Jade Cole was a contestant on the Cycle 6 of ANTM.

Born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Jade Cole is an Indian and African-American fashion model. Before she was on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6, Jade already had some experience as a model in the fashion industry. She was in Jay-Z and Pharell Williams’ “Change Clothes” music video, where she got to work alongside supermodel Naomi Campbell.

As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6, Jade became well-known for her notorious personality. The judges and the other girls often criticized her for her arrogant behavior. Jade didn’t see herself as being arrogant, but was always making negative comments about her fellow Top Model finalist, Gina Choe, who was known to be very insecure. Because the judges disapproved of Jade’s attitude, they placed her on the bottom two five times during the season. Nevertheless, her natural talent for modeling brought her all the way to the Top 3, but she was finally eliminated from the show on the season finale. She was the eleventh contestant to be sent home and, in a unique way of saying goodbye, read a portion of her own poem.

Jade has become a highly successful model since appearing on the show. She has had the opportunity to model abroad, particularly in Greece and India, and has been affiliated with five different modeling agencies, namely DBA in New York City, Uber Waring in Los Angeles, SMG in Seattle, VMH Models in Vancouver and Dream Models in Singapore.

Jade opened up a productions company, the Biracial Butterfly Productions. She has also been featured in several ads for Nelly’s Apple Bottom Clothing Line.

She was signed to Elite Model Management in Hong Kong in 2009. She has appeared in the music videos Go on Girl by Neyo and Digital Girl by Jamie Foxx ft. Kanye West, The-Dream & Drake.

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127 Responses to “Jade Cole”

  1. kiki Says:

    Jade should have won.

    • Michelle Says:

      Looks b*tchy and mean in EVERY picture.

    • NotHardley Says:

      I completely disagree.

      Jade’s look is far too old and not at all fresh. While there is no question that she is a natural model, she would have been an excellent candidate to win ANTM maybe five or six years earlier with her looks and her talent. As it turned out, by the time she got to ANTM, she just was not a fresh enough look. She just got to ANTM too late.

      • blah122@gmail.com Says:

        Really you people are just jealous because you don’t have what it takes to be a model.

  2. momo Says:

    No, she really should’nt have won. Too arrogant among other things, but it’s great to see her do so well.

    • Rue Says:

      I agree, when the season first started I was certain that Nnena or Jade were going to win, and I was kind of angry that they chose to keep Furonda instead of Nnena and then sent Jade home in the season finale. I do feel that ANTM was a great stepping stone for Jade and her attitude was a little excessive, actually a lot! But clearly, she’s worked out her kinks and it has lead her to have a fabulous career and I am so proud of her! You go Jade!! Show ’em how it’s done. 🙂

  3. lisaya Says:

    Ugh. Tyra has no idea what she’s doing with these makeovers. Jade’s blonde hair was HORRRRRRRIBLE and I think THAT is what added to her looking older more than anything.

    • I have to agree with that comment. The blonde made her look much older than she was. She is however very beautiful, very exotic looking.

    • Kai Says:

      I agree 100%! If a girl comes on the show with really nice long hair and she happens to be around Tyra’s same complexion, then that girl is guaranteed to have Tyra say that for her makeover she has to have all of her gorgeous hair chopped off. And the girls who Tyra scalps NEVER win the whole thing. So she just had them cut off all their hair making them look old and slightly worn out and then she sends them packing. It should be a crime what she does to those poor girls!

  4. Balinda Harper Says:

    She was one of my favorites; glad she is doing well.

  5. TRizzle Says:

    It’s obvious Tyra has a problem with women on the show with strong, non-commercial personalities; Jade was just too tough and raw for ANTM, no matter how great her photos and walk were. Tyra is always gonna pick a pick over a REAL woman.

  6. SHEMICKA Says:

    I am so glad Jade is making her mark. I think she was one of the girls that did not need ANTM to make it. She is very beautiful and she knows how to model. I think that Tyra and the rest of them were just intimidated by Jade. By the way, I too, believe Tyra messed up with her makeover. Her big black head of hair was gorgeous.

  7. izzitme Says:

    God blessed this girl with a MAD body! Look up ‘hourglass figure’ in the dictionary and you will see a picture of Jade.

    • collette Says:

      Hourglass?? I don’t think so! She has no bust or hips!

      • Kaki Says:

        How bout you check out the her bikini shoot. Be sure to put on your glasses not to miss it this time.

