Kasia Pilewicz was a contestant during Cycle 16 of ANTM.

Originally from Poland, this 26-year-old full-figured model traveled from New York, New York to appear on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16. At the time of the show, Kasia was 26 years old, making her the oldest contestant in this cycle.

Source: The CW / Troy Jensen / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Russell James / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Mike Rosenthal / Pottle Productions

To view more photos of Kasia, click here.

74 Responses to “Kasia Pilewicz”

  1. bonjoss Says:

    Kasia is very pretty, but definitely not made for high fashion, sorry.

    High fashion requires a certain height and figure, is not intended to be shown for full figure models.

    • Gustavito Says:

      Hollllaaa!!! Yeah, full-figure models are great, but even Toccara had to lose some pounds and wait a few years before appearing on a spread on Vogue Italy.

    • Jeffrey Says:

      BULLSHIT! Look at Kate Dillon. She was unsuccessful as a thin model, but when she went from a size 6 to a size 14, she became an instant success. Landing magazines such as mode and vogue numerous times.

    • Pam Says:

      Yeah right I have seen fiercely real high fashon models. I love her body size, thats what actual models should be!! F*** u!!!!

  2. Makister Says:

    There’s something about her that I don’t like. I don’t know what that is, but for sure, she is good.

  3. Marts Says:

    What I’m surprised about is how she was able to make it to the cycle even if she has a lot of modeling experience and has been part of magazines and campaigns less than 10 years before the show. We already had one Saleisha Scandal, don’t start another one Tyra.

  4. Gustavito Says:

    Ehhhhhhh, if she’s already a model and appeared on a fashion magazine, why is she on the show? And she reminds of a shorter version of Whitney from cycle 10.

  5. Juliet Says:

    i must say i’m not in love with her proportions. Even plus-size models have to have a nice body shape, she just looks fat, not curvy as she should. She should really do some pilates to shape up those legs, abs and arms!

  6. CatieRawr Says:

    She reminds me of Emily Osment.

  7. Amy Says:

    I loathe her mouth/chin/underbite.

  8. Emily Says:

    I personally think that she’s beautfifull, but forgetful.

  9. boo Says:

    Omg, yes I agree. If she is already a model, why is she on the show? Ugh, another spot wasted that could’ve been someone else. I agree she act like Whitney; so miss pageant act. She doesn’t need to be on the show either. I thought that this show was to give opportunity to girls who want to be a model, not ones who already model. And to become what, a model! Kinda dumb.

    • sickboy Says:

      Yeah, but the same logic could be used for Alexandria, as she had done some runway and campaign modelling work not long before she appeared on top model. Yet I don’t see anyone else saying she was a waste of space. And just because she’s another plus-size model with blonde hair doesn’t mean she’s another Whitney. To be honest, I thought that Anya deserved to win that cycle as Whitney wasn’t that strong, however I think Kasia is way better than Whitney.
      Am actually quite surprised at how some people on this post have commented so rashly about Kasia not belonging in high fashion. It was only a few decades ago that full-figured women were considered high fashion, yet as soon as they started bringing in slim models, people assume that size zero is a constant in the fashion industry. Curviness has started coming back into the modelling industry; it’ll hopefully make way for more variety in model’s shapes.
      And before anyone says I’m being naive or narrow minded by appearing to prefer full-figured women to skinnier women, I wouldn’t mind if both types could appear on the runway together without it being commented on as something so different and unusual.

    • joejoe Says:

      modeling experience does not mean super-model status. they qualify to be on. lisa d had experience. so has many of them. they still need to move up. if you managed a 7-11, would you not try to get in a program managing a fortune 500 company?

  10. datum pi Says:

    She looks very pretty but when her jawline disappears she looks like the smelly girl in your kindergarten class that eats her own boogers (mature way to put it, I know, ha!) and she doesn’t seem to have much of a personality. They seem to edit her the same way that they edited Whitney– just her talking about her being different because she’s a full-figured model. We’re not really getting the chance to get to know her!

  11. Bella_Isa Says:

    She seems to be a really cool girl, I like her personality. I’m not a big fan of her legs though but I always wonder how do they find these fat girls that have not even a lil bit of cellulite?

    • Nike! Says:

      She is most certainly NOT fat! You do realize she’s like…a size 14 or 16? If I saw her on the street I would think she was completely an ordinary size. It’s only in comparison to girls who are nothing but skin and bones that she looks heavier. I think Kasia is a full-figured beauty.

  12. Ayudya Says:

    She is to-tal-ly fierce!!!

  13. ambar Says:

    She does look like Emily Osment, but she’s not ready yet for high fashion.

  14. sondra Says:

    I’m getting bored with her, most of her photos seems look flat and just okay. Well I think she can be eliminated very quick.

  15. lolita Says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous to me!! Y’all just haters!!!! Good job, Kasia.

  16. aino Says:

    The “the plus size” of the group but always maintain the most stunning pics. Love KASIA!!

