of the word “ghetto” was perceived to be racist. If I had used n*gger, ch*nk or be*ner over and over and over the situation would have been much worse). Now, I didn’t read all of your posts because, well, they seem to not be derived from a body of fashion knowledge.

        If I may, I will say this to those who have attacked the ones with relevant and correct knowledge of the fashion industry, fashion and the model’s profession: the use of the word “ghetto” is not racist unless referring to a stereotype which is what I did and explained too! Read every post I wrote to get a f*cking clue about why I used the word and what I meant by it. It was not intended to be racist you stupid pieces of sh*t. I’m not racist at all, I am just the type of person who can argue well and will not let someone say something harsh/incorrect about my character and get away with it.

        If you have something to say to me, I’m gonna reply with something correct. The stereotype of the word ghetto is what the general public sees in the hardcore rapper music videos which show men with scary and very hard facial features. They will never work as models in NYC because their look is suitable for the music industry.

        Now, there are many African American girls who are beautiful and I’ve met some in my lifetime. I like the ones I meet. Krista White looks like she came from the ghetto (as in, she looks like the stereotype, which is hardened features that have no feminine quality or attractive quality for that matter….again, the ghetto stereotype that includes the hardcore rapper look). In other words, if she were to be a rapper she would look perfect for the career!

        There are some people who assume I am taking on many aliases which is not true. I don’t do that because I don’t have time to write on here every day. I may read what a person or more says because it’s entertaining and I like to do something to entertain myself during break-time when doing homework (yes, I go to college). It just so happens that there are people who have correct knowledge of the fashion industry, fashion and the model’s professions like myself. If you have a mature mind, your speech begins to sound similar to that of others. Mature-minded individuals speak in a civilized manner. Granted, some people views different from the rest of the group will be pushed past their limit so will finally resort to childish/savage behavior. It won’t happen again unless more people are willing to bring out such savagery in someone with a different view.

        So, get over your own emotionally-driven drivel you crazy assh*les. You’re stupid as rednecks and don’t know how to read between the lines. Shove it, get lost and keep acting like animals because “Jerry Springer” is perfect for animal-guests.

  141. mary anne Says:

    By the way, my advice to Mark is my last post on here. I just had to do something because I have compassion for those who are bullied relentlessly whether they’re guilty or not. Even the ones who are moral and respectful can end up being bullies when defending victims because they forget that a good action can become something vile. Morals are used wrongly throughout the history of mankind (Catholic Church pedophilia cases ring a bell with anyone?).

    It’s official, I am leaving this site because too many people are behaving like animals on every contestant’s page. It’s a waste of reading time. Find me on IMDB if you want to chat in a civilized manner. Have a lovely afternoon! :-).

    • Raillé Says:

      Farewell, MA … I’ll miss you.

    • Mark Says:

      Mary Anne, stay? Go? It’s your choice.

      Unlike yourself, I have no interest in the garments, their history or the persons manipulating the fashion market. But one size /style fits all is a nonsense. One girls “dream dress” is anothers “should never wear”. It’s a bit like naturism. Those that really shouldn’t invariably do.

      Seeing past the facade of “art” and the exploitation of people through pretensions of “design” is my only goal.

      Without the makeup, the coaching, clothes and fake attitude, are the girls happy to be themselves? Are they original, genuine people? In their desperation to be liked or needed, do they lose their humanity?

      Is the fashion industry finding models but killing the humans? You know my answer. Emphatically, yes.

      But does the industry care? No. Disposable clothes, disposable people. NEXT!!!!

    • Cher Says:

      1. I don’t thnk you are as civillized as you think you should be.
      2. I don’t care if you’re staying or leaving.
      3. I don’t know why are you spending so much time voicing out your opinions which are totally ridiculous.
      4. You are calling us animals? Yes. We’re mammals just like YOU.
      5. I don’t really care what morals truly are from your post. I just know that as long as we do more good deeds and voluntary work and lastly the knowledge of using “GHETTO,” we are showing our moral values.

  142. steph Says:

    Love the clothes and designers on cycle 15! Want to see some gorgeous photos? Go to PORTFOLIO.RAINAHEIN.COM.

  143. Willa Says:

    Liked the designer clothes Krista got to wear on the show (from challenge wins). She should have worn them for these pics. 🙂

  144. Liz Says:

    Just read Mary Anne‘s “last” post. I felt like I was on Jerry Springer with all the swearing and insult throwing. Reminds me why I don’t watch it. But I gotta admit I had a good laugh! 🙂

  145. yeah yeah Says:

    I kinda wish Krista was actually doing well since so many people were upset with her and her win. It’s kind of sad…

  146. michelle Says:

    Yeah, yeah. I watched the Cycle 15 finale (GO ANN!) and saw Krista walk the runway. She was very strong. Girl looked good. This website’s comments are not about Krista. Just people expressing what they think is right. The difference here is they can convince no one of their opinion, so go on and on. Good to see Krista do a great job at the fashion show.

  147. Jenny Says:

    I’m surprised no one has said anything on here for a while. I guess when Mary Anne left so did the f*cking, whiney children.

  148. Paul Says:

    She’s too old tbh. No Couture designer will book her because she’s just plain old! She’s lucky she was able to walk for a mock Cavalli show in ANTM Cycle 15 finale.

    • Jenny Says:

      It was a mock fashion show and even the non-modely contestants walked in it. Really hilarious though :-). I agree, Krista was fortunate to be in the show and even more fortunate to be in Milano. When she books a campaign with Chanel I will be impressed, though Karl has elevated tastes in the female beauty. He does like to keeps things fresh and different, but not “Krista White” different. None of his muses have looked like her in any way. Ines de la Fressage (sp?) was unusual-looking for a model but not unusual-looking like Krista. The same goes for Kimora Lee Simmons. If she were on the show still she would’ve voted agaist Krista White in each deliberation.

      • Maggie Says:

        Mary Anne! I wondered if that was you posting about us whiny children. Relentless never stops, does it?

  149. leighnah Says:

    Omg! Congrats, Krista!

  150. Viv Says:

    Just watched the marathon of Cycle 14, and, out of curiosity, google Krista to see what she has done since winning, and found this site.

    As a tall, dark-skinned West African woman, I agree that Krista is beautiful, but, I have to agree with the comments made by Mary Anne. They were extremely insightful, and based on FACT, not on emotion. It could be argued that her language could be improved (I take issue with the word “ghetto”), but her facts were spot-on.

    The fact is, Krista is way too old to become a “top” model. I’m sure she’ll work a bit, but, like every other winner of this show, she will not become an American top high-fashion models like Chanel Iman, Crystal Renn, Hilary Rhoda, and Sessilee Lopez among others; she may end up America’s Next Reality Personality. Not one of them has achieved the success befitting the “Top Model” title.

    I’ve never modeled, but I have worked in different facets of the fashion industry here in New York, from an intern with People’s Revolution (yes, with Kelly Cutrone), to a design assitant for Kenneth Cole and merchandiser for La Redoute. I’ve been to NY Fashion Week multiple times and I have participated in castings. Based on my arguable limited experience, I can absolutely corroborate Mary Anne‘s comments about what works in the industry, and unfortunately, alot of the ANTM winners simply don’t have it. For example, I haven’t seen any of them in the shows I have attended at the tents at Bryant Park or at Lincoln Center.