      • Lotus Says:

        He’s talking about her natural waist line! Jades waistline is the perfect hourglass shape. It has nothing to do with how big her but and boobs are.

  8. Marts Says:

    Though I wasn’t a huge fan of her during Cycle 6, it’s cool to see her doing well. Or at least, did well during her career. She was 26 on the show after all, so it was probably short lived for her, but worth it!

  9. Einez Says:

    She will always be memorable; not for her face, but for her arrogance.

  10. steena Says:

    I liked her, at least sometimes 😉
    Some of her pictures were outstanding.

  11. neesy Says:

    All I have to say is you look like a drag queen.

    And to whom ever up above: “hourglass figure?”

    That’s reserved for someone with some major T & A.

  12. Mariane Says:

    Джейд – лучшая! она очень хорошо заявила о себе . Тайра ее никогда не забудет! Джейд сделала шоу интересным! мне она нравится поскольку у нее интересная внешность

    Rough Translation: “Jade – She was the best! She said so herself. I never will forget! She has made the show interesting! It is pleasant to me as at she has an interesting appearance.”

  13. Camilla Says:

    I hate her. She looks the same in every picture. She can’t change her look. I agree that the blonde hair was a mistake; it did not suit her. I just really hate her personality and her look.

    • NotHardley Says:

      You “hate her”?

      How could you possibly feel that strongly about someone you don’t even know?

      I can understand you not being a fan and being put off or even offended by Jade’s arrogant personality. But, to say that you “hate her” is pretty ridiculous considering that it appears to you she was just an image on your television for an hour a week for a few weeks in your entire life.

      You don’t know her. How could you possibly hate her?

      Hate is a very strong word, Camilla.

      For you to come to a public place and declare that you “hate” someone you don’t even know is absolutely NO reflection upon that person whatsoever, but it speaks volumes about you.

      • Stephxdancer Says:

        Calm the shit down. She’s not the only person on the internet using the word “hate” you know. It’s just an exaggeration for strong feelings, which to be honest i agree with. Don’t be so personally vindictive. If she wants to say things like that, let her, it’s free speech.

      • Lotus Says:

        Are you stupid? She said she hated her personality and her look. Ha ha. Why’s speaks volumes is your ignorance. Learn to read. You need help. I feel sorry for you. You are obviously a very lonely person crying out for attention. If I were you I would try to get attention in a positive way. Don’t twist other peoples words up. Stupid. Yes you are stupid.

    • sharon Says:

      I could even watch this cycle because I couldn’t stand her. There is NOTHING good I can even say about her. p,s, They should have given her clown hair because she was a Bozo….

    • Natalie Says:

      How do you hate someone you have never met…?

  14. Angie Says:

    Proof that an ugly aura can ruin a pretty face. She is such an arrogant snob. It makes her unlikeable and I’m glad she didn’t win.

  15. BluBluBlooo Says:

    I loooove her body!!!

    But I just DISLIKE her in general! Only her body is what I like!

  16. Nastya Says:

    она мне вобще не нравиться!!!!!!

  17. bobcb518 Says:

    The more I watch her on the ANTM reruns, the more I like her. She just cracks me up. Especially her Covergirl commercial.

  18. Hana Says:

    People shouldn’t get so upset about her. She’s really just a very sad figure, equating her ability to delude herself with strength.

  19. abygail Says:

    Wow… for a woman to start modelling at 26… I’m pretty amazed 🙂

    (Even though she’s really scary sometimes.)

  20. redbone Says:

    Jade does have a colorful personality but she is beautiful and has a mad body! Tyra has been known to hate on ANTM! But Jade was still sucessful even though she did not win! Why because she’s got the look! The first thing that Tyra did with her makeover was cut all Jade’s indian hair off and dye it blonde! Now that was wack!

  21. Heyder Says:

    She is the best, ever!

  22. Mal Says:

    One of the worst makeovers on the show. Jade was not my favorite by a long shot, but I felt pity for her. Cutting off that beautiful hair and dying it gold was not a fashion forward move. It roughened her features far too much. I wondered if her insecurity was amplified by the loss of something that made her feel feminine.

  23. Lisa Says:

    This speaking in 3rd person that she does is a sign of a narcissistic personality.

  24. skbsoccermom Says:

    Jade is clearly more insecure than the girls she picked on. Anyone who endlessly needs to brag about themselves and every mistake she makes is someelse’s fault clearly has insecurity issues. Her personality is ugly and she looks like a drag queen.

