Jessica Serfaty was a contestant during Cycle 14 of ANTM.

The then 18-year-old aspiring model is from Conway, Arkansas was a stay-at-home mom during her stint on the show.

During her initial interview with the panel, she revealed that she got pregnant at the age of sixteen (after the first time she had sex) and married her boyfriend (whom she met in church) a year later when she turned seventeen.

Jessica can really identify with Brenda Arens, who, like Jessica, also became pregnant after her first sexual experience.

During on-camera interviews, Jessica said that she loves two things in her life: her family and the modeling industry.

Jessica proved herself to be one of the stronger models during Cycle 14, when she was called first during the very first panel judging. Because she performed so well, she was able to keep the Rachel Roy dress she wore during the runway challenge.

Jessica was called 10th following the photo shoot with Brian Edwards, then shot back up to 3rd following the ‘dance’ photo shoot with Cade Martin; the panel told Jessica that she produced a strong photograph depicting ‘salsa’ dancing.

During episode 4, Jessica produced a ‘vampire’ photo Tyra described as “stunning.” She was then called 7th during elimination.

Jessica continued to impress the judges when her photo with D-Nice was called “magnetic” and “in another world.” They also added that they loved that her feet were off the ground in her final photo. During the Ross Matthews challenge with Nigel, Jessica performed the best of the group and won a pair of $6,000 diamond earrings from Jude Frances Jewelry. (Alasia got to share in her prize since she was called first in panel during the previous episode.) Jessica’s performance during the “fake” photo shoot earned her a 1st call during elimination.

Episode 6 proved to focus less on the performance of each girl and more on the developing drama, as well as clashing personalities, in the Top Model house. The girls began hanging in particular cliques, which collectively did not bode well for a tranquil atmosphere.

Jessica became good friends with Brenda and Raina … and this conflicted with Alasia, Angelea, Anslee and Krista. Jessica made it clear on camera that her and Alasia didn’t get along, which was challenging because she shared a room with her. They were also shown loudly arguing in the limo on their way back from the first challenge.

Jessica was continually doing well during photo shoots and challenges. It was because of this that competitors such as Angelea really wanted to do well. Jessica even won the Tinsley Mortimer challenge, proving that she knew how to dress to her body proportions.

Perhaps the drama finally began to affect her performance. During the “New York women” photo shoot with Mike Ruiz, Mr. Jay was critical of her performance in front of the lens while she was attempting to portray a New York ‘club goer.’

Jessica was also harshly criticized during panel. The judges, specifically Andre Leon Talley (ALT), disliked what she wore to panel. He said that her shoes took her whole innocent charm to a level of  “skeeza / hoochie / skanky and/or sexy.”

The criticism didn’t stop there, unfortunately. Tyra called her final photo ‘confused looking.’ Nigel added that he too thought she looked lost. Ann Shoket said she agreed with Nigel; Jessica looked dazed and lost. Despite the barrage of negative reviews, Jessica was called sixth, not even landing in the bottom two.

When Jessica was called, Tyra revealed that she was called 6th because the judges were “less than impressed” on how she handled herself in judging while being critiqued on her clothing. Tyra said that she went from “a very sweet girl / miss apple pie” to very combative, which was not attractive. Even at the end of episode 6, Jessica proved to be a strong competitor for Top Model.

During episode 7, Jessica did okay during the first challenge, which happened to be an impromptu catwalk challenge with Miss J at Lucky Cheng’s. The girls had to walk a runway in front of an audience of drag queens, Miss J and folks off the street. Jessica showed some personality, but didn’t stand out as much as Krista.

During the “Hair Couture” photo shoot with Jerry Metellus, Jessica performed well; especially considering the other girls were allowed to heckle while watching. Mr. Jay’s only critique was that her head positioning could have used some improvement while shooting.

At panel, Jessica got kudos from ALT for her pointed toe. Tyra said that she could see Jessica’s photo in a magazine accompanied by an article about Jessica being “The one to watch.” Ultimately, Jessica was called fourth during elimination, allowing her to travel to the international destination of New Zealand.

