Jane Randall was a contestant during Cycle 15 of ANTM.

This ivy league student from Baltimore, Maryland was 19 years old during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15. Jane was actually discovered via Tyra.com.

During her first interview with panel in episode 1, Jane revealed that she’s was a student at the prestigious university of Princeton. Later, she mentioned that people probably thought of her as the “ivy league rich girl” due to her student status and her families well-to-do lifestyle.

Jane was called 5th during selection of the final 14 girls.

In episode 2, Jane did well during the four-stories-high runway challenge for Diane Von Furstenberg. She carried that strong performance with her through the Teen Bully photo shoot with Deborah Anderson. When her final photo was being reviewed during panel, Tyra commented that she has a lot of potential, she just needs to take it to the next level. Nigel said that it was ironic her face was the issue with regards to bullying because her face is really her main asset. He added that her  body didn’t do anything for the photo, whereas her face was the most appealing part of the shot.

Jane was called 7th during elimination.

Episode 3 ended up being a double elimination episode as well as the makeover episode. Jane’s hair was lightened and given extensions per Tyra’s recommendation to “edge” her out.

While her photo was being reviewed following the “Fallen Angels” shoot with Anne Menke, ALT said when he looked at her photo, he saw awkwardness. Nigel said that she looked striking, but had only a few photos where she looked “scorned,” which was the ‘angel’ she was portraying during the shoot.

Jane was called 7th during elimination, keeping her in the competition for Top Model.

The episode 3 challenge took place at Knott’s Berry Farm. The girls were tasked with posing while riding a roller coaster called The Silver Bullet. Jane was asked to portray “meloncholy.” When her photo was being reviewed, Nigel said that she “didn’t quite portray meloncholy, but she did look beautiful.”

During the “undersea goddess” photo shoot with Matthew Rolston, Jane had the pleasure of modeling jewelry from Mikimoto, Neil Lane and Martin Katz. While shooting, Mr. Jay commented that Jane looked “totally hot.”

In panel, Matthew Rolston commented that Jane’s challenge was being able to work with her body while in an uncomfortable position. Tyra said that Jane “looked stunning, but should have stretched her neck more, so she looked like a model.” While deliberating, ALT said her photo was “weak.” Matthew Rolston added that “there was something generic about the look; it wasn’t memorable.” Tyra concluded deliberations by saying that “this is something you’d sell in Town & Country reader.”

Due to the mixed reviews, Jane was called 8th during elimination.

In episode 5, Jane the girls participated in a Herve Leroux runway challenge where the catwalk consisted of two fast-moving conveyor belts. Jane performed well considering the difficulty.

During the “Lucha Vavoom” photo shoot with Brahka Squared, Mr. Jay commented that “she needed to find a way to connect with what they were doing; she needed to pose with intention and commit.”

In panel, Nigel commented that she needed to “hunch her back, not arch, because she was looking porny.”

While deliberating, Nigel said “she’s lost. She really doesn’t know what modeling is about. It’s a disaster.” Guest Judge Karolina Kurkova added that she “was beautiful, but needs to work on her personality.” ALT said that she was “dreckitude.”

Because Jane’s performance wasn’t as strong as the other girls, she landed in the bottom two with Lexie. While in the bottom two, Tyra told Jane, “You have nice pictures, but there’s something there you don’t want to show. It’s because of this your photos are so-so.”

Ultimately, Jane was safe, while Lexie became the next girl eliminated.

Episode 6 began with a CoverGirl challenge. Jane and the girls were split into groups of three and had to teach the public how to use CoverGirl products. The public judged the girls and so did fashion journalist Derek Blasberg. Jane was grouped with Kendal and Ann – and after the judging, they didn’t shine as well as the winning group, Kayla, Esther and Kacey.

For their photo shoot, the girls got to work with fashion stylist Lori Goldstein and world famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. Jane got to shoot with Kacey and a male model. During the shoot, Patrick Demarchelier said that she “was very good; she had an interesting look, but she’s a bit more commercial.”