  25. nitti Says:

    Now that I think of it, I liked her, but she really was making up excuses every time and sometimes was too arrogant. But I also think she was real and gave soul to the show. I’m glad she made to the top 3 and that she’s doing well!

  26. Patricia Kayden Says:

    Wouldn’t have guessed that she was mixed with Indian — she looks half Chinese to me. Crazy, but beautiful. Glad to see she’s still working as a model.

    • Lotus Says:

      Ha ha. I thought she was Chinees too. She has defiantly got that kind of look doesn’t she? ESP when she wears a black dramatic eye with a red lip.

  27. Curlie Says:

    I LOVE JADE!!! She has amazing photos and won the most challenges. It’s obvious she’s a successful person! I don’t care what the people above say about her. SHE ROCKS!!

  28. Melissa Says:

    In her bald shoot, the pose was obviously an attempt to mimic Yaya from a previous season’s pose from the spider shoot.

  29. Kiki Says:

    Look how beautiful Jade looks with her hair tied up in her pre-makeover photos! That’s got to be one of the worst makeovers in ANTM history! I loved Jade on the show, although she definitely had a strong love-it or hate-it personality. I agree the Tyra always picks the “safe” models to win, and that’s why none of the winners ever make it. She eliminates the people who have something different or unique, but that’s what makes someone a star.

  30. Alex Says:

    She stressed me out throughout this cycle, picking on everyone else’s weaknesses and putting down people, and she was DELUSIONAL, NARCISSISTIC, ARROGANT, MEAN, and oh so FAKE! I will only remember all the bad things about her. Her blonde hair made her look uglIer and about 40 years old, but on the positive side she had an AMAZING BODY! But this is TOP MODEL?
    No way! She should have been voted off very early but maybe she was too good for TV ratings. I don’t like her.

    Memory: Her 1st CoverGirl TV ad with her walking and twirling and thinking she was so fabulous then couldn’t get her lines? Cringe!

    • Elle Says:

      I agree. Mollie Sue should not have been sent home even Jade herself said it. Bad or difficult girls like Jade, Robin (Cycle 1), Camille (Cycle 2), and most recently Alexandria (Cycle 16) seem to be good for ratings til it seriously time for them to go.

  31. Karen Says:

    I don’t care what the situation was during the competition…that’s what it is/was “a competition”. She did great and she should go a long way. I support and encourage biracial women to move forward. You have to fight for what you want. Lot’s of Love JADE…do that damn thing!!!!

  32. ar Says:

    well…she surprised me in her post antmn pix =xx

  33. Bobby Torres Says:

    I love Jade. She marched to the beat of her own drummer, and was certainly a fierce model. She was a tad overconfident and was humbled a bit, but she was a very complex and complicated person. Im glad she has become successful i knew she would.

  34. Manny Says:

    She’s a brilliant model.

  35. caroline Says:

    I love Jade, such a nut, one of the best bodies I think on antm. Takes a godd picture considering shes not classily pretty.

  36. kahuna Says:

    Jade is my favorite ANTM contestant, ever! Yes, they ruined her naturally beautiful look with that whack blonde short cut, but she was still fierce in spite of it. Jade made me laugh out loud a lot. I’m so happy that she has been able to keep her career going.

  37. cristina Says:

    Jade,sei bellissima e bravissima.Un caloroso saluto dall’Italia.Ciao.

  38. Harrie Says:

    LOOOL JADE WAS HILARIOUS! This was the best cycle of ANTM EVER.

    “This is not “America’s Next Top ‘Bestfriend'” HAHAHHHHHAA

    Then her dance out of the room when she got sent home.

    A bit full of herself and a bit bitchy, but she was still marching to her own drum, and good for her! :’)


  39. elviscam Says:

    I read on Wiki Jade turned down the offer to be on Cycle 17 (All Star Edition made up of past models who were close but didn’t win) She said the offer was “Bogus and one sided.” It just shows she is still a bitch with a bad attitude.

    • Natalie Says:

      No not really everyone knew who was going to win that cycle
      So it was not bitchy at all it was her stating the facts

  40. Dele Alade Says:

    Loved her. But she was her own enemy

  41. Khan Tengri Says:

    Jade was one of the most hateful contestants in the entire ANTM history. Tough as my old boot, sinister, unkind, conceited and generally unlikable. Her conceit is the driving force of her career, if there was any. I don’t understand people who admire her and the likes of her. She has no heart, or if I am wrong, her heart is made of croc hide, hahaha!