    It appears that Tyra ultimately doesn’t care whether she produces a viable Top Model. She was one, and I don’t think she genuinely wants anyone to really follow in her shoes. She’s selling bags of coal to these participants-the show doesn’t prepare girls for the reality of the industry. I personally think the problem begins with ANTM’s casting process. Most of the women she brings on wouldn’t make it in the real model world to begin with, and that, unfortunately, includes 24 year-old Krista. Twenty-four in the fashion world is ancient. But, ANTM has been a successful formula for Tyra for years, so why should she change?

    I would argue that NOT winning ANTM is actually better. Yaya DaCosta is doing way better than Eva ever did or could-she was just on the September issue of W Magazine and she looks great in the current winter GAP campaign. Elyse, Molli Sue, Tocarra, Fatima, Katarzyna, and Ann among others, have also done much better than the winners in their respective seasons.

    I want nothing more than for Krista to prove me wrong, but, given the poor track record of ANTM-bred models, I don’t think that will happen.

    • Jenny Says:

      The word “ghetto” is offensive to alot of African Americans whether they are from the ghetto or not, and even offensive to people in “third world” countries. I put quotation marks around “third world” because that’s what Americans refer to “developing” nations as. Although, from my personal experience I have used the word ghetto a few times though not in a racist sneer. It’s to refer to the unsophistication of the culture and the physical look that dominates the Hip Hop market. Ghettos do exist, children need to accept that.

      There’s so much controversy about one woman/girl on here that it’s diarreah. Ugh! And so annoying too because all it is is a bunch of “Alasia Ballard” drama. I read Mary Anne’s first post and she indicated no racism….just cultural stereotype(s). “Lil Wayne” anyone? And then I read a few more of hers, and in one her words proved my assumption that she isn’t racist. Contrary to what people are saying about her, she is not racist and even said so. Besides, did she ever use the word “n*gger”? Noooo! Did she use the word “ghetto” over and over to tick people off? It doesn’t look like it because she backs up her viewpoints with knowledge of the industry. I also happen to know some things about it and the subject of modeling history. Mary Anne is just saying what people in the industry say though those people say much worse things. Believe me! Tyra has been called “el grosso” by Italian seamstresses during her career (back when she was in Italy). El grosso means “the gross-looking one”. It’s equivalent to “ghetto-looking” if you ask me. Besides, if “ghetto” was racist one would get in trouble with his/her boss for saying the term over and over. N*gger and b*aner are racist terms and can get an employee in trouble. I hope the children see the difference. An adult would understand what I am saying, but children are not mature enough to understand the difference. It’s such a shame :-(.

      • Maggie Says:

        Mary Anne, oops! I meant JENNY. You’ll have an easier time sock puppeting if you stop calling posters who don’t agree with you “children.” Dead giveaway and not nearly as sophisticated as you think it sounds. Repeating the Tyra “el grosso” anecdote you used as an earlier identity is not smart either.

        What a tangled web we weave when we – you remember the rest, right?

      • casandra mosely Says:

        First of all, let me start by saying Krista you are beautiful in every way. I, too, am a dark-skinned woman and I just love my complexion. Many women just love to have our complexion. Second, don’t pay those haters (they know who they are) any attention. You just be you and love every bit of it. Just pray for the haters and continue to be the model that you set out to be. Tyra and her panel picked the right girl to win. You showed it in your pictures and your posing.

        Don’t get me wrong, Raina is a beautiful girl but she didn’t show maturity to me in her pictures. She is good for teen magazines, not high fashion. Looking at her pictures, I saw a teen, not a woman. Again, you are a beautiful woman. Remember the darker the berry the sweeter the juice! Another thing, dark-skinned women are used in magazines etc. Essence, Jet, and of course Ebony. I now notice that more and more magazines are using dark-skinned women. Right on!

  151. gia Says:

    Funny thing. Judges did say that Krista would be a more international model than Raina, but now, Raina is in international agency (Dubai) while Krista’s still in US.

    But hey, I did pick Raina in the end of the season, but Krista was also deserved to win. She could pose in a more brave and strong way than Raina. Although, when I see all of her photos, I found her face bores me. *just an opinion*

    And I’m really curious about ATL didn’t like Tyra’s decision in picking Krista instead of Raina, this thing could shake the modelling world.

  152. Amber Says:

    She’s hideous! She’s not going to be a pre-a-porter model!

  153. Amber Says:

    She’s HIDEOUS! She is not going to be a pret-a-porter model! I’m sorry.

  154. Grace Says:

    I really don’t like Krista personality-wise. Honestly. But even being a huge fan of Jessica and Raina who are both an incredibly other-worldly level of stunning, I have to admit she was really strong in the competition. I was impressed by the variety of her poses, even though I still think she has kind of dead-looking eyes. Like she’s bored or sleepy. A lot of high fashion spreads require models to look like mannequins anyway, so that doesn’t matter that much. Her bone structure is amazing. I don’t find her pretty, but she is striking, fierce, raw and a bit animalistic. Which leaves a stronger memory imprint than just another pretty girl. (not referring to J and R, they’re too stunning to forget)

    I did find her super-cheesy during the Anna Sui walk though, and hated the wig. But she did improve every single week and has a way better walk than Raina even though Raina’s smile is more natural. (I was gonna say ultimately even I have to admit she deserved to win, then I went to compare Raina’s photos to hers and they were so beautiful I had to retract that statement. Sorry -_-)

    I will say however that between the final 4, she did at least deserve to be in the final 2.

    Let’s put it this way, Krista is strong in catwalk (er not happy ones) and full length shots, whereas Raina’s strength is in profile photos and commercials.

    Btw anyone else think she might be anorexic? :/ Her childhood photos show a plumper girl, and her parents are on the rounder side too… If she is, that’s kind of sad.

  155. MisterKawasake Says:

    I have been a lover of avant-garde and haute couture fashion for most of my life. I am also an Caribbean American male. For the most part, I wholly agree with Mary Anne.

    What I do not agree with is that this is and will always be the European Standard. Yes, true fashion comes from the European market. However, 25 years ago, an African model, British model and an American model broke so many racial and industry STANDARDS: Beverly, Iman and Naomi. One thing about fashion, it’s always on to the next hot and new thing. i.e. Alek Wek.

    Do you think she would be considered a supermodel 30 years ago? Fashion is always changing. Especially since the arrival of models like Beverly Johnson, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Alek Wek. Look at Stacey Mackenzie!!!!

    What makes a model a model is the unique-ness of her flaws. Forehead: Tyra, Mole: Cindy, Lips: Naomi, Blue-Black Skin: Alek, and Eyebrows: Brooke. THINK ON IT!!!!

    • Amber Says:

      A model’s flaws can be beautiful if they work in the model’s profession. Krista doesn’t have flaws as a person but for her a model her face is a flaw. The reason is is IS a typical face…there’s not anything rare about it. If she had rare facial features and was 18 she could get further in her career. Sadly, she is too old (she begin her career as model at age 25!) and by next year she might have to start using special creams to keep her face fresh. This year she is turning 26 and in four years she will be 30 years old. In the 30’s age bracket one starts using botox if he/she is still a model.

      The European market expands when there is a revolution. Beverly Johnson’s career took off in the 1970’s around the same time as Janice Dickinon’s. She was the second ethnic model to break the boundaries of the profession. Before her there was Naomi Simms. It’s a shame there isn’t a page for Naomi on The Fashion Model Directory website. I would love to see some photographs of her!

