Kendal Brown was a contestant during Cycle 15 of ANTM.

The Northport, Alabama native was 23 years old during her stint on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15. Kendal was discovered via, just as her competitor Jane Randall. On camera, she commented that before the show, she’d never been out of Alabama nor away from her family.

During her initial panel interview with the judges, the timid model revealed that she’s still a virgin. Mostly because she didn’t like semen. She’d seen it and it grossed her out. She did express that she likes to cuddle.

Following her first panel interview, Tyra said, “She’s one of the most beautiful Top Model girls I’ve seen in a while.” Mr. Jay thought she was stunning.

Kendal was called 2nd during selection of the final 14 girls.

In episode 2, Kendal revealed that she lived in mobile home, which was quite a difference from their Top Model Venice Beach house. She said that living like that [in the Top Model house] was entirely new to her.

Later in the episode, Kendal walked in a Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) runway show four stories high. Though most of the girls, including Kendal, seemed frightened at the possibility of falling off the catwalk, she had a strong performance and presence.

During review of her photo from the Teen Bully photoshoot with Deborah Anderson, DVF said she would hire her on the spot if she came to audition for a go-see. She also said that she was more beautiful in person than in her photo. Andre Leon Talley said she looked like a gazelle.

Proving to be a strong competitor for Top Model, Kendal was called 4th during elimination.

Episode 3 was both a double elimination and a makeover episode. Tyra told Kendal that she wanted to give her a makeover that added some sexuality and sensuality to Kendal’s look. To do that, Tyra gave Kendal long, straight hair like Naomi Campbell. Kendal loved it.

During the “Fallen Angels” photo shoot with Anne Menke, Kendal had an average performance. Mr. Jay said that he didn’t believe the faux connection she had with the male model in the shot.

In panel, the judges called her picture “flat.” They said she was better than that and that she looks like she’s acting. They said she looked at the male model as if he were a son rather than a lover.

Even though Kendal’s photo failed to impress the judges, she was called 9th during elimination.

In episode 4, the girls were taken to Knott’s Berry Farm to participate in a posing challenge while riding The Silver Bullet roller coaster. Kendal was tasked to portray “innocent but coy.” Nigel said that Kendal’s final photo looked like “she was holding on to her lunch.”

During the “Undersea Goddess” photo shoot with Matthew Rolston, Kendal had a chance to model jewelry from Mikimoto, Martin Katz and Neil Lane. While shooting, Mr. Jay suggested a way to help Kendal evoke emotion for the shoot, but he voiced that Kendal carried the same look on her face. Matthew Rolston commented that “there’s something about her mouth that made her look angry, but in the end, he got the shot.”

In panel, Nigel said that her photo was the best shot he’d seen of her. ALT said that Kendal was the “ultimate mermaid” and she was “fantastic.” Matthew Rolston said that “she did terrific, but it was a bit of a struggle because it was difficult getting warmth from her mouth.”

Kendal’s strong performance earned her a 5th call out during elimination.

In episode 5, Kendal and the girls participated in a Herve Leroux runway challenge where the catwalk consisted of two fast-moving conveyor belts. Kendal, in addition to a few other girls, didn’t do as well as they had hoped. While on the second runway, Kendal got a little tripped up and even lost her shoe.

During the “Lucha Vavoom” photo shoot with Eddie and Moshe Brahka, Mr. Jay commented that Kendal “was trying to strain, but didn’t know what she wanted to do. She ended up sounding like a shrieking hyena.” He said he wanted her to commit.

In panel, Nigel said that her “body language was dull, but her face looked stunning.” Guest judge Karolina Kurkova commented that “the expression on her face didn’t match her body language.”  Tyra said she “needed improve her ‘ugly-pretty’ face.” She also added that Kendal was “not bringing the talent behind her pretty face.”

While deliberating, Nigel said that she “was beautiful in the picture, but it wasn’t a stunning shot.” Karolina added that she “didn’t own her body language or what she was doing.”

Kendal’s unimpressive performance earned her an 8th call out during elimination.

