Keenyah Hill was a contestant and 2nd runner-up during Cycle 4 of ANTM.

As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Keenyah was likened to supermodel Iman when the judges looked at her photos for the floral service 1-800 Flowers. She sometimes got into little arguments with some of the other girls on the show, but the most memorable confrontation that involved Keenyah took place on the girls’ ride back to their hotel after visiting Nelson Mandela’s prison cell. Keenyah’s fellow Top Model finalist Brittany Brower got so tired of hearing Keenyah’s hypocrisy regarding the South African president that she started reprimanding Keenyah verbally.

One of their South African shoots required the girls to embody different kinds of animals. Keenyah was assigned to do the elephant, and it seemed rather appropriate, as her sudden gain weight was the subject of the judges’ criticisms. Keenyah made it all the way to the top three, but was eliminated shortly thereafter because the judges felt she was becoming too arrogant.

Since the show, Keenyah has appeared in Vibe Magazine. Her runway projects include Alice and Olivia Fall 2006 and “Elle Girl Presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models. Additionally, she has also gone back to school, where she is studying to be a neurosurgeon.

Keenyah is currently signed to I Model and Talent in New York.

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Source: Keenyah's Myspace

Source: Keenyah's Myspace

To see more photos of Keenyah, click here.

44 Responses to “Keenyah Hill”

  1. Hi Keenyah! I want to say that you were one of my favorites.

  2. Balinda Harper Says:

    You were one of my favorites, too.
    What are you doing now?

  3. kiki Says:

    She should have gone home because they only liked her beauty shot.

  4. divinem Says:

    Ugly on the inside = ugly on the outside. She’s not a model in the truest sense of the word. All of these photos are way too forced. They feel fake to me.

  5. Shannon Says:

    What a hypocrite you are! I know that this show was years ago, but every time they rerun it, it still reflects how some of these black women wish to think of themselves, as “proud Black Americans.” Who? What? A bunch of people who know nothing about their history or heritage!

    I know more about Mr. Mandela than this “Black chick” does. And what has served you best? Your being a “Black woman”? Or simply being an American? Obviously being American has served you best. Of course, if you feel differently, I’ll be happy to buy your plane ticket home to Africa. No problem.

    True Americans are not ethnic groups or colors. They are simply Americans with strong beliefs, morals and integrity, founded in our constitution and consisting of any number of “races” of people who are happy to be in the most beautiful and successful country in the world and practice the American Way. (Well pre-Obama anyway.)

    If you want to be Africian, go for it. But go home! We only want Americans here.

    • lol Says:

      Who are you to tell anyone what being a “true American” is, or to assume that someone else knows nothing about their heritage just because of the color of their skin?

      As annoying as Keenyah was in that episode, your comments about race are offensive generalizations which in in no way speak for the majority.

      And why do you care at all if someone is proud of what they look like, and where their ancestors came from?

      If you’re so concerned with wiping out history and completely ignoring it, then you certainly are right on board with the “American way,” as you put it. The “American way” is to assume that we have the right to attack any country we want, exploit their resources, and then rewrite history to make our government always look like the good guys.

      You know, the original “real Americans” are Native Americans, but I’m sure you know all about that genocide too, don’t you?

    • Patricia Kayden Says:

      Actually, I can stay right here in America and be proud of being African and American.

      Who the hell are you anyways? Go away and die.

    • Bye Says:

      Dude, first off it’s friggin ‘African’, second, shut the hell up. Besides, my AMERICAN president is half-black. Now what?

    • sher Says:

      those words should not have come out of your mouth…u r telling something about yourself and it is not nice

    • Terra Says:

      America is built off of immigrants. I am not African but I am Scottish, German, Venezuelan, Spanish, European, Hungarian, Native American, and maybe more. (My ancestors were not afraid of scandal :)). Basically, what I’m saying is be proud of where you come from but as a citizen of the USA you are an American. I am not going around calling myself Scottish, German, Venezuelan, Spanish, European, Hungarian, Native American. Just American. SO BE NICE! =)

    • OLA Says:

      @ Shannon,,,um shut up and stop ranting about something that happened in the past…focus ur anger on more pressing issues…..why stress urself over something u saw on reality TV when u can focus on what’s happening in REALITY TODAY…OCCUPY can use someone like u with all dat passion…u just need to focus on something substantial. btw…”True Americans are not ethnic groups or colors” ummm ok…i’m an American but am black..with 100% AFRICAN blood…..if ur statement is true why does every job app ask what race u belong to?? just for information right??? ok…anyway…u sound like a racist dumbass….so simply ENJOY reality tv as it is…..and stfu 🙂

    • smhwhatpplsay Says:

      u are very ignorant to say that black women know nothing about their culture. I’m pretty sure ur a white chick who thinks she knows everything. and if u think that living the american life is so perfect why, still, til this day racistism? And please dont ask that stupid question, “if you dont want to be an american, GO HOME!” remember black ppl didnt ask to come here in the first place, they were made u damn fool.

      And american was fallen way before President Obama. Lets get it right.

    • joy Says:

      So Keenya didn’t appear to grasp the significance of South African history. Ok. Fine. She is not South African, by the way. Even so, how does that equal not knowing about “African American” history. You seem to assume that those two categories of history are the same. Though very similar, they are yet different. I guess you’ve just revealed your own ignorance and misunderstanding of. American as history as well as SA apartheid history.

  6. Lucy Says:

    Who is that girl she’s hugging? Is she Camille McDonald from Cycle 2?! Why did they do a shoot together??