      Krista White is not going change anything in the industry. If you have a plain face it’s not going to sell. People who attend fashion shows in Paris and London do not expect to see someone like Krista on the catwalk. They want someone with features that come from a dream…a muse for the photographers if you will. If she can look like Naomi Campbell by using plastic surgery at age 18 then she would’ve stood a chance. Naomi Campbell is beyond exquisite in appearance. She is a dream that enchants the audience at every show. When I see pictures of Krista I think of ugly Rappers wearing the bling bling, gold teeth and excessive tattoos. It’s not to say that all rappers are ugly, because some are hot…but imagine Lil Wayne and you’ll see what I mean *shudders*

      • Habanera Says:

        To be fair, I don’t think Raina – or anyone else from the past thousand three hundred cycles – is going to change anything in the industry. It’s America’s Next Top Model.

      • Maggie Says:

        And now we have “Amber” repeating “Jenny’s distaste of Lil’ Wayne as a rationale for why Krista is “ghetto?” Please.

  156. Dani Says:

    Raina has become even more famous than Krista. Tyra chose dead wrong when it comes to top model I see. 🙂

    • Amber Says:

      It’s true that Raina’s career has taken off. If she would just shrink down to a size zero she will be in French Vogue in no time! I haven’t heard anything about Krista’s career. How is it that she didn’t book Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue in any country yet Raina booked the cover and spread of the first issue of Dubai’s Harper’s Bazaar? It’s VERY impressive to be included in the first issue of Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue. There are only a handful of models who get this opportunity, and they’re the “it” girls of the profession. Here we have a young woman who just got booted from ANTM and suddenly she is modeling in Italy and Dubai! Yes, she booked a spread in an Italian magazine as well in the same year she booked Harper’s Bazaar Dubai. I wonder why Krista wasn’t given such an opportunity…can you please explain that to me?

      • Einez Says:

        Raina just signed a contract with an agency in Paris and a 3 month modeling stint in Hong Kong so good for her! 🙂

  157. Brunito Says:

    I was team Raina for the whole season until she gave up right before the finale. I know exactly why Krista won: she is very classy, elegant and had the best body in the show. I’m not a big fan of her face, but her pics were exquisite. Sorry, Raina, you were not a good competitor to the end. Good luck, Krista!

  158. Mari Hyatt Says:

    I agree here with the Raina fans; how Krista won is beyond me! Not just her look, but her attitude sucked during the entire season. Tell you why – Raina has become more popular and booking more gigs than Krista. Raina deserved the win, plain & simple!

    • Lady Says:

      I don’t get how Krista is not getting many bookings as Raina. Raina went to Paris and Dubai for work. She booked a clothing brand, Symphony, in Dubai and did work for an Italian magazine! That’s some good credit right there. All Krista did was walk in NZ fashion shows as part of one of the challenge prizes she won in Cycle 14 and booked a back-to-school campaign for Max Rave. I come back her every now and then to see if she has done any pret-a-porter shows yet. It doesn’t make any sense since Andre said she would be good for high fashion. I’m confused. It’s annoying that Wilhemina won’t let visitors to their website view the models’ portfolios. It’s like how are we supposed to know if Krista is doing anything!?

      I know that Krista won’t have a long career because she turned 25 after winning Cycle 14, does not look fresh and has a typical face. African-American women with unique features book jobs like crazy in Europe. The same can be said about White women and Asian women and Latinas. It’s all about not looking like everyone else. I see more of Krista’s look on TV and on the interner than in fashion. She would be good for just the commercial side of modeling if she chooses to keep going. But even with commercial modeling one still has to look fresh if starting out. That means your age has to be below 18. It’s like you gotta start doing catalogue before jumping right into high fashion. Krista is too old for catalogue (not just age-wise, but look-wise as well). I assume she hasn’t gotten work in months and is just doing test shots or sitting in her apartment doing nothing.

      Raina can get further in her career if she slims down to a 24-inch waistline because currently her waistline is 25. When she has 24 inches or below for the waistline she’ll book jobs for high-fashion magazines in Europe.

  159. Khatarina Says:

    Krista was rude, mean and ugly. She shouldn’t have won!!!!

  160. Cher Says:

    Why is it that Krista hasn’t had a profile on FMDB (Fashion Model Database) since her win yet Ann Ward does? Why is it that Krista isn’t doing anything important but Ann Ward is? These are questions I want answers to because I’m dying to know!

    • Lily Says:

      I guess because prior to Cycle 16 ANTM wasn’t taken seriously by the Fashion World. I mean why would an modeling agency hire who won a “reality tv,” show about modeling even though it is hosted by Tyra Banks and the winner books a Seventeen Magazine shoot? Just a theory!

  161. Lola Says:

    Best winner and fave yet!!

  162. Miss Says:

    It’s Cycle 16 and updates on Krista’s career are still not posted. Seriously!? What gives? There’s not even a profile for her on FMDB. A little less than two months after the season finale of Cycle 15 aired a profile for Ann Ward was created on FMDB. Isn’t it like that for any winner of ANTM? I know that once a winner has completed some testshoots, CG commercials and her spread and cover of a magazine, there will be a profile for her on FMDB. I am going crazy trying to find updates on Krista’s career! It’s like she faded into obscurity or something. If anyone has updates please let me know ASAP!

    • sweegle Says:

      Let’s face it. Luck was on Krista’s side, especially towards the last few episodes of that cycle because her fellow competitors happened to perform poorly. She wouldn’t have won otherwise. Krista hasn’t got a personality that appeals to the masses. Apart from a determination to win, she’s just a practical person determined to earn a good living for herself and her family.

      She’s isn’t a natural model nor is it in her blood. At the end of the day, she was just incredibly lucky.

      Modeling is in Elyse and Ann’s blood. Those two don’t have to try very hard and just seemed to glide through easy peasy to win the judges, agencies, and photographers over with their good looks and high-fashion appeal. Even if those two didn’t win the competition they would still have been snapped up by agency, as proven in the case of Elyse. I’m sure Ann would be the same. Had Ann not won, I believe she’d still be snapped up by agency simply by her haute couture look, height, personality, and good attitude, plus humbleness.

      • Miss Says:

        Ohhhhh, ok. Thank you for explaining this to me. The whole time I kept waiting for updates on her career. Every time I come here I see the same post-show photographs. I even use search engines to see if there’s any articles on her post-show work. So far, I’ve found only short bits on her appearences at club parties.

  163. lauren Says:

    I wanted Raina to win! She was way prettier!

    • sweegle Says:

      One needs more than just being pretty to become a supermodel. Personality, attitude, likeability, and manners all go into the equation.

      If photographers and agencies cannot work with a girl because of a lack of any one of those elements then a superpretty face is pretty useless – it’s just a tool.

      Personally, I find them both beautiful in their own way but none of those two pretty. But, yes, a Raina win would have been better in a modelling sense because she can be molded whereas Krista is older and seems set. Can’t teach old dog new tricks afterall.

      Winning is one thing, but whether contracted agents will send the winner to as many casting as possible is another story. Agents may have different opinion from show panel judges, or clients may have different idea of beauty or type of models they want to represent their products.

      No matter what Krista got her 100k. Whether she’s able to build on that is a different story.

      • Miss Says:

        That makes sense. So, there won’t be any updates on Krista’s career? I’m still wondering what she did after the New Zealand gig (with regards to modeling and stuff).

  164. julia Says:

    She’s so ugly. Can’t understand how could she win.

