Jael Strauss was a contestant during Cycle 8 of ANTM.

Jael is an aspiring model, who, prior to her participation in the eighth season of America’s Next Top Model, was working as a manager of several bands in Hollywood. She was also previously involved in band promotions in Detroit. She decided to try out for the reality show after a talent scout discovered her through her MySpace account. Other people close to Jael also felt she was a perfect candidate for the modeling competition. Despite making it to the finals, Jael admitted that she had not been a fan of the show prior to her participation and even thought that the competition would be easy.

For her first shoot as a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 8, Jael was asked to embody the pro-life political view. Her performance spared her from elimination, and she continued to impress the judges until the seventh challenge, where the finalists were asked to relive the most memorable moments of the series. Jael was tasked to mimic Cycle 4’s Rebecca Epley’s fall during the panel evaluation, but she was criticized for appearing too mechanical. She landed in the bottom two with Whitney Cunningham, but was spared from elimination again when the judges decided to send Whitney home. However, her performance on the CoverGirl commercial the following week failed to impress the judges and she was consequently eliminated from the show.

Jael used to be signed with Otto Models and also had her own clothing line with Hitch Couture. As of 2012, Strauss is reported to be battling methamphetamine addiction. She is appeared on the Dr. Phil show on September 13, 2012 she discusses her struggle with addiction

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To view more photos of Jael, click here.

100 Responses to “Jael Strauss”

  1. kiki Says:

    Jael isn’t innocent, but she has an innocent quality that makes you love her.

  2. Linette Says:

    This is very vulgar.

  3. AWilson325 Says:

    She didn’t look like a model on the show and these pictures REALLY confirm that. She doesn’t look good at all.

  4. Nastya Says:

    она супер!!!!!!!!

  5. Nastya Says:

    She’s super.

  6. Она ужасна!

    Она лизби?

  7. boo Says:

    Wish she shouldn’t have acted like she was high most of the time.

  8. kiki Says:

    You can either hate Jael or love her. But I still think that everyone has a soft spot in their heart for her.

  9. Brunito Says:

    I can’t believe that she could ever make any career in modeling. I love her for being Jael, she was my favorite competitor in her cycle.

  10. Natalie Says:

    I think she should have followed her career. I’m disappointed looking at these pictures, because I feel like she just gave up. She is having fun, but not thinking about her future. I really liked her, she was really true to the other girls in the house, and did an amazing job on her shoots.

  11. Anasta Says:

    Обожаю ее и она смешный человек.

  12. Melissa Says:

    She makes one HOT nerd.

  13. Jane Smith Says:

    This woman (Jael) has to be one of the ugliest & dumbest people I’ve ever seen. She tries too hard to be odd. So hard that she’s fake. If she’s a model, I’m E.T. She makes me want to vomit just looking at her. Nothing about her is attractive. Thank God Tyra kicked her off. I don’t care how far she made it. Second, third, forth, whatever……..she’s still a loser & thank God she went away. Now only if she’d go further.

    • Meredith Says:

      think before you speak, did that coment cause any good?

    • Belize Says:

      Ok then. Good luck returning to your home planet ET because those photos mean that she’s is (or was) a model whether you like it or not. Go, ET. Phone home.

    • cassandra mcclung Says:

      wow… rudeness is ugly

    • danny Says:

      As a model , she looks like models i wont look at , Whatever blows up your skirt? her either, You never know till your with a celebrity who is an addict, you expect, nothing functioning addicts don’t look like this on dr phil, meth addicts or faces of meth people shouldn’t be compared to ”addicts” media dosent know , faces of meth’ hash tag ‘meth mouth’ are due to the fact from peoples lifestyles , not eating ,over talking, consumption of high calorie ‘carbonated beverages’ and grinding teeth , poor oral hygine , dry mouth is a side effect of prescription stimulants , which aren’t known too cause tooth decay, They suggest that the side effect ‘meth mouth is exaggerated and the ‘media’ has stylized to deter potential users, then ‘stereotype’ its current users. In conclusion, Some people are too lonely?, need love ,attention, companions company , become emotional needy,” And left by themselves , bored busy bodies .. Not under any circumstance, should these ever be exposed tempted to do methamphetamine ,, ”not getting their way’?’ Has enough fuel burning to make hitler look like a quire boy!, if not for God’s restraint,

  14. James Says:

    This girl was a terrible model and terribly annoying. No soft spot for her whatsoever, I’m afraid.

