Kayla Ferrel was a contestant during Cycle 15 of ANTM.

The waitress from Rockford, Illinois was 19 years old during her stint on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15.

During her initial panel interview with the judges, Kayla told Tyra that she grew up with a single mom who didn’t have much in terms of resources. Due to the lack of income, she even had to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor until she was thirteen years old, while her mom and her mom’s boyfriend slept in the bed.

Kayla expressed that because she grew up with such a difficult childhood, she also grew up determined and hard working. She feels that the other girls underestimate her because she’s “so cute” and “sweet.” She said she may be sweet, but she’s got her game face on.

During final reviews, Mr. Jay felt that Kayla could use some “polishing” in terms of modeling skills, but she could really make it.

Kayla was called 12th during selection of the final 14 girls.

In episode 2, Kayla revealed that she is a lesbian. In fact, she declared that she wants to be the first lesbian to win ANTM.

When talking with the girls in the house, Kayla confided that after coming out in the 1oth grade, she was made fun of and rejected for being the only gay girl. During an on-camera interview, she stated, “I’m proud of who I am and I’m proud of my sexuality. I just want to represent.”

During the four-stories-high Diane Von Furstenberg runway challenge, Kayla told cameras that she wasn’t afraid of heights normally, but she was scared for her life of going on that runway.

Kayla impressed both Mr. Jay and photographer Deborah Anderson during the Teen Bully photo shoot by producing “breathtaking” photos, as well as by posing very well. Kayla’s “bully” word was ‘queer’ and her empowerment word was ‘free.’ When talking about why she chose those, she was overwhelmed by emotion from the impact those words have and had on her life.

While her photo was being reviewed in panel, Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) said her photo was beautiful. Tyra also added that she photographed beautifully in general. During deliberation, DVF said that Kayla showed her vulnerability, which was what made her photograph interesting. Tyra concluded by saying her photo was stunning and that she had something very special.

Kayla was called 2nd during elimination.

During episode 3, the girls received their Top Model makeovers. Tyra wanted to give Kayla a makeover that needed to be powerful, bright and fiery; a makeover that gave her pizzaz. That said, she received a clean straight cut died bright red.

During the “Fallen Angels” shoot with Anne Menke, Kayla did well considering she had to show attraction to male models. Mr. Jay said he believed it and she did great.

During panel, Kayla received an overall great critique. They liked it because her “evil” wasn’t so obvious, but subtle and strong.

Due to her strong performance, Kayla was called 2nd during elimination for the 2nd time in a row.

In episode 4, Kayla and the girls were taken to Knott’s Berry Farm for a posing challenge on at the Silver Bullet Roller coaster. Kayla was asked to portray “a sulking model pout,” at which she did well.

During the “Undersea Goddess” photo shoot with Matthew Rolston, the girls had a chance to model jewelry from Neil Lane, Mikimoto and Martin Katz. While shooting, Mr. Jay said “she had a regal elegance about her” and “she was the true Ariel of the day.”

In panel, ALT said that he loved her photo. Tyra commented that “she’s like a chameleon.” Matthew Rolston said he “loved the coloring; he especially loved her red hair.”

With her solid performance, Kayla was called 7th during elimination.

In episode 5, Kayla and the girls participated in a Herve Leroux runway challenge in the 2nd Street tunnel in Los Angeles. The catwalk consisted of two fast-moving conveyor belts going in two different directions. Despite the many trips and small spills the other girls had, Kayla maintained her composure. She had one slip up on the first catwalk, when she couldn’t get the speed to step off the walkway to the midway point, but she managed well.

During the “Lucha Vavoom” photo shoot with Eddie and Moshe Brahka, Mr. Jay commented that he was “believing the intensity in her face; she did well.”

In panel, ALT said she looked “dreck” in front of them. While deliberating, ALT thought it was because the girl in the photo was not the girl in front of them. He added that “she transformed herself into a model. The strength was there.” Tyra said that Kayla “went for it; she wasn’t scared.”

Kayla was called 4th during elimination.

Episode 6 began with a CoverGirl challenge. Kayla and the girls were split into groups of three and had to teach the public how to use CoverGirl products. The public judged the girls and so did fashion journalist Derek Blasberg. Kayla was grouped with Kacey and Esther, which ended up being the winning group. As their prize, they got a shopping spree in Wal Mart’s CoverGirl isle.

For their photo shoot, the girls got to work with fashion stylist Lori Goldstein and world famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. Kayla got to shoot with Esther and a male model. During the shoot, Kayla had issues with the shoes she was given to wear. They were a full size smaller than her shoe size, yet she still had to wear them and jump in them. While shooting, Tyra said that you could “see the pain in her face.”

