Jennifer An was a contestant during Cycle 13 of ANTM.

The 24-year-old was an actress and a budding model during her stint on the show.

The often bubbly and optimistic model took strong pictures throughout the competition; enough to be called first three times and often called second and third. She won one reward challenge in episode 6 and was asked to share Laura Kirkpatrick‘s challenge win where both of them were rewarded with a 5-day paid vacation in Maui. This ended her stint on America’s Next Top Model on a high note, as she was eliminated during episode 11 with Erin, in a surprising double elimination.

Since the show, Jennifer has modeled for Knitscene Magazine and taken a few test shots.

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To view more photos of Jennifer, click here.

44 Responses to “Jennifer An”

  1. brit Says:

    Um, this girl is not a model. She’s a regular girl posing like she’s a model and looks kind of ridiculous. Sorry. And short, stumpy legs never look good in photos, which is why girls who are 5’6″ do not work in the fashion world.

    • Stasya Says:

      Looking solely at facts and entirely ignoring your clearly biased opinion, she’s getting work. In fact, she’s gotten a lot of work. Other short models have gotten work. If she’s getting work, and high-fashion work at that, clearly there is a place for her. Clearly girls who are 5’6 DO work in the fashion world. There aren’t a lot, but the ones who are good get hired.

    • Meredith Says:

      i’ve seen a lot of these and i see these comments that you keep posting, she’s getting work, and my friend who is 5’5 sent her photos to ford and she got in this past week, so do us all a favor shut your gob byotch!

    • Shelly Says:

      You’re obviously not “sorry” or you wouldn’t have written this. She’s a model who poses like a model and looks gorgeous. Girls who are 5’6 can get plenty of work in the fashion world–and they do. It seems to me like you couldn’t make it and are just jealous…

    • Londres Says:

      Erm brit, this girl is hot! There’s no need to hate, I know a lot about the fashion industry, having worked with lots of top models and going to a lot of fashion shows and events. She looks great in some angles and has a great personality that works for this industry.

    • wow brit mayb you should try considering modeling yourself if you think she cant model because you apparently love to judge people by what they look like on the outside, but id rather you say it to her face then over the internet, just saying because you obviously have no guts what so ever. So you should just respect the models or dont post things at all.

  2. Cori Says:

    Methinks someone is either trying to get more people to speak on their site or someone is just a general hater here. You’ve made disparaging comments on just about every short model here. If you own this site, this is going to drive people away. If you don’t then hate on. They are working and you’re not. Case closed.

    • modelscribe Says:

      Hi Cori,

      I’m not exactly sure what you’re implying, but this forum is wide open for opinions, good and bad. If there are opinions which fall over-the-top crass or insulting, I edit them accordingly. There have obviously been people whom have much to say about this particular subject matter, you included – but to imply that I’m deliberately posting negative feedback to garner comments is preposterous.

      I deliberately attempt to remain unbiased when it comes to posting bios and updates following aired episodes.

      This one time, I’m going to break my rule for you.

      Personally, I feel that it was a GREAT idea to venture from the modeling norm to cast models who were petite or shorter than the coveted 5’9 height. I think it gives hope to girls who have dreams of modeling, but fall beneath the typical height expectations. It was also a smart concept to embark upon for Tyra, because she opened up the show’s fan base.

      Many folks may not agree with having a show with JUST petite models, but I thought it gave hardcore ANTM fans a refreshing change from the usual content and displayed a silver lining for girls with hopes of modeling in an industry that is incredibly unforgiving with regards to height, age, weight, etc.

      If you feel this forum is weighted completely on negative comments about shorter models, then I suggest you get more of your friends to post positive feedback to balance out the negative. But I won’t delete people’s opinions just because more of them lean against what you or I believe.

      I am the owner of this site and I never comment on these models – until this moment. I garner over 100,000 hits on my site a month. I don’t need to post bogus comments to gain interest or more readership.

      Thanks for visiting. If you have more to say to me about my site or the content, please feel free to contact me at

      Take care,

      • anastacia Says:

        I love the site and all the comments! I’m always amazed at the pictures you post and which one of the girls/women move forward and which ones don’t. Cara included. Her attitude is the “I’m better than you” and she even made reference to having had wasted her time on the show by not winning. She could have made a career with that face but her drive and/or peronality didn’t thrust her forward. Perhaps she expected things to happen FOR her not having to WORK towards the career. A strong work ethic propels those who desire forward and expectations of things just gonna happen can hold back the most talented people out there!

        So…Modelscribe ROCKS!!!!! Haters and all!

      • AWilson325 Says:

        Hmmm….I thought Cori was referring to Brit’s comments:

        “brit Says:

        June 5, 2010 at 4:40 am
        Um, this girl is not a model. She’s a regular girl posing like she’s a model and looks kind of ridiculous. Sorry. And short, stumpy legs never look good in photos, which is why girls who are 5’6″ do not work in the fashion world.”

      • Gina Says:

        Love your site. Glad I found it. Thanks for allowing everyone to have a voice here. It keeps the blog interesting. I end up spending hours reading here, whether I want to or not. That’s the mark of a great blog. Thanks for doing this.

