Jaslene Gonzalez was a contestant and winner of Cycle 8 of ANTM.

Jaslene was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Humboldt Park, Chicago, where attended Notre Dame High School for Girls in Chicago. She was an online college admissions advisor prior to America’s Next Top Model.

Jaslene had done some modeling prior to America’s Next Top Model, having been represented by Avant Garde Models. In her CW “Close-up” interview, it was revealed that she appeared in fashion shows for local Chicago designers, including Michelle Gomez of Chicago and Alexis Arquette, as seen in local Chicago newspapers Extra and La Nota.

Jaslene said in her Seventeen interview that she had been in an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend; the relationship ended shortly before the filming of Cycle 7.

Jaslene tried out for Cycle 7, but only made it to the semifinals. Assuring the judges that she would be back for the next cycle’s audition, Jaslene’s determination caught the eyes of producers, who thought she had potential. She indeed tried out for Cycle 8 and this time made it to the finals. During the competition, Jaslene was called first at panel four times, and won one reward challenge. On the season finale, Jaslene was revealed as the winner. She is the second of three winners from Illinois, preceded by Adrianne Curry of Cycle 1, and followed by McKey Sullivan of Cycle 11.

Jaslene has modeled for the New York Post (Tempo), US Weekly, In Touch Weekly, had a 6-page spread in an issue of Vibe Vixen magazine, a 12-page fashion spread for ZooZoom Magazine, named one of Latina Magazine’s Latinas Of the Year, had a 9-page spread for Colures (U.K fashion Magazine),  was featured in Trace (magazine): Model Behaviour as Falls new faces, has been on the covers and had spreads of over a dozen magazines such as Latina, Imagén, Hombre, 6 Degrees, FN, ZooZoom, Fashion Salon Seventeen, Urban Latino, Bleu,  Vanidades, Scene, JamRock, Splendor, Time Out, and Metrostyle Catalog. She has also appeared in Lot29 Fall/Winter 07-08 and Spring/Summer 08 ad campaigns and she has had a total of four billboards in Times Square so far. Also, she shares one of her Lot29 billboards in Times Square, New York with Katarzyna Dolinska of Cycle 10. Jaslene shot an ad campaign for online retailer ShopBop, 8-page fashion spreads for both Scene Magazine and JamRock Magazine, and she is also featured on the pages of Living Proof Magazine, American Salon Magazine and currently has a ad campaign with Marianne Stores. Additionally, Jaslene had an ad campaign for designer Cesar Galindo’s Spring 2008 Collection and appeared on the pages of Supermodels Unlimited Magazine twice for the August and September/October 2008 issues. Jaslene is also part of the “Heart On My Sleeve” clothing campaign by Aubrey O’Day. Jaslene is on the pages of YRB Magazine, she has also been featured on COACD, fashionista.com, and Women’s Wear Daily. Jaslene currently has nation wide campaigns with Garnier Nutrisse and Southpole. You’ll also find Jaslene modeling for Kett Cosmetics, Marianne Stores F/W 09, and Recession Denim F/W 09 campaigns. Jaslene is also on the cover and fashion spread of Nuovo Magazine, Celestino by Sergio Guadarrama, InTrend Magazine and Her World Magazine.

Jaslene has modeled for Ximena Valero and James de Colón and was honored at the 1st Annual Chicago Latino Fashion Week. She’s also walked for Ashley Paige during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim 08 and was on the catwalk for the Armani Exchange line. In addition she received a showcard from Elite and walked at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2008. Gonzalez walked at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008-09 for Armani Exchange and Project Runway finalist Jillian Lewis. She has modeled for the Amaya swimwear line at the BET ‘Rip the Runway’ fashion show. Gonzalez strutted on the catwalk of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009 for designers Jose Duran, Indashio, Cesar Galindo, Farah Angsana and Custo Barcelona. Jaslene was also on the runway for Adolfo Sanchez S/S 09 collection and on the runways at the 2nd Annual Chicago Latino Fashion Week for Elda De La Rosa, James De Colon, Nora Del Busto, and Soledad Designs S/S 09. Jaslene modeled as Wonder Woman at the 11th Annual New York Chocolate Show, which benefited the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. Jaslene was walked on the catwalk of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2009 for Project Runway & Jordi Scott, Dana Maxx Fall 09, Design Cares Kaleidoscope Of Dreams For St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Jenna Leigh Lingerie A/W 09.10, and Maxis presents Malaysia International Fashion Week 2009. Jaslene was also a featured model in the sixth season of Project Runway in the finale.

