Erin Wagner was a contestant and runner up during Cycle 13 of ANTM.

A native of Kenosha, Wisconsin, this 18-year-old was a student who resided in Spring Grove, Illinois during her time on America’s Next Top Model. Taking a break from her education, she decided to pursue her modeling career by becoming one of the contestants for America’s Next Top Model’s, Cycle 13.

Erin is a self confessed “total nerd” who enjoys playing video games such as Pokemon. She also loves the Internet and the online culture. In interviews, she’s said, “No matter whether I win, I’ll leave the contest with a lot of contacts in the industry.” Prior to the competition a nervous Erin has stated “I’m gonna play the game, and I’m gonna win the game. Because I’m good at games, games are easy.”

Erin was a strong front runner during her time on the show, being consistently called in the top six with the best photos. She also won two reward challenges toward the end of the series. Her performance began declining after episode 6 and she fell to the bottom two four times in a row before she was eliminated with Jennifer An during episode 11.

Many viewers in ANTM forums commented that they began to look at Erin differently after the models arrived in Hawaii, due to her increased arrogance and slight ungrateful nature. After winning a reward challenge, she wasn’t happy with her prize, a helicopter tour of the island, because she wanted a tangible prize like jewelry.

Since the show, Erin has signed with Wilhelmina Models, and has done some test shots. She can be seen in an ad for Editor’s Closet for sunglasses, as well.

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55 Responses to “Erin Wagner”

  1. Lily Says:

    I love Erin! She is so talented!

    • T Says:

      Erin was awful. She wasn’t a nice person at all; and with that attitude, she won’t get far. In all of her pics, she looks miserable; like a spoiled brat.

      • U Says:

        Hi I’m a relative of Erin. And to be honest, you are a bitch. You need to check yourself before you go trolling all over someone you don’t even know. Erin was portrayed as a completely different person on the show than the person she is in real life. You would know that if you were even remotely talented enough to get on a show like ANTM. But boo…you’re not, so get over yourself.

      • amber Says:


      • courtney Says:

        when i watched erin i thought she was amazing she should have won i loved everything about erin in this cycle she is so pretty aswell wish i was her.

      • JOSH Says:

        Gosh then only time she was a little bad is when she said she wanted a stuff not a plane ride I loved her!!! She was awsome and beautiful!

      • courtney Says:

        erin was one of the prettiest girls on antm along with allison harvard and brittani kline and jessica serfaty so dont dis these girls

    • Linda Says:

      Yes! I think one day she will be a brain surgeon!

  2. joejoe_no1 Says:

    She was a cutthroat competitor. When she pulled Sundai in Walmart, that was wrong. It showed her diminished confidence. I didn’t much care for her after than whole excercise.

  3. neesy Says:

    Doesn’t she look like Mena Suvari!

  4. jay Says:

    She’s so beautiful. She does look like Mena Suvari, i loved her even more when they changed her hair color. It just totally suits her look.

  5. kiki Says:

    I think she should have gone home instead of Sundai because Sundai’s photo was a whole lot better.

    • lala Says:

      In reality, she was the most versatile and high fashion model. The only thing she would have really sucked at is catalog/commercial type of stuff, and even then she wouldn’t have been that bad. Yes, she had a bad personality, but that doesn’t meant she was a bad model, just that she’s a bad person. Go read up on Naomi Campbell, she’s notorious for being a complete bitch, but even then she’s still a rich supermodel.

  6. Hayley Says:

    In my opinion, Erin was the best of the whole lot. What she did was wrong in Walmart and her confidence went down after she did the Cover Girl commercial. But she brought it back up when it was final 4 and it was too late.

  7. Nastya Says:

    Erin was the best. I think so. Her photos is amazing, her face is very beautiful.

  8. sam Says:

    Really beautiful girl. Erin was always my fave from this cycle along with the gorgeous Nicole!

  9. Erica Says:

    I’m surprised Erin has so many fans. Usually the person who complains the most, has fits, and is generally ungrateful aren’t the most like. She complained about everything, and the first challenge she won she was like “I wish I would have gotten a better prize” What?!

    Also I don’t think her look is that original. She sort of reminds me of a blonde Selena Gomez and of course Mena Suvari. However, I always did like Erin’s shots.

  10. Natalie Says:

    I Pearsonally loved Erin. She was the strongest girl in the house. Yes, she was a feirce competitor, but that showed me how much she wanted it. If you stand back and be to nice you won’t get anywhere. Erin inspired me. She took the most beautiful pictures in the house. She is memorable and she taught me just beacuse im short doesn’t mean i can’t get anywhere in life. Thank you, Erin!!

