Kara Vincent was a contestant during Cycle 13 of ANTM.

A native of Fort Wayne, Indiana, this 19-year-old student lived in Chicago, Illinois during her stint on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 13.

Kara’s unique beauty helped her achieve strong photos throughout the competition, which resulted in at least one first call out and a few bottom two call-outs.

During her time on the show, Kara won two reward challenges; one during episode three’s ‘smizing challenge’ and the other during episode six’s ‘dancing challenge’ where her, Jennifer and Rae won $17,000 in jewelry.

Despite her capable performance, Kara ended up being the 6th girl eliminated from the show. During her final judging panel, Tyra said it felt like she was ‘giving up’  in her pictures.

Since the show, Kara has taken a few test shots. She is not currently signed with an agency.

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36 Responses to “Kara Vincent”

  1. kiki Says:

    She got on my last nerve so much. I’m going to find her, run up to her, and scream, “Oh my god, you were on the Nicole cycle, bitch!”

  2. BluBluBlooo Says:

    I don’t like her either. She thinks that she is the coolest in this cycle … talking behind Nicole’s back!

  3. anastacia Says:

    Hmmmm … maybe back in Costa Rica, but she’s a pretty girl. I’m not a hater, just she’s a deer in the headlights in her pictures.

  4. alex Says:

    She comes from an upper middle class family. No wonder she’s snobby. bleahhh!

    • PM Says:

      Geeez, are you seriously implying that everybody from upper-middle class families is snobby??! That’s really ridiculous. Just because someone is “privileged” doesn’t mean she/he is a stuck up.

      She might have had her snobby moments, but I’m sure a great deal of it was edited on purpose.

  5. Chilly710 Says:

    I have to agree with her being a snob, but she had really good pictures like her recreation of her baby photo and her tall photo.

  6. IHATEKARA Says:

    You b*tch. Stop hating on others just because you’re bad yourself. Deal with it.

  7. Janna Says:

    Slightly softer and she could be cute. She reminds me of Chris Colfer. They’re like twins!

  8. SANDY Says:


  9. boo Says:

    Blah. I didn’t like her. Wahh, wahhh, wahhh is all I heard from her.

  10. Julie Says:

    Kara is a really nice person, actually. We went to school together, and where we come from, hardly anyone is snobby.

  11. boo Says:

    She is so ridiculous. I hope she don’t get signed with any agency!

  12. Patricia Granados Says:

    I love her face, don’t care about her attitude.

  13. Boone Says:

    Yeah, I have to agree. Her attitude was really snotty and mean. Especially to Nicole who did not deserve it. Plus, she did it behind Nicole’s back instead of confronting her face on. Then, when she was eliminated she took it like a ‘sore loser’. She looked like she was ready to punch out Tyra and she didn’t bother to go over and say goodbye to the other girls. She’s really a very striking woman and could have a good career but change the attitude, honey!

  14. Patricia Granadoss Says:

    Look guys, that girl is my cousin so shut up. Just because you guys weren’t on the show and are ugly as shit. Doesn’t mean judge her 🙂

    • drea Says:

      r u dumb? ur “cousin” decided to participate in a very popular show so all bets r off. she put herself in the public eye and portrayed herself a certain way. maybe she’s not like that in real life but that’s what we saw on the show. and u can only blame editing to a certain point. at the end of the day she did what she did and said what she said. so get over urself and go sit down somewhere. ignorance is not cute. jackass.

  15. drea Says:

    kara’s face reminds me of aminat’s. it’s beautiul but unusual at the same time. they both have to really understand the dynamics of their faces and learn how to work it. plus, was it just me or did one of kara’s eyes look a lil crossed? had kara mastered the dynamics of her face and dropped the attitude she probably would have won. she’s so editorial. also, we have to keep in mind that most of these girls r really young so talking behind other ppls back is almost like a sport. i thought i was grown at 21-22yrs old, lol. what a joke. at 25 or more is when u really mature and grow up cuz u’ve lived a lil bit at that point. good luck to kara… i wish her nothing but the best and success in whatever she goes after in life.