      • modelscribe Says:

        Thanks so much, Gina. Please keep visiting and take care!

        Warm regards,

      • drea Says:

        that’s right. let her know what’s up. it amazes me how ignorant ppl can be. like really? posting negative comments on purpose? why and for what gain? and why take any comment on here personally? i think alot of ur visitors r young and truthfully just dont know s*it yet. i luv the way u handled that ridiculous comment. it shows ur level of maturity. WURK BITCH!!!

  3. brian Says:

    I so want her to be a finalist together with Nicole. Laura is a nice girl, but when it comes to photoshoots, Jen is definitely better than her (she was even called out the first three times; Nicole also thought that it would have been herself and Jen).

    Too bad; one weak photo and then she’s out. I wonder what would have happened in the finale if Jen and Nicole had been the final two since Nicole didn’t seem to be good at runway. Anyway, congrats to all the girls and I wish Jen all the best.

  4. Ashley Says:

    I loveeed Jennifer; she was my favourite. She’s so gorgeous and has such pretty hair!

  5. alex Says:

    Who knew Asians were gorgeous? 😀

  6. I.G. Says:

    She was just on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight, 10/27/10. She was one of the models; she dumped the winning bucket of money on one of the guys competing.

  7. Sarah Says:

    She is so pretty! And I loved her personal style too.

  8. boo Says:

    She could go far. Just keep it up!

  9. ATOMickey Says:

    I loved her. I don’t know what Tyra is thinking. And the double chop is not good, it makes everything go so fast.

  10. Creen Says:

    I heard a lot about Jenn’s modeling by being a fan of Laura on Facebook. She is still out there doing stuff. Her and Laura are good friends.

  11. Anna Says:

    The nude pic was gross.

  12. Jane Says:

    I like that they added an asian american in the show, it seems like they don’t put much asians and latinas there. I like the way she posed sometimes but the way she carries her face I think is often not very flattering. I saw her in the cosmo mag issue though.

  13. bunny Says:

    obvious eye wonk

  14. Priscilla Says:

    I know that she is 5’5….but honestly, I don’t give a crap if she is short. She has raw potential to become a sucessful model, meaning if given the opportunity to work in Paris or NYC, she will be booked for elite fashion magazines. The fact that she is Asian will give her an advantage over the blonde-haired/blue-eyed models that dominate the industry. The Parisians love anything that is different (short height, tall height, Asian, Black, etc.) Anything that deviates from the norm they will accept with open arms. I hope her agency will send her straight to Paris because she could be the next Kate Moss.

    • anonymous Says:

      You are right she would be very popular in Europe, but it is the opposite in Korea and Japan western models are more in demand. Blows my mind lol

  15. Isabel Says:

    I’m glad to see an Asian on ANTM 🙂
    I’m 14 and 5’4″ (and Asian) and ever since watching ANTM (and a bit before) I’ve wanted to be a model 🙂
    Hopefully there will be other opportunities for shorter models , as my dumb doctor says I won’t grow anymore…. -__-
    @Jane: there have been a lot more latinas recently, I think.
    I believe Jen was the most recent Asian on ANTM– the majority are Caucasian, while there are still some African-Americans.
    I can’t wait for cycle 17!!

  16. drea Says:

    luv luv luv jen! we need more asian models to rep here in north america. jen working in asia would be too obvious and way too much competition. we barely ever see asian models in american magazines/ads ect. why? asian women r beautiful and have such grace and poise about them. i wish jen all the success in the world, luv u jen!!!!

  17. Eliseo Salas Says:

    This was my favorite cycle of all time. I love all the short models. Jen should definatly be on top model all stars

  18. Ariana Says:

    Umm i didnt need to see her boobs it i wann=ted that then i would of had sex with my best friend

  19. Jess Says:

    Her mouth is open in almost every picture and I personally don’t think it looks that great. Also it shows that she only has one look.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Have seen her a few times in Cosmopolitan and she looked great!

  21. G Says:

    Most successful Asian model ever on ANTM right? I wish Tyra would cast more, it sort of annoys me that there always seems to be a lack of them but then again I guess that’s the sad reality of the Western fashion world.

    She was a pretty girl who did take some very lovely shots, her Covergirl commercial was easily one of the top 5 in the history of the show.

    • pointandshoot Says:

      This could simply be due to the fact that many Asian women are not very tall. Why do people always assume racial prejudice first?. Being that this was a cycle specifically for petites, of course that didn’t matter in her case. And I don’t see why she shouldn’t get a lot of off-runway work-I would hire her for many of my own shoots. She’s got a look I like.

  22. mayasaguai Says:

    era mi referida de esta temporada junto con nicole, muy injusto que la eliminaran

  23. ambular Says:

    I really don’t like her face. Her mouth is problematic for me. I’m not a model but I know what I like so yelling at me won’t change my mind. I just don’t find her pleasing to look at.

  24. Lilly R Says:

    One of my fav contestants ever! I loved this cycle and I honestly liked all the contestants of it, but Jennifer was my fav. I wished she had been in the top 2. I mean, yes, I like Laura too, but Jennifer was a lot stronger throughout the competition. Her post ANTM pics look great.

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