Gabrielle Kniery (sometimes seen as Gabrielle Kniery-Webber) was a contestant during Cycle 14 of ANTM.

The St. Louis, Missouri native was an 18-year-old student during her stint on the show. Before the show, she did have some experience modeling; she even graduated from Barbizon modeling school.

During episode 1, she said that it’s her biracial background that makes her look unique and special. Her mother is German and her father is African-American.

During her initial interviews with the panel, she revealed that she’s never had a stable African-American father figure, so it’s difficult for her to trust men. She said she never dates and often feels like an outcast due to her ethnicity.

She felt that her biggest competition on the show was Angelea, who like herself, is also biracial.

Gabrielle was eliminated during episode 2 when her photo with Brian Edwards resulted in her appearing scared and awkward. As her photo was being presented to panel, they all remained silent, which is never a good sign of critique.

Tyra said that she was a lovely girl in person, but the silence from the panel signified a person turning the page with her photo if it were to appear in a fashion magazine.

During Gabrielle’s exit interview, she said that she wanted to go back to school to study fashion merchandising and model on the side. She said that no matter what, she’s gonna be something.

To read Gabrielle’s post-elimination interview with RTV Games, click here.

Since the show, Gabrielle has signed with ID Models in New York.

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To see more photos of Gabrielle, click here.

30 Responses to “Gabrielle Kniery”

  1. anonomyous? Says:

    I really wanted her to win.

  2. bree Says:

    She has so much potential. I would love to see her in Vogue one day!

  3. Marts Says:

    She was a bit too smart to stay in. When they showed segments between the castings, she seemed to know too well how the show works. Drama girls stay longer, bitch never wins, etc.

  4. Aimee Lee Says:

    She’s got so much fire!!! She should have stayed longer (despite a weak photo that week). I have high hopes for her!

  5. Mandy Says:

    I’m soooo in love with her face. I just can’t take my eyes off of her.

  6. Laila Says:

    Alasia is the one that should have been eliminated first, not Gabrielle. Her picture was way better than Alasia’s. Just sayin’.

  7. rishelle Says:

    I loved Gabrielle! I was so shocked that she was eliminated early! Even though she had a weak photo that week. She can learn more right? I really wish Alasia was eliminated, not her! Because Alasia WAS SO FREAKING ANNOYING! SHE WAS CHILDISH AND QUITE A B*TCH!! I HATE ALASIA! So I really wish Gabrielle stayed longer or should have won because she has so much potential! I really love her face. She was undoubtedly a head turner! I love her!!!

    • sydnee Says:

      I agree with you and the great thing is that she is signed with an agency in NY. Most of the girls eliminated after her can’t say that.

  8. Grace Says:

    She’s quite pretty but also has dead eyes like Krista and Alasia! And her face always looks like it has a perpetual smirk.. even when she’s not—smirking.

    • T Says:

      I think I agree with you here. She is clearly a pretty girl, but she looks like a lot of biracial people! There’s nothing different about her. I think her trying to use her mixed ethnicity as a tool clearly didn’t work and it’s like she was saying because she is part black and white it makes her more special? It was like she had a smug attitude about it. As much of a b**** Angelea is. It was hilarious when Gabrielle was talking about how she’s her competition etc. and Angelea clearly wasn’t intimidated/affected.

      Gabrielle didn’t go into the show with her eye on the prize which was a shame; instead she had to compare her competition and she lost focus.

    • Jamaica Says:

      That’s where your wrong about Alasia and Krista. Their look is actually unique and beautiful and they actually had model potential. Gabrielle is the one with dead eyes here in this shot. I’m sorry, but she’s not top model quality to me.

  9. dude-ish Says:

    It’s interesting because the first girl eliminated always failed horribly at the photoshoot in some way, but a lot of those times the girl had a lot of potential. I definitely agreed that Gabrielle had a lot of potential. I was disappointed that the first three girls eliminated were three I thought had the most potential (being Gabrielle, Naduah, and Ren).

    Although I somewhat get it given the circumstances; its just ironic it played out that way. Either way though, its all about what they do after the show whether or not they won in the end. It’s great seeing how these girls are doing after the show and the photos and spreads they’ve done.

    • Jamaica Says:

      They were eliminated because number one, Gabrielle proved early on she wasn’t model material as you can see by the many shots she’s taken thus far, number two, Naduah was eliminated pretty much for the same reason why Kimberly from Cycle 9 was; exuding a high fashion appeal that for some reason didn’t translate into photos, putting into further doubt that she too was model material. And Ren of course didn’t really want to be there. Just make her mother proud. So I fail to see your point here.

  10. Renka Says:

    Good Luck Gabrielle.

  11. kris Says:

    Lots of beautiful people are simply not model material and she’s one of them. She just looks too sleepy and expressionless.

  12. Linda Says:

    All her photos are extremely underwhelming. In most pictures she looks like she’s 14 years old. I don’t see her doing much professionaly.

  13. Tricey Says:

    I agree…she has lots of potential but her face is the same in almist EVERY picture!

  14. Cari Says:

    I really love her look. I think it is unique and gorgeous. However, saying that, she really needs some work on her facial expressions. She is unable to give more than one and she looks half asleep in her photos. Work in the mirror and fun photo op moments with friends and I bet she could master her face.

  15. AyDaN Says:

    I don’t see potential.

  16. morgan Says:

    i liked gabrielle there are a lot of biracial girls out there and gabrielle was just worried about competition all of them were ur competition not just angelea

  17. Jack Says:

    Poor Gabrielle think she didnt have the chance in the program. i knew she would become better with time.

  18. Rhocurl Says:

    I was rooting for her from the beginning, I wish she stayed longer

  19. Kat Says:

    She did look sleepy in some of her pics but she is very exotic….honestly, and this took me a while to place, but she has some Lluvy going on there too in the eyes. I swear, after all these cycles (as I type this the college edition is airing) everyone looks like someone else, esp. in retrospect. I did like her though. Would rather have seen her continue as opposed to Alasia or Angelea or even Krista, who, to (mis)quote Denis Leary, looked like Lawrence Taylor in a wig.

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