During panel, ALT said that in the group shot she “looked like some extraordinary French-supermodel-actress with far away mystery in her eyes.” In her solo shot, ALT said that her photo was “superb.” Nigel also said that she looked “superb – and haute.” Patrick Demarchelier said that she was “great with good energy  and good movement.”

During deliberation, Nigel said that when you focus on her in the tight shot, she gets nervous, but when she’s in a group shot, she performs very well.” Patrick Demarchelier said that “she did better in the group shot.”

Jane’s stellar performance earned her a 2nd call out during elimination.

In episode 7, the girls were introduced to the Grammy Museum and their first challenge. Jane and the girls were paired up and had to dress each other as if they were going to present an award at the actual Grammys. Jane was paired with Esther for the challenge. Due to the difficulty of the challenge, neither girl won the challenge prize of being an actual Grammy girl.

For their photo shoot with photographer Francesco Carrozzini Jane had to portray Marc Jacobs, which is male. During the shoot, Francesco Carrozzini wanted more attitude. He said that “she had trouble because she didn’t know how to position her body and didn’t have a clear idea of what she was doing.”

During panel, Tyra said, “When you come to top model, it’s not just about fun and games and dressing up; it’s about knowing designers, photographers, hair stylists, make-up artists.” Nigel said that he would “like to see more in the body; it was too puffed up in the chest.”

During deliberation, ALT said that he “couldn’t believe that she was a Princeton girl, but didn’t do her homework about fashion.”  Francesco Carrozzini commented that “it’s important that these girls open a magazine and see things; she has to be more aware in order to play a character. She wasn’t portraying anything in her photo.”

Jane’s performance earned her a 6th call out during elimination.

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To view more photos of Jane, click here.

78 Responses to “Jane Randall”

  1. Bree Says:

    Jane’s one of my faves! Her look and style are so unique!!

  2. Gabby Says:

    Boring. Soooo boring.

  3. alex Says:

    I think Jane will reach the top seven, six or top five, but not further. I like her, but I don’t LOVE her. 🙂

  4. Susan Says:

    She’s physically a diamond in the rough but her potential as a model is limited to what she sees in commercial advertisements. If she wants to be a haute couture model, she must study the classic supermodels who paved the way for every other generation of supermodels. It’ll benefit her in the long run. Tyra Banks didn’t became famous entirely of her own creativity. She learned how to do catwalk from watching video footage of Iman Abdulmahajid.

  5. renz Says:

    Hey! I love her! I came from Philippines and I support her! With that good bone structure, she’ll really make it big.

    • ihatekacey Says:

      I’m from Philippines too, but I don’t think Jane can make it to the final two. She can do commercial modeling but not haute couture. I support Ann and Kayla all the way. Those two are the only ones in this cycle that deserve the Vogue Italian cover and IMG representation. Mark my words, Kayla and ANN can make it big time.

      • renz Says:

        Well ihatekacey, I do respect your opinion, but I do believe that having that face that can do commercial and couture, and with a right path, she will make it big. Kayla will really make it big in the industry for she’s a chameleon. I do have high hopes for Ann but she really needs that confidence. But then, I think the final five girls really deserve their position.

      • ann3 Says:

        I think Jane can do both. She has the same bone structure as Natasha Poly and Natasha is indeed haute couture. Plus, she has an eastern European look and IMG signed her up.

      • ann3 Says:

        Mark your word??? Really? How come Jane got signed up by IMG and not Kayla?

      • Lily Says:

        Here’s the thing about ANTM It’s not the litmus test if a model will be successful nor is it the standard. Many Cycle winners have not had the success they had because prior to Cycle 16 The fashion industry thumbed their nose down on the show. Heck some of the winners weren’t that special! The eliminated contestants like Mollie Sue,Anya, Atalya, Natasha, also signed with IMG, Katarzyna, and Elyse (who quit modeling last year) oddly enough are outshining the winners. It was this Cycle they really got serious with Vogue Italia. Yes Jane didn’t get to the final two but then Kayla didn’t either. No disrespect to Kayla who is a good model but IMG saw something in Jane if not they wouldn’t have signed her.

