Jaclyn Poole was a contestant during Cycle 16 of ANTM.

This Belton, Texas native was 20 years old during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16. Jaclyn was one of three girls hailing from Texas to appear on the show.

Source: The CW / Troy Jensen / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Russell James / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Mike Rosenthal / Pottle Productions

63 Responses to “Jaclyn Poole”

  1. kiki Says:

    Jaclyn reminds me of america’s next sweetest girl. She is so nice and so sweet and that baby face will get her far.

  2. Makister Says:

    She’s so going home. She should toughen up!! However, I like her soooo much.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Like sweet tea in a glass on a porch in Texas one of the Jays said. How true. Hope she can get over that baby face and twang. She will get a contract in the future so not to worry. High fashion maybe, but a working model for sure. Makes Texas proud.

  4. Gabby Says:

    I love watching her; she’s so sweeeet! I want to hug her. 🙂 And she looked stupid to me (no offence, but I think the first minutes she had to look stupid to everyone), but I’m realizing that this girl really is just honest, nice, with a cute baby face and baby voice. 😀 I don’t think she’s stupid. 🙂

  5. Thalia Says:

    JACLYN!!!! I miss you! I graduated with her from Belton High School! It’s so amazing to see someone I personally know on one of my favorite shows! She’s always been a model and so gorgeous to me! Go all the way, girl!!!

  6. Sarah Says:

    She’s not gonna win ANTM for sure, she is a lovely girl though.

  7. Mariana Says:

    I think she’s the brunette version of Kari (cycle 6). I don’t know why she reminds me of her so much. She’s one of my favorites – top 4!

  8. fifi Says:

    This girl annoys the poo out of me. She just acts so stupid and helpless all the time. Yea, she’s not the worst of the models on ANTM, but she’s just a notch above the really bad ones. I can’t stand people who have to suck up to others to get where they want to be in life and Jaclyn is one of them. She reminds me of Laura a lot from cycle 13, except about a billion times more annoying… And I LIKED Laura.

    • Jeff Says:

      I think a lot of “sucking up” goes on in the fashion/modeling business until you are in the big money. Don’t think she is a suck up anyway. You will have to stay near the bathroom in regard to your poo problem you have. She will probably be in the final four.

    • Lise Says:

      She doesn’t act stupid or helpless or suck up to anyone. She’s just genuinely nice and doesn’t like to talk badly about others. She’s rare to come by. You suck.

    • katrina Says:

      C’mon, she’s not sucking up to anybody. She is a really sweet girl.

    • Bryan Says:

      She’s not a suck up, she would’ve won the competition if that was the case. She’s just lovely, caring and so adorable. Love her voice, her attitude and her looks. She’ll go far on her own! not sucking up like you are implying :S

  9. Alise Says:

    Sooo cute and funny bubbly pernonality, you just gotta to love her. Altough sometimes she has kind of dumb remarks like, “These aren’t like killer bees, are they?” What?:D And “What if I can’t get it open and I am stuck in that bubble for the rest of my life?” 😀 LOL.

  10. ambar Says:

    Woooww. Selena Gomez?

  11. Sarah Bee Says:

    I love Jaclyn and I want her to win! She totally reminds me of a young Rachel Weitz. She has really striking looks and she makes me LOL every time she says Alexandria is scary. Hahahah so true!

  12. Stella Says:

    She’s freaking adorable! How can you not love her? She’s so sweet and pretty. Go Jaclyn! 😀

  13. Alana Says:

    Go Jaclyn! I hope you win! x

  14. Alex Says:

    I love her voice and she seems adorable and probably the sweetest girl ever!

  15. Checa Says:

    Wikipedia says Jaclyn won ANTM cycle 16.

  16. mona Says:

    She’s pretty and her photos are great, but that voice!!!

  17. katrina Says:

    Is it just me or does she kinda look like Selena Gomez. I also really like her voice it’s so high. 🙂

  18. Monica Says:

    Jaclyn stood out as being a truly kind, honest and caring girl. She did not talk bad about the other girls, especially when there were multiple opportunities to do so, and she was absolutely stunning in her photographs. A true top model. I hope you go far, Jaclyn!

  19. em Says:

    If they ever made a Batman movie with Harley Quinn, I think Jaclyn would be a good pick for the part.

  20. Alana Says:

    How could the judges keep Molly in after her bad attitude when they said they’d kick Alexandria out if she had a bad attitude again?! Jaclyn was an amazing model who booked 100% of her go-sees, whereas Molly only booked 40% (2 out of 5 she went to) and I don’t care that Alexandria did good in go-sees, a leopard can’t change its spots and she can’t stop being self-centered and a diva. (And Alexandria’s picture was rubbish anyway). Jaclyn should have stayed in!!!

    • Shefali Says:

      I agree! I liked Jaclyn! I actually think Alexandria should have stayed, because, as much as I don’t like her, she did book all her go-sees. But I think Molly should have been eliminated instead of Jaclyn. Especially since she has shot some amazing photos and I think clients will WANT to book her and work with her because of her personality.

  21. kiara.parker1 Says:

    I miss jaclyn she was the sweetest tea you could ever find. ( its a saying sorry i’m from S.C.)