    • Lilly R Says:

      I thought so too, but then there came Cycle 9’s Bianca. And seriously, in comparison to her, Jade at least had some dignity and pride – and at least she wasn’t such a coward.

  42. Katt Says:

    Team Jade, Best Dramatic Walkout ever!!!

  43. vickz Says:

    She was soooooo annyoing!

  44. She’s just a pain –‘ she’is not as beautiful as she seems to believe and she is soooo narcissic T_T I’m glad she didn’t win

  45. dev Says:

    I think she is lovely. Who are we to comment on her personality when we do not know her in person. That is negative perception and speak volumes on ourselves.

    She speaks her mind and models well,..winning or losing is part of the game…

    • radish23 Says:

      “Who are we to comment on her personality when we do not know her in person.”
      Because that’s what humans do. Someone presents themselves a certain way and we react to it.
      “That is negative perception and speak volumes on ourselves.”
      Aren’t you having a negative perception of others when you tell them they’re wrong for having an opinion you disagree with? You don’t know any of them in person. Seems a bit hypocritical to me. You can have an opinion, but others can’t?

  46. David cummings Says:


    You were robbed. You should have won ANTM. And I know that many will agree with me on this, that you have beautiful eyes. In fact, your eyes are more beautiful than all the stars of the heavens.

  47. rosie Says:

    This is Americas Next Top Model….NOT Americas Next best Friend…Classic.

  48. rosie Says:

    This is americas Next top model NOT Americas Next best friend……Classis Quote!!!

  49. katie zoe Says:

    I loved Jade and I think she may have been misunderstood, people need to walk in someone else’s shoes before they judge them

  50. tyra cut jade hair because she need hair for make her wig lol lmfao!!

  51. Penny Says:

    I really really wish I had a waist that tiny! Not a fan of Jade though. Three wide leg/crotch shots – never a good sign. Didn’t any of you learn from Janice Dickinson’s posing class not to do that?

  52. lulu15 Says:

    i love her arrogant face,one of my fav.jade is the funniest ever in ANTM.. ;p

  53. Himela Says:

    Omg I had forgotten of that bitch! I hate her SO MUCH!

  54. Ashley Says:

    I absolutely abhorred Jade. She was arrogent, mean and, frankly, kind of unattractive. She has some alright pictures here, but she’ll never be successful if she continues to have that terrible attitude.

  55. cristina Says:

    Il suo modo di fare non mi piace,ma senza alcun dubbio è bellissima ed è una vera modella,io opterei per delle capigliature meno afro,avrebbe un’apparenza meno aggressiva.Tanti auguri Jade,l’età che passa non conta quando una è brava nel suo mestiiere e ha una spiccata personalità.Un saluto dall’Italia.

  56. I HATED her on the show but DAMN that red mohawk picture is FIERCE!!!!

  57. Jay Says:

    I find her loathsome. May an asteroid fall upon her.

  58. dcrazymom Says:

    I thought Jade was the sexiest of all the seasons. Her pictures are beautiful and they should not have colored her hair….

  59. Dohgee Brown Says:

    To whomever wrote that Jade’s modeling career is even bigger since ANTM- can you explain why the only pictures on this post are pics from ANTM, and homemade half-naked pics?

    No high end lingerie, no haute couture fashion, just ass-out hooker pics she probably set her camera on auto-shoot to generate.

    What fashion shows has she walked? What nationally or internationally known designers have used her? Remember, she was in the Pharell video BEFORE ANTM.

    Pretty body, horrible attitude, no talent, & no career.

    • Google her, she has done lots of shots and even on her twitter she is still doing shoots as of today unlike the other models from this show. She should have been doing more high End shoots but I think that that Show and her attitude screwed that up. I can guarantee you that Tara Banks and the others told other companies not to book her and sabotaged her quite a bit.

  60. lorraine Says:

    too bad to the haters,she has proven she got what it takes..jus cos she was confident doesnt mean shes arrogant,its anoying esp when u lack it…but thats her her own worshiper…let her be…hrdworking and pretty to me..jade deserves the success

  61. ANTMfan Says:

    I just currently watched the whole entire show and it’s cycles and I found Jade really arrogant and has some narcissistic issues, but you know, she’s really funny! she doesn’t even know probably but she says things that are so hilarious! haha I hate that I love her!

  62. ANTMfan Says:

    and she always refers to herself as “Jade” not ‘I’. she refers herself as a noun. wtf? she really is something.

