Heather Blumberg was a contestant on Cycle 2 of ANTM.

Born in Moreno Valley, California, Heather was 18 years during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model. Heather kept herself busy with cheerleading, wakeboarding, and watching baseball.

When Heather became a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2, she was known for her upbeat personality and perky behavior. Even though she had such a likeable personality, Heather had a hard time becoming friends with the other girls and often felt like an outcast.

Even though Heather maintained strong performance, she became the third contestant to be eliminated from the show. The judges really felt Heather looked too much like a teenager to have a professional career in the industry.

In 2007, she left her hometown of Moreno Valley and relocated to Wisconsin. She has not pursued modeling since the show.

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Source: ANTM / Sasha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sasha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sasha Pflaeging


Source: ANTM / Sasha Pflaeging


Source: ANTM / Sasha Pflaeging


Source: ANTM / Nigel Barker


Source: ANTM / Che Graham


Source: ANTM / Richard Dean

To see more photos of Heather, click here.

8 Responses to “Heather Blumberg”

  1. kiki Says:

    She looks like Brittany Spears.

  2. dude-ish Says:

    I remember her being the one ‘too Nickelodeon’ and I personally found her to be annoying!

  3. boo Says:

    Ew, another Mandy Moore look alike. And frankly, opening your mouth in all of your photos is not pretty or sexy. Not much talent there and not really anything model material about her.

  4. Terra Says:

    She looks like one of the Hanson brothers, Which isn’t really a compliment or an insult.

  5. Katie Says:

    Pretty, but not model pretty. She looks like a Disney girl.

  6. Katie Says:

    I wish she had continued modeling. What a gorgeous girl.

  7. Brandy Says:

    That’s my cousin and you could only wish you looked like her!! You assholes

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