Joan Ann “Joanie” Dodds was a contestant in Cycle 6 of ANTM.

Joanie is an American fashion model who currently resides in Hollywood, California. She had her debut television appearance as the runner-up on Cycle 6 of the CW reality TV series, America’s Next Top Model.

Joanie was accepted into the casting of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6. During her session with the casting judges, she dished about how her father is a preacher and how she was a cage dancer under his nose. She was called 5th to join the final thirteen. Joanie is also recently featured on Vietnamese Model Project, which is a show having nearly the same format as ANTM, as a guest judge.

As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6, Joanie was known for being humorous and highly talented as a model. She did not get along with her fellow Top Model finalist, Jade Cole, and often made fun of Jade’s age in the confession room. The judges frequently likened Joanie to Top Model, Cycle 3 finalist Amanda Swafford, because both of them have the ability to deliver great pictures, but lack the edge that can make their presence known. Nevertheless, Joanie made it all the way to the Top 2 with Danielle Evans, but even though Joanie was able to produce a great portfolio and did well on the final runway challenge, the judges decided to give the title to Danielle. As a runner-up, Joanie was very classy and showed no resentment towards Danielle or the judges.

Since appearing on the show, Joanie has appeared on the pages of Go Magazine and ElleGirl Magazine and was placed on the cover of Maniac Magazine. She has been represented by NOUS Models, Nu Talent and Über-Warning Models.

Currently, Joanie is signed with Elite Hong Kong and Reel Management and Talent and Women divisions for I Models and Talent in Los Angeles.

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To view more photos of Joanie, click here.

50 Responses to “Joan Ann “Joanie” Dodds”

  1. Destiney Says:

    Joanie is my favorite; she should have won!!
    She is stunning and beautiful.

  2. mishelle Says:

    Las fotografias que realizo en el reality eran muy bonitas. Ella merecia ganar.

  3. steena Says:

    I think she looks a bit old fashioned, but I still like her.

    • 4sher Says:

      That was the problem. The old english (London) look. She’s good, but it’s not suitable for all markets as her CoverGirl shoot proves.

  4. KriStina Says:

    She was the best in this cycle. She is very, very, very beautiful. I want to be like her.

  5. Camilla Says:

    The real winner.

  6. silver nail polish Says:

    She was really great, but I still agree that Danielle had a little more going for her. She was way more memorable and still a great model.

  7. Lesley Says:

    Joanie was the ideal ANTM winner of cycle 6 in my mind. She was classy, beautiful, sexy and a had personality that took the room. That is what I love to see each winner have. Any agency would be very lucky to have her and I would personally love to see more of her!

    • 4sher Says:

      The only judge in the room she struck that way was Twiggy because of that European (London old) look. She is beautiful, but Dani had everything you mention here. The judges always said that about Dani.

  8. rishelle Says:

    I really love her because she is stunning and classy! She is a great role model! She is the winner at this cycle for me. Because even though Danielle stands out more, Joanie stunned US more! I really love her! I love you Joanie! I really ADMIRE YOU! I really wish I could be like you! LOVE MUCH. ♥♥♥

  9. kiki Says:

    Tyra didn’t seem to like Joanie that much.

  10. alexis Says:

    Tyra was stupid. She was just favoring her personality. Sure her photos were great, but Joanie takes it to the next level. Not one photo of Joanie is decent; they are all AMAZING and a very inspirational. One out of my three fave runner-ups (Allison – cycle 12, Kahlen – cycle 4).

  11. Victoria` Says:

    Joanie is working as a carpenter on the DYI network show Run My Renovation.

  12. abygail Says:

    She looks like old hollywood glamour on her post ANTM pics. Don’t know if it’s really a good thing, but she looks great.

  13. Sandra Says:

    Joanie should have won! All her photos were amazing. Danielle is good, but, come on! She could not even speak well.

    • 4sher Says:

      That was something that could be fixed, like Joanie’s teeth. If you see her now you know it is fixed. They’re both doing great work and jobs.

      • Chris Says:

        Why do you need the urge to reply to EVERYONE who says Joanie should have won? What are you, Dani’s PR manager?

        Out of the last 6 weeks before the final, Dani won just 1 and guess who won the rest 5 of them….that’s right, Joanie (while Dani was 1 or 2 places above the last, always). No need to say more about who should have won.

  14. Miguel Says:

    One of my favorite girls of any cycle great personality and great model. Probably one of the best cycles because her and Danielle were in it. It’s nice to see her as the co-host of run my renovation on the DIY network. I wish the best for her. 🙂

    • darla Says:

      Complete lie. Nothing is better!! No great personality and she’s not a model; she’s okay!! Not ”great excellent,” she could not have won! Danielle deserves it!!! Suck it up.