As part of her ANTM prize, Gonzalez won representation by Elite Model Management, a $100,000 (USD) contract with CoverGirl cosmetics and a photo shoot for the cover and six-page spread in Seventeen magazine. In addition, during the run of Cycle 9, Jaslene appeared once a week in a “My Life As A CoverGirl” segment that aired during commercial breaks while the week’s episode of Top Model runs. She has also been Featured as one of Cycle 11’s Top Models in Action.

She made appearances on talk shows Live With Regis and Kelly, 106 & Park, TRL, The View, modeling a dress designed by Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Jensen! (Dutch Talkshow).

She was “La Madrina” of the Annual National New York City Puerto Rican Day Parade held June 16, 2007, appearing in a yellow convertible that paraded alongside the car carrying Daddy Yankee.

Gonzalez hosted several style spots for CoverGirl TV, including segments titled “Summer Goddess,” “Day To Night,” and “Jaslene’s Glamorous Nights.” She was a nominee for the 2007 Teen Choice Awards, under the category “Choice TV: Female Reality/Variety Star.” She is currently under representation by New York-based publicist Lizzie Grubman.

Jaslene filmed her first official CoverGirl commercial, which aired in Europe, Latin America and on Spanish-language channels and has been featured on Teen Vogue. She shot a cameo in the John Leguizamo film Nothing Like the Holidays. In addition, Jaslene has renewed her contract with CoverGirl. and she has also been featured on CBS’ The Early Show, where she discussed her career success. Jaslene was also featured on Ryan Leslie’s music video, “Addiction”. Also, featured on Aventura’s (Domincan Bachata band) latest music video “Por Un Segundo” and Magic Juan’s music video “Baby Come Back”. Gonzalez partnered with Liz Claiborne and the National Domestic Violence Hotline to spread awareness about teen dating violence for the “Love Is Not Abuse” campaign. Gonzalez modeled a design from fashion house Nina Ricci on the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb for a segment on Paws for Style.

Jaslene has been signed with MC2 Model NYC, Elite Model Management L.A., Elite Model Management Chicago, and Elite Model Management Miami. She is currently signed with Faces Model Management Malaysia, and is working in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.

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96 Responses to “Jaslene Gonzalez”

  1. Hi Jaslene! This is Bre from Bunnlevel, NC. I Just want to say hi! How is modeling?

  2. You are the cha-cha diva.

  3. NightOwl Says:

    Damn, she’s so beautiful!

  4. nustik0120 Says:

    She is so ugly. She is SO skinny in that picture with the candy and ice cream, it makes me want to puke.

    Of course, different tastes are different tastes.

  5. lisaya Says:

    She deserved this win!

  6. Marina Says:

    Ugh. She’s horrible! I don’t understand how she won; should’ve been Natasha!

  7. mishelle Says:

    Es una chica linda y la gente que dice que es fea pues porque le tiene envidia, natasha es linda pero creo que gano la mejor

    Rough Translation: “She is one pretty girl and the people who say that she isn’t are ugly and are envious. Natasha is pretty but I believe that she will get all the best.”

  8. Einez Says:

    My least favorite winner. Sorry.

  9. kim Says:

    She looks hot as a guy!

  10. shannon Says:

    God bless her, but she’s one of the most unattractive people I’ve ever seen in media.

  11. Gabby Says:

    Jaslene is B-A -D, as in the baddest model around; y’all just don’t know high-fashion beauty. Like all you people who dissin’ my girl. YOUUUUU MADDDDD! LMAO! Get the hell outta here with that “She’s ugly” stuff. 😀

  12. Chilly710 Says:

    Don’t be hating Jaslene just because she won! She definitely deserved it more than anyone in cycle 8. The reason Natasha didn’t win was because she never delivered a phenomonal photo (in my opinion) and she did not have a strong walk either. I still like Natasha, but she wasn’t exactly a model. I’m happy for Jaslene, she had a long journey to get where she is now!

  13. I recently just worked with her. She is AMAZING! Check out her new pictures on my website 🙂

  14. Traci R. Says:

    This was the only ANTM winner who had it in the bag from beginning til end. I never doubted once she’d win, and looking at her photos now, this girl knows how to work her angles! A born model.

  15. tets Says:

    Jaslene is B-A-D-@-S-S!!! Haters can hate all they want and when you do, you PROVE that the person is AWESOME IN EVERY WAY! The most beautiful, with the most potential from day one, Jaslene is the best of all the winners by a FREAKING MILE!!! Every single week she blew the judges and the competition away. I BAWLED my eyes out and SCREAMED with excitement when she WON. JASLENE is still #1 in my book.