    Probably one of ANTM’s strangest choices in terms of someone who could ever make a decent model, physically as well as in terms of displaying any potential.

  15. Paul Says:

    I haven’t been able to forget about her since she was on show– 4 years ago. She’s definitely built like a model BUT I just think she is too REAL to give a staged pose as most models are instructed to and do well at. She’s totally unconventional and maybe the next step to what modeling will graduate to: Realness. Aren’t we all tired of the same contrived poses from all these models on evry single page in a magazine we come across? True “Sexy” is a genuine moment that’s caught on camera and never a staged and held pose, in my book. Rock on Jael. I totally get your beautiful sexy ass;)

    • perla Says:

      On contrast I think she does know to model and take great pictures, she’s been told that in the show. As the matter of fact she eliminated herself when she said her best friend died from an overdose and left. She knew she was going to get eliminated when 50 cents didn’t like her attitude. But she was probably going to be eliminated for her way of being rather than her talent because she was told many times she makes great pictures and that the camera loved her.

  16. Luana Says:

    I love her, her photos and her voice!

  17. caroline Says:

    Nice look, but again to dramatic, I bet the so called friend of hers who died, she talked 2 them once on the street and that was in. americans are amazingly dramatic, tha sadder they can make a story the happier they are, poor me, poor me.

    • kiki Says:

      That is awful to say about Jael. Yes she is dramatic and so are americans but her friend died and you are trying to mock her. She acted like anyone who lost a friend would act and you are just acting like a heartless monster.

    • hollisss Says:

      Why are you insulting Americans? And how do you know what Jael is thinking? Dude, you need to take notice that you are on an entertainment forum bashing strangers. I think you are the one with the problem, poor you having to be forced to watch ANTM.

  18. Kalima Says:

    Jael is/was the truest real person I’ve seen on this show!!! She seem to have giving into the hypersexualisation but maybe that the only type of paying off job they have left as top model industry in america… It is what sell-out the most especially in America.. She makes me think about Pink trying to be her in this crazy sexual barbies we sell to the world. And I think eventually when she’ll be able too (get into the market of different modeling she’ll go for something more contraversal but totally her true opinion!

    Go Jael… Don’t get stuck in this sex is all world!!

    • Paul Says:

      …you just contradicted yourself…

      “She seem to have giving into the hypersexualisation”
      “Go Jael… Don’t get stuck in this sex is all world!!”

  19. hollisss Says:

    Jael added an interesting twist which is probably why they casted her. It is a reality show after all, I found her enjoyable.

  20. Annie Says:

    Loved Jael, she was just so unique and a great spirit, stunning eyes.

  21. Jemma Bond Says:

    Here’s why Jael hasn’t made it as a model – she’s an attention seeker. 50 Cent was right to push her into the pool at that celebrity party.

  22. Jemma Bond Says:

    She’s such an attention seeker.

  23. licpractin fountano Says:

    Not, that it really matter, but how are you, ethnically, African-american?
    You do not look the part!!!

  24. Brienne Says:

    Watching the show, Jael was one of my favorites. She made things interesting and she did take some pretty good pictures.
    Buuut, I am a Christian and these pictures kiiiind of disgust me. I hate when girls come off ANTM and then everything else they do is super sexual. I guess that’s what sells today. But it’s gross.

  25. yasmin Says:

    i would love to be jael’s friend!

  26. Elainey Says:

    After re-watching a few episodes of seaso 8 and looking at these photos, it’s perfectly clear to me why she didn’t make it to the end. I’m not judging her upon her personality or morals, I don’t know her and I cannot make a fair judgement, however I can see her lack of modeling talent through these photos. Maybe she has a future elsewhere in twice fashion business but modeling is not for her.