  16. Patricia Says:

    Mmm great, I am Patricia Granados and I am not Kara’s cousin. Someone else posted with my name, don’t know why…

  17. Susan Says:

    I thought her face was gorgeous at the beginning of the show and I was really rooting for her. Then, I saw her attitude the week she got eliminated, and then took a second look at her pictures. Yeah, I don’t think she’s all that special anymore.

  18. Londres Says:

    The only reason she was noticable was due to her bitchyness and nothing positive!! She truly sucks!

  19. DiscoQueen Says:

    Frightening. Nothing much else to say.

  20. Breah Says:

    In my opinon, Kara was one of the biggest cunts of the season. Why was she hatin’ on Nicole so hard? The girl had never done a damn thing to Kara. If you’re gonn’a bitch about someone so much, make sure they’ve actually done something to you. Nicole was me in school. Quiet, misunderstood, verbally assaulted for no damn reason. Un-forgivable. At first, I found her beautiful, but then………..her and Jennifer went after Nicole, and why???????????? Nicole never did a damn thing to you cunts! She’s diff. ‘cuz you name the outcasts, and then you cast them out. Nicole is a model, and a good person. I can see now, how that doesn’t clash with you ‘cuz neithe one of you won! NICOLE DID!!!!!!!!!! Choke on that Jennifer. I’d like to kick both of your asses! You directed your insecurities in the wrong place, lost, and missed out on knowing a great person due to biases, and self-esteem problems. May both of your careers go nowhere!

  21. rebecca Says:

    i honestly felt she had so much potential to win. She is young and i was impressed with her looks i feel she could model. the picture she took on the horse she didn’t try extremely hard and was nervous and it was amazing they said she was dull. i feel she should try she is edgy and looks cool

  22. G Says:

    Horrible girl personality wise. All she did was talk bad about others. Was yet another girl who was stuck on being confused as to how an “odd” or “weird” girl could be doing better than her.

    Says volumes about her opinion on people really doesn’t it? High fashion favours the quirkiness, you’re not in high school any more and this isn’t a competition to become a prom queen. That’s why you sucked.

    And p,s. guess what bitch? YOU WERE ON NICOLE’S CYCLE! Boo yah! Ha ha, what a fool.

  23. courtney Says:

    kara was the wors contestant on his cycle and im surprised she got through to the call backs.she is scruffy and mean.

  24. Kevin Says:

    Her comments on Nicole were annoying, but note that this is a reality tv show and that editing is involved. Ashley, for example, was edited to be one of the cycle’s bitches, but Nicole has revealed in post-show interviews that she was friends with Ashley and Ashley is a nice person. Even if Kara made those comments on Nicole, I’m pretty sure she just made them out of frustration, and I doubt that she was consistently bitching about Nicole the entire time. I think it’s wrong to hate on Kara based solely on what was shown.

    I felt really bad for her, because she is genuinely a gorgeous girl and she sacrificed a lot to get onto the show. She seemed absolutely crushed when she was cut, and it was heartbreaking to watch.

  25. Kat Says:

    Sigh. First, to the commentor who said she was eliminated during the show they were superheroes…they were ninjas. Superheroes was cycle 5. Also, her exit comments alone just killed me. Something along the lines of “If I’d known I wasn’t going to win I wouldn’t have come”. Give me a break. Initially I had her in the top 3-4. Oops.

  26. Fox Says:

    She looks kinda like Michelle Deighton from cycle 4. I think she’s awesome if she didn’t bad mouth Nicole and get her game tight. She’s funny. Must be fun having her around. Anyway, I think it has to do with editing. If she had gotten far, we wouldn’t see that. She told that Nicole is gorgeous in the beginning. She bet Nicole and Erin were final 2 though she likes Laura best.

  27. Krimzon Says:

    Love her look.Attitude ruins it.Apparently she’s working at American Apparel in downtown Chicago…?

  28. mollu Says:

    The reason she isn’t signed is because she was a complete cunt during the show. ANTM also breaks models, u were one of them.

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