  63. Faith Says:

    She has a thing about drawing attention to her crotch. Wtf.

  64. catatar Says:

    She needs to get over herself as she was over and tooo old before she even started. Speaking of oneself in the third person she is totally selfobsessed and radiates bitter and twisted. The world according to Jade is a real nasty place…

    Nothing good to say about anyone ever except herself.. All that nonsense about her potential – she realised the only potential she ever had and that was to show her ugly personality stamped all over from inside out. She needs to get herself out of the public eye(and spare the planet her posing,posturing and griping) and finally accept defeat with dignity.

    Hope she finds some rich ugly man to torture as that’s the only talent she has.

  65. connikins Says:

    Watching her now and I do NOT enjoy watching and listening to her she’s nastyyy! And arrogant! x

  66. Natalie Says:

    She was my favorite I think she should have won an her personality was awesome if you ask me she’s just being herself an that a person I would like to be friends with!

  67. RF Says:

    I’m surprised she went on to be successful. Usually bullies are exposed for what they are, insecure bitches with too many issues. I guess it goes to show that bitch is in these days and that sticking up for each other is out.

  68. nuka Says:

    she is very very beautiful

  69. H.D. Says:

    Am I the only person that reads Jades bio & says, “So.” Nothing she, or any model, has done impresses me. Modeling has to be one of the most brainless & easiest jobs on the planet. Jade is NOT as hot as she thinks. As military/law enforcement, I work with a lot of men & I’ve asked them all if they thinks she’s hot and NOT ONE (out of around 30 guys) SAID YES. If only Jade read these. I’m not a hater, far from it. I just call it like I see it & I don’t see anything in her. She’s ugly as far as I’m concerned. Thank God I’ve never seen her in ANYTHING & I pray it stays that way!!!!

  70. PANTERA Says:

    Jade was headstrong and made far too many excuses for her shortcomings (i.e.-flubbing her covergirl lines), but I think she is sexally beautiful. (And yes, I just made that word up)

  71. danie Says:

    u actually thought jade shuldve won she is a fabulous model aside from the attitude

  72. NaiDe Says:

    In my OPINION> Jade is a gorgeous woman and the camera does not add nor take away from her stunning looks. She has a versital image and an unidentified personality. Although beauty is only skin deep, ‘your attitude determands you altitude.’ I’d have to agree that ANTM was a little outta her league, however ladies, lets not forget ANTM is a ‘reality TV Show’… lol

  73. Becky Says:

    You look old. I mean if you were 40 it’d be fine but you’re not.

  74. Alison Says:

    Even though her arrogant attitude got on my nerves sometimes i really did like like her in antm and i’m glad that she is making a name for herself. and she was right she was an undiscovered supermodel who has now been found! :3

  75. jimmy causey Says:

    jade is still my winner!!!!

  76. pkayden Says:

    Nice to see that she’s had a successful modeling career.

  77. dissapointedintiffany Says:

    I loved Jade she was quite a unforgettable character. 🙂 I`m glad she`s having a successful modeling career. If they have another ALL STAR cycle i hope they pick Jade to come back but they better hurry as she is aging as we speak.

  78. Emily Says:

    I watched part of a re-run of ANTM Season 6 and she constantly says “….maybe if I could have used more direction” after every time she lets her arrogance screw her up! Nonetheless, I’m glad she found success

  79. Beth Says:

    She’s such a narcissit !!!!!!!!!! She just talks to highly of herself! Bitch you have flaws just like everyone else!

  80. Bri Says:

    It was interesting to watch the show because of Jade. She isn’t really one of that type of personality which i like, but she is a bitch who has an amazing body and strong looks, which i like! 🙂

  81. Lainey Says:

    She was highly entertaining on the show! However, for someone so obviously concerned about others’ impression of her (“I am America’s undiscovered supermodel, I am misunderstood, I am not arrogant”) she conveys almost no self-distance. A classic example is when Joanie says to her “You’re always being so defensive” and Jade says “No I’m not”. Talk about being defensive! She contradicted herself all the time, saying she was humble but showing no effort to re-evaluate her words or actions. But I admire her persistence and her fierce looks. And I love her innovative vocabulary! Nice to see her do well.

  82. rob random Says:

    Watching reruns…she takes a mean pic and because I’m a ‘hairophile’, I love the versatility of her natural hair. She rocks it!!

  83. Jade has been the most successful out of all the others I believe and even til this day, she is still doing photo shoots and gets booked constantly, even after the TMZ nonsense. I do believe if she would have calmed that attitude down, she probably would have gotten more higher profile shoots.