  22. dude-ish Says:

    Im so disappointed she’s been eliminated, I was seeing her in the top 3… I really do not get this season, there are so many girls I like for once, but somehow the one I hate the most is still there (Alexandria)… Jaclyn was so adorable, her preview photo was fierce and I wasn’t expecting that little voice coming from her! I wish her all the luck because I do think she is stunning and her face is interesting for the modelling world

  23. boo Says:

    i don’t understand why they eliminated her she was the better contestant……i agree with some of the remarks above she would’ve been a better choice to see on tv and her photos were way better than most of the girls……yea molly should’ve went home as well as alexandria, it’s the same crap we’ve heard the whole season about her and they aren’t taking that into consideration, they might as well just let her win just because……….it seems she’s playing her “sad crying oh feel sorry for me face because the girls here all attacked me” face very well because she’s avoided a lot of getting almost eliminated…….you would’ve thought that alexandria would be eliminated because like they said no one wants to work with a model who thinks they are better than the director and if that was the case they wouldn’t be on the show trying to make it in the industry………….

  24. boo Says:

    continue modeling girl, you will be a great model……..

  25. Serah I. Says:

    On the black-and-white photo she looks like Nanny Fine. lol

  26. gail Says:

    not sure but i think i saw her in a nafnaf clothing ad. here’s the link if u wanna see the pics.


    whadya think?

  27. gerald Says:

    Jaclyn is seriously sweet and cute she is so much like the girl from the South that had spoke like seriously cute!!! also she kinda reminds me of a little bit of Danielle Fishel with the looks… A baby Danielle Fishel LOL…

  28. Michelle Says:

    Not gonnna even lie when i first say Jaclyn I had the biggest crush on her *Blush*

  29. Éléonore Says:

    i love her very much, very nice face and nice people !

  30. ngluvjj Says:

    she’s gorgeus ❤

  31. Jessica Says:

    Definitely think she got jipped. They made a huge mistake sending her home. I think that her picture was just as strong as Kasia’s and she went to as many go sees as Brittani. No reason to have sacked her then, especially when she was among the top for photos every week. I thought Hannah was adorable but definitely think Jacyln should have AT LEAST made it to the final 3; she was more confident and more aware of herself than Hannah was in every photo shoot.

  32. Eric Says:

    I always loved that short clip of her saying: “Are yew kidin’ may?” (phonetic Texas accent)

  33. Ny Says:

    Aww Jaclyn, hope she makes it far.

  34. AWESOME Says:

    OMG!!!!! Jaclyn Should have stayed instead of Molly……Also Alexandria should have been kicke off America’s Next Top Model in the 1st episode and Angelia should have stayed too…..

    • Helen Says:

      I totally agree with you, Jacklyn’s photo was better than Mollys in my opinion, and Jacklyn had best photo the week before as well. I was really sad to see jacklyn go home!!!! 😦

  35. Shimmer Says:

    Jaclyn should’ve gone to Morocco. She deserved it. Brittani didn’t.

  36. andrea Says:

    she should of been on cycle 17

  37. Shanae Says:

    She had one picture in the show (crazy for make-up) and I’m totally in love with it. It’s still the background of my pc. She has a lot of potential and has an awesome personality. My favourite! Hope she’s doing well!

  38. carizha garduque Says:

    Yes you’re right sista. Jaclyn should go there; not lyk Kasia

  39. carizha garduque Says:

    KASIA should I say.

  40. arja poole Says:

    i wnt her win .

  41. Serendipity Says:

    They made the HUGEST mistake sending this girl home. So what if she only made it to 2 go sees? People WANTED to book her, but people didn’t want to book Molly. The girl’s been taking striking photos since week 1 with a personality to match and they send her home out of the blue. She should at least be an All Star cycle.

    • Andre's-Lying-Tallywacker Says:

      Yes it is wrong to send her home and keep white peoples………And all the couture girls (black) are going to be Soopah-stsrz…..

  42. Kate Milner Says:

    I found a picture of her here modeling and outfit on a clothing website called Dress911 http://dress911.com/dresses/new-amazing-lace-dress

  43. Risky Ramanda Says:

    She look like Selena Gomez. Molly and ugly Alex should have gone home than her -__-

  44. Amanda foster Says:

    Have u stopped modeling?

  45. angela Says:

    Jaclyn is very sweet and beautiful but everytime this girl opens her mouth i wanna pierce my eardrums..good lord…shes like fran dreschers little sister

  46. hg Says:

    I loved her!!!

  47. Cari Says:

    One person mentioned that Molly should have been kicked off for a bad attitude like the panel kept threatening to do to Alexandera. While I agree, look back at the episodes. It is a whole lot of threats and no action at all because of that people like Jaclyn, who would have made ANTM proud with her modeling and personality would dismissed from the show. Do I think she should have won? No, not really Brittani was the stronger model in the end. I do think Jaclyn should have stayed longer. For all the seasons I have watched, all of them by the way, Tyra always says that a personality will take you far and they take it into consideration, but based on the threats and no action, it is simply all talk and no action.

  48. Katie Says:

    She was so beautiful. I really wish she won. I loved her personality and look. She was so genuine and sweet. One of my favorite contestants ever.

  49. Lilly R Says:

    Sweetest contestant ever ❤
    I wished they would have let her stay longer! She was sent home way too early. She had such a strong portfolio! It came as such a surprise for me when they sent her home because of the go-see challenge!! It's almost like Tyra was searching for an excuse to send Jaclyn home…

  50. Katherine Says:

    She was a great contestant. Loved her look and most of her photos. I think she’ll go far.

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