  15. darla Says:

    No duh, you’re still not better than Danielle, no offense. And no best or great personality than Danielle because Danielle said nothing did nothing to anyone and Joanie did!!!! Even to Sara !!! She said she was a copycat and a b*tch; you have no personality!!! And no nice thing!! Danielle is still better than you!!! 800%. No doubt you didn’t win. You’re runway is terrible no offense! Stop comparing yourself. You can’t beat her! Suck it up!!!!!

    • Jayla Says:

      Did you come on here just to b*tch or what? I mean, is your life that sucky that you have to act as though you’re on the rag and whine and complain like a 2 year old? People these days…….

    • Jenn Says:

      If English is your first language, then I’d suggest you spend more time improving your own grammar and presentation style, and less time on sites belittling others. I enjoy listening to others’ opinions – including opinions different from my own – but your comments are simply offensive; your opinion – which the rest of us might otherwise enjoy hearing – is lost in this mess-of-a-post. Show respect, and you’ll enjoy some in return.

  16. Kat Says:

    Loved this girl, she was from my husband’s hometown, more or less. However, why is Run My Renovation not mentioned in here? She is great on that. Good to see she has multiple talents. I’m curious to see how old some of these pics and updates are…though WAY more informative, I’ve seen other stuff on bellasugar. Just saying.

  17. Liza Says:

    Joanie is very beautiful and I liked her most of all, but Danielle is really strong.
    However, Joanie should have won!

  18. She is my favorite of all the ANTM girls

  19. Terra Says:

    I wish they had just left her teeth alone so she could get braces later. Much more natural looking. I love her.

  20. Mawie Says:

    Anyone know the name of the male model on the ventriloquist shoot?

  21. Penny Says:

    Gorgeous and with a sense of humour, how can you not love that? I think her Covergirl photo is one of the best ever – and of course that housewife picture is beyond awesome. I admit I wanted her to win but I love reading how much she and Danielle like each other and that sort of nice, positive energy isn’t always there, especially at the end like that, gotta love that about both of them. I would have LOVED to see Joanie come back for the All Stars, I still don’t know how half of those “all stars” actually made it back on at all. (Yeah I know, I don’t have quite the lovely positive energy I liked so much in Joanie and Danielle. Working on it. Sorry.) I bet she’s great on the renovation show, will look for it.

  22. Cesar! Says:

    Joanie is the BEST ANTM contestan ever ! Love her she is stunning she is great in runway commercial high fashion she is amazing… Hope they bring her back in season 2 of ANTM All Stars!

  23. Himela Says:

    I prefered her to win over Dani but now that I see her after ANTM work, I don;t think she has the variability that is needed as a model.

  24. ignacio Says:

    She was my fave! Was one of the greatest antm contestants!!!

  25. Manuel Says:


  26. Coral C Says:

    I looooooooove Joanie…!!!!

  27. piera Says:

    great Joanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Aldona Says:

    Such a beautiful portfolio!! I’m sooo impressed. Really a beauty.

    Is this guy on the shots her real boyfriend?? He wents out on the couple of shoots…

    And Joannie gave a title to Danielle in such a courtesy way!! Good, good! A pleasure to watch.

  29. kiki Says:

    I think she and Danielle were evenly matched as models.

  30. hf Says:

    joanie hotta

  31. cheryl Says:

    Joanie was a very nice girl but she does have a look that could possibly be found in some of our models from the past. I really like her but Danielle is a stunning beauty of todays fashion and she represents high fashion. She won and she definately deserved it! But I’m glad that both of these young ladies have found much success. Congratulations to both of you!!!

  32. Cecelia E Hayes Says:

    I know that I reconized that face and I just could not place but I did my homework watching DYI’s RMR why of course ANTM she was my favorite model she should have WON I’m glad she doing GREAT

  33. Cassie Says:

    Always my favorite. She def. needs to be on Mad men. She can be one of don’s girls!

  34. Charles Says:

    Should’ve been on All Stars. Her face carries heavy make-up very well.

  35. Jordan196 Says:

    Oh my god she is so gorgeous!!! She was definitely my pick for winner of cycle 6. She is so successful and takes amazing photos. Congratulations Joanie!!!!!

  36. Shane Says:

    Definitely should have won this cycle. Joanie is, in my opinion, the most beautiful and interesting contestant in the history of ANTM. She has an incredible bone structure in her face that makes her so interesting to look at. Choosing Dani, who couldn’t even speak clearly, over Joanie was an epic fail. Joanie was by far the closest thing ANTM has ever come to a top model.

  37. startledbylightening Says:

    I loved her, she’s been my absolute favorite. Most underrated model, she doesn’t look like she would be amazing until she gets photographed. I love her krunking photo, that’s a hard pose to pull off, she doesn’t look blow up doll or like it was an accident. She just looks AMAZING!

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