Jaeda Young-Englund was a contestant on Cycle 7 of ANTM.

Before she became a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7, she spent most of her time studying. Jaeda had a difficult time growing up, as her classmates often teased her about her hair and would even yell racial slurs at her. However, her parents always made sure to compliment Jaeda, and when she went to college, other people also started to take notice of her beauty.

As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7, Jaeda had a hard time believing Tyra Banks when the supermodel complimented her great bone structure and remarked that Jaeda had the perfect face to sport a short hairdo. Nevertheless, Jaeda made it all the way to the top 6, which meant that she, along with the other remaining girls, got to go to Barcelona, Spain. Upon arriving in Spain, the girls were told that their next challenge would include Spanish male models, and Jaeda was paired with model, Nacho. Things between Jaeda and Nacho started to sour when Nacho casually mentioned that he did not like African-American women. During the shoot, which was for a Secret Deodorant commercial, Jaeda could not concentrate and had trouble with her lines, as Nacho stepped out of the studio and did not offer to help her. In the end, Jaeda became the eighth contestant eliminated when the judges felt they could no longer tolerate Jaeda’s lack of improvement and constant appearance on the bottom two.

Since her stint at America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7, Jaeda has gone back to school in order to complete her degree in elementary education, and has gotten married. She has not pursued modeling.

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Source: Alison Lea

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

Source: Jaeda's Myspace

39 Responses to “Jaeda Young-Englund”

  1. Camilla Says:

    She just is not photogenic. I totally get why she did not pursue modeling. She isn’t a model. Don’t get why she got so far in the competition.

    • AWilson325 Says:

      I agree. I don’t know how she got so far either.

      • kiki Says:

        She stayed in the competition for the same reason a lot of undeserving girls do in this competition. Because she looked like a man, which meant she was photogenic.

    • KayCee Says:

      Hater!!! Everyone that is a model does not look like a model, cannot even walk like or talk like a model; she is cute and could have went further. Tyra is a bit prejudice when it comes to certain model types. The last season’s models really sucked. At times, Tyra picked the wrong so called “Top” model. Brie was great!! Jade was a little arrogrant but good, Eugenia was great!! Many others were kicked off begore they got a shot!!

      • Lea Says:

        Just because someones opinion is not the same as yours that does not make them a hatter. I think She is beautiful she really reminds me of halle berry but i still dont see model

    • Mari Says:

      I think she was one of the best. Mostly because of the originality of her beauty. Unfortunately not strong enough for the pitiless world of fashion.

  2. allie Says:

    Well, I think she is beautiful! Good luck in your endeavors!

  3. kiki Says:

    I hate Jaeda; she looks like a man. I think she was lying when she said that she was always the pretty girl in school. Now I understand why she treated Anchal so badly, saying that Anchal was pretty and she knows it. She was so mean to Anchal because Anchal is beautiful and Jaeda is stuck looking like a man forever.

    • Anchal complained all the time, and had no self esteem,…but she entered the competition, sounds like she was just fishing for compliments, and reassurance, and Jaeda saw that. Why the hec would you enter if you thought your were ugly, anchal was just insecure. Jaeda was right. and why is a lady has a athletic build is she a man???? just because she has muscles, and has a gorgeous bone structure??? I mean, because she is gorgeous.

      • kat Says:

        ok Jaeda was cool but all she did was whine and complain about her hair she look like freaken hallie berry who is beautiful and successful and u talking about anchal like jaeda did better? Anchal wasn’t looking for compliments because if she was she wouldn’t keep saying how much she really doesn’t like her body and thought she was ugly, but look u took a modeling career and look who hasn’t Anchal is modeling and Jaeda is not

  4. Jae Says:

    Kiki, that is funny, I never thought of that..

  5. Amber Says:

    I think she’s beautiful, and it just so happens I work with her in the same company. I say, Jaeda, good luck with whatever it is that you decide to pursue. 🙂

  6. Linda Says:

    I will never understand why they eliminated Brooke before Jaeda.

  7. anonymous Says:

    Stop complaining if some of you really think that way. Why can’t you all audition?

  8. boo Says:

    I’m glad she isn’t pursuing modeling. She won’t be able to handle the industry. I mean she cried about her hair the whole entire season. So annoying! I mean people, you do know what you are getting into! So yeah, stop the whining.

  9. Mal Says:

    Ohhhh no girl, keep those eyebrows under control! Petrified!

  10. boo Says:

    She sucked so bad! She is the worst contestant on antm ever.

  11. My2-cents Says:

    Jaeda is beautiful. She just was not strong enough to handle the competition. Really the whining about the hair was tiring.

  12. Renka Says:

    Another contestant I truly hated. Complained about everything and everyone in that competition.

