Kathleen DuJour was a contestant during Cycle 8 of ANTM.

Before becoming a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 8, Kathleen DuJour was working as a hairstylist in Brooklyn, New York.

Kathleen was the first to be eliminated from the show despite her confident runway walk because the judges were disappointed with her inability to portray an anti-fur advocate in the politically motivated first photo shoot. Kathleen clearly had the most difficult time with the assignment, and had to keep asking for help from Top Idol judge and renowned photographer Nigel Barker. She could not grasp the “anti-fur” concept because she, in actuality, has no real qualms about the use of fur in clothing, to the dismay of PETA representatives.

After she appeared on the show, Kathleen went back to her old life as a hairdresser in Brooklyn. She’s taken some test shots, but has not been picked up by an agency.

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Source: Kathleen's Myspace

10 Responses to “Kathleen DuJour”

  1. Deedee Says:


  2. Chilly710 Says:

    She was funny.

  3. Linda Says:

    I wish they would have kept her longer because she was hilarious to watch. I wanted to see if she is like that all the time. Though I don’t know how you would turn intelligence on and off that easily.

  4. Marie Says:

    Yes she is hilarious!!! I had the opportunity to do her makeup for a fashion show in St. Kitts in 2007! She told me most of the stuff that goes on on camera is fake. You are told what you can and cannot say and it is all scripted! LOL! Mostly they already know who they want to win, before the show completes!

    Reality TV – yeah right!!!! LOL!!! Time for them to be over and done with!

  5. slava Says:


    • NittyGritty Says:

      You’re one to talk! You didn’t even make it to any of the cycles of ANTM history. For all we know you’d even do a far more shittier job than she did.

  6. Tyra Says:


  7. Katherine Says:

    Ooohhh…her first photoshoot was painful, but she looks more beautiful without that red afro. Would’ve loved to see what makeover they would’ve given her.

  8. I’d like them to bring her back. It was unfair of them to DQ her for the reason that they did. She deserved more of a chance. One of the two plus-sized models should have been the first to go because neither had any personality. KD had an abundance of it. What she lacked in intelligence (at least on screen, because I doubt that she is stupid at all) she made up in other ways. For example, her sweet and innocent nature. She’s made it as far as she has without getting herself in trouble, in NY of all places too, which I’m sure some of the commenters here can’t say. BRING HER BACK TYRA. She DESERVES another chance.

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