Katarzyna Dolinska was a contestant during Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Katarzyna is from Roslyn, NY and worked in finance before the show. During her initial interviews with the judges, she revealed she attended Cornell University. Katarzyna held her own during the season, but was constantly under scrutiny for not having an outgoing personality.

Katarzyna won two challenges, during episodes four and five, and was also voted Cover Girl of the Week during week seven and her elimination week (which does not usually occur). Even though it seemed to most fans that Katarzyna would end up in the final three, she was the ninth girl eliminated from the show.

She has walked on runways during Athens’ Fashion Week S/S 09 and walked for designers Vassilis Zoulias, Custo Barcelona, Elena Strongyliotou, Afroditi Hera and Issey Miyake in Paris Fashion Week F/W 09,10. Additionally, she closed the Christophe Josse show in Paris Haute Couture fashion week S/S ’09 and walked in Dilek Hanif Haute Couture S/S ’09.

During Cycle 11, Katarzyna was featured as one of the Top Models in Action. She was featured again during Cycle 13. She was also on a billboard with Cycle 8’s winner Jaslene Gonzalez in Times Square for a Lot 29 advertisement. She has been on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily and TJF Magazine, and has appeared in City Magazine, Cosmogirl, OZON, Young Magazine Greece, Cosmopolitan Greece, Diva Magazine Greece, LaMilk, L’Officiel, Gerlan Jeans Look Book, Vogue Australia, Italian Glamour, Bolero, Ninja Magazine and Tokion.

Katarzyna, who is also using the name “Kat Doll,” is now signed with Elite Model Management in New York, Ace Models in Athens, Greece, and Ford Models Europe in Paris, France.

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To see more photos of Katarzyna, click here.

64 Responses to “Katarzyna Dolinska”

  1. Tres Says:

    I’m so happy she’s doing well. She was my favorite. Love her look!

  2. Ulrica Says:

    Wow, “raw” is the word that comes to mind. Great stuff.

  3. Miss E. Says:

    I’m very happy for her. She was one of my faves in Season 10 and so far possibly the most successful.

    • Lian Says:

      I agree, think she IS the most successful, her feautures are just astonishing…but on the other hand, in some pics she look way too skinny, almost anorexic skinny…

      • Ivana Says:

        I’m really thinking they retouched those to make her look sickly and anorexic since she only looks like that in that shoot.

  4. Miss E. Says:

    Correction: I mean the most successful in her season. 😉

  5. izzitme Says:

    From the very beginning she had great natural talent. Glad she is doing well!

  6. André Camponês Says:

    She’s gorgeous, pretty and cute; one of my favorite models. She’s much more successful than Whitney. Keep going, Katarzyna!

    • Marts Says:

      Most of girls from the top five are more successful than Whitney. It’s quite obvious why, but still.

      By saying obvious, I do NOT mean her weight, but the fact her pictures are not THAT good.

    • Einez Says:

      Just Googled her. Apparently she is now working in London and no longer with Ford Models in Europe. 😦

  7. Einez Says:

    Does anyone what Kat Dol has been up to lately?

  8. GG Says:

    I really like her; she was the prettiest girl in cycle 10. I’m really happy that she’s doing well.

  9. rishelle Says:

    She is so successful. Well, it is quite obvious because she is so cute, stunning and really, really high fashion. Her photos were incredible! Undoubtedly, she was my favorite in the cycle 10! Good Job KAT DOLL! I love you! I really adore you! Oh my god. You’re so pretty. I wish I could be like you someday! LOVE MUCH. ♥♥♥

  10. Linette Says:

    Katarzyna is my favourite!

  11. tets Says:

    Goodness she is skinny as sin. Why does fashion make the models starve? They look better with some meat on those bare bones.

    • alexis Says:

      She does not starve herself. She is just skinny. Plus why talk about how thin she looks when you could watch in awe her amazing photos?

      • d Says:

        Scrolling through these pictures is like watching her die. That is not just thin, that is starvation. Please don’t kid yourself.

      • Penny Says:

        I was really loving the photos and how great she looked and how well she was doing – until I got to the ones in just black knickers that are just the sort of pictures that will end up on some website that glorifies anorexia. I cannot describe how much I loathe pictures that make beautiful girls/women look like starving victims of malnutrition/sexual abuse.

    • Jas Says:

      She is skinny. But that does not mean that she had to starve to be skinny. Some people are naturally skinny, and some are not. I don’t think there is enough indication to suggest that she is unnaturally skinny.

      • yumarose4ever Says:

        indication is… ribs sticking out. love her tho

      • hamza Says:

        xactly, of she was anorexic/bulimic skinny then y do her tatas look healthy? i dont think shes as skinny as u guys think. most of it probably is in the editing and posing in the photo. skinny models CAN pose and inhale in a way that they stick their ribs/backbone out. and its also probably the art direction of the shoot, you know like ‘self destructive beauty’ or something.

  12. ashley Says:

    She is my fave. She is pretty and took great pictures.

  13. alexis Says:

    LOVE Kat! She is amazing; she became very successful better than if she would have won amazing photos. ❤

  14. Paul K Says:

    Yes! My second favorite contestant (after Elyse Sewell) of all-time is doing so well! She truly is incredible. She was better off without Seventeen Magazine and Covergirl anyway.

  15. boo Says:

    I love her! She’s one of my all time faves. She could’ve won. Why was she eliminated again? Well, anyways, she was way better than Whitney.