  13. Zsa Says:

    She is gorgeous and should just pluck her eyebrows a little. Not that it matters but she would look more feminine.

  14. Amber Says:

    I didn’t think Jaeda was ugly, quite the contrary I thought she was a pretty girl. However, her complaining about her hair for the entire season irked me! She looked beautiful with short hair. Complaining about something that can be changed gets you no where.

  15. K.B. Says:

    I thought Jaeda was so pretty but I was really disappointed in her performances in on the show. The only one I really enjoyed was when she portrayed Bobby Brown. No doubt she knocked that one out of the park! As far as her mishap in Spain, I could understand how that male model upset her, having had similar encounters in childhood, however, a real model working to pay her bills would have said, “you know what, forget this bozo. I am going to do what it takes to have a good shoot and he’s not on board, then it’s his loss.” Well, I hope that married life makes her happy!

  16. i hate haters Says:

    Damn you all are HA-TERS!

  17. Think she’s pretty but she’s a bit you know ‘tomboy’ so… And she should have leave instead of AJ

  18. Rudo manyeza Says:

    Jaeda, I worked with you and I want you to know you are a beatiful person inside and outside. I did not watch the show because I was not in the Country but one thing I know is you are not a hater. You have a sweet spirit and dont let the world tell you otherwise. You are not defined by what they say but what God says you are. And I was a witness to how you accepted be with all my “strikes” as people think and say, but you treated me with respect. Even people from my own country and background are ashamed to be identified with me because of my looks, background and things i went through but I refuse to let that define me. I do not know what everyone sees, but I see a wonderful person. You know from my past I suffered violence and hatred surrended me but I am more than a conquerer so are you. Dont let anyone who has anger about their own failures in life and discontentment with their own life affect you. I will pray always that God will sorround you with people who love you and let you know you do not need the world to validate you.

    You are an owesome person!!!!

    I think you already know who I am but I hope even if you do not guess you will be encouraged. Don’t be affected with things people say on this site that they will not say in your face. Its their loss if they cannot see the love of God and how favored you are.

    Ex-workmate Rue

  19. Rue Says:

    By the way, Rudo Manyeza means love they enermies!!!!

  20. David Says:

    Damn,girl, your a fine woman. Your the yard stick by which other model will be measured. You would make a perfect Bond girl. Tell me I’m wrong, I dare anyone.

  21. stallion32 Says:

    Wow… everyone here needs to get a life. Jaeda is currently giving birth to her little boy today and is more beautiful than ever inside and out. So you all can screw off…

  22. qwert Says:

    Don’t understand how she stayed over A.J.

  23. pamig Says:

    Jaeda was absolutely gorgeous! Models do not have to be Barbie dolls! Go Jaeda-on your degree, marriage, and child(ren)!

  24. Garret Says:

    Felt sorry about the Spanish model but honestly if she went on about her hair once more…. Chiiiiiild!

  25. dissapointedintiffany Says:

    The bio got it wrong. Jaeda was wrapped up in her hair making her “pretty.” As a result, she wasn`t “pretty” at all throughout the whole series. I`m not surprise she didn`t pursue modeling as there was no model in her to pursue modeling. She`s a “identity” lost soul. I hope she finds herself.

  26. Cyn Says:

    This is a public forum and everyone is entitled to their opinions! Jaeda was annoying, she looked so much better with the short hair, completely ungrateful for the opportunity she had been given. I am so glad that she received that reality check when she was in Spain. For the first time and not the last time, someone did not think she was the prettiest girl and her ego took a huge hit into reality, I do not think he was saying that he did not want to kiss a black girl, I am mixed race myself but it was her attitude that he was not attracted to, she threw herself at the model and he just was not feeling her. I would have never gone on TV and said that I was the prettiest girl in school, what kind of ego trip was she on? looks mean nothing when your attitude is bad and I wonder what her classmates back in her home town had to say about that.

    • onewhoknowsbetter Says:

      ok…for those of you who thought she complained about her hair the whole season….that was editing. She got over it in a few weeks. The comment about being the prettiest in her high school was edited too. Hopefully those of you who watch reality TV will understand it’s not reality at all. Just sayin. Jaeda is a beautiful lady inside and out!!

  27. Katherine Says:

    This girl should not have made it as far as she did.

  28. Xando Says:

    Least favorite antm model for me. I think she wanted to be a model because she had some antiquated idea that being a model would allow her another Avenue in life in which to be “pretty” she never really seemed to have any passion for getting a good shot. She made that only, of course, so that we can witness the confusing and weird plot line about the racist Italian model. Not that they could have planned it. But as far as her modeling. Going home on episode 4 or 5 would have been proper.

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