Episode 8 began with a go-sees challenge in New Zealand. Jessica ended up booking 1 out of 4 go-sees, although most of the designers said her look was a little soft and commercial.

During the “same dress” photo shoot with Nigel Barker, she seemed unsure of her surroundings while posing. Nigel said that her face looked confused and that she wasn’t into it.

At panel, Nigel said that she lacked passion in her eyes. ALT said that Nigel’s art direction saved the her. Tyra said that her face is very commercial, so she needs to really learn how to work her eyes and facial features.

Due to her unimpressive performance, she landed in the bottom two, with Alasia, for the first time.

While in the bottom two, Tyra said that she’s a girl who can take an interesting picture, but at times she looks too commercial; she needs to work on being more edgy.

Alasia ended up being eliminated, leaving Jessica to compete for another week.

Jessica began episode 9 by setting the toaster on fire in the Top Model house. This let to a verbal lashing by the girls, with regards to her cooking/mothering skills. Jessica was upset by this, but tried not to be bothered by it.

During the first challenge, a photo shoot on a film set from the movie Lord of the Rings, Jessica’s performance was called “commercial.” Alexandra commented that she looked like she was in a catalog for Dilliard’s.

During the “shadow shoot” with Tyra as photographer, Jessica had trouble delivering “edge.” Mr. Jay said she had trouble finding her energy until the very end of the shoot.

In panel, guest judge Sarah McLeod loved her eyes. Nigel said it looked like she was “searching for truth” and that her profile wasn’t perhaps her strongest attribute. ALT said that he was at a loss for words. Tyra said that the shadow was wearing her, not the other way around.

Jessica’s weak photo resulted in a trip to the bottom two. While in the bottom two, Tyra said that she was so “sweet and pretty – and commercial.” Tyra went on to say that being commercial was a money maker, but not a career maker. She said that she can be edgy when she concentrates, but it wasn’t consistent enough for the judges.

Jessica became the 9th girl eliminated from the show. Upon elimination, Tyra said that being commercial was a “kiss of death” on Top Model.

Upon leaving, Jessica said the following:

“I’ve come a really long way and I made it to the top five. I gave it my all, but it wasn’t enough. Tyra, thank you so much for the opportunity; you don’t even know what it means to me. I’m going to miss this, but I’m definitely glad to get to see my little boy and my husband. I’m not not going to stop pursuing my dream. I’m going to move out to California or New York and I’m going to become a big top model, whether that means commercial or editorial.  I’m just going to see where life takes me.”

To read Jessica’s post-elimination interview with RTV Games, click here.

Since the show Jessica and her husband have moved to Los Angeles to (both) pursue modeling and acting. Before the show, Jessica was signed with The Agency in Arkansas. She’s currently looking for representation in California.

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To see more photos of Jessica, click here.

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  1. mel Says:

    I don’t know if you know this, but when I click the link “To see more photos of Jessica, click here.” I get an error message.

  2. elly Says:

    Hi Jessica! You’re one of my favorites. Such a big fan. You’re beautiful. Please give me a message back at!

  3. kiki Says:

    Her family is so cute. Also, her eyes are fascinating.

  4. jacob buhia Says:

    OMG! I so love her photos. She’s my second pick after Raina. I hope she can get a really big break soon.

  5. nikky Says:

    Hey! Jessica is my favorite. She is stunning; I wish her the best of luck in the near future.

  6. shelly and casidy Says:

    Jessica was my daughter’s childhood friend in Texas. They had a dog washing buisness in our subdivision. We miss her and think of her often. Jessica, your family is beautiful!

  7. tamara Says:

    Hi Jessica! I wish you would have won, pretty girl! Email me at!

  8. Hi Jessica! You’re such a beautiful lady, even if you didn’t made it to the top. I will idolize you forever.

  9. Hazel Soria Says:

    Hi Jessica! You’re my favorite! I wish you would have won in that cycle! Anyway I’ll always be a huge fan of yours forever!

