Fatima Siad was a contestant during Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Fatima Siad is a Somalia-Ethiopian fashion model. Raised in Boston, Massachusetts, she placed third on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 10.

Born in Mogadishu, Somalia to a Somali mother and a Somali-Ethiopian father, Fatima grew up in Somalia with her mother and two sisters. Her parents divorced at a young age. She underwent female genital cutting (circumcision) when she was seven years old. Her two sisters were killed by the Somali army during the civil war. After her sisters’ deaths, Fatima and her mother fled to the United States when she was thirteen for safety. Siad states that she lived in a shack and had low self-esteem when she was younger. She was a Posse Scholar and went to Bryn Mawr College in 2004.She transferred to New York University to study pre-med and political science. She eventually transferred back to Bryn Mawr College to finish her education.

Fatima has done a photo shoot for the Boston Globe and had a spread Essence Magazine, November 2008. She was also featured in Look Magazine UK, October 2008 and has appeared in CosmoGirl twice, issues November 2008 and the Prom Winter/Spring 2009. Fatima has modeled for Style Bermuda in a shoot called Dusk til’ Dawn and has Cosmopolitan work. In addition, Fatima has also modeled for Maggie Norris Couture, Ebony Magazine, December 2008 and the December 18, 2008 issue of Women’s Wear Daily. Fatima has been in In Fashion Magazine and Elle, March 2009 and July 2009 and she has been on the covers of french magazines, The Amuser, issue two and Profil Femme, April 2009. Fatima has a contract with the Swiss cosmetic company, Arbonne, and is one of the new faces for Arbonne FC5, appearing in ads for the products. She has appeared on the cover of Colures Magazine and she has been on the cover of Front Page Style the May 29, 2009 issue. Fatima also has a ten page spread in D la Repubblica Delle Donne, issue 637 and appeared in Avon’s Mark Catalog.

Fatima did a presentation for Gemma Kahng at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009. She also walked in the Dazzle Your Senses fashion show at Club Sol and was included in NYMM’s show package for fall/winter 2009 New York Fashion Week and received a showcard. She walked for Stærk, Boy by Band of Outsiders, Betsey Johnson and Michael Angel at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2009/2010. She walked for Lublu K. Plastinina in Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010.

During ANTM, Fatima Siad came into the competition with a powerful story to tell and a chance to inspire others. She placed third in her cycle. Fatima received three first call-outs and four bottom-two appearances, the same amount as winner Whitney Thompson. She won one challenge, in which she received 50 extra frames for her photo shoot. Fatima was criticized for not being able to take direction well. She was given long, chestnut brown extensions as part of her makeover. Siad missed a photo shoot, while trying to gather appropriate travel documents, which she allegedly lost in Atlanta. That almost cost her the competition, as she landed in the bottom two along with Stacy Ann Fequiere, but a stronger, improving portfolio saved her.

In one interview, Siad stated that she felt that the show was a joke and thought Claire Unabia, Lauren Utter, Katarzyna Dolinska or Anya Rozova should have won or at least not have been eliminated as early as they were. She also stated that the show may be based on politics.

Fatima was the last girl featured in the Top Models in Action segment that aired during Cycle 12.

Siad has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show for episodes titled Tyra’s Pay It Forward with Joanie Dodds, Recessionista: Queen of Cheap where she modeled clothes with Anya Rozova and Katarzyna Dolinska, America’s Next Top Model Reunion for the Cycle 10 Reunion, Black Model Tribute, Modelville Introduction, Modelville 2, Modelville 3, Modelville 4 and Tina Knowles modeling in a House of Dereon fashion show.

Fatima starred in Modelville and she placed third in the competition.

In addition, in an autobiographical essay she wrote for Orato.com titled Vulnerable Beauty: Finding My Voice, she spoke openly about female genital circumcision and her hopes for changing the practice to make it “less horrendous” for young girls.

Fatima is currently signed with New York Model Management in New York City under the editorial division, L.A. Model Management in Los Angeles placed in the women’s division, Ace Models in Athens, Greece and Ice Models in Milan, Italy.

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To see more photos of Fatima, click here.