  17. some dude Says:

    I personally don’t think Kasia is a scandal situation like Saleisha might have been, but yeah Kasia is one of the more experienced girls to make it on the show. Mikaela also had a lot of experience, but she just got eliminated. Kasia is a fierce plus-size model. Not as stunning as Whitney, but I feel like Kasia works better in photos and we could have a second plus-size winner. However I also feel like she’s going to fall short and place 3rd or 2nd, despite what I predict, she going to have an amazing career anyway. I want to see her with shorter hair though and dyed. The blonde thing is her, but it bores me sometimes.

  18. Alex Says:

    26 years old? Isn’t that way too old to become a model?

  19. Gorge Says:

    i believe she is better than whitney and alexandra from cycle 14

  20. sondra Says:

    for me, she’s the next keenyah (cycle 4) mostly from now her photo is not fierce more like awful but she never been in bottom 2 also…

  21. Sarah Says:

    i think that she looks like whitney,the winner of cycle 8, isn’t she?! i’m sorry if there are some mistakes of language, but i’m not english 🙂

  22. Morgan Says:

    She looks like a fuller figured Kate Hudson.

  23. amysidek Says:

    i just love her..<3 ❤

  24. mona Says:

    Her pictures aren’t that good, she looks cross-eyed in a lot of them. Didn’t like her at all

  25. Jeremae Manalaysay Says:

    she looks like hayden panettiere 🙂

    i like her! 😀

  26. Nike! Says:

    Kasia, you are inspiring and wondeful! Your personality outshone the rest of the girls. I hope you continuing modeling and become an icon for young girls and ALL body shapes everywhere! Truly inspiring. Thank!

  27. gerald Says:

    Kasia is my fave she looks very European like all of the girls from past cycles. Natasha, Anya, Mollie Sue and Katarzyna… very high fashioned couture…

  28. gerald Says:

    Kasia is my fave she looks very European like all of the girls from past cycles. Natasha, Anya, Mollie Sue and Katarzyna… very high fashioned editorial…

  29. ampf Says:

    hatrrrrrs can you even make photos like that … good job Kasia !!!

  30. ngluvjj Says:

    her expression is marvelous, but she somehoww forgetful :/

  31. Nine Says:

    She can be high fashion. Rules are there to be broken. Who says plus size models can’t be high fashion?

  32. Her face doesn’t show a 26-year-old girl and I believe that she’s a very pretty girl, but she doesn’t know her angles cause in some photos she looks fat and in others she looks slim, but she’s pretty!

  33. crystal Says:

    She reminds me of my aunt that I hated.

  34. Valerie Says:

    Something is very soft about her face and figure. I like it a lot and she looks eastern european which is very positive in the fashion world. She also looks a lot younger than she actually is.

  35. Kat Says:

    I was in my doctor’s office, bored to tears waiting, and picked up the Nov. 2009 Seventeen magazine (with Kristen Stewart on the cover). Who should be in the “dressing for your body type” spread but Kasia. And she was “22” then. So. Seventeen must have a heck of a lot to say in who stays and goes in some of these cycles (not this one, I know, but she was already in there sooooo). Interesting, I say.

  36. ZelleMarfori Says:

    She’s way too old and a little fat to be a model.

    • ignacio Says:

      don´t be ignorant! she´s really beautiful, and she doesn´t look her age! besides, she was a plus size so it doesn´t make her fat! there were more fat plus size girls on the show!

  37. Kayla Brenay Graham Brown Khalifa Says:

    Kasia Is Gorgeous !

  38. Leona Says:

    She is so sweet! Wish her all the best and hope that the cruel high fashion world dont cut her!

  39. antmlover Says:

    She’s fiercely real inside and out. Most definitely out. But I like her.

  40. Sue Wonda Says:

    Kasia was originally signed with Wilhelmina, Inc. in NYC before appearing on the show. She is now signed with an agency in Chicago. Kasia has flawless features and a beautiful, porcelain body. I wish people would see that thinness is not always considered attractive by many fans of art. If you look at the Italian Renaissance paintings of women there is an emphasis on the beauty of the full-figured body and these are considered to be among the greatest artworks of European history. Even Aphrodite has been portrayed as full-figured in paintings. “The Birth of Venus” by Monsieur Bougereau shows her as full-figured/voluptous. Kasia has facial features Europea photographers want in a mode. It’s different for today’s era because it’s classical. Her face reminds me of the first pioneer and legend of the model’s profession, Mme Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn. That chin could be Kasia’s trademark! It’s not to say that skinny models with a 24-inch or less waistline are unattractive. Janice Dickinson, Beverly Johnson and Suzy Parker are some of my favorite legendary supermodels and they were always with a 24-inch waistline, no less or more. Nowadays, having a 24-inch waistline isn’t enough, couturiers want thin models. Let’s be realistic, in Europe a model can only be thinner than 24 inches if she comes from a village where no family has enough food to eat. If you go to the city the girls have flesh with some being voluptuous, some being full-figured and some being skinny skinny. They’re all healthy :-). The fashion industry has changed significantly since the 1990’s which is where the model’s look turned a downright nasty turn. Let’s look at Karl Lagerfeld, for example, he uses plus-size model(s) in his fashion shows now, though 20 years ago he would have laughed at any plus-size model walking into his atelier(sp?) followed by kicking her out. In Spain the fashion council passed a policy years ago that no model with a skinny skinny body can do runway work….. I want to see Kasia on the cover of Vogue Paris.

