Kimberly “Kim” Stolz was a contestant on Cycle 5 of ANTM.

Kim grew up in New York City and attended The Brearley School in Manhattan. In 2005, she earned a bachelor’s degree in government and international politics from Wesleyan University; she wrote her undergraduate thesis about U.S. foreign policy. After graduating from Wesleyan, Kim briefly worked in a law firm.

In fall 2005, Kim was a contestant on Cycle 5 of America’s Next Top Model. Kim, who was open about her sexuality on ANTM, was routinely criticized by some of the show’s judges for having a “masculine” appearance.

Kim is most memorable for kissing fellow contestant Sarah Rhoades in the limo. She also “made out” with Sarah while the two were in bed together while living in the Top Model house. In an interview with the website AfterEllen, Kim stated: “I think that a lot of people were very quick to merge my sexuality and gender, and that made them scrutinize my masculinity a whole lot more than they would otherwise.” Kim was eventually the ninth contestant eliminated, making it to the final five.

Kim currently has an active presence with MTV: she is a video jockey for The Freshman on mtvU and is also an MTV News correspondent. In 2008, she reported extensively on the 2008 Iowa Caucus and interviewed presidential candidates John Edwards and Mike Huckabee.

Kim also pursued a career in fashion modeling; soon after she appeared on America’s Next Top Model, she was signed with Elite Model Management in New York City and is now signed to Ford Models in New York. She also had a small role on an episode of the UPN series, Veronica Mars, as part of a challenge win for America’s Next Top Model. She has recently been featured as one of CoverGirl’s Top Models in Action.

In addition to her publicity as  a Top Model in Action, Kim was voted as one of the most memorable contestants by AOL Entertainment Canada. She has also been writing for the Huffington post.

Kim has since stopped modeling and is now a correspondent for MTV. She participates in celebrity modeling projects booked through Ford Models.

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Source: Kim's Myspace

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To view more photos of Kim, click here.

45 Responses to “Kimberly “Kim” Stolz”

  1. Cassie Says:

    She was the hottest. Even though her pictures weren’t that great.

  2. jennifer Says:

    She is SO great and hot. I loved her photos and her looks. She really deserves being a model.

  3. kiki Says:

    I love her and her photos.

  4. lissa Says:

    Hated her personality, but I cannot deny she’s a great model. Wow!

  5. esther Says:

    She’s hot modeling both as a woman AND a man. Amazing.

  6. DevilishlyTweet Says:

    I totally love both her personality and her work. I totally hope she has the best in her future no matter which route she chooses.

  7. полина Says:

    Она настоящая модель!!!

    Rough Translation: “She’s a contemporary model!”

  8. KriStina Says:

    Она очень красивая с длинными волосами. Оболдеть….

    Rough Translation: “She’s beautiful with long hair.”

  9. с длинными особенно супеp!

    Rough Translation: “With long hair especially super!”

  10. НАташа Says:

    Девченки, а Ким сейчас чем занимается? уже не модельным бизнесом да?

  11. Camilla Says:

    I love her so much, especially with long hair. I also like the short hair. I think she is the strongest lesbian on ANTM (until Kayla Cycle 15).

  12. lana Says:

    Oh my goodness! Kim is wonderfull!

  13. Liana Says:

    That picture of her with her leg on the phone booth is amazing!!

  14. Alex Says:

    Way too short, too boyish (for me) and way too interested in the other girls. Well that was actually fine! I don’t think she is “Top model” material though. The top two girls were much better.

    But hey, it’s TV!

  15. Paul Says:

    She has been one of my favorites in this cycle…i would have been happier if she made it to the final 2. she’s really beautiful and captivating.

  16. Kamaleon Says:


  17. ar Says:

    just beautiful!!

  18. Heather Says:

    She was gorgeous! I’m straight but I would completely make out with her. LOL

  19. LILIANA Says:

    creo que si que ella es la chica mas memorable de antm ciclo 5 porque creo que dentro como fuera del programa a ella le esta yendo bien con el modela je y creo que ella debería de seguir así porque muchas personas en el mundo la admiran y creo que ella asé un lindo trabajo defendiendo los derechos de los guise y eso las personas guise lo valoran mucho y es muy bueno que después de casi de 6 años se sigan acordando de kim stolz tal y como es mucha suerte kim stolz con el resto de tu vida

    • Allison Says:

      Estoy de acuerdo contigo, kim es mi favorita de todo antm porque es unica y diferente a las demás, yo la sigo recordando aunque ya hayan pasado 6 años de el ciclo 5, pero aveces me pongo triste o me siento mal que se anden burlando de que es masculina o que es lesbiana o cosas así, yo queria que ella ganará porque es diferente además ella es muy linda y me gustaria conocerla 🙂

  20. Bored now Says:

    She looks so masculine. x_x; Are you sure she’s a girl?