53 Responses to “Fatima Siad”

  1. Gregory Says:

    Fatima has been one of my favorites. She is gorgeous.

  2. maria* Says:

    Fatima, I believe your an even bigger joke didn’t they teach you if you can’t say anything good about someone don’t say nothing at all? I believe its truly looking you out to be the sore loser in all of this.

    • sheanbean Says:

      I think she is beautiful and has done very well for her self. ANTM is a learning experience for all the girls. I thing she learned a thing or two. She has made it pretty far.

    • Reggie Says:

      Its only a show and editing. I have known Fatima since HS, she I a great person.

  3. Tom Says:

    Haha, you’re kind of breaking your own rule, Maria. If you can’t say something nice, maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all.

    Fatima has done well for herself. Rather than dwell on her ANTM portrayal maybe it’d be best to be happy for her.

  4. coco Says:

    I hear that, Tom. Maria, It’s clear looking at Fatima, Katarzyna and Anya that it’s peculiar how Whitney won. I had to learn to not get upset about eliminations and wait for the show to be over. The true MODEL contestants always win contracts. I am happy for all the contestants though.

  5. Maud* Says:

    That cycle was definitely set up for a plus size to win (Hence less runway challenges.) Not that I think Whitney wasn’t deserving or talented enough, the others were far more advanced than she. Even though, Fatima did not need to involve herself, and/or question the judgement of the producers. It truly was time for a curvy girl to win.

    • abygail Says:

      I thought Whitney’s strongest point was her walk and not her photos/poses. That’s what Tyra when she was teaching the girls to walk and pose. (While Anya has the strongest poses.)

      • telling the truth Says:

        Whitney had no rhythm. She walked like she was in a rush. She walked faster than the music. She had typical European features, thin lips, pointy sharp nose. Did i mention that she couldn’t walk either? She should have been eliminated a long time ago, like when the show aired.

  6. GHER Says:

    Simplemente fantastica; la mejor de todos ciclos de ANTM.

  7. lissa Says:

    @Maria: What are you talking about? (lol) She’s clearly a good model! Anyway, I’m glad for her.

  8. Фатима,ты была лучшей!Болела только за тебя!Удачи!

    Rough Translation: Fatima, you were the best! I wanted it badly only for you! Success!

  9. Mariane Says:

    Фатима, ты очень красивая! Ты настоящая модель! Желаю удачи в модельной индустрии.

    Rough Translation: “Fatima, you are very beautiful! You’re such a contemporary model! I wish you good luck in the modeling industry.”

  10. She is one of my favorites! I cannot wait to work with her!

  11. катя Says:

    моя самая любимая моделька со всех сезонов!

  12. boo Says:

    I didn’t like her. She should have been eliminated, not Stacy Ann. It’s her own fault she didn’t deal with her paper work beforehand. She knew that it was impt. I don’t think Stacy Ann should have gone home; that just sucked!

    • Debra Says:

      I agree with you 100%. ANTM always travels so Fatima knew before entering the competition that should could possibly have to travel abroad. Stacy Ann was much better.

      • delia Says:

        i have to say that i don’t agree with you there. i think that fatima should have gone all the way! she had a great body and amazing potential as a high fashion model. however i do love stacey ann as well !

  13. Patricia Kayden Says:

    Wow, she’s really doing very well — international model supreme!!

    Not surprising since she is absolutely gorgeous. Should have been in the top two at the very least.

  14. alane Says:

    She should have won! I love her eyes, bone structure, and her elegance and flawless skin. I think she’s one of the best models on antm so far!

  15. Roccle Says:

    Fatima should of won; she was awesome!

  16. SLC Says:

    This girl looks so much like Iman its scary. Go out there and get ’em Fatima, you have an incredible beauty and I hope it takes you far.

  17. Debra Says:

    Thank goodness you didn’t win the competition. You are the rudest contestant I think has been on ANTM in 16 cycles. There is always cattiness, but dang you are just down right rude and you are not a top model. Top Models should be kind and open hearted. Your arrogance is what cost you the competition.