  10. neesy Says:

    One of my faves too!

  11. nina Says:

    Jessica, I love you so much! You’re the most beautiful of the girls of ANTM’s Cycle 14 (Raina’s my second pick). You’re amazing; you’re so cute. It’s no wonder your baby’s a cutie too. 🙂 I really wish you more jobs and happiness to come.

  12. amanda Says:

    I like your passion on Top Model and I also love your sincerity and hospitality to others. You don’t like those girls who are harsh and mean. I miss your sunshine smile and admire your family and I hope you will keep being happy and achieve your success as a top model. Una amiga from China! Will keep eyes on you! Come on!!!

  13. rishelle Says:

    I love her face! I love her! I wish I looked like her! haha. 🙂 She is just freaking stunning! She is so pretty! I really love her!

  14. Jennifer Says:

    I love Jessica. She and Raina were my favorite. 🙂 She’s pretty, lovely and stunning. She has the BEST portfolios. I wish she’d won.

  15. krizza jane violanta Says:

    Hi Jessica!! I like you so much in all ANTM cycles. I like cycle 14 because you inspired me most. I hope that I will see you in person because I’m dreaming to see you soon! I like you because you’re sweet, cool and very down to earth. I always watch ANTM. Please email me at I’m from the Philippines! Thnx!

  16. Celine Says:

    She’s absolutely stunning!

  17. lea Says:

    Hi Jessica. I’m a huge fan of yours! You’re absolutely stunning and beautiful! I hope I could see you in person, but I’m from the Philippines. I wish you could have won!

  18. Damien Says:

    Hey Jessica!!! I am such a big fan of yours! I’m just so impressed by you throughout the whole cycle! I love you and I hope you will send me a message sometimes! ( From a boy who is 13 ( turning 14) in Malaysia. If you don’t know where it is, its way below China! ^^

  19. steph Says:

    Jessica you should have really won!! You were the prettiest on the show! As far as I can tell the show doesn’t really know true talent. Best of luck!!

  20. Grace Says:

    She’s so stunning and angelic looking, the only photo she didn’t look near-perfect was the covergirl one. Idk why, the make up or something just didn’t work. She’s so cheery and wholesome, so likeable! So wholesome-seeming that I was shocked to find out that she had a son! With a guy she met from church! Well, things do happen. And the guy was decent and married her.. etc etc. Overall she’s still 99% wholesome! She’s like Betty from Archie Comics almost. The only time she slipped up was when she tried to explain herself when receiving criticism during judging, and it wasn’t as bad as they made it out.

  21. Monika Says:

    She is currently in Korea pursuing her modelling.

  22. Bridget Says:

    Hi Jessica,
    AMTM 14 has just been aired in Australia. I don’t know what they were thinking eliminating you. You are beautiful inside and outside. Hope you have found someone to represent you.

  23. Mikaela Says:

    WOW. Jessica is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. I love her.

  24. Maxine Says:

    Hey, I was just wondering, is it her in the Justify Sex Video by Dan Balan?
    I can’t seem to find anywhere if it is her and I’m dying of curiosity. Anyone find anything out?

  25. jhonny Says:

    Ohhh, Jessica! I am your number 1 fan on ANTM and I think you deserved it; your passion is very cool. I love it.

  26. T Says:

    She is clearly very, very stunning. But I don’t see her as a model for high fashion and runway etc. Perhaps catalogue and magazine/commercial shoots.

    Her ANTM photos are mixed good and bad – they’re bad being flat or lifeless (still looks stunning in every photo of course) but I guess it’t not always enough.

    Probably one of the most naturally beautiful contestants I think.

  27. cbsowl Says:

    I like Jessica Serfaty. Her personality that makes her glow.

  28. Natalie Says:

    Jessica was my all time favorite. I loved her and she has what it takes to be a top model!

  29. eunice balbieran Says:

    I know that you can give more, but it’s okay. You made it up to top 5. I love you so much as a fan of yours.