Episode 6 began with a CoverGirl challenge. Kendal and the girls were split into groups of three and had to teach the public how to use CoverGirl products. The public judged the girls and so did fashion journalist Derek Blasberg. Kendal was grouped with Ann and Jane – and after the judging, they didn’t shine as well as the winning group, Kayla, Esther and Kacey.

For their photo shoot, the girls got to work with fashion stylist Lori Goldstein and world famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. Kendal got to shoot with Liz  and a male model. During the shoot, Mr. Jay said that she “looked like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City; just feeling it.” He also said that Kendal and the male model were “stealing the frame” in the group shot.

During panel, Nigel said that “his eyes went right to Kendal” in the group shot. Patrick Demarchelier said that both girls were “fantastic and moved very well and were relaxed.” ALT said that Kendal’s walking shot “looked like a gazelle on one foot.” Patrick Demarchelier said that she “had control and was very good.” Tyra said that the most important thing was that “they could see the product.”

During deliberation, ALT said that she had “a great smile, beauty and naturalness.” Patrick Demarchelier said that she “had the best movement.” Tyra said that “is like the new girl; she knows how to move, but she’s still young and she’s still fresh.” Nigel said that “that the problem is booking her in the first place. She still walks up in an awkward manner.”

Kendal’s strong performance earned her a 3rd call out during elimination.

In episode 7, the girls were introduced to their first challenge at the Los Angeles Grammy Museum. Kendal and the girls were paired up and had to dress each other as if they were going to present an award at the actual Grammys. Kendal and Chris were paired up to dress each other. Due to the difficulty of the challenge, neither girl won the prize.

For their photo shoot with photographer Francesco Carrozzini, Kendal had to portray Vera Wang. During the shoot, Mr. Jay said that “it felt as if there were two models standing on the set.” He also added that he didn’t think she was passionate about being on the show.

During panel, Tyra said, “It’s my fear that you’re the noun and not the verb, meaning that you were born a model, but you’re not modeling.” Francesco Carrozzini said, “You were not taking directions very well – especially in your body. I felt you were very nervous. I felt like you weren’t trying hard enough. Because you’re very beautiful. It looks like “I’m beautiful, so I’m just going to show up in front of the camera.”  Most of the time, it’s personality that makes a model; not just the way you look.”

During deliberation, Nigel said that her problem is “she’s simply not modeling.”

Kendal’s performance earned her a spot in the bottom two during elimination.

While in the bottom two, Tyra said:

“Kendal, you’re one of the girls that the judges from week to week say that they haven’t seen a girl that looks like this in years that you have a look that is rare; a look that is special; You’re like a new colt that is ready to run. Your legs are wobbly and you’re unsure of yourself and you continue to fall down in the hay. The reason that you’re still here is because of your potiential. Maybe you were born to be a model, but don’t have the skills.”

In the end, Kendal was eliminated. While being eliminated, Tyra said:

“Kendal, you said that you need more experience. You know that these girls are a lot more ahead when it comes to their abilities. What you need is somebody in your home town that can say, “Kendal, NO! Give me energy in tha face!”  And you ask them, “Take pictures of me. Make me get out of this shell. Make me push through.” Do you have anybody like that in your home? Your sisters. Can you tell your sisters, “I need you to take pictures of me.” Have your sisters be hard on you.”

Upon leaving, Kendal told cameras:

“I’m sad. I tried so hard in this competition, it just seems like they didn’t get that from me. Which I don’t understand, but it’s like, what else can you do? Tyra said that I just need to pracice more and look at magazines like get my sisters to like tell me the expressions on my face. I just need to practice. But I just don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

Since the show, Kendal has stated that she’s going to start modeling in a smaller market and see if she can find an agent in Atlanta. She also made it clear in interviews that she wants a backup plan, so she’s going back to school to pursue a degree. After she graduates, she’ll pursue her modeling career full time.

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33 Responses to “Kendal Brown”

  1. Susan Says:

    She has a good body.

  2. neesy Says:

    She looks like a much prettier version of Krista White.

    • Gabby Says:

      I actually agree with you. But I must say, I hated Krista, she didn’t look pretty to me at all, and her personality wasn’t great also. I like Kendal, I like her looks and how humble and quiet but also not quirky at the same time she is? Loving it!

