Kimberly Rydzewski was a contestant during Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Kimberly Rydzewski was the 20-year-old customer service representative from Worcester, Massachusetts. She made it to the final thirteen, but at the end of episode two, decided that she didn’t like fashion and wearing expensive clothes enough to want to continue in the competition. She was the first model to leave Cycle 10, and the third model to ever quit from America’s Next Top Model after Cycle 5‘s Cassandra Whitehead and Cycle 9‘s Ebony Morgan.

Since the show, Kimberly has modeled for Twenty Three Vintage, Calico and Swimwear Plus and done some test shots.

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Source: ANTM

Source: ANTM

Source: ANTM

Source: ANTM / Sarah McColgan

To view more photos of Kimberly, click here.

18 Responses to “Kimberly Rydzewski”

  1. Cassie Says:

    She reminded me of Gemma Ward. Wish she’d stayed longer.

  2. J Says:

    She should have stayed on ANTM and learned more about modeling.

  3. hahaha Says:

    Dumb blonde! She just want to be a Playboy model, not a fashion model!

  4. NS Says:

    Actually, I really admire her. She had a valid point. I love fashion but it’s so true that paying so much money and creating such a fuss for expensive fashion brands is really absurd and I too don’t support it.

  5. kiki Says:

    You guys are idiots; that’s not really why she quit. The reason she quit was because her abusive ex-boyfriend commited suicide three months before and that reminded her of when her mother commited suicide when she was little. It’s because of this that she couldn’t handle the competition. Her not wanting to pay a lot of money on outfits just gave her a reason to leave.

  6. Jenn Says:

    If she had stayed, I doubt she would have made it very far. She’s not very photogenic, in my honest opinion.

  7. boo Says:

    Nothing special about her. She looks like the regular annoying girls back from high school that thinks she’s so much better than everyone else.

  8. Anna Says:

    I don’t like girls quitting the show. They wasted so much opportunity that the show could’ve just given to some other contestant who would die to have the chance they threw away.

  9. Liza Says:

    She is very beautiful.It wasn’t a good idea to leave the show.She could become an excellent model.

  10. Liza, please email me! Arthur

  11. Charlotte Says:

    her voice is just sooo annoying as soon as a word came out of her mouth i knew she was a dumb blonde but i do agree with her. you dont have to pay thousands of dollars to by one item of designer clothing its just a waste of money. billions of people are poor or in poverty that dont have $10 to buy food for themselves or their family and for super rich people to waste that kind of money for appearence is just selfish and sickening

  12. CoosCoos Says:

    I agree with Cassie (the top post). The first time i saw the cycle 10 promo shot back when the the cycle came on, i immediatley thought this person looked like Gemma Ward. It was this reason I wanted her to make it very far…but no. The pictures of her on here are awful, but w/ the right make up and photography, she could be right up there with her look alike, Gemma Ward. (If you don’t know who Gemma Ward is, look her up). Anyway, what a waste.

  13. Victoria Says:

    Uh, wasn’t she NOT going to be a model??? Didn’t she dislike it???Then why is she modelling?
    I can’t help but wonder how far she would have went, but I have to admit that her voice- even though she couldn’t help it- reminded me of Barbie and set me on edge a bit it was so high and babyish. I also keep wondering what her makeover would have been, though it sounds silly. But I guess I’ll never know… lol

  14. Magdalene chapman Says:

    Let her be

  15. alberta Says:

    I don’t think the photos here represent her. She ended up being one of the most successful models of ANTM ever, has thousands of prints, and looks very high fashion in them!

  16. Derek Says:

    She looks more like a porn star than a model…

  17. Katherine Says:

    She really does have model potential, but my god, she made herself look like a dumbass.

  18. e Says:

    SO insulting to compare her to Gemma Ward. Gemma is BEAUTIFUL!!!

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