    • joejoe_no1 Says:

      Ruder than Whitney? Whitney talked about everybody. But even as a model,Whitney got complaint after complaint. She was always seen as phony by the judges. Paulinaeven made them admit tgat she hammed it up at the show. She bounced like the said Nic did and called it a bad walk. Fatima second place. Anyway winner.

  18. Renka Says:

    Fantastic model, but her attitude stunk. And yes, if I were Tyra Banks during Cycle 10, I would have eliminated you for not having your travel documents.

  19. gerald Says:

    Fatima is like Iman you know like she came from Somalia glad she was not eliminated when she dosen’t have any travel documents, but the only real problem with Fatima is that she treats the other girls like they had no class this is just the problem with some girls who came from other countries and they think that most of the girls are uneducated and stupid and they don’t have the manner of a top model but the problem is they don’t have that kind of wild personality that most girls have in the competition. Fatima, Natasha and Sandra have that kind of vibe that I felt is annoying.

  20. json Says:

    Now this is a supermodel just look at her photo and u can see the beauty that is different from the rest of model like ann ward too … amazing model indeed way to go!

  21. Erika Says:

    I didn’t really like her on the show which, isn’t really fair since it’s how they edit etc… I also believed Stacy-Ann should have gone on and not her. However, knew she would do well since she had the right look and her posing and walking were strong. Not sure why she feels the need to bad mouth the show though she should be feel great for getting a chance to learn and really should give Tyra a kiss every day for her make over!

    Anyway, my favorite from this cycle was Karatrzyna.

    • Donavin Says:

      Eww Stacy Ann should have not stayed her photos were horrible and she didn’t look like a model to me. Fatima is amazing and should have been in the final 2 she is one of my favorate contestants and who cares if she was mean or bitchy the shows about modeling not who’s the nicest in the house.

  22. Debra Says:

    Fatima didn’t say she should have won, she said Claire Unabia, Lauren Utter, Katarzyna Dolinska or Anya Rozova should have won and that is exactly what I posted on Katarzyna Dolinska page. I think everyone has some idea now that the show may be based on politics. I still enjoy watching it more than Dancing with the stars, which is so obviously rigged.

  23. Cat Says:

    Her attitude stunk??? Top models should be kind and open hearted???? Then I guess Whitney should not have won. She was neither Kind or Open hearted. Wow

  24. Jessica Says:

    I had the opportunity to meet Fatima back in college before she became a model and I KNOW that she is a great, kind-hearted person. She is very humble and not judgemental at all. Beautiful inside and out! Congradulations on all of your success Fatima! You are amazing 🙂

  25. zigzag Says:

    I really liked her, I think she’s beautiful. Not having her travel documents was no worse than some of the other girls in the past refusing to do certain photoshoots & then not being sent home for it.

  26. anya Says:

    * Para ti mismo di el nombre de la unica persona del sexo opuesto con quien quieras estar (tres veces…)…
    * Piensa en algo que quieras lograr dentro de la proxima semana y repitelo para ti mismo(a) (seis veces)…
    * Piensa en algo que quieras que pase entre tu y la persona especial (que dijiste en el no. 1) y dilo a ti mismo/a (doce veces)…
    * Ahora haz un ultimo y final deseo acerca del deseo que escogiste.
    * Despues de leer esto tienes 1 hora para mandarlo a 15 temas y lo que pediste se te hara realidad en 1 semana.
    A la mayor cantidad de gente a quien lo mandes mas fuerte se hara tu deseo.
    Si tu escoges ignorar esta carta lo contrario del deseo te sucedera,
    o esto no sucedera jamas…………..
    Que tus días estén llenos de logros y tus noches de sueños copia y pega esto en 15 o + temas

  27. Fatima Says:

    Fatima is beautiful… my daughter is ten years old and looks a split image of her. keep doing what you do and dont worry about the negativity. Let that be the fuel to your fire.

  28. Lisa Says:

    Fatima was just more than annoying and i think its because of women like her Women from other countries get a bad name. But you can’t put all eggs in one basket, thats not right!

    Fatima, always thought she was better than everybody else and look at where she was from and how far God brought her. I really hope she has changed her nasty attitude.

