Jenah Doucette was a contestant during Cycle 9 of ANTM.

This 18-year -old student from Farmington, Connecticut who came in third place during the Cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model.  Jenah was arguably the strongest model of the season, consistently pulling off beautiful and high fashion shots week after week.

However, the judges felt that her bad attitude would not get her far in the modeling world.  Jenah stuck up for herself, saying that she doesn’t have to be bubbly to be a Top Model or a role model to young girls. She landed in the bottom two three times in a row at the end of the season and the finale ended up being her undoing.  She just missed being part of the final runway show.

Jenah Doucette has taken some test shots, but is not currently signed with an agency.

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Source: Jenah's Myspace

Source: Jenah's Myspace

Source: Jenah's Myspace

Source: Jenah's Myspace

Source: Jenah's Myspace

Source: Jenah's Myspace

Source: Jenah's Myspace

Source: Jenah's Myspace

38 Responses to “Jenah Doucette”

  1. corrine Says:


    She was truly gifted. Hard to believe they gave up such a natural talent, aside from her obvious beauty.

    She was VERY special. Grrrr, I HATE TYRA!


    Hopefully, we get to see changes in cycle 15 with ALT around.

    • Gee Says:

      so agree about Tara….
      I think the 3rd and 2nd place always have more potential.
      Who have the most moving story to write on the magazine will win it.

  2. Gio Says:

    She stopped modeling ’cause don’t wanna lose weight. Right choice. For me is one of the most beautiful and talented EVER!

    • Penny Says:

      Agree with both statements. Jenah seemed smart enough on the show to make her own decisions and I agreed with everything she said to Tyra about not having to spew rainbows etc. Would love to see her out and about as a model but that is a perfectly good reason not to pursue it.

    • Silver Says:

      I think that’s a legit decision to quit modeling, and she has proven time and time again that she has a brain and her own personality and she’s not afraid to show it. She really was my role model on the show because she had a unique personality that she refused to change for anyone. To Jenah: YOU GO, GIRL! She is such a beautiful and talented girl and I wish her the best of luck.

  3. C-Shel-H Says:

    I am SOOOOO surprised to read she has not been signed. Is it possible this information is not current? Does anyone have new data???

  4. rho Says:

    Hmph! See if they would’ve signed her, she would’ve bailed!!!! That’s why Tyra is where she is! Not us!

  5. sam Says:

    I think Jenah is absolutely stunning and it is a shame she decided modeling wasn’t for her. Definitely one of the best contestants ever on ANTM!

    • Maggie Baker Says:

      She might have had a better chance if they had touched up those awful black roots. C’mon, Tyra, you can afford it! If you want the girl to be blond, you have to keep it up. She looked cheap and tacky toward the end because of that.

  6. Dee Says:

    She took good pictures, but her attitude sucked.

    • qwert Says:

      Her attitude sucked???

      She didn’t have bad attitude, her personnality was unique, she was just a little sarcastic, but at least she wasn’t a bitch like bianca or saleisha

  7. boo Says:

    It sucked that she gave up; poor excuse at the end of the final 3 left standing.

  8. jace Says:

    I dont think she gave up. It just seemed overwhelming, Tyra did not seem to like her very much. That must be hard. Tyra also has a lovely mother who helped her with her self esteem. Jenah had to be a mother.

    • Susan Says:

      That’s a good point, I agree. Tyra always talks about having gone through the same thing, but not all these girls had what she had…. It reminded me of cycle 4’s Brita. Beautiful girl, but she was 138 lbs. So what?! That’s perfectly healthy for someone her height. But, of course it’s not good enough for them…. She should be 90 lbs and look as skinny as Jaslene from cycle 8. I’m not hating on Jaslene. I think she’s beautiful and a great model, but that girl is also painfully thin. If you want to see what I mean, go look at her pictures, especially the Nude Candy Coated Shot.
      I’m glad that Jenah decided she didn’t need to lose weight to pursue this puppet-making of an industry, and I hope that whatever she’s doing now, she’s doing well.

  9. KriStina Says:

    Она была лучшей среди трёх финалисток. По-моему она была достойна победы. Saleisha по сравнению с ней и её фотографиями просто ужас и отстой.

  10. jeyvie borja Says:

    She should have won.

  11. Emily Says:

    I wish she had stuck with modeling. Her photos were effortlessly beautiful, and SHE was GORGEOUS. So striking. Kind of a vintage-y look?

  12. gerald Says:

    Jenah ahd the looks of high fashioned she is quite a tunner her eyes are so unique and something about her face squeals high fashion, Jenah kinda remins me of Anya in cycle 10 with the blond hair.

  13. von Says:

    hahaha I was right that she was fat then I;ve read the comment that she doesn’t want to lose weight…So I guess Tyra was right ~_~

  14. Rhocurl Says:

    i wish she was more successful!!!

  15. B Says:

    Saying you hate Tyra is OUTRAGEOUS!!! There is no word in the dictionary to describe the amazing gift she has been given and not only that,she dedicates so much of her time giving confidence to girls and women. Not many people like Tyra can inspire people in the modelling industry and just generally!!!