  16. Nastya Says:

    If Jaslene passed with cycle 7, then she would not have won! There was a strong model.

  17. Veritas Says:

    Compare her resume with the other winners. She is getting much more exposure and work than the others.
    A Beautiful Latina, maybe that is the problem.

    • pointandshoot Says:

      Oh for crying out loud. Some people see racism in a glass of chocolate milk. Aren’t other people entitled to their own opinions, even if they differ from yours?

  18. Bichito Says:

    She is an example of life and she deserved to win! She is so beautiful!

  19. Sara Says:

    The thing with the winners, at least in most cycles, is that they EVOLVE. The ones who start strong right out of the gate sometimes get overconfident and don’t always do as well in the long run because they’re not willing to listen to feedback and try new things. (Jade from Cycle 6 comes to mind.) Jaslene started strong *and* evolved; she listened and got better with each challenge. You can see her soften her face and widen her range of expression–in her body as well–as the cycle progresses. My opinion doesn’t matter in the least, but I was glad to see her win, and am glad to see she’s kept going strong since the show.

  20. boo Says:

    She looks like Marc Anthony dressed up as a woman. I’m sorry, but she shouldn’t have won. Nothing special about her. Very boring personality and especially NO variety in the facial expression; even with all that makeup.

    • Pavel Says:

      I totally agree with you. What a lack of personality. As Latina I don´t feel represented by Jaslene at all.

      • Shary Says:

        Marc Anthony dressed as a woman? That girl is drop dead gorgeous!!! A little too skinny, but absolutly beautiful. And for someone with a “lack of personality”, she’s sure gotten alot of attention. As a latina, I’m very happy for her and wish her nothing but the best. You go girl!!! and pay no mind to the haters!

  21. Jennifer Says:

    She delivers great shots and her body language is amazing. But her square chin, long face and big ears remind me of a drag queen; face isn’t beautiful at all. The only advantage is her Latin appearance, which makes her look exotic. I am not a big fan of Natasha either and didn’t like her shots on the show, but her photos after ANTM are a way better and stronger than Jaslene’s. Sorry, that’s what I think.

    • Lady Says:

      I see what you’re saying. I used to think Jaslene looked like a man and wouldn’t change my mind. I always look for the model’s beauty in its myriad forms. Jaslene does look like a man in some of her photographs but in many others she looks like a woman. Even without makeup she looks like a woman in all angles. There are a few photographs in which she looks so similar to Lakshmi Menon and that’s a huge compliment because Lakshmi is a supermodel and the muse of Givenchy and Hermes. If Jaslene were to dye her hair black she could pass for an Indian model. Her look is versatile. One day I was looking at her photographs I noticed she had a chin that stuck out. Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, who is the world’s first uber, pioneer and legendary model had the same kind of chin as her. It wasn’t noticed at all because she helped in creating masterpieces in photography. If you’re able to enchant the viewer then your physical flaws are not noticeable. Modeling is a profession but it’s within the arts. The goal of a model, when she’s doing a sitting, is to captivate the viewer when he/she is reading a fashion magazine. Fashion photography is an artform because only works of art are created. Commercial photography is not really an artform though many people who read Seventeen Magazine, Elle, Jane or even Marie Claire would focus on the surface of a model and whether she is selling the garments or not, instead of her ability to create a scenario with the photographer.

    • Daniel Says:

      “Beauty” is a relative concept. Botero painted fat people and is considered one of the most famous figurative artist of the world. Respect to Jaslene, I liked so much, more than another models in this cycle, ’cause her attiude was the most professional of the bunch of girls.

  22. Lady Says:

    Jaslene is a very talented model and has unique features. It’s a shame she is 5’8 because if she was taller and represented by Ford Models, Inc. she would be living in Paris and Milano for the duration of her career. It’s like damn! Why can’t she be 5’9? That would be so awesome. In my opinion, she is the best-looking model and most talented print model next to Ann Ward.

  23. Daniel Says:

    She is just gorgeous.

    I love her.

  24. nesu Says:

    Es bastante fea; las fotos en las que brilla es en las que se tiene que ver dura. Y aparte resulto ser una envidiosa. xD

    Natasha se merecía ganar.

  25. Kayleigh Says:

    Jaslene is beautiful but I honestly think Natasha deserved it more and should have won over her. Sorry that is my true opinion!

  26. Aysa Says:

    I don’t like her post-ANTM photos. I thought she’d do well but no, she’s quite boring and looks ugly.