During panel, ALT said she “looked sad in the group shot; she looked in pain.” For her walking shot, ALT said “it worked.” He also said that she looked like “Kate Moss’s best friend just leaving the great Armani Emporium.” Nigel said she looked “awkward.” Tyra added that if “she opened her hands, her arms would have looked longer.”

During deliberation, ALT said that there was “meanness, stillness and flatness.” Patrick Demarchelier said that she was “a bit stiff.” Tyra concluded by saying that she “wore her pain all over her face.”

Kayla’s weak performance landed her in the bottom two with Kacey. Fortunately, Kacey was elminated and Kayla was safe to compete another week.

In episode 7, the girls were presented with their first challenge at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. Kayla and the girls were paired up and had to dress each other as if they were going to present an award at the actual Grammys. Kayla and Liz voluntarily paired up and performed very well. Their team won the challenge and Kayla was singled out as winning a spot as an actual Grammy girl at the Grammy award presentation. She was overwhelmed with emotion after winning due to the journey she had  experienced to that point.

For their photo shoot with photographer Francesco Carrozzini, Kayla was tasked to portray Vivienne Westwood. During the shoot, both Mr. Jay and Francesco Carrozzini responded well to her energy and overall performance.

During panel, Tyra said that she “loved her face.” Nigel said that her photo was “very striking and very strong in the eyes.” He added that he thought it was was “one of her best shots, if not her best shot to date.” ALT said that he was “convinced that you’re playing Vivienne Westwood.” Francesco Carrozzini commented that “you really went for it and weren’t afraid to express yourself.”

During deliberation, Nigel said that she “really embodied Vivienne Westwood.” He thought she did “an incredible job.” Tyra concluded by saying that Kayla had “fire hair and fire in her eyes – and that she loved that picture.”

Kayla’s incredibly strong performance was rewarded with a 2nd call out during elimination.

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To view more photos of Kayla, click here.

75 Responses to “Kayla Ferrel”

  1. seth Says:

    I wanna date her!
    (Lesbian here.)


  2. Jane Says:

    I hope she goes really far and has a good career ahead! 🙂

  3. Susan Says:

    She could make it as a print model in Europe.

  4. BluBluBlooo Says:

    Kayla’s awesome! Love her!

  5. kiki Says:

    She did look like Ariel.

  6. Gabby Says:

    I like her the most, besides Ann. I want the two of them to be finalists. 🙂

  7. neesy Says:

    Love everything about her!

  8. Susan Says:

    She has a good waistline and height for modeling.

  9. Mariane Says:

    I like her makeover.

  10. pau antonio Says:

    I hope she’ll win the competition. I’m in love with Kayla. =))

  11. pau antonio Says:

    Hope to see you soon. Keep up the good work. I love you!!

  12. Ulia Says:

    I think Kayla will be the 15th America’s Next Top Model!
    And possibly Ann or Jane will be the runner-up.

    I love these girls!

  13. Jennifer Says:

    I think Kayla is going to win because her makeover picture is different from anyone else’s … and it’s profile. It’s usually the girls looking at the camera.

  14. kiki Says:

    You need to know something right now. This girl’s pictures are great. But I don’t think she will win because these are going to be a finalists. I would say she was going to be in the top two, but they’re having a double elimination. So i think this girl will go far, but she more than likely not win.

    • Angelina Says:

      Eh, I think she will because she has that rare quality of being both a commercial and a high-fashion model. Go Kayla!

      • Larissa Says:

        She can’t do haute couture because her legs are not long. In Europe, haute couture is the dominant genre of fashion and requires models to have long, thing legs. It’s a real shame because she has the face for haute couture and would book many go-sees in Paris if her legs were longer. Her height is not even an issue. I think she is beautiful, nonetheless. Kayla takes AMAZING photos; each one is just flawless. She can do no wrong. 🙂

  15. Marts Says:

    Kayla doing some fashion before ANTM? Are we gonna have a new Scandaleisha if she wins?

    • Bella_Isa Says:

      For the past several cycles previous experience is not an issue. Now it’s cycle 16 and most if not all the girls had a previous modeling experience, one was even in V magazine and signed with Wilhelmina…

  16. Mariana Says:

    😥 I really wanted her to be a finalist. Too sad to see her go. To be honest, I didn’t even know who I wanted to be top two. I was rooting for both Kayla and Chelsey, but if you think about EVERYTHING, those two along with Ann have something that makes the deserve winning ANTM.