  16. Miss E Says:

    Anyone know if Kat Dol is still modeling? I don’t see her anymore on the Ford Model’s Europe line up.

  17. Allie Says:

    I love her; she should have won.

  18. Anya Says:

    Glad she lost – then she could actually go on to have a real modelling career. She’s so photogenic, I’m not surprised she’s done so well. I love her look ❤

  19. Niki b Says:

    WOW She sure showed the judges! She looks unbelievable in these shots!

  20. Kelsey Says:

    Honestly, as a photographer, Kat was my favourite because, even when the judges considered her “weak,” I STILL wanted to photograph her. I think that’s the hallmark of a successful model.

  21. adamant Says:

    Juliette Binoche’s bitch sister.

  22. Liza Says:

    She’s incredibly beautiful. I can’t understand why she isn’t a winner of the cycle 10! May be because Tyra can’t pronounce her name right?:)
    I’m really happy that she’s doing well.

    P.S.:English isn’t my native language, excuse me my grammatical mistakes.

  23. Debra Says:

    This girl is a model and should have won or been in the final 2 with Anya.
    Katarzyna’s pictures are stunning. I looked at Whitney’s pictures and they don’t even come close to the others from that cycle. I didn’t think Whitney could model, throughout the competition Anya and Katarzyna pictures outshone Whitney.

  24. Miss E Says:

    Great news! Katarzyna is still with Elite and has a Twitter account.

  25. Naomi Says:

    Good for her! It’s great to see an ANTM girl have a good career!

  26. Sonni Says:

    She is so beautiful. Such a stunning face. And she showed such composure and grace on ANTM, she didn’t bother to get involved in the drama. That is why she is my favorite model from cycle 10.

  27. Terra Says:

    She is super beautiful. She sort of clammed up on the show though. That is probably a silent blessing, cause her career obviously blossomed. I don’t like how in half of her pics they airbrushed her moles. Her moles are beautifully placed.

  28. Claudia1011 Says:

    Katarzyna is one of the most beautiful and stunning girls in ANTM history. She has such strong bone structure! I’m so glad to see that she has such a successful modeling career, she deserves it. Personally I think she should have won, or at least make it to the top 3.

  29. AJ Says:

    that’s a lot of pictures. then i LOL’ed when at the bottom it said, “To see more photos of Katarzyna, click here”. most successful imho.

  30. Kaitilin Says:

    Amazing. She is one of the best models to be on ANTM!!!!

  31. Tyra should have NEVER eliminated this girl just to give it to that fake bitch, Whitney, who couldn’t model to save her fucking life. Katarzyna is WAY more successful now than Whitney!!

    • Grrrrrr Says:

      I agree that Tyra should not have eliminated her… she should NEVER HAVE LET HER IN!!!!! Stupid fatarse-yna. HATE her. She’s a slut.

  32. Mina Says:

    Wow. Signed by Elite & Ford Models says to me that they definitely eliminated this girl too early.

  33. Neenie Says:

    One of the most beautiful girls ever to be on ANTM. So glad to see she’s doing well. I think she got a bum deal.

  34. Cynthia Says:

    Cycle 10 Winner should’ve been Katarzyna or Anya hands down.

  35. Katarzyna Hater Says:


    • Arianna Says:

      You’re fucking jealous, huh? Maybe she lost, but she’s doing way better than Whitney. She’s succesfull and you will never be. “Get over it”

    • Alyssa Says:

      She is stunning, nice, and humble. Her pictures are great. She is not a idiot.

  36. :) Says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful. Tyra picked Whitney over THAT????

  37. MARIA Says:

    Droga Katarzyno, mam nadzieję, że pamiętasz polski i możesz to przeczytać. Żałuję, że w ojczystym kraju nie jesteś tak znana, a Twoją historię poznałam dzięki Fox Life i emisji 10 edycji American Top Model. Jestem Twoją ogromną fanką. Trzymam kciuki za Twoje sukcesy. Uściski.

  38. paula Says:

    Katarzyna is from Poland, she isn’t from Roslyn!!!!!!

  39. Anastasia Says:

    About Whitney is winner that’s was just a joke..

  40. Smileyrie Says:

    Looking at her pics on this page – WOW Kat has come so far since the show. The pics of her are stunning and there is so much variety in her facial expressions and poses. Whatever comments people make about whether she should have been eliminated or not, it has probably helped her grow as a model because she was gorgeous on the show but is kicking butt afterwards!

  41. Great Job ! i like her picture Its really awesome.
    Thank you so much.

  42. Caribbean miss Says:

    i love her name

  43. Khris Says:

    she was definitely gorgeous…just gorgeous. I’m a girl but whenever I saw when I was watching Cycle 10, I’m having a little crush on her

  44. Guy Says:

    they played a game.they eliminated katarzyna and fatima to give the crown to a sweet potato

  45. Peggy Says:

    I agree with some of the positive posts about Katarzyna. I always liked her look as well. She should have gone much farther than she did. I continue to wish her well in her modeling career.

  46. kline Says:

    I heared that she isn’t modeling now….really miss her:(

  47. hamza Says:

    awwww…. shes awesome…

  48. Rubber Says:

    when she landed in bottom two with whitney i though 100% she should’ve saved , but ………………………..

  49. anyone know what is your facebook???

  50. Katherine Says:

    One of the best models in ANTM. She worked it. How did Whitney manage to get past her?

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