  30. eunice balbieran Says:

    I know that you can give more, but it’s okay. You made it up to top 5. I love you so much as a fun of yours, and you’re so beautiful!

  31. Hi jessica! You know what? You’re the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my whole life. To all the girls of antm 14, you’re my favorite because super you’re stunning, gorgeous, amazing, and nice. 🙂 I wish I could see you in person. This is Via from the Philippines.

  32. Hi Jessica! This is Via again! Today I downloaded all your portfolios and you look amazing in that photo and I like your body structure. And I hope you will bring me an e-mail (

  33. Kristen Says:

    I love Jessica! I thought her or Raina should have won. Such cute pictures with her boy!

  34. Настюша Says:

    Одна из моих любимых моделей!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Creen Says:

    She was cute.

  36. Dario Says:

    Simply, Jessica is one of the most beautiful girls that ever walked to ANTM.

    • lauren Says:

      i really loved her as a model 😦 too bad she didnt get far enough
      personally…shes too pretty to be a model.

      i saw her modeling catalog for papaya though

  37. palak kapoor Says:

    hey jessica!! u r my fav model.. i luv ur smile … u r a rockstar…. wish u all the happiness in the world .. ur biggest fan p@l$

  38. palak kapoor Says:

    jessica u r the best and most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen….. u r my inspiration.. 🙂

  39. hangedman Says:

    if you all live in kuala lumpur ,have one an actress name nur fathia have a same face like jessica….
    so come to malaysia to know about our actress or type it in google image

  40. carinne Says:

    beautifull, just beautifull.
    why’d she get eliminated? she’s so much better than angelea.
    and her posing is great!

  41. kateB Says:

    I must say it was major rudeness to flat out ignore the advice of Sir Andre Leon Talley on those hooker platforms she was wearing and told were a complete NO NO. Stupid bumkin church girl move with such a prominent fashion head.

  42. gerald Says:

    I love Jessica when I first saw her at casting she was like very pretty with a little bit of some girl from the south, Jessica should be at the final four and loved her makeover isn’t it ironic that both her and Raina got the same makeover and have the same hair before Raina and her are blond before and now brunette, Jessica reminds me of the models in the Philippines in the shampoo commercial beacuse her hair is so straight and parted in the middle.

  43. Khatarina Says:

    Jess is one of my favs, her pictures are amazing..

  44. Linda Says:

    Jessica is a pretty girl but she should go to school and be a mommy.

  45. Michelle Says:

    I’m a Chinese girl .I often watch this program, and i really love it. I think it’s very interesting.I also love Jessica . She is very very beautiful and cute. Her
    photos are wonderful…So are Raina..

  46. hannah Says:

    Jessica, you really inspire me to follow my dreams. Although you didn’t win, you’ve been very successful! I’m only thirteen, but I dream of being a model like you. You radiate natural beauty and I wish you the best of luck!

  47. Ny Says:

    I loved Jessica, she was my fave of this season. I see her everytime I’m on lol

  48. Mary Says:

    I was looking through some old magazines and I saw a girl on one of the covers and I thought “Hmmm, she really looks like Jessica.” I look inside and her name is Jessica and she’s from Arkansas. Coincidence? Nope- she modeled the cover of Justine magazine when she was 16!

  49. Silver41 Says:

    She’s the best !

  50. love jessica serfaty? follow @jessicaantm_fan for updates,facts,quiz,and pict

  51. Katherin Says:

    She was my favorite girl!!!!

  52. challice Says:

    hi your so beautyfull promix.,.,.,.,.,.love u mmmuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.,

  53. Robin Says:

    Jessica, It’s your inner beauty that comes through each picture – you have something most other don’t….inner peace and confidence that only comes through being loved and cherished by those loved ones in your life. You are special in so many ways, don’t EVER settle for 2nd best in anything Jessica. You are a special person, and your out beauty truly enhance who you are. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

  54. Claudia1011 Says:

    Jessica is my all time favorite girl in all of ANTM. She is such a beautiful girl with a great personality. She also has a beautiful family. I really thought that she would win her cycle; she had such a great personality, had a perfect portfolio, and carried herself with grace. I’m so glad that she has such a successful career. I love you Jessica and wish you all the very best!