    Ann: BAD @SS pictures. she just has IT. For GOD’S sake Ann, VERSACE would book you. If you don’t push yourself enough in the CoverGirl commercial and the final walk, Chelsey will take the prize from you!

    Chelsey: AMAZING pictures, GREAT walk. She won the Zac Posen challenge, the go-sees and she impressed Franca Sozzani the most! I really think she’s gonna win. I’m just not sure I want her to. Hahaha. Besides, she has previous experience and as Tyra said, she should kick @ss some more.

    Kayla: OMG I LOOOOVEEEEE her pics. She is the grammy girl, and her walk was great too. She was my fave. 😥

    I’m sorry I would just kill everybody over ANTM, so I just needed to say what’s on my head … I’m super anxious about the finale.. both girls deserve it, and if Ann succeeds in both CoverGirl commercial and ROBERTO CAVALLI ❤ walk, the deliberation is going to be a LONG one!!

    if Chelsey's envy over Ann don't get into her, and she focus just on wining… then yeah, I see Chelsey Hersley wining this cycle

  17. Ray Says:

    Ah, really sad to see her go. She had a really pretty face and I think she’s versatile.

  18. katrina Says:

    She’s so great and I wanted her to win. Too bad she was sent home. It’s so good that she got that far. She’s a strong girl. Even though she had a traumatic experience with a man, she had no trouble working with them and she didn’t let it show. 🙂

  19. s Says:

    KAYLA IS A PURE B*TCH. Bad that she went through terrible trauma (then again, so many people have), but that doesn’t give her the excuse to be so catty. I’m not being biased – she was my 3rd fave at the beginning. As the episodes progressed, she just showed her true colours.

    • jay Says:

      I’d seriously date her. I love her to bits!

    • Sarah Says:

      Personally I liked Kayla and Ann best. I don’t think that she was a b*tch. If anyone was a b*tch i think it was Chelsey or Liz.

    • divinem Says:

      I didn’t get that impression at all from her, but opinions are like (_*_). Everybody has one.

    • Nath Says:

      You’ve gotta be kidding. If anyone in that house was sweet and outgoing, it was Kayla. She was the furthest thing from “a bitch”. Perhaps you just don’t like gay people. Just speak the truth.

  20. datum pi Says:

    I think Kayla is a victim of being eliminated for political reasons. They had the winner in mind (Ann) and didn’t want to have a finalist with her that would have made a statement had they won. In cycle 13 the Asian was eliminated; in cycle 14 the plus sized model was eliminated; and this cycle the gay model was eliminated. I think Jennifer, Alexandra, and Kayla were much better than Laura, Raina, and Chelsey respectively. It’s a shame. 😦

    • Mickey Says:

      So true. Even I thought something was suspicious. Have you noticed they never say anything bad about the girls in the beginning of the season, but then during the double elimination they say things like “your angles are off” “too common,” and “seen it before” just out of nowhere.

    • Belize Says:

      So how do you explain Whitney winning over a judge favorite like Anya? A minor glitch in the political system perhaps? Right…

  21. juripo Says:

    I liked Kayla until they dyed her hair red and did that cut; it made her look almost trashy, whereas naturally she was quite beautiful.

    • Mickey Says:

      Her hair looked really thick and uncontrollable especially during panel. Has she not heard of shampoo? But I am very impressed with her chameleon abilities; not everyone could pull off flame head.

    • Bella_Isa Says:

      I agree. The worst makeover of this cycle. After it she looked like McKey entering the competition – huge red hair covering beautiful face.

  22. Miss E Says:

    I like Kayla. Once she got comfortable with the male models she let go and the model came out. That is a positive for her if she really had a bad experience in the past. Good for her! Loved her Casanova and Vivianne Westwood pics.

  23. Лера Says:

    Кайла мне понравилась больше всех понравилась в этом сезоне) Жаль, что не она победила. я очень удивилась, когда победила Энн, потому что хоть она и высокая мода (про которую все говорят, а я эту высокую моду даже через микроскоп не рассмотрю =) ), но она страшная и на подиуме ходить не умеет. А для модели важно уметь ходить на подиуме…

  24. Leigh Says:

    She is beautiful and if she were single, I’d be hunting her down!! I wanted her to come 3rd.

  25. Рената Says:

    Лера,мне тоже очень понравилась Кайла.
    Но и Энн тоже красивая.
    Очень. И выглядит как модель.
    Не просто так же у неё 5 недель подряд лучшая фотография была!