  6. kiki Says:

    She will reach the top six or seven.

  7. sfzsdf Says:

    I love her, but I think she will be eliminated.

  8. alex Says:

    I predict that Jane will be eliminated next week.

  9. Blair Says:

    I LOVE Jane. Can totally see her being a Burberry model…don’t know why!

  10. Mimikins Says:

    Burberry model? Not so sure. She has the typical American look, so I definitely see her in Ralph Lauren, or any American designer from the East Coast. I say she will probably be 3rd at best. Kind of unfortunate because I really like her!

    • Blair Says:

      Hmmm, I can see that too! But just because she has a beautiful, square head, a lot of the Burberry models have similar features. But I don’t really care, she is just beautiful!

  11. Renz Geosien Olvida Says:

    Her features look a lot like Natasha Poly, don’t they?

  12. Mat Says:

    LOVE JANE. She’s my fave this cycle. She definitely has a high-fashion look! TEAM JANE!

    • arasevera Says:

      Agree. Isn’t she doing Lancome ads now?
      She is probably has THE most model-esque face of all the girls ever on the show.
      In the montage film by Tyra, she was fab.
      I hope to see her succeed in her career.

  13. kiki Says:

    This girl is so boring. She is still here because someone has always done worse than her.

    • Nicole Says:

      Whatever, kiki. I’ve grown up with Jane; she is BEAUTIFUL! you’re probably a low-life who sits at home eating cheetohs.

      • katrina Says:

        I agree with Nicole. I think you’re just jealous of her because she’s so beautiful, she’s probably the prettiest girl that joined ANTM. And she wouldn’t of made it to the top 4 if she’s so boring.

  14. Sab Says:

    I hadn’t watched the series before as I witnessed in snippets from previous show, that the models always seemed to bicker and fight and some were downright nasty or really pathetically childish.

    But I caught this show a few weeks ago and am stricken with Jane. She isn’t perfectly beautiful and her so-called “lack of personality” makes her more interesting to me than the typical loud, trash-talking models who think they are the next Tyra.

    I think Jane will come out of her shell in time, when it is the RIGHT time. Not everyone who gets on TV, movie screens or magazines has to be a genius, but they can still be warm and endearing human beings and be good at their profession. I think Jane will succeed at what she does. I wish her lots of luck.

  15. alex Says:

    My opinion about final 4:

    Ann: Has it all, except for a personality. So keep working on it if you are gonna be in the top 2, because you’re doing the CoverGirl commercial. 🙂

    Chelsey: Amazing face, good photos, but still kinda average.

    Kayla: Has it ALL!! 😀

    Jane: Has got the most beautiful face and I believe she’s coming out of her shell. And has a 50% chance of being in the final 2. 🙂

    My votes for final 2 goes to Kayla and Jane 🙂

  16. Effy Says:

    Jane effing lost!!! I am so pissed. I hate Ann. She’s ugly and can’t walk and she’s so awkward. Sh*t. I wanted Jane to win so bad! My life sucks.

    • iheartsunmi Says:

      I was even sure they picked Jane instead because they kept saying that she was the “it” girl! Even Kayla Lost! Ugh.

      Ann can’t even walk properly to save her own life! ALTHOUGH, she looked pretty during the shoot! But besides that, I’m DISAPPOINTED!

      • Mari H. Says:

        I think Ann’s winning cost a lot of devoted (maybe that’s too strong a word) fans; I know I haven’t watched the show since. Jane was always my fave!

      • Lily Says:

        Would you rather they chose Chelsey? Anyway Jane is signed with IMG so it wasn;t so bad after all. 🙂

  17. Esti Says:

    I had never watched ANTM before; I didn’t know how it worked at all. And when I saw Jane, I thought WOW!!!! She really does look like a model; her face is just what you get in Vogue. She reminds me of models with classical beauty: perfect bone structure, ethereal. You can see her in a perfume commercial, running around Paris, short pink dress, hair flowing and the sun shinning up high, like in Miss Dior Cherie adds!! What a shame, she would have made it big in the industry!