  27. phelis marvel Says:

    i love you jaslene!!!!!down here i east Africa!!!i would die i met you…you’re beautiful.

  28. Rhocurl Says:

    She finally learned to change up her facial expression

  29. tish Says:

    I love how everyone is hating on her! Look at her resume since she’s left ANTM!!! Apparently the rest of the world doesn’t agree with your negative comments. She is beautiful in a unique way which is what the modeling industry is constantly searching for: the next UNIQUE beauty. Someone to take things to the NEXT level… and that is exactly what Miss Jaslene Gonzalez did and is doing. Kudos Jaslene!!! 🙂

  30. kahuna Says:

    Jas has some of the most beautiful pictures on this site.

  31. rette Says:

    is it just me or does she look like janice dickinson?

    • Shary Says:

      OMG, I hadn’t notice, but she does look a little like Janice when she was young.

    • Anna Falaxis Says:

      It isn’t just you. I thought the same thing. Janice used to be attractive and had an exotic look in her youth before she had umpteen plastic surgeries on her face. JD is one HAM (hot a*s mess) now.

  32. k.ate Says:

    I thought she was rude on the show

  33. lolo Says:

    so happy ANTM finally got a latina in the house….too bad she’s hella skinny though and lost all her junk in the trunk….i guess you cant have everything….maybe someday the industry will be kinder to the curves.

  34. Jules Says:

    WORST winner EVER.

  35. D Says:

    I love Jaslene; though I do think when they pile her make-up on she’s not being flattered at all. She’s got a nice complextion all on her own. And I love that she grew her eyebrows back in. She has definitely improved since Top Model and I am glad to see she is still working.

  36. Jacob Says:

    Jaslene is the most successful contestant EVER on ANTM. Hating on her is pointless. She is a supermodel. /fact

  37. Violet Says:

    She ain’t got anywhere since 07, Jaslene’s pretty, funny chin but still pretty. She was quite annoying thought but she took brilliant pictures.

  38. Anya Vladiskandrov Says:

    I’m sorry but… She looks like a dude, a drag queen !
    Natasha would have won ! Go Natasha ! Go Russia !

  39. Наташа Says:

    ты не достойна того!!!!!ТЫ лох FFFFFFUUUUUU…………she is bag!!!!!!!fack you!!!!!!

  40. Jess Says:

    She looks like a man. She’s not even as attractive as some of the lady boys you see in Thailand.

  41. sonia Says:

    her post-ANTM career just looks so amateur. Sorry, half of the pictures are dreadful and goes mainly for latina oriented works – which is not a world wide spread.

  42. minocinelu Says:

    check http://www.yannferon.com new photos of her there

  43. Lamont Says:

    Jaslene is HOT ! She looks like an actual Model ! Her work is impressivee !

  44. chenel montgomery Says:

    Hi jaslene

    I am an alumn from Notre Dame class of “00”.I just wanted to tell you you are a beautiful woman and Congrats and much success to you.


  45. JimmyJohnCrackBaby Says:


  46. marcelogs Says:

    she is like a young janice dickinson!!! the resemblence is amazing!

  47. That’s the Truth and the Light for God’s purposes.

  48. G Says:

    She really had some beautiful shots in ANTM, when she got it. She REALLY got it. In fact I think the outsider picture is easily one of the best in the history of ANTM.

    Her attitude was a bit off at times, she was a bit mean for no reason like with Natasha which put me off her a smidgen but I think that could have been Renee or Dionne putting thoughts in her head.

    She has had an amazing career after the show, wow! Fair play to her is all I can say. Also to everyone saying “She looks like a man, ewww”, while she might have masculine features that’s what high fashion models look like. Skinny, tall, strong features, no boobs, it’s not rocket science. It’s fashion.

  49. ronnie meekins Says:

    As soon as I seen the first show I told my peoples thaT jay was gonna win an she did. I loved your style an I would love to see you go as far as this takes you. God bless an good luck jay

  50. Karen Says:

    currently watching the rerun and I watch the episode from start to finish from audition to crowning, I have loved her from the beginning a right to the end…

  51. Shavella Says:

    Wow she’s beautiful, but she has gotten way toooo SKINNY!.

  52. sooo Says:

    she was really great but when she speaks and do that queens annoying gestures i hate her!

  53. Betty Says:

    Hi jaslene my name is Betty antm is one of my favorite shows when u won I was so happy for u because of all the girl’s that have won u r one of the best one’s yet i’m a big fan of yours i wish u the best u r an example for all Latinas thank u

  54. Danica Says:

    Hola Jaslene, me encantó que ganaras, felicidades. Eres el ejemplo de la perseverancia. Eres muy linda y camaleonica.