  29. princess Laila Boo Says:

    haters. these girls are out here chasing thier dreams, and all u guys can do is talk about about thier dreams. shouldnt u u all be doing the same thing. all u negetive people are losers.lol.

  30. tampopoli Says:

    She works for L’OREAL Paris : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkSERWc-uNA

  31. Jukileeb Says:

    I KNOW what Fatima says about the show is correct. It is a sham of Tyra’s bidding. Everyone around her is afraid to tell her the truth or advise her, let alone put a stop to the insanity.
    They lost me….

  32. Philana Says:

    Fatima is not a bitch nor does she think she is better than anyone else. When I saw the first episode, I literally choked on my cereal as she did a domestic exchange at my college. We hung out a few times outside of class. She left after the semester was over and lo and behold she was on ANTM about a year later. I decided to watch the show since she was on it, and as it progressed, she started making these outlandish rude comments. I was totally confused because she wasn’t that way at all.

    Come to find out, another young lady from college interviewed for ANTM the same time she did and ended up dropping out because one of the questions were “we need a bitch on the show, can you be a bitch?” Since she really wasn’t that pressed to become a model, she said she walked out the interview.

    It’s literally all a game for ratings. I can’t speak for her now, since it has been ages since I’ve spoken to her, but knowing her, I’m pretty sure she hasn’t changed. She’s been through to much to act high and mighty.

    But if you think about it, how many people have had a difficult life, and is known to be an asshole? Exactly.

    And please, before you talk trash about her or anyone, you should probably know them first. It’s the best way to discern a person’s personality.

  33. brenda sikhala Says:

    i love you fatima this is brenda from south africa, n God bless you

  34. mzoverit Says:

    Somalians and Ethiopians are among the most beautifully stunning models I have ever seen and when posing nude (Waris) it is tasteful art.

  35. Cyn Says:

    Fatima is telling it like it is, the other girls had so much more in terms of High Fashion potential, Whitney was a pretty girl and yes it was set up for a plus size girl to win. Has anyone seen any stars made from the show, no.The eliminated girls have huge careers while the winners just faded away, so maybe there is more to loosing the competion, winning kills careers and some never left the ground.

  36. leeeza Says:

    i like her pic on covergirl very alluring

  37. Rae Says:

    So beautiful ….on the OUTSIDE .

  38. Mohamed Ekbal Noor Says:

    Ukhty Fatima Siad, it wont be wise to see your photos and keep quite with a polite request to do your best and remember that you are a muslim and you need to change your career for the sake of God,and you will be a happy woman in life. Honor your Great religion and the Almighty always forgives those who repent. May God show you the right path. Amen.

  39. Mohamed Ekbal Noor Says:

    I am praying to God to save our dear sisters who are in the wrong path . May God guide them to the right path and forgive their sins. If they can read islam.com, islam.net or islamicity.com. They can change their career and they will be wonderful women.

  40. Sen Says:

    She was one of my favorites from this cycle. Sure she didn’t win, but look how far she’s come. She always reminded me of Pocohontas. Natural beauty.

    TV shows are always rigged for ratings and viewing stats, so I don’t know why people are so fixated on her comment.

    Bottom line is, she proved herself to be a model.

  41. Guy Says:

    Fatima got the natural African beauty.There is no doubt that she should have won.

  42. gmlaster Says:

    These pictures are AMAZING! Fatima is truly the second coming of Iman…a real Somali beauty. Doesn’t matter that Whitney won. Fatima got a career out of the show, and based on these pictures, she’s kicking butt. Best of luck to her. After all she’s lived through, she truly deserves to have her dreams come true.

  43. Charles Says:

    Work Bitch! One of the most successful and “true” models from ANTM! She, along with Nik (Season 5) and Joanie (Season 6) should’ve been on All Stars.

  44. Daphne de la Avenida Says:

    Fatima was full of grace and dignity I feel she was the true winner. She got accepted to and attends Bryn Mawr. She is a tribute to young women and I wish her every success in modeling and academia. The world is hers. And we will hear a lot from her in the near future.

  45. Katherine Says:

    She is beautiful and fierce and an AMAZING model. So happy to see her go places.

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