Joslyn Pennywell was a contestant during Cycle 11 of ANTM.

The 23-year-old Louisiana native was a student in Shreveport during her appearance of America’s Next Top Model.

Joslyn was a strong competitor during ANTM, consistently staying out of the bottom two. It wasn’t until episodes six and seven that she began to decline in performance. Joslyn was eventually eliminated during episode nine. She was the 7th girl eliminated from the show. During her stint on the show, she won one reward challenge during episode five. She was also known for her unique-sounding, high-pitched voice.

Since the show, Joslyn has done some test shoots and now lives in Los Angeles. She has modeled for Reset Couture and appeared in a commercial. She also has walked at the Runway On Fire Fashion Show and Trendsetters fashion show.

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Source: Seventeen Magazine / Dec 08 and Jan 09 Issue

Source: Seventeen Magazine / Dec 08 and Jan 09 Issue

23 Responses to “Joslyn Pennywell”

  1. MM Says:

    I believe that Joslyn has a commericial now. I am not sure, but it definitely sounds like her voice.

  2. mary anne Says:

    AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! She looks like she’s from the ghetto and has terrible facial expressions. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is used for hip-hop advertisements or music videos.

    • AWilson325 Says:

      The “ghetto” comment was so uncalled for. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re not as ugly as a person as you seem.

    • Liz N'Diaye Says:

      Please, tell me, of aaaaallll the people you might’ve seen in the ghetto…how does Joslyn look like them? Also, there’s not only black people in the ghetto, for one, and two, I don’t know if you’ve seen current hip hop ads or music videos…but they use many girls from many ethnicities. It also feels that you are saying that music videos and hip hop ads take the black girls who are can’t model, which is also not true. You’re comment may not be racist, but it certainly is IGNORANT!

    • joejoe_no1 Says:

      She was raised upper middle class. She was exposed to the arts when she was growing up in the form of dance classes, theater, ballet, etc… She had parents who loved and supported her and her sister. They had cars and a home. I don’t know where she would get the ghetto from. She was a very refined, sort of southern bellish type of girl from middle class “Louiville.” Do your research before you bash.

  3. lisaya Says:

    Actually Mary Anne, she has her own self-esteem camp for girls (probably so they can stand up to jerks like you) and is in the process of starting her own agency. She was on Millionaire Matchmaker and dated one of the millionaires on the show for a long time. They may still be dating. Point is, she’s doing more than you are.

    • mary anne Says:

      If she’s doing all of that, then why not model in Paris or Milan? If you can answer this question with fashion knowledge, then your viewpoint is relevant to her as a model.

      To be a model you shouldn’t audition for reality TV competition shows because that can injure your career really bad (nor focus on other projects that will take away time from the career). She spent thousands of dollars trying to get on to ANTM for several years. That’s five years of not spending money photoshoots and going on go-sees at agencies to receive a spot in the roster for newcomers. She aged and still looks lumpy (for a model).

      As a regular person I think she’s pretty, but as a model, no she wouldn’t get signed with an agency in New York City if she tried. Plus, she is 26-27 years old now which means she won’t get any print work or runway work.

      So yes, her dream to be a model is crushed due to knowing agencies won’t accept her because of her looks, but at least she can do things for young girls. 🙂 If you look at her as a role model for young girls then that’s fine. I am all for positive image for young girls because that’s needed in a country such as ours.

      We live in a very superficial country in which appreciation for natural beauty is a rare thing. I am glad there are people out there like Joslyn working for young people. By the way, if she is starting her own agency, you should contact her so you can become famous too! Perhaps, you can one day stop fantasizing about being a CoverGirl model and finally get to be one for seven one-minute commercials and only one advertisement in just Seventeen Magazinee! Ooooh! *chuckles*

      • joejoe_no1 Says:

        Maryanne, you know so little. you need to check out what actual models do. she is on her hustle and you are mad at her for it. i love the fact that she goes after what she really wants and she never tore anyone down to do it. on the show, she even said that she didn’t have time to worry about everyone else. i applaud her. the ghetto comment didn’t really fit at all. she spoke using clear diction, she carries herself like a lady, what was ghetto? more like you not using a thesaurus to find a more appropriate word to lend to a discussion instead of having everyone read your comment and going, “huh?”

  4. KT Says:

    Go, Lisa! Get her!

  5. neesy Says:

    Oh shut up, Mary Anne.

  6. Azereht Parlan Says:

    She’s the woman who auditioned like 30 times, right? I think Joslyn is the most determined ANTM contestant I’ve ever seen because of that. it’s very admirable for someone who NEVER STOPS BELIEVING. I like that attitude!

    I have no idea about her commercial, though. I wish I could see it. Anyone who has a link? Or can I see it in YouTube, and the likes?

  7. polarpanda Says:

    she was also on an episode of the millionaire matchmaker. she was a potential date for the guy, and he picked her. they hit it of and started to date!

  8. Kat Says:

    She had a great attitude, but I thought she was so commercial. Did she get a boob job, too? I hope not. I think she should have gone overseas, instead of some other people. It was cruel the way they did it “and you will survive this…”. She thought she had it. I felt bad for her.

  9. Bryan Says:

    Stupid Joslyn, she can’t model, she looks ghetto, her voice is annoying, she and Sheena definitely stole the spots of Lauren Brie and Clark

    • Lonny Says:

      On a lot of the black women’s page’s people say they are too ghetto-looking.

      Most of these photos were produced on ANTM. All girls were styled and professionally photographed. Ghetto is a way of doing things (oddly resourceful) and an impoverished neighborhood. It’s not a face.

      What you guys are calling ghetto is the fact that girls like her, Eugena, and Furonda don’t have fine European features. Larger noses/wide bridges and full or thick lips aren’t ghetto, it’s part of her ethnicity same as Italians and Jewish people have larger noses or bumps in their nose. And no one calls that ghetto.

    • Jamaica Says:

      Well, you and I see two completely different things, because I thought Lauren Brie was overrated and not that much of top model material. Her post-antm work leaves much to be desired and proves she’s not really top model material. And Clark didn’t even take good pictures, except that fierce eyes shot. As Nigel described Alexandra from Cycle 14 judging the first photoshoot: “pretty girl, and that’s it for me.” How can you possibly think she was a model? I didn’t and still don’t to this day.

  10. Londres Says:

    Doesn’t have the strongest of features or ‘modelesque’..

  11. slavoyara Says:

    I see that she has magnified her boobs, but she need to change her nose first of all 😀

  12. Maggie Says:

    I didn’t think Joslyn was model material the minute I saw her… her facial features seem to make her look old.

  13. Lee in StL Says:

    Wow, are some of the pics at the bottom pre or post ANTM? Aren’t you supposed to get better and not look like you’re modeling at a local mall? I don’t understand how she almost made it to Amsterdam?! What the? I’m sure she’s a great person but nothing about her screams model, at all.

  14. sharon conley Says:

    Joslyn I’m from Louisiana I’m happy for u keep up d good work

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