  18. Sab Says:

    Jane doesn’t have to win this or any contest. Sheer exposure on national (and international) TV will get her offers if she want to pursue modeling as her career.

    Subsequently, she may decide to go in another direction in the fashion industry or other professions. If you watch enough TV reality shows, you realize that many contestants who “survive” enough challenges, will go on to get work even if they are dropped from the show. If Jane wants to, she will be seen in magazines, posters, and TV ads.

  19. gol Says:

    Jane will definitely have a bright future though she was eliminated. She is pretty in a commercial sense. I think she’ll survive in the modeling industry.

  20. iheartsunmi Says:

    Though Jane was eliminated last night, I’m still very satisfied with her position in Top Model! TOP 4! 😀

    Tyra did say she has a “Million Dollar Face,” so she’ll definitely make it! I was impressed by her video last night! Jane is amazing!

    In addition, all the top 4 girls can make it anywhere I guess! This season’s not like the other seasons, as it’s leaning towards girls who have more experience and also high fashion talent. So yeah, that’s my take!

    Can’t wait for Jane to boom in the industry! 🙂

  21. alexis Says:

    I loved her, but I knew without a doubt that she wouldn’t have made it to top two. I knew Ann for sure was gonna be a finalist, just wasn’t sure if Kayla or Chelsey. Anyway, this girl has face, beauty and a whole lot of potential plus a personality – the last supper! Lol! :p

  22. Daniel Says:

    Jane is my Favorite Model in the History of America’s Next Top Model (out of three seasons I have watched). I know she will make it big. She is beautiful. Jane if you see this comment, call me although you are two years younger than me. 😉

    I like Princeton because Jane goes there. Look forward to see you on ads, magazines, and TV. Team Jane!!! You don’t need luck; you’re a rock star.

  23. Blair Says:

    Jane is one of the most beautiful models I have EVER seen. Her face and bone structure, body and skin are outstanding and she will make it very far. To anyone saying Jane doesn’t have personality that is just ridiculous. Just because she doesn’t act like a drama queen like most of the other contestants to get attention does not mean she is boring.

    Jane is amazing and I wish her they very best!

    I will be team Jane for ever, and have fun at Princeton!

  24. ihatekacey Says:

    They picked Ann because they believe Ann deserves it. She may be shy, but she has great potential. Versace even booked her beating the other four girls in Versace go-sees.

    Ann has the “in” style, I mean her statistics are in for the current generation of modeling. Ann perhaps just need a little runway training and a major confidence booster. And ohh, I already saw some spoiler of their Cavalli walk, totally awesome, they walked for Just Cavalli Collection.

    I think Ann overcomed her shyness on runway. She got some killer poses on the end of runway ya know. Totally kick ass to Kacey and Jane. Even so, Ann holds the records, 6 FCO!

  25. AnnWardRules Says:

    Jane ain’t boring. I watched the ANTM recap/never-before-seen footages last night. She’s actually funny. Liz and the girls made her a thug. And she did an awkward dance move. I like her. And esther. And Chelsey. And Kayla. And Ann. Chris!!

  26. lynn Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jane! She definitely should have won ANTM. She is one of my favorites of all time. She is gorgeous. ❤ ❤ ❤ I know I’m not old enough for kids yet, but I want one of them to have Jane as a middle name. It’s just gorgeous.

  27. Mickey Says:

    I wish Jane won. And why did Tyra keep saying she has no personality??? I thought she had one of the most relatable personalities in the whole show and she looks GORGEOUS…i wish Tyra and the other judges would see how the girls are inside the house beforing saying things like “boring” or “no personality” I thought the judges were being so mean to Jane, because they thought she had no personality when in fact she did.

  28. alex Says:

    I can’t choose anyone to be in the final 2 from the top 4. I liked everyone in the top 4 and Chris, Kendal and Esther, but out of those 7, I like Jane the best.

  29. kelvin Says:

    My gosh, Jane is really stunning.