  165. sweegle Says:

    she’s beautiful, but effing boring wearing only one expression throughout. She didn’t ever smile with her eyes; her eyes are so dead. They said eyes are the window to the soul, so maybe her soul is mirrored in her eyes (e.g. she’s a dead soul). BORING, BORING, effing boring.

    They shouldn’t have chosen her, but having said that, the runner up, Raina was worst; she looks like a transvestite sometimes and at some angles she even looked like a man. Apart from her wolf-like eyes, which happens to be lively and smiley, Raina seems more pleasant despite her man-like face, but she also come across as a giddy girl without too much in the upstairs department.

  166. Sandra Says:

    Still a black girl; Tyra loves picking black women. She’s not pretty.

  167. mona Says:

    Hey out there, Krista is beautiful, but let’s face it. ANTM is always focused on young and fresh and Krista looks old. Not in our lifestyle, but in model life. She won’t go far, she just looks too old.

  168. yana Says:

    Well, Maryanne you seem to be a racist. I saw your comments on other Black contestants on this site. It seems you don’t believe that Black girls can be pretty. That’s bad. I don’t think that beauty can be measured according to the skin color. BUT STILL I DON’T LIKE Krista at all. Her body is fantastic; she’s so slim and I like it, but her face isn’t pretty. Besides, her behavior on the show was insincere. She really enjoyed all that drama, but tried to keep herself aloof. She and Angelea were b*tches that spoiled the show. A model should have inner beauty, but Krista hasn’t it at all. The winner should have been Jessica or Raina or Simone. I liked these girls.

  169. Gina Says:

    The big blue coat that Krista is wearing … I WANT IT!!! I want it, want it, want it! I want the whole ensemble. It’s totally me. I also love the little red outfit she’s wearing and the beige shirt-dress she’s modeling is gorgeous!

    That to me is the real measure of what a couture model is and should be. It’s not about her ethnicity. It’s about how well she’s selling the clothes. In all this talking about Krista’s masculine looks or her color, I don’t see many comments about her modeling. She posed superbly and with more versatility than anybody else this cycle. But so many of you can’t seem to be able to see past her race, or see anything different from yourselves or what you’re used to as beautiful.

    Exactly why is she “not pretty”? It is her bone structure? The shape or color of her eyes? The length or shape of her legs? Is it her figure? Is her skin not clear? Are her teeth not straight? Does she have “cankles”? Exactly what specific features of her body make her so ugly? I’m betting that most of you who think she’s so ugly don’t have the courage to admit it, but I’m gonna put this out there for you to think about: Do you think maybe you find her ugly because she’s not a white-looking black girl like or Tyra or Simone? Is she just “too black-looking” for you?

    It’s an uncomfortable thought, the idea that we may be a little color-challenged, but if it’s not the size or shape of her eyes, or her legs, or her body, or the contours of her face, the straightness of her teeth or the way she poses that makes her ugly, then what else could it be? I think it’s the non-white features of her face like her wide nose or her thick lips that you find off-putting. If that’s true, then it’s quite possible that you just don’t think dark-skinned African looking people can be considered beautiful. It’s not just you. Krista’s been told all her life that she’s not beautiful and can never be beautiful for exactly that reason. Her facial features challenge everything that most of us have been taught to believe is beautiful.

    You have to be willing to cast that aside to truly appreciate Krista’s beauty. Krista’s look is not “traditional” in the European sense. But that’s what makes her so edgy. She stands out because she’s NOT cookie-cutter white girl pretty, which is so refreshing to see in an industry where so many models look exactly alike.

    Krista is unusual and original, and that makes her stand out. Her bone structure is wonderfully androgynous…really kind of masculine, and it works for her. Grace Jones was exactly the same, and she made a fortune modeling in Europe. There’s a beautiful, striking contrast between the masculinity of Krista’s face and the femininity of her body. But the important thing is that Krista makes the clothes dance! That girl can seriously work her body. I LOVE how she makes the clothes look.

    Personally, I think way too many of you are too focused on Krista’s androgyny and the fact that she’s not a “white-looking” black woman like Tyra. Ask yourself, why does she have to be white-looking to be considered beautiful? Does that really make any sense? And what does that have to do with the fact that the girl can work her body in crazy ways? Her poses are SICK!!! She out-posed everyone in the competition. For that alone, she deserved to win.

    To Maryanne:

    I feel really sorry for you. I guess the world is just changing too much and too fast for people like you who can only see and accept one kind of beauty. But the “ghetto” thing was WAY out of line, and that comment makes YOU the ugly one, not Krista. There are so many good, honest and hard-working, church-going people who live in poverty and come from ghettos, trailer parks or poverty-stricken little country towns. They just don’t get any media coverage. Not everyone who lives there is a gang-banger, dope dealer or a thief. Most just work hard to pay their bills and raise their kids. You only know what you see on TV.

    To you, coming from poverty in the ghetto makes people ugly and it’s clearly something you think people who live there should be ashamed of. But Krista truly embodies that American spirit of working hard to lift yourself up from humble or difficult beginnings, and striving to make something positive and meaningful of your life. What a shame that you can only look down on her for having lived a hard life.

    Maryanne, I can see how in love you are with European standards of beauty, but I’ve lived quite awhile in Europe and the European fashion industry is and always was WAY more progressive in its racial attitudes than America. Since you know so much about European fashion, you MUST know that Paris made supermodels of women like Naomi Sims, Iman, Grace Jones, Alek Wek, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Naomi Campbell (just to name a few)…all women who look nothing like the traditional European “standard” of beauty.

    Please stop trying to tell everybody what Europe will or won’t accept, because you’re just trying to lend credence to your own rather obvious bigotry. Europe has minted more supermodels of color from all over the world than America ever has. In fact, Europe was where black American models went when the American fashion industry wouldn’t give them any work, so please…spare us. What you’re really saying is that YOU and others like you feel personally threatened by the incursion of non-white models into an industry you feel should be lily-white. You suffer from a “country club” mentality. It really worries you that haute couture won’t be a “white’s only” club if other ethnic standards of beauty like Krista’s become more widely accepted. Beauty comes in all colors and ethnicities. What a shame that you can’t see that. You’re missing something truly beautiful.

  170. Debra Says:

    I think beauty is not only outside, but inside too and Krista is the b*tch of all b*tches. She is so ugly inside it was disgusting to watch. Her and Alexandra teaming up and being rude was beyond what a Top Model should be. Alexandra, your fat a** was lucky you even made it that far. I watched every episode several times, and the more I watch the more I see the ugly in people. I understand cattiness amongst girls, but damn eat yourself some HUMBLE pie girls. Be grateful you are there and that Tyra gave you an opportunity.

  171. emma Says:

    I’m not sure why all the comments are negative about your skin color. Your skin is the color of chocolate and I love chocolate. I have heard the U.S. is very racist and looking at the comments it certaintly is.

    (Emma, white chick from New Zealand)

    • Courtney Says:

      I think her skin color is amazing. That dark chocolate color is flawless. The girl is absolutely gorgeous. Those comments up there ^^ are peoples opinions. Do not classify all of the U.S as “racist”. I’m so sick of being called that because I. Am. Not. Racist.

      I think Krista is beautiful, she deserved to win. No matter her skin color because whether your black, white, tan, asian, red head… we are all humans! My goodness. We are all related in a way. We all have the same insides! Krista, while I really wanted Raina to win because of her wolf eyes, is an amazing model. I don’t agree with the way she acted in the house, but you can’t deny that some of her pictures kicked butt.