  27. Abby Says:

    I think she IS high all the time. Or, she’s just a REALLY good actress.

  28. Moho Says:

    licpractin f,
    what the heck does that mean? Are African americans supposed to “look” a certain way? Geez that’s a stupid statement!

  29. Ellinor Says:

    I think she’s freakin’ beautiful, powerful!
    Love her look :3 and she have a body to kill 4! she’s not too skinny, like many models are ;o

  30. Kiri Says:

    Wait..she was in the Cry Little Sister video?!!! Holy shit! Small world. I had no idea that was her.

  31. tony Says:

    She will be on dr phil sep13, she looks like shit.

  32. enemy of clowns Says:

    According to recent stories, she’s a meth addict who is near death.

  33. Kat Says:

    I’ll tell you why she is not signed anywhere…I know comments go in for moderation, but PLEASE post this so her fans can see it. On 9/13 she is on the Dr. Phil show. She is a mess, in the deep throes of a meth addiction. I found the article on the daily mail, a uk site but it has an american page, will post the link asap. She is a wreck, looks awful. I thought one pic of her was her mom, till i saw the video. She looks 25 years older than she is. It is so damn sad. Please post.

  34. beatnik Says:

    Hmmm…some of these pictures look less “methy” than others…

  35. Cherry Says:

    Some of the shots were good, but the rest were just so-so. JMO 😉

  36. bob Says:

    She is a meth addict now, very sad

  37. Sara Says:

    So sad what has happened to Jael! I pray that she can worh thru her addictions!

  38. pattie Says:

    Well, we now know what happended to her. She’s a homeless meth addict and is appearing on Dr. Phil 9/13/12.

  39. Nurse Philippa Says:

    She’s addicted to crystal meth.

  40. Blaine Says:

    She’s a meth addict!

  41. Conna Says:

    I saw her on dr. phil… so sad…

  42. Merie Says:

    Where are the Meth pictures? She looks great nowadays…..

  43. According to Dr. Phil’s show, her teeth have rotted out of her head and her body is riddled with scars because she is a meth addict.

  44. Rache Says:

    Trash all the way. How did she get on the show?

  45. DK Says:

    Just saw her on Dr. Phil. It’s such a shame that her life couldn’t have gone in a better direction. Hopefully, she will get the help that she needs.

  46. Anna Says:

    Jael was on Dr. Phil this week in an intervention episode. She is currently a meth and cocaine addict. She looks terrible on the show. Her teeth have rotted out and she has several scars from shooting up and scratching.

    According to her family, her drug addiction started well before the show. So sad.

  47. skldjfklasdf Says:

    guess a lot of you need to revise your comments after knowing her addiction

    • sam Says:

      really? Because last I checked just because someone is struggling in life does not mean they should be treated like garbage. Why don’t we air all your dirty laundry out for the world to see and judge you on how you look today and what choices you shouldve made and how crappy we think you look now? You’re disgusting. Atleast Jael is a real person and doesn’t hide behind a computer monitor.

  48. Lm Says:

    She’s on Dr Phil, talking about her meth addiction. She looks SO OLD!!! What happened?


  49. Heather Says:

    I didn’t remember her until looking her while watching her on Dr. Phil this morning. She was so pretty and I think she had a lot of potential. I hope she is always to kick her meth addiction♥

  50. Heather Says:

    I didn’t remember her until Googling her while watching Dr Phil this morning. She was so pretty and has so much potential. I hope she is able to kick her meth addiction♥

  51. Paula Ramone Says:

    Um. This Jael chick just appeared on Dr. Phil. She’s a meth addict. http://jezebel.com/5943093/meth+addicted-top-model-alum-gets-help-from-dr-phil

  52. hope Says:

    have u seen her on Dr Phil lately she is addicted to meth and she ruined her gorgeous face

  53. Alex Says:

    Just heard the sad news about Jael. She was one of my favorite from ANTM. I hope she gets the help she needs. Life is hard. Please don’t give up. Don’t let anybody bring you down. Stay Strong Jael!