  26. Sasha Says:

    Yes, Kayla very beautiful. Well why it hasn’t she won? I love her, but only as model. And its orientation at all doesn’t confuse. After such trauma I think any would be afraid of men.

  27. Lisa Says:

    Am I the only one who likes her makeover? I loved that deep red and simple hairstyle.

  28. Khatarina Says:

    Kayla kinda reminds me of Debra Messing (Will&Grace etc.) and in a good way. I loooove Debra and I loooove Kayla. I would totally make out with her =)

  29. kiki Says:

    I think she deserved to be in the top two but the good thing is she is going to be on antm cycle 17 as an all-star.

  30. petey Says:

    She should do a NOH8 pic!!
    Beautiful!! Too bad she’s probably scared of me though. Since I’m a dude. 😦
    (a gay dude tho)

  31. Kayla is pretty and definitely made for high fashion….

  32. Jenny Says:

    I have watched ANTM since its beginning, rarely missing an episode. Each season there is a preferred type. We know this. What I don’t like is how people trash the people that they don’t like. Don’t let it be a Black girl in the finals. She’s then called ‘ugly’. No one takes into consideration that Tyra Founded and produces this show. I have seen little discrimination. Gay girls love Kayla. She’s not that great but she does have a nice measure of talent. No one bashed her when she showed so much aversion to modeling with men but if someone had showed an aversion to modeling with a Gay girl, all Hades would break out. Beautiful? Are you serious.

    • Nath Says:

      She didn’t want to model with men anymore than a straight man would want to in that manner. She wasn’t against their sex or gender, she was against cuddling up with a guy. Her aversion made for some stunning photos. Who knew that disgust could so easily be photographed as sultry?

  33. Ny Says:

    I love Kayla, she was my fave this season.

  34. KriStina Says:

    Kayla просто супер!!!!! Она мне очень нравилась, как модель… По-моему она должна была быть в финале, потому что как у Ann в начале были 5 лучших фотографий, так у неё на последних неделях было по-моему 2-3 недели подряд лучшая фотография…. И вообще очень жаль что у неё фото только из шоу, а самостоятельных (после завершения шоу) нет=((((

  35. Angel Says:

    Kayla was EXTREMELY underrated on cycle 15! She should have been in the top two and eventually won. Though I am really glad she will be in cycle 17.

  36. Katrina Says:

    she has such great talent!

  37. Bryan Says:

    This girl is one of my fav girls in Top Model history. She’s so breath-taking and her pictures are stunning. Unfortunately her pics in C17 haven’t been great, but ok 😦 but I’m sure she’ll do better. I’m a boy and if she was straight I’d definitely date her, or maybe if I was a lesbian girl we could date as well… hahahaha 🙂

  38. chris Says:

    i live in rockford! i hope she still lives there. maybe i can meet her???

  39. kayla Says:

    She is so beautiful and strong willed!

  40. Teddylyn Says:

    love kayla!!
    she really has a unique character and take good pictures..

  41. Tracy ♥ Says:

    I loooooove you Kayla! Lesbian here! I want you to be mine, seriously! ♥♥♥

  42. kat Says:

    She should’ve won

  43. RobynWilliams! Says:

    I think if Kayla would have tried just a little bit harder and kept her energy up she would have won the all*star season. She’s been my favorite for both of her seasons! (:

  44. Alex hill Says:

    Kayla I think that it life style will never be out of dated no matter how much the fashion industry changes

  45. Nora Says:

    Kayla is a HUGE lesbian rolemodel for me, and is on my list of people I’m gonna marry! I was so sad to see her go! ; { Now I need to troll the internet for pics of her girlfriend; gotta see if she’s worthy of my precious Kayla.

  46. adore Kayla and thought she was really strong (I came here to see what success she has had since All Stars). Whether it was the edit or not, she really seemed like she had some emotional issues and felt the need to hyper-identify with her gay side. I wanted to give her a hug and say, it’s okay, the bad is over now.

  47. Kayla's fan Says:

    She is beautiful and she has such a special and unique look! She is a great role model.

  48. Kayla's fan Says:

    My girl Kayla is a gift to people ❤

  49. Hope Says:

    She is really sweet and also has her game face on ❤ she is really beautiful, she has NATURAL beauty and she takes the most fantastic photos.

  50. Well im not gay but I think that Kayla was very pretty and that she was the very first gay girl to go that long on America next top model.

  51. Katherine Says:

    I wish she was in the top two. She was beautiful. Like a high fashion Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She took some amazing photos and had an endearing personality. Sometimes. 😉

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