Kari Schmidt was a contestant on Cycle 6 of ANTM.

Born in Brookings, South Dakota, Kari Schmidt was the shortest finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6. On the show, her over-all appearance led the others to liken her to a Bratz Doll. She was a strong contender in the beginning, but she experienced great difficulty on the runway. Coupled with her inability to pull off a great walk, Kari also had a disproportioned body. Consequently, she became the third finalist to be eliminated from the show.

After appearing on the show, Kari went back to school in order to finish her studies. Currently, she is majoring in Consumer Affairs at South Dakota University, from where she expects to graduate in the year 2010. She believes that even if she does not become a successful model, the experience she gained from the show is still beneficial, as it will greatly help her when she pursues a career in business.

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To view more photos of Kari, click here.

9 Responses to “Kari Schmidt”

  1. kiki Says:

    She should have stayed around longer.

  2. John Says:

    I love her! She’s gorgeous, but her catwalk…

  3. Liza Says:

    Too bad she didn’t pursue a modeling career. She could’ve done well I believe.

  4. Alex Says:

    WOW! She is a BEAUTY!!! Too bad she didn’t continue.

  5. gerald Says:

    I kinda thought she looks like Goldilocks along with a little bit of Bratz doll glam, I loved her face but the runway was horrible she should take print Ad rather than high fashioned. Kari had the girl next door like she looks a little bit of Jaclyn you know ths Southern looks and the luscious big lips.

  6. anya Says:

    am i the only one that thinks she looks like a blonde selena gomez

  7. Misha Says:

    Her Ice Princess shot looks like Amanda Lepore 🙂

  8. lulu15 Says:

    really love her eyes….

  9. geraldo Says:

    Kari reminds me of Sasha Pieterse in the Pretty Little Liars with that blond curly hair, sapphire blue eyes and luscious lips

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