Jayla Rubinelli was a contestant on Cycle 5 of ANTM.

The then 20-year-old model from Tuscon, Arizona appeared to be one of the strongest contestants in the show. In the first few weeks, renowned photographer Nigel Barker often complimented Jayla during evaluation.

Jayla became close friends with fellow Top Model finalist and winner Nicole Linkletter, but had a major conflict with another Top Model finalist, Nik Pace. During the shoot for Secret Platinum, the girls were each asked to reveal one secret about themselves in the video. Nik accused Jayla of stealing her secret. When Jayla felt she was being ostracized by Nik and talked about by the other girls, she went on a verbal tirade against Nik in the confession room.

Jayla was able to make it to the Top 6 after a surprise non-elimination round. The 6 finalists were flown to London, where Jayla and Nik patched up their differences and became good friends. Unfortunately for Jayla, she was eliminated after two weeks when she failed to stand out in her “Bollywood-themed” photographs.

After the show, Jayla received a contract from The Arizona Agency, but left the agency later on because she felt her agent wasn’t doing a good job in getting her better modeling stints. She is currently working in a New York City showroom, but has plans of going to Los Angeles in order to sign with another modeling agency.

Jayla has modeled for New York couture, Ganett, Zitomer, Burn Suburbia Clothing, Great Guns 2008 Calendar, Tucson Lifestyle and HIN Girls between others.

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Source: Jayla's Website

Source: Jayla's Website

To see more photos of Jayla, click here.

33 Responses to “Jayla Rubinelli”

  1. mark Says:

    Jayla is by FAR the most beautiful contestant ANTM has ever had!

  2. memo Says:

    You haven’t changed!

  3. mark Says:

    MAN OH MAN do I wish I were the “Dad” to which you’re referring!

  4. Camilla Says:

    She is soooo beautiful; I love her! I really hoped she would have won, but I love Nicole, too. Jayla is like the most perfect woman ever. Hehe.

  5. KriStina Says:

    Jayla и Nik должны были быть в финале. Jayla самая красивая и интересная участница этого сезона, у неё самая яркая индивидуальность.

  6. rhon Says:

    Did she get pregnant or something? Because some of her pictures look as if she put on weight.

  7. kiki Says:

    Jayla said during the makeover episode that she wanted long blonde hair. But on her Myspace page it says that she is naturally blonde.

  8. Алёнка Says:

    кристина, согласна с тобой

  9. Алёнка Says:

    Джейла самая самая из этого сезона! я за неё болела!!! она должна была победить! Жаль что победила Николь=(((
    Jeyla most most of the season! I ached for her! she should win! It is a pity that won Nicole = (((

  10. Sapphire Says:

    SHE STOLE THE GRANOLA BARS!!! I’m mad she didn’t fess up to it during the show. She’s a pretty girl though.

  11. Rebecca Says:

    Wow in some of those last few shots she looks so beautiful!!

  12. Khatarina Says:

    I was just watching this cycle on re-run and noticed how mean Jayla was!! Talking crap about everybody all the time, grow up biatch.

  13. Niamh Says:

    She took it so over the top when she stole Niks secret lol

  14. niamh302200 Says:

    I just watch the re-run too. What a bitch. It actually bordered on psychotic when she had the rant about Nik in the diary room. Crazy girl. Jealousy gets you nowhere!!

  15. joejoe_no1 Says:

    She needs to study some fashion magazines. She doesn’t know how to pose.

  16. joejoe_no1 Says:

    They said in another interview that a camera man ate the granola bar bul allowed it to play out the way it did because it made for interesting tv.

  17. Pau Says:

    You are one of my favorites of all seasons, you are beutiful

  18. Susan Says:

    She’s “cute”, I guess, although I do not see anything special about her. I feel like no one here really understands how high-fashion beauty differs from everyday, typical beauty.
    Besides, after seeing how awful she was to Nik…what a turn off. I did not enjoy her and I was glad to see her eliminated. If only it had happened sooner.

  19. Grace Says:

    Gorgeous… but psycho

  20. austin Says:

    this was the first cycle of antm i ever watched i was like 5 or 6 so Ive been watching this show ever since i loved jayla when i watched it she should have been top two with nik

  21. ???? Says:

    I liked her long hair 😦 I mean, I know it didn’t look that good in the honey baked hay (or whatever it was called) shoot but I think that in the makeover picture she looked really good and the shorter hair didn’t look as pretty.
    Still very pretty and model-esque, though.

  22. Ajenk Says:

    I think she should be eliminated rather than Lisa. Just based on her performance and photos, they’re crap (especially in that episode), let alone her attitude.

  23. heather Says:

    Her feet are HUGE.

  24. lexie Says:

    she’s gorgeous but stupid i hated the way she talked about jehova’s witnesses in her audition

  25. Niamh Says:

    Jayla was such a bitch, but she was a good model so…

  26. startledbylightening Says:

    I loved Jayla’s look. I loved her hair style in particular, whenever I get my haircut I always bring in a photo of her shorter do. I think she did pretty well even with her bitchy attitude. I thought the Bollywood photoshoot was unfair because all the other girls were placed right in the middle of the crowd and she was off to the side within the people. I understand the point was to try and stand out, but that was just unfair.

  27. D'lena Montanelli Says:

    Wasted life. Beauty is a bubble and charm is false.

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