      • Princes Says:

        I agree totally to you, I hate Krista too, I think Kendal is more pretty and stunning than Krista..
        I still can’t believe Krista winning over Raina

  3. alex Says:

    Kendal’s face is so stunning!

  4. Janna Says:

    She’s very regal. Like an Egyptian princess or Amina of Zaria!

  5. rey Says:

    She is a mix with Jourdan Dunn and Krista (Btw, I hated Krista too. She´s old! 25 years in the modeling industry times is like 40! She never going to be book for mature campaign.)

  6. Mickey Says:

    I think she got robbed!!! How in the world is she supposed to act like Vera Wang?!?!?! First of all Vera is Asian and Kendall is African-American! Different RACES!!! And Vera has no signature personality; she is just smile and be humble also known as every other nice person.

    • sami Says:

      Lol. Totally. She was given the hardest designer to portray. They pretty much pushed her out the door themselves with that one.

  7. Kenta Says:

    Kendal’s rodeo drive single jump/walk shot is the best.. Probably one of the best photos in the antm history. Even Patrick shouted “Magnifique” in her photo.
    She is also the most high fashion looking of all the 14 girls. Her skin is so beautiful. And her elimination was the most disappointing elimination ever.

  8. kiki Says:

    It makes me laugh. Because both Jane and Kendall had average pictures. But on the Rodeo Drive shoot they both rocked.

  9. = = Says:

    The Rodeo Drive photo shoot called for the most amount of natural raw potential and the ones who look the most “model-like” photos were Jane and Kendal. They rocked it. I hated Ann’s photo that week though. Hopefully Kendal can go to NYC and get signed.

  10. Engsamnang Says:

    Kendal is so beautiful. Krista in no way compares with Kendal in term of beauty, body and personality. Kendal not only produced strong photo with her stunning face and model body, she has a bright personality with humility, as well as positive attitude. Just doubt what’s going on if kendal competed in cycle 14 with krista. Krista is surely jealous of Kendal in every way. Kendal is one of a most beautiful black girls here.

  11. yana Says:

    She’s soo beautiful. I like her very much. And why do people compare her with ugly Krista????

  12. Leigh Says:

    The only thing with her is that she has an easy to forget kind of face.

  13. Ronald Bryant Says:

    She reminds me of Ebony Cycle 9.

  14. Alex Says:

    She really does look like an egyptian princess!

  15. Lisa Says:

    She’s so pretty!

  16. Raya Says:


  17. Linda Says:

    I thought she had she had great potential she just didn’t know what to do with it. BTW I loved Krista White she was everything someone would want in a model.

  18. Laney Says:

    This girl was so beautiful she was a model but she kind of reminds me of a Krista White but Krista was way to cocky and Kendal was sweet and kind and really nice but I’m happy Ann won but I wish I would have seen more of Kendal through the weeks…… Love you Kendal

  19. Reginald Says:

    I thought you were the most beautiful contestant. Humble, soft, and a beautiful personality and person. Her elimination was far and away the worst elimination ever because when she was eliminated I knew who was going to win. I have never watch that show since her elimination. Just found out I was right about the winner this week. That was cycle 15. Don’t know and don’t care what cycle they’re on right now.

  20. jane Says:

    She’s very pretty. Perfect body but she could show more her personality and confidence.

  21. Joseph Says:

    Kendal is signed with Wilhelmina she goes by the name Shay Brown.

  22. She’s the prettier version of Krista 🙂

  23. Krista White Says:

    Of course, she looks like me! Because she’s a daughter of my aunt.

  24. G Says:

    Beautiful person inside and out! I loved her honesty that she knew she needed more experience. Glad she’s signed.

  25. Katy Says:

    I think Kendal was absolutely beautiful in person, its a shame it didnt transfer in her pictures! love her x

  26. Rubber Says:

    kendal’s skin is STUNNING & Sweet 🙂

  27. Hope Says:

    She is lovable and really funny. Definitely memorable.

  28. Katherine Says:

    I really wish she went farther. She has the perfect high fashion look.

  29. startledbylightening Says:

    I never understood why her country accent was never brought up, but Danielle from cycle 6 was always given a hard time for her. I felt that Kendal’s was even stronger then Danis’.

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