  41. vasou Says:

    Plus size AND old? Come on..

  42. Kris Says:

    She is not maybe high fashion but did you noticed compare to others in this cycle, how many photos does SHE have? Normal models will be always better and had more job. Why? Because more selling magazines like Joy and Bravo and others just life “models for plus sizes” because most of the women aint skinny.

  43. Milla Says:

    I think she should have been on top two. She is one of the prettiest girls in ANTM history and i think she belongs to vogue.And i dont think she’s not even “fat”. She’s skinny! She just happends to have a nice ass.

  44. clark Says:

    I like her..for some reason like the way her “head position” (bit up)… great personality and confidence

  45. Laura Says:

    Stop calling her old! Lisa D’amato is 30 and she won ANTM all stars!

  46. ruth Says:

    Shes beautiful enough said.

  47. Kate Says:

    how in the world is this considered plus size?! seriously! i think she has amazing legs =)

  48. whatever Says:

    I love how classy she was portrayed on the show. She’s one of the more mature contestants. She certainly didn’t look her age, but she acted with wisdom well beyond her years. I wish she would’ve made it farther over molly and alexandria but that’s the way the dice rolled. She was classy, never one to argue. And she was truly happy to be there. Never complained. I like how appreciative she was of everything. As far as modeling goes, she’s got a gorgeous face but I don’t know about her body.

  49. doctormedic Says:

    I love Kasia (maybe it’s because I’m Polish) and her figure is stunning! She isn’t even close to looking fat; she’s a beautiful-figured woman.

  50. Helen Says:

    I love Kasia, you go girl! Sometimes she didn’t have the best picture, but there is just something about Kasia that I love

  51. Cari Says:

    I think Kasia is beautiful and her proportions are actually lovely. What sets her apart is that she was presented with situations that would make any normal person break down for feeling fat but she didn’t. She cried once for a split second then busted out there with “look at me, I have curves, but hell LOOK AT ME I AM ROCKING THEM!”

    I don’t like that she had all that previous experience, the shows parameters are technically not meant for those like her. Tyra and the panel loved the down curl of her mouth and while it was fine for a picture or two I found that she did lack variety in the face.

    She is WAY better than Whitney. Her proportions seem to be more in order than Whitney’s were, not that she isn’t pretty too, but Kasia just has this shape about her that draws you in even with her shirt off.

    I do not think she was strong enough in photos to win, as she didn’t, but she is one of those that you know damn well she took from her time there and GREW.

  52. Beth Says:

    I think Kasia has a stunning face and figure! She’s perfect for high fashion, she has a rare face, one I’ve never forgotten anyway. She may not look like your typical model, but she has a face you can mould in to many looks! And to everyone calling her old, she’s probably one of the most youthful looking ones in cycle 16. I hope we see more girls like Kasia in future cycles.

  53. alicia Says:

    Why are you criticising kasia? She’s beautiful just the way she is people don’t have to be a specific size to be high fashion.

  54. DIEGO Says:

    Hermosa Reina, me casaría con ella sin pensarlo…

  55. iloveny22 Says:

    Kasia is gorgeous.

  56. Debra Cravey Says:

    Reading all these negative comments just reminds me how negative, self centered , and ugly some people can be. To be that negative about anyone who has done nothing to them shows just how insecure and jealous they really are. Makes me think. What ever your weight or problem is. Your not strong enough to fix it .

  57. aya neden habana Says:

    I wish she is the winner in ANTM but she got eliminated but afterall she is still a model,,I LOVE YOU IDOL KASIA,,I’m your biggest fan :)….

  58. Bianca Says:

    She’s wonderful, talented girl. Wish there were more like her.

  59. Katherine Says:

    She is very ugly pretty for me. I couldn’t decide if I ever liked her or disliked her. I was very in the middle of the road with her. She came off as fake and disingenuous sometimes. I do think she has potential to be a good model. Just not sure if she’s versatile.

  60. Tiens ϲe poste va atterrir ѕur un site

  61. Cally Mc Cormack Says:

    You’re like fucking children! You’re judging her about her looks and her weight when she’s obviously way prettier and has a better figure than any of you? You’re all so fucking childish what’s wrong with society? You don’t even know her nor have you even met her yet your pointing out flaws like a jaw deformities? Im 14 years old and I’m smarter than all of you because I was brought up to not judge I think she looks beautiful 🙂 you’re all sad cunts who’re obviously jealous of her beauty. I find it quite sad that most of you are adults yet you’re absolute brats with no respect. I bet half of you wouldn’t even be abld to show a bit of skin because you’re insecure so why try and bring someone else down! It makes me sick to see how low people can get – Cally Mc Cormack

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