      Just because some people don’t like how dark her skin is, does not make someone racist. That’s like saying I hate blonds, skinny people, red heads, green eyed people(which I don’t, its just an example) and you calling me racist for that. But last I heard, having blond hair isn’t a race. Racist means hating a race of people example: African American or Spanish or Asian. It does not mean not liking a certain person personally because of their skin color. Again, that’s like saying I don’t like Snookie because she’s orange… *huffs*

      I’m done now. Krista’s skin is amazing, she takes beautiful pictures and that’s that.

  172. Boone Says:

    This was the ” Okay, let’s have an older ( Krista is 26 ) girl win this time ” cycle. It’s getting really old and really predictable anymore. Come on Tyra, turn it back into a modeling competition, not a popularity or personality contest. Like Krista had any personality anyway. Zoicks!

  173. Terri Says:

    I don’t know about the whole ghetto, hard, mannish or whatever crap people are spewing. I just commented to my mom while watching that someone needed to get Krista a cheeseburger she was soooo thin.

  174. V Says:

    Krista was not strong throughout the competition and Raina was.

    Plus, Krista just looked ridiculous in the final runway. Trying to be young and cute…just no. And that bob wig made it 100 times worse.

    Raina = Covergirl

    But I’m glad Krista got her dream. I don’t think she would’ve made it without ANTM.
    At least Raina seems to have made it pretty big without winning the competition 🙂

    • Priscilla Says:

      As surprising as it is, given Raina’s non-thin body, she is able to do a great deal of work domestically and abroad. She has a fantastic face…very 1940’s and 1950’s Hollywood glamour. She has beautiful porcelain skin. My only complaint is her waistline which needs to shrink to 24 inches for her to be walking for couturiers in Paris and Milano. But she is already acheiving quality success. Andre Leon Talley ran to Raina after Krista was crowned the winner, giving her his phone number so she could contact him. He helped Raina get the cover and spread in Harper’s Bazaar Dubai and to book a campaign with a clothing brand in that country. I wonder why he didn’t do that with Krista….it doesn’t make sense to. Perhaps he didn’t see Krista as having the potential he expects of a model. I don’t know 🙂

  175. Chaz Says:

    Krista was not pretty inside and out. Raina was ok in comparison to her, but I would not have voted for these two girls to be the finalists.
    Tyra and the Vogue guy were rooting for Krista from the beginning. Tyra was exceptionally bitchy towards the contestants. She kept going on about Raina’s odd features but Raina was not as odd looking as Krista.
    Tyra truth be told is an exceptionally beautiful woman.
    Imagine being born that way.

  176. Khatarina Says:

    I just can’t get over the fact that Krista looks so damn old!!! She has no personality and in fact her face annoys me so badly.. Tyra you’re crazy.

    • Priscilla Says:

      She looks 25….errrrrr….26. She’s 26 now. It’s because she is 26. She has a great body though. It’s flawless 🙂

  177. tonya Says:

    And this is what I have been experiencing all my life as a black woman. People in the U.S. sometimes think that white skin is more beautiful and that’s all we need to see. In reality all skin colors are beautiful.

  178. Ny Says:

    I liked Krista, she was hilarious. I died when she was talking about Alasia’s walk in the go-see episode lol

  179. UCantBeSerious Says:

    how can anyone say that krista white isnt stunning? i have heard that time and time again and that amazes me that anyone could think that! i think it still stems from this weird creepy bizarre preoccupation with skin color/hue in society and the the ONLY time i notice or consider her skin color/hue is when I am in complete AWE of how lovely it really is!

    krista white, a true american inspiration.

  180. IMRAN Says:

    I think you have it, but Alisha Ballard Is No 1 In ANTM Cycle 14.

  181. roma Says:

    She turned me off with the pink penis comment . If she were white and said that about a black penis then everyone would be up in arms. I tink she is racist Raina was prettier her pics were prettier. Krista is a great model but I think Raina should have one.

  182. Khatarina Says:

    Ugly woman, damn. When Brenda went home, we all saw Krista’s true colours, she was SO mean, a true bitch and that Angelea with her, talking sh*t about others. AND to make perfectly clear: I am not a racist, my comments have nothing to do with Krista’s or Angelea’s race, they are just annoying and unpure human beings. Krista looks like she’s 45.

  183. Priscilla Says:

    People on here keep talking about Europe and America and Africa and Asia and what-have-you when it comes to comes to which models are the prettiest. Every continent has its share of legendary supermodels who ensnared the hearts of countless of photographers and couturiers. I know alot of people on here think Krista is ugly or a bad model and whatever they spew for the sake of spewing, but lighten up! She’s a model and whether she succeeds or not is up to the industry. Maybe she will be a supermodel in ten years or maybe she will be forced to retire at age 30. It’s a sad fact that she began her modeling career at age 25 and many supermodels became supermodels in their early 20’s to mid 20’s. Her career should’ve begun when she was 16-17 yearsold (14 years old, ideally). Even if she doesn’t make it to ther fourth year of her career at least she tried. Some girls want to be models so they will do anything to achieve their dream. I would never say that Seventeen Magazine as the first modeling gig for a young girl is not great. But you have to start somewhere, right? Personally, I don’t really focus on the looks of ANTM winners because the industry, while being look-centric, doesn’t follow ANTM trends or play by Tyra’s rules. You can’t force a centuries-old industry to do what you want it to do. Tyra may be a media mogul but she’s not important in the fashion industry. She did alot of terrible things as a representative of fashion with regards to her show ANTM. The industry’s major players are not interested in allowing such a person to get involved in their projects. They don’t associate with circus acts. Since this more-than-two-years-old comment stream is focused on Krista’s looks, I might as well give my two-cents: Krista has a great walk, body and skin color. She has amazing bone structure and good height. It’s just so sad that she is 25 yearsold and doesn’t have the type of face that’s needed to succeed. There are plenty of African American models that are booking pret-a-porter jobs in Paris and Milano. If Krista manages to reach that level I would be surprised. The industry can’t change overnight but over the past 100 years it has evolved according to societal trends. When society becomes less ethno-centric the appreciation for different forms of racial beauty develops. African American models are considered beautiful now but it took pioneers such as Naomi Simms and Beverly Johnson to knock every photographer’s socks off before an influx of models could take place. I’m just really happy there are alot of African models now which is my favorite category. I love Ajak and Alek Wek!

  184. Guillote Says:

    Krista… She won just the Title… but her career is stuck in USA.
    Look at Raina, since the ANTM ended, she worked in Paris, Dubai, Signed 3 contracts… etc.. (check her bio)… Raina has a REAL model career. The Judges gave Krista the Title just for pity. Because they knew Raina has a real potential, she doesn’t need the title, and they were right! Raina has an INTERNATIONAL career, and Krista? Just USA.

    Judges were not stupid this season, they gave the title to the old girl, for pity, because the real “potencial career” model (Raina) doesnt need the title.

  185. Rosey Says:

    I was really pissed off when I saw Krista winning. And it is obvious that they picked her because they wanted to show that african-american women can also be beautiful, which is absolutely true, but not in this case. And I don’t see a great model in her either. Raina should have won. Or Jennifer

  186. sydnee Says:

    Since she is signed with an excellent agency, she must be true model material

  187. Who cares? Says:

    She won, sitting here bitching about the fashion industry and the show isn’t gonna change anything.