  30. alyssa :) Says:

    She’s one of my favorites! Well, considering my only favorites are her and Ann. She’s second in my eyes. But yeah, I absolutely love her. 🙂 And she wasn’t boring at all in the episodes! I found her sweet and funny in the episodes anyway. xp

  31. Matthew Says:

    Hey Guys, Jane has been signed with IMG. GO JANE!

  32. eli Says:


  33. Mickey Says:

    OMG she is with IMG!!! Good for her; I know she will do amazing things!!!

  34. alex Says:

    I have very high hopes for her.

  35. kiki Says:

    Jane only took about 3 great photos. The rest were just pretty.

  36. kiki Says:

    Jane is really pretty. I think she was a sweet girl. But her photos were okay. But I am shocked that she got hired by IMG. They could have gotten a way better model for cycle 15. Because every girl in the top 5 had better photos than her. Also, between her and Ester (someone who I think is similar to Jane) I think they should hire Ester and fire Jane.

  37. mel Says:

    She look like Analeigh from cycle 11, but she looks high fashion and pretty shy.

  38. seta Says:

    I can see her doing very well. Her look is very much in.

  39. Taminecs Says:

    In ANTM, she’d already shown the potential to become a very great model. Afterall, she did not have modeling experience beforehand. As an amateur, she did an amazing job already. All she needs is an opportunity given to her, and now she had it, it’s now her job to wow people in the fashion industry. She had a unique face which do not come by very often in the model industry. Hope she can improve tremendously and prove to people that she can also make it big.

  40. ann3 Says:

    I think the reason that IMG signed her up is because she has great potential. You see when you look at a photo of her you look at her face & then you look at her clothes, you note the details and when you see something nice you wonder about buying that same item she’s wearing just like that photo shoot with Patrick Demarchelier. From Versace they said her look is very “now” & “fresh” but should work on her walk. I think if she can work on her walk she’s going be a huge success.

  41. klaus Says:

    She was boring at first, but when she was in the top 4, I started to notice the good side of her. We have to take credit that she tries to mingle with the others, whom she can’t really relate to in terms of lifestyle. She didn’t really boss about it, nor shove it to the faces of the other girls. I noticed it when she was on the top 4, mainly because of Kayla and Chelsey getting on my nerves because of the “it’s all about the winning” thing. Seriously, the competition wasn’t really ALL about winning.

  42. Miss E Says:

    Good news for Jane fans. She has been signed by IMG. Go Jane go! 🙂

  43. Creen Says:

    I like her. I hope she is successful.

  44. Leigh Says:

    Her facial expressions are all the same to be honest.

  45. Diana Says:

    Jane didn’t JUST get signed to IMG. IMG chose her out of all the girls from cycle 15 (besides Ann). According to their contract with America’s Next Top Model, IMG gets first pick from the contestants once the show is over. Therefore, even after seeing Jane’s mediocre pics, IMG believed that her gorgeous pics were enough to make up for the average photos and that Jane also had great potential and would go far in the modeling industry.

    After all, IMG doesn’t sign just anybody. And I think that this just shows how amazing Jane is because although Kayla and Chelsey were generally more consistent in getting great shots, they were not chosen by IMG because Jane’s amazing shots and immense potential compensated for all her flawed photos. I’m looking forward to Jane’s success in the modeling industry. 🙂

  46. Lola Says:

    Am i the only one that thinks she should have won??? I Love Ann but still. I definetly don’t think Chelsey should have gotten in to the top two and she was so ungrateful afterwards.

  47. kahuna Says:

    I knew Jane would make it. She’s got “It.” Her portfolio shots are gorgeous. She is one of the most “modelly” girls ever on the show. If she sticks with it, she will do much better than Ann.

  48. Mini Says:

    I wish she could be in cycle 17

  49. Likesbeautifulthings Says:

    I’m really excited for her! I just found out she’s signed on to IMG modeling agency! Yay! She was one of my faves including Ann Ward. I don’t even need to say WHY I love Ann (okay, everything she does is absolute genius! plus she was really unconfident even when shes doing really good on film which made me wanna root for her even more! But Jane has an exquisite bone structure (jawline oh so lovely) and a lovely body. I guess in ANTM she want really ripe as a model yet. she was shy and timid. plus she doesnt hav the odd beauty that Tyra likes to look for (which i prefer)… anyways i hope she becomes real successful!