  84. It seems to me that Jade never had the right direction in life as far as modeling is concerned and probably could have been extremely successful instead of Successful by now.

  85. Emmie Says:

    I didn’t like her on the show very much but she was still really funny and shes a good model. Im happy to see her do so well.

  86. Lilly R Says:

    At first I couldn’t stand Jade at all – yes, beautiful body (her awful makeover is definitely not her fault. Srsl, this had to be one of the worst makeovers ever, together with Cycle 14’s Anslee and Cycle 15’s Sara and Cycle 9 winner Saleisha), but such a bad attitude. I didn’t like how she was constantly picking on Gina – although Gina should have been stronger, yes, but that’s no excuse for someone to bully another person!
    However, Jade kinda redeemed herself when I watched Cycle 9 and saw how Bianca acted. Jade is by far not the meanest and most hateful person on ANTM ever – that place is taken by Bianca (after watching 17 cycles, I still think the same!). At least Jade was strong enough to be straight-forward and say the things she had to say into the ohter person’s face, instead of acting like a backstabbing b***. She had at least some dignity and pride. And her Covergirl commercial was so much fun to watch – hers and Dominique’s from Cycle 10 were the funniest ever 🙂
    I’m not hating on Jade! And her post-ANTM photo shoots look amazing!

  87. TazzyUK Says:

    Amazing how ones personality makes one ugly!

  88. I really liked jade, i mean eventually. She really intensified the show and she made it absolutely interesting. To me, thats was the best cycle ever. She came on board with a plethora of experience. She was dynamic in the house. She literally put the house on fire. Look at all of those mini challenges she won, i mean by far she contributed to the intense excitement of the show. She was the focal point of the show. Tyra was intimidated by her truck record, the judges were intimidated by her humor and the gals saw her as their biggest competition. Honestly, she is truly gifted and talented. Lets face this, as a model she did win, but as a beauty pageant, she didn’t win. She made me laugh out loud every step of the way. This was the best cycle of ANTM ever.

    Julius – Uganda.

  89. Jade is the fiercest bitch that has ever walked in to the antm. She is truly a model as she claimed. She helped catalyze, invigorate and redefine the concept of antm, especially when she stressed that the competition was not all about America’s next best friend. Am sure her role hugely boosted the ratings of the antm and she inspired many girls the world over. She should be credited as the most out standing contestant ever to walk in the antm. Her walk on to the church runway shall forever remain my best moment of the antm ever. When i checked out her antm profile page, she has the most comments. Nevertheless, its good enough that she came third. That should remind all of us that sometimes we are not as good as we think. Best wishes Jade.

  90. Ashley Says:

    She was so pitiful. Towards the last few episodes I had to look away from the television when she would speak because she is just so disgusting and a complete idiot. I also think I may have gotten several headaches from rolling my eyes. It kills me to know she has/had a career from the show.

  91. tiitsmcghee Says:

    She was so pitiful. Towards the last few episodes I had to look away from the television when she would speak because she is just so disgusting and a complete idiot. I also think I may have gotten several headaches from rolling my eyes. It kills me to know she has/had a career from the show.

  92. IVAN Says:


  93. JJ Says:

    Despite her over the top arrogant personality, she is memorable and while I don’t condone her narcissism, it’s great that’s she’s still modelling.

  94. Lily Says:

    She was not my favorite but I’am glad she is doing great. Her photos are amaizing. She is a super model no matter what people think. Good for you Jade! Regards from Venezuela.

  95. I really really really wanted to like Jade. I thought she was pretty funny and absolutely gorgeous. But her arrogance was really a turn off. Everyone hates on her for the Gina thing, but to be frank, Gina really pissed me off. She wasn’t a great model, at all, and she was about a strong as a wet paper bag. Jade definitely isn’t the worst to ever be on ANTM (God I couldn’t stand Camille or Robin) and I really did enjoy seeing her photos, but a little bit of humility would have done her some good.

  96. kit Says:

    I love jade. She is the most likeable/entertaining villain ever on ANTM. I was surprised that her and Mollie Sue had never done modeling before the show, since the are both quite photogenic.

  97. Tina Says:

    The BEST of america’s next top model history!!
    I love her, l saw cycle 6 so many times just to see her.

    She deserved to win, l think she didn’t cause she was already 26, but for me still the best 🙂

  98. Katie Says:

    Jade is fierce. Period. Love her.

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