  21. joejoe_no1 Says:

    She didn’t seem to understand why she was on the show. It was a modeling contest. Not a change a straight girl into a lesbian, talk about everyone, and then focus on Bre show. She lost her focus. I think she could have gone further.

  22. nathaly Says:

    hola creo que ella es la persona mas bella ,y valiente que habia visto en el mundo ,adem,as es muy hermosa ,lo que mas me encanta es esa mirada dulcel y su hermoso rostro ,espero que te vaya muy bien en tus planes en todo momento te deseo lo mejor porque tu te la mereces chauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ……………. te cuidas mucho y te cuento un secreto ,la cual es …; que me gustas muchoooooooooooooooooo bye…….

  23. lulu15 Says:

    she’s unique in her own way..cute boyish type that i dont know how to describe..

  24. lulu15 Says:

    she’s got the muscle by the way 😛

  25. Mariaan:3 Says:

    kim es tan HERMOSA y tan guapo cuando viste masculinamente,me encanta ,no soy lesbiana..pero si tuviese la oportunidad de estar con ella como pareja no la desaprobecharia por nada del mundo,es HERMOSA y muy guapa y sexy cuando viste encanta

  26. Jen Says:

    she reminds me of jasper from twilight in some of these pictures!

  27. Himela Says:

    Kim should have been in ANTM All Stars and totally not Camille, Abgelea, Bre and Bianca!

  28. yasmin Says:

    I absolutely loved Kim right from the start; i think she is gorgeous and i would of loved her to won (even though i am happy nicole won.) She was a strong competitor and wasn’t afraid to say who she was, and that can be hard for a lot of girls out there. I hope her career has been successful and i wish her the best of luck.
    p.s would defiantly turn lesbian if i knew her!

  29. Ary Says:

    ela é muito bonita.. desde que começou o programa America Next top model,logo no inicio eu vi ela la entre as outras e vi que ela era a mais bonita delas. e torci pra ela . rs’

  30. Daniela Luna Says:

    She’s the best, I love her!!

  31. ПодругаЛюцифера Says:

    Мне она безумно понравилась, очень красивая! И фотографии ее классные! Многие делали акцент на ее гомосексуальность и подчеркивали ее “мальчишеский вид”, только это, как раз наоборот, придавало некий шарм. Показать себя так многогранно не каждой удалось! Одним словом очень ярко!!! Желаю ей больших успехов!

  32. Mack Says:

    Oh man I would killnto have her job as a correspondent.

  33. Caitlin Says:

    Oh my goodness. She is so hot. It’s a little rediculous that she was called “manly” of all things on ANTM. She’s got a really beautiful androgynous look. Absolutely my favorite model on any season of ANTM so far. Especially because she was so open about her sexuality.

  34. Dana Says:

    Instantly recognized her from Veronica Mars (which is pretty nifty, she’s very memorable), and from then on wanted her to win so badly. I gotta admit, I was never crazy about her pictures, but I liked her best of the group in terms of personality. She actually had a brain. Reminded me of Elyse from Cycle 1. In any case, Kim’s pictures from after the show are stunning.

  35. Katy Says:

    One of my all-time favorites. 🙂

  36. Ash Says:

    omg am I the only who get noticed she became SO thin before ANTM? look at her bones in the picture that she’s taking off her t-shirt, and in two 3/4 face pictures, like, where the hell are her cheeks? Well I hope it’s just me u_u [Sorry for my bad English.]

  37. maia Says:

    She’s so gorgeous, coming from a lesbian myself i love her more with her short hair. She’s sexy as hell.

  38. Niamh Says:

    Kim is my all-time favourite model, she was so happy and funny!

  39. Mindy Rude Says:

    If I was gonna date a girl I’d date Kim. I thought she was gorgeous and fun. I would have gladly kissed her like Sarah did.

  40. Jude32 Says:

    She’s beautiful – I think she’s really grown as a model, too! (made evident by her post ANTM shots) She found that perfect balance between masculine and feminine. LOVE the shot with her leg up on the phone booth. Also the ones showing her abs. So, so hot!

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