  54. New Says:

    Jael was recently on the dr phill show for being a meth addict, but i think she deserves all the support she can get to get her through it:) this is the most recent news on her

  55. Lolani Says:

    Apparently she’s just come out about a killer methamphetamine addiction. I’m really not surprised. :/

  56. Cyn Says:

    Just saw her on Dr Phil, she is heavily addicted to Meth and does not look the same. It is sad and I hope she gets better and over comes her demoms, she is a great girl.

  57. Zack Says:

    you and your people provide no support for anyone that participates on your show, and now she’s a meth addict! Congrats Tyra, you sure know how to empower young women, by building up their hopes and dreams, judge and criticize them for it, then provide nothing in the end for your contestants, EVEN IF they win. Take responsibility for your total disregard for others lives so you can have another outlet for your ego! Fuck you, Mr. J, Ms. J, Nigel and all the other callous heartless people associated with your show! I used to be a huge fan you and your shows (including Fresh Prince back in the day before you let your head swell), now I can’t think of a worse role model and human being. I will tell my children, nieces, daughters, women in my life to aspire to be a better person than Tyra and to actually give a damn about the people around and follow through on your word! Don’t be Tyra, be what she’s not: humble, human, and have a heart! Smize on that!

  58. Xante Valenzuela Says:

    im sorry for her since she got on meth

  59. Mark Says:

    Too bad she messed up her looks already being a freakin crackhead………….WAKE UP JAEL! You look like some dried up old bitch in her seventies that drank really hard for sixty of those years 😦 What are you 27, 28? What a waste!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. cj Says:

    I hope she can beat meth and take her life back

  61. Sara Says:

    Unfortunately Jael has a serious drug problem (meth). She was on Dr. Phil with her parents this year. She does NOT look good.

  62. Asia Says:

    This needs to be updated. Didn’t she get addicted to meth? I think she was on Dr. Phil. She’s got the meth user facial skin now, poor thing. I’m glad she did get to do some work though. Don’t know if its possible for your body to bounce back from that but it would be awesome if she did. I love her raunchy style 🙂

  63. Maelini Says:

    Jael is out of the modeling world.She was addicted to Meth,Cocaine and Vicodin.They did an intervention on Dr.Phil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R3-Ce9Plt0

  64. joshua Says:

    jael, ur real kool, sweet ‘n nice. please don’t change. good luck in ur future.

  65. nanaco Says:

    she has more pictures than any other girls..it surprises me. but what makes me surprise when she ended up with meth and she looks horrible

  66. Beeee Says:

    I hope she is clean now!! So sad what drugs do to people

  67. Brooklyn Dribble Says:

    Godspeed unto you Jael…..

  68. LylyBee Says:

    Jael plzzz!!!

    help your self, u are the only one that can do it, i will be praying with all my heart for you

  69. Gabi Says:

    Jael is an amazing young women who has suffered alot in her early years. I am sure many
    People have failed her including herself. But she came thru it all strong and fierce and it shows in her photos. Don’t let anyone tell you aren’t good enough not even yourself? you do bad or good People will always have smt to say. So live your life being the best Jael you can be. Wish you much success.

  70. I wish we could find a recent update. I hope she’s doing well.

  71. Katherine Says:

    I loved her on the show. Crazy, but endearing and a good model. It’s a shame what happened to her after the show. I hope she has healed.

  72. wanda Says:

    Just watching the show again on Amazon. In the episode when she found out about her friend dying, she saw how devastated it felt. How does she then get into drugs so badly that she put herself in the same position to do that to her friends and family? They should make a video of the before and after pictures of the people on drugs, especially meth. Since girls are more concerned about their appearance, they should focus on Jael and her appearance on ANTM and then show what she looks like now. I know that would scare any girl away from the drug.

  73. Jael is clean and alive as hell – my f King role model.

  74. hyperderelict Says:

    Jael is alive and well and still fucking awesome!

  75. sam Says:

    Just wondering, does ANYone here have anything interesting to add to Jael’s page besides airing her drug addiction to the world? You are disgusting people. Keep hiding behind your computer monitor. Jael is always going to win out with her realness.

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