  55. Yelidana Says:

    She is so beautiful.I love her eyes.I want to be a woman like she

  56. Yelidana Says:

    Jessica .I’m a Chinese.I saw you on the TV and I think you are very beautiful.I want to be a friend with you .I think you have a very good future.

  57. jen Says:

    she was my favourite from the start of cycle 14, i wanted her to win, she soo pretty and has a really nice personality too! And her, her husband and son are adorable! <333

  58. Cathy Says:

    I love herrrrrrr. she was so sweet funny and a great model

  59. Jasmine Says:

    her husband’s name is Ididida serfaty? i saw jessica and him on facebook. He’s handsome and she’s beautiful. Tey’re a cute couple. Where is her baby now?

  60. Sh. Aziah Says:

    Very beautiful person..all the best in your life..

  61. kuku Says:

    is it just me or does she look like bella from twilight?

  62. Aidana Says:

    Hi Jessica!I’m from Kazakhstan!And I like you too!Especially your eyes!I think that you are a wonderfull person!

    • anonymous Says:

      Kazakhstan greatest country in the world.
      All other countries are run by little girls.
      Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium.
      Other countries have inferior potassium!!!!

  63. Benny Barber Says:

    I think that you Jessica should have won! You are freaking gorgeous! Everytime I watch I look forward to seeing your photos(: I would love to call you y wife! But you have a mice family! Happy for you(:

  64. Lian Says:

    WOW she is really beautiful…BUT I CHOOSE HER HUSBAND! hahaha…best of luck to all her pretty family.. ❤

  65. Claudia Says:

    Was she the one in the Doritos Super Bowl commercial yesterday?

  66. rebecca squires Says:

    she is so stunning. I wish her the Very Very best i hoped you won so bad darnnn. The Very Best of luck to you always.
    fan of the show

  67. David B Says:

    damn ! she is stunning beautiful! is just ridiculous! lol

  68. shayra yapo Says:

    you know you are so beautiful jessica ! please visit us here in the phil! 🙂 i love you so much

  69. Mario Says:

    From all the contestant I see in antm, Jessica is the most grab my attention, she has this stability and confidence that I dont see and sense from the rest of contestant. I wish nothing but the best to her and her family. Hope to see you much much more of you in the future

  70. hey jessica are doin’?
    stay beautiful my dear ..
    i aLways watch antm 14 though as of now is cycle 18 aLready just 2 see ur very stunning photos ..heheh :)))

  71. Kay Says:

    I really love Jessica. She’s sweet…..

  72. Katherine Says:

    She’s beautiful, but not a model. She’s just a really, pretty girl who tries to model. She looks more like a movie star or singer. She was forgettable, and I didn’t care for her. Raina was much more intriguing.

    • Jamaica Says:

      Yeah, there’s nothing extraordinary or special about her. Just a pretty girl who photographs beautifully, but nothing else.

  73. Susana Says:

    the fact a repulsively ugly monkey like krista won and an angelic,gorgeous girl like jessica didn’t,is just disgusting and shows how FAKE antm is

  74. B Says:

    You are so pretty and a great model,too! You were definitely my favourite this cycle along with Raina and you deserved to be in the final 2 with her.

  75. marc Says:

    i didn´t remember this girl but i she got me cautivated! she´s so fresh! and beautiful! can´t stop looking at her!

  76. Al Says:

    She kinda looks like Ariana Grande 🙂

  77. Dede Says:

    I love you Jessica u r truly beautiful!

  78. Carla Says:

    I swear she’s in the new Trojan double exctasy commercial, making out with the guy on the couch and he drops his condom under the couch and she pulls one out of her pocket.

  79. Daniel Says:

    Shes with another guy now.What happened?

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