  55. Meow Says:

    I’m really proud of Jaslene. She received the opportunity to go to India and has booked countless of elite fashion publication jobs (Vogue India, Grazia India, Marie Claire India, etc.). India embraced her with heartfelt intentions. They’re treating her like family and if she chooses to stay for a few years she will be one of the greatest imports in the history of the fashion industry. No winner has booked Vogue without it being a prize. Jaslene is very talented and vivacious. God bless her! 😀

  56. Julio Garcia Says:

    So proud of you my PR sista and keep it real and stay true to yourself. Much love your PR brother

  57. Maggie Says:

    jaslene is so pretty but it’s painful seeing how skinny she is…

  58. kathleen Says:

    I knew/wanted Jaslene was gonna win as soon as she got that easy-breezy-beautiful cover girl add on the 6th take without help vs. other girls 16-30 takes. How can you say she didn’t deserve to win! I luv her. all you haters better get ur facts straighter cuz she is gorgeous.. She was definitely a lot better than Natasha. But i do have to admit, Natasha rocked that runway.

  59. Kim knight Says:

    I think she deserved to win and she worked hard. I do not understand how people could criticize her and say that she is ugly, she is not ugly. People should not comment if they do not have positive things to say.

  60. becca Says:

    Didnt want her to win just because i was a renee fan but she defo deserved to win. Well done jaslene xx

  61. ssohara Says:

    I think she is beautiful. She is too skinny for my taste, honestly, but she is still beautiful and some of her photos are just gorgeous. Plus I appreciated how professional she was on Top Model, and that she wasn’t petty. She is probably a nice person. Of all the top model winners, I like her, Naima and Caridee the best. I was really rooting for Heather, too, and Analeigh.

  62. rawtruth Says:

    Wow, look at that profile toooo long to read, Happy for you. You have one of the top three best ANTM walk ever. Eva Pigford kills it when she walks. Watch out Naomi! Learn to speak well and correctly, you will be just fine. Walk that walk Jasleen! You got it.
    Best of luck with your career. Please gain 10 pounds.

  63. Ella Says:

    Jaslene is beautiful but she needs to eat. Scary skinny, like a stick figure. You know when your upper arms are the same size as your forearms, and your thighs are almost thinner then your shins, it’s time to start taking in some more calories.

  64. Saw you on Nancy Grace tonight.Glad you spoke out during the Arias trial.I quit watching ATM a few seasons ago,but always thought you had a lot going on.Glad you’ve found something to speak out against;domestic violence.

  65. heidi Says:

    I would love to see more from Jaslene as she matures into an experienced model…

  66. Isaura Says:

    Elle est magnifiquement jolie,je l’admire grave

  67. Tanjerine Says:

    Jaslene showed us if you really want, you can get it!!!
    Cha Cha Diva Luv u for life.

  68. gg Says:

    it’s all good if she won but she is way too skinny and i don’t think that is healthy enough to use all the zeros in her account.

  69. Some of her pictures look like she’s a drag queen.

  70. Jordan196 Says:

    Wow she is so gorgeous and takes amazing photos. She was such a sweetheart and an amazing model on cycle 8. She definitely deserved to win and she is an amazing model and so successful. Love you Jaslene !! Congratulations !!!

  71. Katherine Says:

    She should not have won. Yeah, she’s a good model, but she gave the same faces in all her photos. Not to mention she had a bitchy personality.

  72. Lerah Says:

    y’know, when I watched the final of eight cycle I thought “woaah! the first drag queen who became America’s next top model, it’s kinda nice!” and I was really shocked when I understood that she is not draq queen at all. despite her kinda good shoots she didn’t deserve the victory as Renee did.


    WORK JASLENE!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIERCE CHA CHA DIVA!!!!!

  74. wanda Says:

    Just watching the show again on Amazon. Her pictures were good, but I don’t think much of her as a person. She wasn’t very nice. She acted more like a punk bully towards Natasha. Yes, Natasha was quirkly and a little odd, but I saw nothing that says she was a phony. She was just being herself. Saying that if Natasha won she would pull her hair out, to me is not being a very good roll model or losing gracefully. Not a good representative for Cover Girl. I think she treated Natasha terribly… this is after she treated Renee badly and now all of a sudden they are bashing buddies. Shame on her. I am from Chicago, so I would expect better from her. Midwesterners are usually nicer and more friendly.

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