  188. A Says:

    Stunning. Only saw a couple of installments of the show. Hope she is equally beautiful on the inside.

  189. Sthefany Says:

    a real model!

  190. Nice Says:

    whatever, she won, it’s over, good for her, very good!

  191. ney Says:

    krista is only 3 years older, just shut up and accept it did!

  192. Anj Says:

    People are always going to talk, good or bad, negative or positive so glad a chocolate woman although considered “older” won in ANTM!

  193. Cassie Says:

    I always look for updates on Krista White’s career using various search engines. It is too challenging because I’m under the impression that she is destined to be an international supermodel. It’s been more than a year since she won the competition and her modeling credentials are limited to challenge wins from ANTM, a few magazine publication spreads (none of which are Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Elle, etc.) of the non-fashion variety and a few runway shows. What happened to her CoverGirl contract? I thought the company was going to give her advertisements and commercials. I don’t know….I’m very sad and angry with how inactive Krista’s career is. She has a divine body and superb runway skills…I assumed she would be modelling in Paris, Milano, Tokyo, London and NYC monthly. I hope she books the cover of French Vogue becasue that would be cool. If anyone knows what foreign credentials she earned as a model over the past several months (excluding the Vietnamese magazine spread and the NZ fashion show challenge wins) please tell me!!!!!!!! 😦

  194. Trina Says:

    Black is beautiful, we all come in many shades and I will embrace it forever and I wouldn’t want to change it for anything.. Along with Krista, myself and millions of other black women we love who we are starting with the color of our skin, the structure of our face, the color of our eyes, and to the energy in our voice…. I can go on and on but because we are all so confident we will not allow the absurdness, or the envious remarks to overpower us, as always we will continue to strive with confidence because we love and value our beautiful qualities so much.. Keep striving Krista, and congratulations on your win and future endeavors.

  195. Queen Says:

    @ Maryanne….U need 2 do all of us a favor & “Go 2 HELL w/gasoline draws on” & quit h8n u h8r!

  196. aly-anon Says:

    i thought she looked about 10-15 years older than she actually was. has she done anything really since her win?

  197. meredith Says:

    She is racist! So ignorant. What a shame she won.

  198. Liz Says:

    Gina you are all shades of insightful.
    I’m really glad Krista won. She worked just as hard when she was on top as she did when she was further down. I really hope she continues to work, those cheekbones should not be put to waste!

  199. Lindsey Says:

    I would like to say that I think it’s really ridiculous how you guys are fighting over the internet, on a topic that your trying to sound extremely smart with by using large words. I really got a crack out of this. I’m sure that ANY of you guys would have the balls to say any of this to Krista’s face. She’s a human being also, like you guys are. I mean, sure constructive criticisim is always good at points, but to just flat out call her ghetto, and ugly ect. is really uncalled for. You don’t even know her personally so how the hellll would you know if she is ‘ghetto’ or has a bad personality? Oh, just because you saw her on a TV show about 10+ times makes you know everything about her? I’m sorry, but I think that’s ridiculous and THAT is iggnorant. Oh gee, my spellings off I’m sure your going to tell me how ghetto I am now or something. Go get a life, and stop giving critique to people you don’t even know.
    Case Closed.

  200. Cecilia Says:

    She is a BULLY!

  201. Himela Says:

    She has an awesome body but her face is not that beautiful…

  202. Kristin Says:

    i think Krista is hideous looking and should not have even been in the show. what were they thinking? They couldn’t have found a gorgeous woman of color? ewww, Krista is ugly inside and out.

  203. christinee Says:

    Krista White is the worst winner ever, Trya you have lost your touch in selecting a Model the other girl had the look and you were all just so hooked on the idea that is black

  204. faith Says:

    History is a recording of the past, It it those who have no creativity who rely on it solely before making their next move. Congrats to the those with an open mind like that of Emma Summerton who’s photo shoot of black or dark models lead to the February issue of Italian Vogue selling out. what the world demands brings about change. And clearly there is big money to be made. Black women do not have one look and PLease people look up the definition of ghetto it does not mean black. I intend to use my power as a consumer to purchase from designers who include black women and women of color in their runway shows and ads. The models included in the photo shoot were as listed on google Aminata Niaria,Ajak Den, Chanel Iman,Rose Cordero,Melodie Monrose,Jourdan Dunn, Arlenis Sosa Pena,Georgia Badiel,Sessilee Lopez,Kinee Diof,Lais Ribeiro,Jan Smalls. I think there is room for Krista too. Lets keep these ladies working by demanding more!!! MAN does not determine whether or not what GOD created is beautiful.

  205. whocares Says:

    They both sucked. I think Krista is prettier, but all the photos I’ve seen of both of them since they were on ANTM make me yawn. I love watching ANTM, but that’s the problem with this show. There’s very little follow-up, and the girls are often so new to the industry that they can’t compete in the real modeling world. The most successful ones aren’t even successful as top models but as celebrity B-listers.

  206. Cari Says:

    I have read a lot of quite rude comments here but many of you have missed the point of this forum. Krista takes amazing photos, but it is like Jay has said, she can do amazing poses but loses it in the face. She has produced some stunning photos, in the body. Raina produced some stunning photos, in the face. I wanna mush them together cause then that would make the perfect antm.

    Long hair helps Krista a lot. Really in this cycle I can not pinpoint one of them that really earned the title since there was not one person who really stood out. Krista started to stand out but she needs to master that face to be worthy of the title bestowed upon her.

  207. Truth Teller Says:

    Whoever wrote the review is a racist. And the rest of you racist are going to pay big time one day. Beauty is Beauty and racism is ugly…and so are you…look in your heart. SEE! I told you!!!

  208. steph Says:

    Raina looked and walked like a line backer.Not one person hired her for “go sees”.But yep, she should have won (insert sarcastic eye roll here )

    • Hoosier Consumer Says:

      She got hired for one go-see and is on a bunch of commercials now. I see her on TV a couple of times a week. Haven’t seen Krista ANYwhere — so there you go!

  209. Candy Says:

    This whole giant drama has been going on for two years. It is absolutely ridiculous! It’ll keep going on for the next 20 years unless someone deletes all these comments! My take on the “ghetto” comments is that they may be just reactions to how she looks. I know in the fashion industry agents and photographers will say REALLY mean things to models (because they can and it’s part of the job)…like worse than the “ghetto” comments on this page. It’s the no holds-barred criticism for models in order to motivate them to change how they appear in photographs (use facial muscles differently, relax the face, pose exactly the way the client wants one to). She is a chocolate sister with great cheekbones, lips, skin color and a slammin body. In the industry some models cannot take the scrutiny and quit. They don’t want to be told they look like they come from a pack of wolves or a group of gangsters. It’s really tough. My initial reaction to Krista’s post-ANTM photographs is that she looks like she comes from a ghetto (fashion reaction, not personal reaction…please don’t confuse the two) but I am not thinking she is from a ghetto or that all black people who come a ghetto are hideous. There countless of beautiful women who come from ghettos. Tiffany Richardson is one of them and her body and face are flawless. Krista is from the South and a small town, she is certainly not from a ghetto. However, her face is too hardened and brutish-looking to be considered elegant or androgynous for fashion. Jenny Shimuzu is a perfect example of an androgynous model. There’s nothing hard about her face. Eve Salvail, Grace Jones, Brigette Nielsen are other perfect examples of androgynous models. Krista does not look androgynous, she looks exactly like a man. But in some of her ANTM photographs she looks radiant and beautiful.