  7. sherry Says:

    Right on! You took the words out of my mouth. Finally someone who’s a realist and with great intelligence. I consider myself as pure African, but now an American citizen. I love this country, but it doesn’t mean I can’t discuss my culture. What gets me though is how hypocritical and convenient Black Americans can be when it comes to claiming their African heritage.

  8. boo Says:

    I still don’t like her. I agree with some people here. She didn’t know anything except the fact that she had dark skin and that she was so much better and so much more deserving to be in a place like that than the other girls. A very ugly personality with just a pretty plain face.

  9. Zhanna Says:

    Keenyah Hill is bewitching. Her name sounds like gently falling autumnal leafage. Her beauty is exceptionally rare. Her intelligence excites imagination.


  10. VV Says:

    “… she is studying to be a neurosurgeon.”

    Yeah, right.

    • dunsin Says:

      Nice, but the pictures are too cool. Not bad, but the one that was dressed as a elphant a little bit average. She’s pretty on both sides.

  11. dunsin Says:

    Some of her pictures are really really average, but she is alright.

  12. hotlegend Says:

    the least liked in this cycle she has no potential whatsoever her picture are so below averageshe should ‘ve never been in the competiton.

  13. Niamh Says:

    Thats quite sad – they knew she was gaining wieght and they made her do Greed in the 7 deadly sins photo shoot AND the elephant, but I didn’t like her.

  14. she was gorgeous, just had the wrong attitude, better a neurosurgeon than a model probably

  15. LisaLaggrrr Says:

    It was gluttony in the 7 deadly sins shoot, not greed, but I get what you meant.

  16. LisaLaggrrr Says:

    This girl annoyed the heck out of me the whole time. I did not think she was that pretty, and she should’ve been eliminated earlier for getting that gut and not doing anything about it. She was bad enough before the Nelson Mandela incident, but that was ridiculous that she had to ask a white girl if he was even still alive. And the pure ignorance that Naima wasn’t black enough because she is of mixed race was just too much. Brittany should’ve made it to #3, not her.

  17. Zenna Says:

    l am an easy going. lam a born african ,born in my mother land learn my mother culture ways and language. i m black beauty,, i am a black beautiful african queen tho i may not be royal but again who say u most be1 to feel like 1? i look in the mirrior n see a leader of africa growing up into her own world bless by the rain of africa and strong by the wind that blows. hunt like her father, brave like an african warrior its my pride 2 be one.she is proud of her ancenstrial home.l dont see anything wrong with it.l like her alot l must confess.

  18. fafa Says:

    this girl had a 16% model potential. she was one of the worst contestants they had. she had no personality and was such a hypocrite.

  19. brit b Says:

    she acted like a little spoiled brat. not the worst on antm history.. but yeah we can go ahead and say she wasnt that good. and yes she seems like the type that would pull a “race card” for ppl to feel bad for her so she could get what she wants. what she did in that episode was wrong. but all of you people getting mad and telling each other to die because of comments of someone you dont know…NEED A DAMN LIFE! its called freedom of speech. get over it. that girl shouldnt of said that she should go back to africa if she didnt like it. that was messed up.

    and to smhwhatpplsay: yeah your ancestors might not have asked to come over to america but here is a lil history lesson for you… your own ppl sold there own ppl to the “white man” so wrap your head around that.

    jus goes to prove that there is so much you can argue when it comes to race… were all gods children.. we should just leave it at that.

  20. Mere Meg Says:

    How DARE u tell any African American person living here in America to go back to “Africa”.
    Who built this country? Who were the slaves that were brought here to work, build and take care of the “masters” homes and children? We help make this country what it is with out blood, sweat and tears so I will be dammed if I’m going back to Africa no matter how upset I get with what happens on American soil. We have earned the right to be here and if dark past hasn’t moved us certainly an ignorant and coward hiding on a blog will hold any weight!!

  21. Allison Says:

    for me, te best girl in this cycle was Kahlen, but Kennyah had good photos to. her personality is horrible, but im still thinking that she have potencial

  22. Dee14 Says:

    That first pic is absolutely horrible, this girl can’t be a model.

  23. blackgirlsrock Says:

    I see you Ms. Keenyah… New Girl!!!

  24. Paulita Says:

    I just watched the reruns of Keenya’s season and what an unattracive & rude person she is and now I see she is a Liar, too!! School for Neurosurgery?? HAHAHA, I would like to see those transcripts ~ judging by her standard knowlege, vocabulary and comments on the show she is certainly not qualified to attend medical school, show me the proof
    havent seen her in more than 2 campaigns since the show, either. Maybe she can manage a local MacDonalds…

    • justice Says:

      Whatever keenya did then or did not do, or whether she was even qualified to be a model or not, this girl has moved on with her life. She never told anyone she was Perfect as all of u writting are not perfect too and will still grab at d chance to be on d show. Move on d way she has also moved on. Stop pretending dat uve never bng rude or arrogant b4.

  25. E Says:

    Uggggggh I hate his girl. The comments she made during the episode where they go to Nelson Mandela’s (RIP) cell made me boil inside. I am a mixed-race woman, and people like Keenyah perpetuate the myth that I am not black enough to be considered black, just like how others perpetuate that I am not white enough to be considered white. Because I am both I can’t identify with either?

    Keenyah is an ignorant fool who knew nothing about her heritage other than her skin tone, and yet had the nerve to be offended by Naima opening the cell and acting as if the trip to Africa meant more to her than anyone else because she was darker.

    I hope Keenyah became wise enough to look back on her season and be ashamed of herself, then determined to grow.

    …But somehow I doubt it.

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