  16. Kiki. Says:

    Even though I was not a fan of her and unmemorable to me she turned it out on photoshoots.

  17. escort Says:

    Very beautiful girl… wonderful pictures…

  18. hehe Says:

    When I heard that there’s going to be an ANTM all stars, I wished she will be part of the cast. It’s so sad that she wasn’t, she deserves to be given another chance!

  19. Naa Says:

    Jenah’s pictures were effortlessly beautiful. Sorry to hear that she had given up modelling cos I think she was made for it

  20. Lyndsey Says:

    Jenah has been my favourite model in all the ANTM cycles I have watched, they seriously should have dyed her roots towards the end and she should have won. She was a real rocker and I loved her screw you attitude, when has one of the biggest supermodels, Naomi Cambpell, ever been all happy and perky like Chantal or Saleisha?! Never I bet!!!!

    I really hope she decides to do modelling in the future as she is very talented and beautiful and I can’t wait to see her in the advert’s in my magazines!!

  21. long Says:

    you didn’t post her “moss” photo? that the few photos i like after that cheap blond hair makeover.

  22. Daniel Germer Says:

    I discover the different cycles of ANTM late. I love this show, but I rarely agree with the choice of the winners.
    To watch it a few years later probably helps to have a different perspective. For me, without hesitation, Jenah “Doucette” (she is of French origin?) Was really the most beautiful young lady in the show with Heather. It is truly incomprehensible that she ends only third. Especially when you see the two girls who are any second and first but perhaps the female public of ANTM needs to identify herself to the finalists. But the “girls next door” are not supermodels, just nice girls.
    To see the rest of his career of Jenah, alas, she doesn’t seem to have been very successful, and ask me if Jenah had finished first (as was logical) her career would not have been different?
    It’s too bad for this girl, really beautiful who deserved to win.
    Daniel from France

  23. Gaga Says:

    Jenah was my fav.

  24. Cari Says:

    I am re-watching this season right now and they have just done the Covergirl commercial and shoot. I realized just how much the judges in general piss me off. They know the industry, I know that, but they do not actually know these girls. They do not spend time with them outside of judging except for maybe a day or two but yet they have the gall to say who has and “ugly” personality and who doesn’t Nigel Barker had just mentioned that he didn’t like Jenah because of her attitude and it made her ugly. EXCUSE ME, the fact that he dares to make that judgement on national tv with the viewers knowing that he DOES NOT know her beyond judging and a photo shoot is appalling and reflects quite poorly on him. I have notice him doing this in more than one season and it always gets to me how people do this.

    Jenah is beautiful and it’s a quirky beauty. Based on photos she was consistent but with improvement something I had not really seen in either Chantal (think she is adorable though) or Saleisha (beautiful girl but came on the show with way too many connections and experience).

  25. she is such an amazing girl it’s sad to know she quit but best of luck to her she so should have came back for all stars but no somehow they felt Bianca was an all star lol yea right tyra she may have been the most talked about but it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing

  26. Jax Says:

    jenah should be won saleisha 3rd chantal 2nd jenah 1st

  27. salival Says:

    She started out great but during the last 5 episodes she completely went off the rails showing a bad personality, taking not so good pictures and doing poorly on the commercial takes. She also started to show a bad attitude and to top it off had a break down. She used to be my favorite of this cycle but after seeing it again I found her disappointing by the end.

  28. Lilly R Says:

    Another stunning girl that was a victim to Tyra’s and Nigel’s ‘You have no personality’ policy. I HATE ist when they do this! It was awful how they broke down Cycle 15’s Jane and how they were happy when she was crying. I hate it how they said Ebony wasn’t likeable! WTF! How can you even tell that to her face and even mimick her!!!! Poor girl! She was just unsure and tried to work on her attitude – since that was what they were hating her for during the semi-finals. But Jenah got it the worst. They literally broke her down during the last elimination. Who is Tyra to force Jenah to tell her all this private stuff that she wanted to keep to herself! They were happy when she finally broke into tears and ‘showed some personality’
    Disgusting, really!

    When I started watching ANTM I liked Tyra – I thought she was beautiful, inspiring, talented and genuinely friendly – now I think she ist the biggest bitch in the house. Whenever she and Nigel played the personality card I felt like turning off my TV. Not everyone walks around vomiting rainbows, not everyone is a backstabbing bitch – actually I think that the majority of girls are like Ebony or Jane or Jenah – sometimes they say the wrong stuff at a wrong time and come off as rude and quite insecure, sometimes they are unsure and crumble under pressure, sometimes they are uncertain of who they are and don’t know how to present themselves, sometimes they feel lost. That’s NORMAL, Tyra, and doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t have a personality. Jeez!

  29. Jenah was ROBBED! Suckleisha’s win was the BIGGEST TRAGEDY OF THE SHOW. Smh. What a shame.

  30. Katherine Says:

    I wish she had a modeling career after this. i thought she would have gone far. She was one of the strongest girls. Her personality was a bit arrogant at times, but that can be worked on. She wasn’t beautiful to me at first, but she photographs like a dream.

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