  210. Debra Says:

    I was mad she won. I think a Top Model should be as beautiful on the inside as the out and she is neither. She talked about Raina being fake and she is as fake as they come. I hope she has learned to be humble and not so fake and rude.

    • KGM Says:

      Krista was very bizarre – in house shots and on photo shoots, she didn’t look pretty. But, when she was in the judging room, she looked MUCH better. Still think she is very mannish with dead eyes and a horrible attitude. She not only participated in many fights but she was also the instigator of many fights. Also, she looked VERY old to only be 24 years old – look at the rings on her neck!

  211. Jane Says:

    Why did Krista win her face never changes. Same old look. However knew she would win. Tyra always focuses on one girl throughout show. And you know they’ve already picked the winner before hand. It’s rigged and a scam. Raina should have won. She had the whole package. Maybe it’s because of her race. Yah think?

  212. fitz Says:

    omg STOP going on about race!! seriously Krista’s pictures were very good and due to her age it may have been a last chance, however Raina was far more likeable as Krista came across as a bit of a bitch at times – THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE!!!! and if it is remember in the first episode she did actually say that she wouldnt be with a white man – funny how that can be aired – if it was the other way round im sure there would be outrage ….. funny that ………..
    does antm always have to be about race? extreamly fed up!!

  213. anonymous Says:

    I don’t agree with Krista winning- and it has nothing to do with her skin color. She wasn’t pretty (I think she looked unnaturally thin), she had a horrible attitude (What kind of role model is that? The show puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of being a role model.) and finally she was arrogant (not confident- there is a difference) in the way she continued to act throughout the show. The judges seemed to be unduly biased in their favor of her, and I believe they would have been better to perhaps revise their opinion of her… not that I am a fan of Raina either, I just wasn’t a fan of this particular cycle.

  214. emergencyexit16 Says:

    I’m black, and I hate to say but I agree with Mary Anne. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for since 2008 and have seen the change in looks over the years. DARK SKIN MODELS DO work well in Europe or NYC under the condition that they have a fresh face. Think Oluchi, Aminata, Alek Wek, Ajak(absolutely gorgeous). I see more Dark skinned black models than lighter ones in high fashion. Krista has drop dead beautiful skin, BUT HER FEATURES ARE JUST TOO OLD LOOKING. She’s not fresh!! Quite frankly, no one in the season had what it took to become a high fashion model. Raina has more of 1990’s face, AND HER BODY IS AWFUL.

  215. G Says:

    I for one think Krista shouldn’t have won either, not for her skin tone as it’s gorgeous but more so because she’s way too old to legitimitly have a career in the fashion industry as a model.

    No matter what you say about Raina, that she had one look, bad walk, etc etc. The sad truth is she could still book (and has) more work because she is at an age the industry deems acceptable.

    I’m happy in a way Krista got to taste modelling because I am sure without this show it would never have happened. It’s a damn shame it took Tyra’s team 14 cycles to put her on, if she was a bit younger she would have booked more work I’m sure.

    Now saying all that, I’m also sad Krista won because well she wasn’t a very nice person. Call it being competitive but she was quite selfish, bitchy and despite her numerous claims of Raina being fake I am sure she was the only one being fake.

    Raina in the whole 12 weeks of the show never once acted phony. Perhaps when she was bitching about Alasia in her confessional and then came out and said hi but I mean.. they all do that in their confessionals. It’s understandable you vent your frustrations there, they all do it.

    Krista on the other hand acted nice but she was quite an instigator in fights which I found a bit sad considering she was the oldest woman in the house. I remember Tyra said to Eva she didn’t want to cast another “black bitch character”. What message does it send allowing one to win then Tyra?

    While she does photograph well and has great bone structure, she does come off a bit harsh. I’m suprised Raina didn’t win but she’s doing more than fine after being Harpers Bazaar Arabia/UK, signed to agency in Paris and also starred in a Bon Iver video.

    I mean, wins like this do bring up the question of is Tyra being favourable to black models. It seems ridiculous to even say but I mean in reality Tyra knows well Krista is too old for modelling.and Raina is easily one of the most unique girls of all 18 cycles so far to date. It’s odd is all.

    Also for everyone giving stink about people calling her ghetto. It seems a double standard, on Alasia’s page people seem to call her ghetto but it’s accepted positively yet calling Krista it is outrageous? Can someone clarify why this is?

  216. MsTrashpuppy Says:

    Sooo much discussion over Krista, whether your favourite is Raina or Krista it’s crazy to say Kristas ugly. She looks beautiful in the underground shoot, interesting in the hair shoot-and she clearly blew evryone else out of the running in that episode-drag qeen runway was exceptional. The shadow shoot was fab, she killed the go sees and she remained professional when she couldn’t remember her lines in the covergirl ad. Raina is beautiful, has a boxier frame which didn’t always come across well in the 3d of television, as well as the planes of her face-she looked less exciting and beautiful in the covergirl ad and even the judges commented on her face being less for the motion camera than the still camera and they always want a model that can do both. She also can’t walk as well-fact. Regardless of what you think of both and how they have done since, Krista won. Why be mean? I also don’t like Teyona cycle 12 but she took a mean pick and she beat Al in the comp-hate writing that, but credit where credits due-lets not be mean and think we can criticise our sistas looks, we should be proud of diversity and reward where its deserved.

  217. mzoverit Says:

    Damn she is ugly! I just don’t get it.

  218. mzoverit Says:


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  220. Ann Says:

    I wanted Raina to win. But although Krista won, I’m still glad Ms. Hein is making a name for herself. Good for her.

    On a personal note, Krista is tall, got the model bod, and the high cheek bones. I get it. Nothing against her, but she looks like a dude in most of her pics. Even my mom thought she looked like a chick in drag when she walked for the Cycle 15 finale in Milan. No offense to her fans.

    And I didn’t like her attitude at all.

  221. Cookies Says:

    Okay seriously, I seriously found Raina looking more like a model than anything. Krista looks like an alien. I would know, for i am an Irken. 😀

  222. laura Says:

    You know wha honestly…i think krista is soo friken uglyy. being black hs nothingto do with someones beauty…but to have beauty, u have to be beautiful. im sorr but krista was NOT!…she was the biggest ghetto bitch i have ever seen ! she was such a stuk up bitch and she thought she was the best…raina, other than her big mouth was beautiful. she should have won it. she had amazing pictures..

    • Rebecca Says:

      i totally agree ^^
      she was a total snob and was so fake. he was different in front of the judges than the oher models. she started most of the fights in the house. She should have left earlir on in the competition. Raina should have won. She was amazingly beautiful. If you look at both kristas and rain portfolio on here you will ee that raina is alot more successfull after the antm series. and krista was awarded with an angency. look who turned out better? you are all naive. and you people that are sayig that krista was prettier, would you like me to buy you a pair of glasses? she was soo ugly. she was a bully and had too much to say for her own liking. she was such a bitch and was continuously pick on people. She had te face of a camel. Shewas what 25? pft more like 45. I have watched almost every single cycle of antm and i would say that this cycles winner and next cycles winner(ann ward) were the worst winners !

  223. Jack Says:

    Yay krista won.. congratz… but I thought Raina should win. Was my fav since the beggining.

  224. Cody Says:

    Yay krista won …. BUT I thought RAINA shud win.