  50. arasevera Says:

    Jane is intelligent, classy and inspiring. The fact she even got into Princeton shows she has the ability to learn, knows how to educate herself, and wants to succeed in life. With regard to the comments about her and her so-called lack of fashion knowledge – GMAB! 98% of the girls on the show are so below-average as far as intelligence goes – esp the ones that seems they have to “represent” their ghetto lifestyle.
    Models are supposed to be someone that people aspire to be – who wants to aspire to be a girl that looks like she walks the street to make her drug $$ and sounds like she never attended a day of school in any respectable country. Poor English, shoddy grammar and the fact that many of these ghetto types brag about being ignorant and low-class are not qualities that should be put out there to inspire young people.
    I am probably a bit older than most of the posters here – so I DO have the credentials and life experience to know what I am talking about. (even though i just ended a sentence with a preposition!).

  51. Sammy Says:

    Although she didn’t win ANTM, I still feel as though she is going to make it very far in the industry, and she is super talented! Like mentioned above, she is really beautiful and amazing on the runway. Good luck to her! I really hope to see her on the cover of a fashion magazine 🙂 ❤

  52. MinaGodiva Says:

    I feel Jane came to her own quite late in the show. Her last pictures/commercials were far better than the ones she did in the beginning. Her up-close photo made by Patrick Demarchelier is stunning and I think she was the prettiest girl (classic, natural beauty) on the show. If she had performed well from the getgo she would have made a chance of being in the final. My two cents…

  53. whatever Says:

    If it were a regular cycle, then I would’ve wanted jane and chris in the top 2. They were hilarious and sweet girls. Jane did some amazing pictures and her commercial was wonderful too. She does have a personality. She was hilarious all throughout the show. And she didn’t stir up trouble like the others did. I hope she is successful in whatever she wants to do.

  54. Lonny Says:

    She reminds me of Julia Stiles. I think her well to do life limited her life experience. She just didn’t have a source to pull from. She said she was teased for her head size…she should’ve used that.

  55. GoJaneGo Says:

    Jane is in a 4-page spread for Vogue Italia March 2012 with no help from ANTM! check on it.. it’s for Marchon eyewear

  56. JANELOVE Says:

    She’s in the March 2012 edition of VOGUE ITALIA! I knew there was something about her!

  57. HanLlan Says:

    I watch the show in England with my little girl and we both like Jane a lot. Ann, i like her too. I dont know why Chelsea was in top 2 ??? Kayla, Oh so much drama…Not top model at all. Jane is top model beauty not only in America but internationally. She has a great future ahead of her. A girl with her beauty and personality, she will go far. I don’t know why the judges would say she has no personality. Most of the girls I’ve seen in the ANTM are loud, rude, filthy and very uneducated. I know we live in a tough world and there are bitches where ever we are and it shouldnt be encouraged and ignored especially shows like ANTM. Models should be of good character inside out. I’m really disappointed with ANTM because I always thought and believe that models are of high standards but most of the 14 models chosen every season has appalling attitude. And pity are those who are brought up with decency, good character and behaviour because they will never persevere. That’s why I commend Jane for her courage and dedication to her ambition. She does not need to go through all the drama in ANTM, she comes from a well to do family but she did it anyway because thats what her heart desires and they shouldn’t break her integrity. Jane, be that sweet girl and rock the world of fashion! All the best.

  58. Katie Says:

    She’s pretty and sweet, and she’s definitely got a model look. Maybe even a more old fashioned look, but god, this girl had no personality. Absolutely forgettable.

  59. Cyn Says:

    Jane is with IMG now 😉

  60. Katherine Says:

    Beautiful, but shouldn’t have gone as far as she did. She was very plain Jane, but I could see how that look works in high fashion. However, she was pretty boring as a person.

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