  225. Proud Says:

    It is absurd the way people talk about Krista because she is BLACK but being white does not make you God or makes blacks DEVILS racism just defines you and changes nobody.
    People deserve credits they work for- i am sure you wouldn’t say much of this if she was white.

  226. Katherine Says:

    What a shame she won. She had a terrible personality. She was not likeable at all. And she’s not even good looking. She looks so strange and alien-like. All she did was talk trash about the other girls, probably to hide some self esteem issues. I can’t stand black girls. They’re so ghetto and always talking trash about other people and starting fights. They possess zero class.

  227. Ana Septix Says:

    who styled that outfit with the green dress, yellow belt, and purple leggings. where did that dress come from?

  228. Debra Says:

    Ugly is not just on the outside and this one is ugly inside and out. She says she was REAL but she was a bitch and an instigator on ANTM. I agree dark skinned women should be spotlighted but not her for sure….She is a rude, ugly and most disgusting individual and talked so much crap about Raina and jessica and even Angelea….that is not a nice person

  229. Hoosier Consumer Says:

    Just watching a rerun of this season. Somewhere halfway through the season, Andre Leon-Talley decided he wanted Krista and it was all over after that. She did well, but I was sorry she won because she was such a total byatch. The “Yay me!” and “I’ll kill the bitch if I have to to win,” talk is not exactly what you would look for in a role model. THAT’S why I was sorry to see her win. Now, a couple of years later, I haven’t seen hide nore hair of her, yet Raina seems to be on every other commercial. No wonder. What employer in his/her right mind would want to hire someone who was that mean? Models are a dime a dozen, so why put up with that kind of behavior?

  230. Lila Says:

    re-watching that cycle now, and all i see when krista is on screen is “old.” she also has a horrid personality, and comes off as catty and immature, despite how old she is! oh, well, at least raina actually gets work now, long after the cycle ended. International work too, which is funny because Krista was chosen for her potential at an international career. Krista doesn’t seem like she did much beyond top model.

  231. Kirsten Says:

    I didn’t want Krista to win. I didn’t like her at all, especially her pathetic, snooty “Yay me’s” I don’t like her looks, or her attitude. However, I do think she would have gone farther than Raina, but I liked Raina so much better! I wanted her to win. She always talked about Raina being fake, but she is the true fake one. Raina was just being herself. Krista jut looked like a constipated/angry man to me.

  232. Terry Says:

    Her face really bothers me…she looks like a man and is only pretty when she smiles. I actually cringe looking at her face.

  233. Kea Says:

    “Dark skin was looked down on hundreds or thousands of years ago???!”

    Are you crazy? Dark skin was WORSHIPPED up until the Atlantic Slave Trade. Think about the Egyptians, Moors, Saints of Catholism and the Black Madonna. Sweetie, you’re dark skin and melanin is a gift from God. Thats why eeryone tans to get to our complexion.Africans were the first inhabitants of the Earth, therefore, we are. Created in Gods image! Please don’t ever say such an idiotic thing like that EVER again.

  234. maria1924 Says:

    a real model.. Noone in top model history posed like this chick.. She knew how to pose, and knew her angles before she arrived.. She blew the competition away on her season!!

  235. Hoosier Consumer Says:

    I agree that they decide on the winner 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the season. All of a sudden you’ll notice them rave about everything the eventual winner does — even if it’s something they criticize when other contestants do it.

  236. Hoosier Consumer Says:

    Krista won the battle, but Raina won the war, which shows that winning ANTM means nothing in terms of potential.

  237. Nkosi Says:

    She’s a striking girl but the styling in all the above pictures is very weak – she doesn’t look aspirational in any of these pictures.

  238. TJR Says:

    For all the folks pissed that she gives bias to black women…remember one thing: ANTM is Tyra’s show! LOL…she knows the mechanics and politics of the modeling industry that does NOT give women of color any kind of a break so she uses her show to do so. She knew Raina would do well without any kind of push so its her choice to push those who otherwise wouldn’t have one. Get over it. The world is not fair. Especially not to dark-skinned women who want to be supermodels. Ya’ll really kill me. That white privilege must really be a treat.

  239. dissapointedintiffany Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS KRISTA! I wish you awesome success. You earned that title “America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 14!” You were stunning throughout. I loved your friendship with Angelea who went on to make a infamous name for herself. 🙂 I liked Raina as well & wished you two would have gotten along better especially in the end when it was just the two of you. However, I wasn’t there & you were so you must have had your reasons it’s just that I thought Raina was reaching out to you @ the end. Nonetheless, I’m just tickled pink that you won it all. God Bless You.

  240. Lilly R Says:

    I don’t understand why so many are hating on Krista! Yes, she wasn’t my favourite contestant of this cycle (I was rooting for Angelea 🙂 though she became kinda weak as the show progressed) But she definitely deserved the win! She was strong in her photos and her walk was fierce.
    And to everyone who is going down the She-is-the-mean-bitch path: Let’s be honest for a while: EVERYONE IN THIS CYCLE WAS A BITCH! And I mean: EVERYONE (except Tatianna maybe). Fans of Raina and Jessica and Brenda seem to label Angelea, Krista, Alasia, Alexandra and Anslee as the mean girls. But did you all forget how Jessica and Raina deliberately shattered Alasia’s confidence by bitching at her (the incident in the confession box?) How Jessica with full intent provoked Alasia, knowing she whould loose her cool again? She knew that Alasia would loose it and she wanted to embarrass her. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like Alasia much, I hated her yelling and the things she said to Anslee about being a bad mom – that was a low blow! – but let’s not forget how the others actually wanted her to blow and embarrass herself. That’s also bitchy!
    Or Ren – whenever she heard someone talking, she would run to the other person and tell her about it – was there any need to tell Brenda that Krista & co were talking about her hair? (and I can’t really remember that they said she looked ugly) – Ren caused the problem, not the others.
    Or Brenda calling Angelea uneducated – srsl, did she expect Angelea to just shut up about it?
    I’m not saying that Krista & co were being nice and sweet (there was no need for Angelea to ask Brenda how it felt to be in the bottom 2), but at least they were straight-forward about it! I’m in this with Krista when she said that herself, Angelea, Alexandra, Alasia and Anslee were real.

    I’m not hating on any of the girls of this cycle – I think Raina was stunning and Jessica had this very special look. Brenda could have been good, but her makeover kinda ruined it – but for all the fans of these three, labelling the others as mean and bitchy – don’t you think you are ignoring a lot of things that happened in this cycle, things that were NOT the ‘mean girls’ fault?

    • pointandshoot Says:

      Wow, I hope some people got another hobby after this season was over. Do you guys really think anyone reads those fifteen paragraph posts? Morons. As for Krista, after her ignorant racist comment about white guys, I wouldn’t hire her if she was the only model available. Racists apparently come in shades other than white, though no one here has remembered that. Hopefully you all have grown up a bit.

  241. Stacie Lambert Says:

    I am fellow Arkansan and I am proud of krista yes she is a dark skinned black woman but that’s what makes her beautiful no matter what people do instead of congratulating her she’s being put down but to me she made it Tyra and her panel thought she rocked the house that’s all that matters being an African American we are different shades of black and that is what makes us the most hated race because we are beautiful in all shades

  242. derolyn Says:

    very naive ov all thoz who krista looks poor or ghetto coz of her bone structure ,no supriz that 50% ov u r hv chubby chicks or wrinkl;es on facez try out on antm n lets c how far ull go.than judging looks i bet ull evn go thru d 1st door b4 they call security coz ov the horror looks

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