    • Jessica Says:

      “if you stand back and be nice you won’t get anywhere?” That’s total bull. For an example, just look at Nicole and Laura. Neither of them were whiny or complained about ‘bad prizes’ or dissed other girls in the house and they were final two and Nicole won! They were the sweetest girls in the house. It proves you don’t have to be a brat or bitch to get ahead in life.

  11. crazyme47 Says:

    She look like Selena Gomez with platinum blonde hair.

  12. boo Says:

    I liked her, but she was a little bit cocky. But she did take better photos.

  13. kiki Says:

    I really wanted to see Erin in a CoverGirl ad.

  14. Ashley Says:

    I LOVE ERIN !! She’s so beautiful and takes amazing pictures. She was my favorite in this cycle .

  15. Simone Says:

    Erin was the best! I really wanted her to win. And yes, it was wrong what she did in Walmart, but we don’t have to forget that it was a game and everyone wanted to win. So Erin, I’m from the Netherlands and you are also famous here!😉

  16. Mika Says:

    She is a blonde Selena Gomez.🙂 I think that she is a pretty girl, but I think that she is not a good person.

  17. Terri Says:

    Sorry, I hate to see my hometown of Kenosha mention in connection to this nasty little whiner.

  18. Nancy Says:

    Yes, she was a brat, but as a competitor, she was amazing. Beautiful, unique face and took beautiful pictures. She wasn’t there to make friends, she was there to win. Hopefully shes matured since the show.

  19. Creen Says:

    One of my all time favs.

  20. Jasmyne Says:

    I do agree Erin is quite a whiner and a b*tch sometimes, but she really is amazing throughout the entire challenge. She looks really fabulous in all her photos.

  21. ngluvjj Says:

    Somehow she resembles Selena Gomez.❤

  22. Allie Says:

    She is very beautiful. She had to win.

  23. mark Says:

    Erin is very pretty, but the BITCH in her erases the beauty completely!

  24. lauren Says:

    I couldve sworn she was on the advertisement for Frederick Fekkai or maybe its just a girl who looks just like her.

  25. me Says:

    I love erin! I saw a bonus clip on laura’s b-day, she was the one who did most of the preparations! And, she’s gorgeous. She was just edited to look like a bad girl.

  26. Dahn Suan Says:

    Erin is just young at the time of ANTM cycle 13… and part of being young is committing mistakes… but i think she’s not as bad as many critics commented about her… and i believe when she would become more mature someday… she would be a very good model.. i believe in Erin Wagner🙂

  27. larissa Says:

    Erin is a good model, but she hasn’t a good personality. I don’t like her and for me she has be eliminated before than she really was!!!

  28. drea Says:

    yes erin’s a bitch…ok, what else? she’s fierce and SOOO editorial. and in the real world of modeling there’s no flowers and rainbows. everyone is cut throat, u have to be that way when u’re in such a competitive industry. as long as she knows how to hide her bitchiness in front of clients ect then she’s all good.

  29. zigzag Says:

    She takes great pictures, but her personality needed improvement when she was on ANTM.

  30. Angela Says:

    she’s like allison! :))

  31. seph Says:

    you look like selena gomez

  32. Lulu Says:

    ummm i think erin was great and so what if she complained? everyone does get over it! Erin was great!

  33. janine Says:

    I met erin today and she was really sweet to me even though I sounded like a dork and accidentally called her short. She just smiled and seemed really laid back. Don’t believe everything you see on tv. Not to mention she was 18 at the time, I mean what 18 year old away from home for the first time isn’t bratty?

  34. Kristen Says:

    I think Erin looks a lot better with the natural look pre-makeover. The white blonde look makes her look odd.

    Not a fan of her personality. She came across as way too entitled and arrogant so I couldn’t like her no matter how good her photos were.

  35. G Says:

    Yawn, what was with this cycle and immature teenage brats? Foul temper, the way she behaved at the Covergirl shoot actually had me in shock. That’s what she got for not spending time on the task, if it was real life she would have been sent home and never picked up from that client ever again.

    I don’t get how on Earth she was saved from the bottom 2 like 3 times in a row. That’s a mess.

  36. JOSH Says:

    Haha she is awsome! Haha I loved her and she was just a little young amazing model haha

  37. Glo Says:

    I think she was a pretty model, but immature when it came to the walmart challenge, and then whining about her prize when she won the challenge..I can see being competitive, but to pull on someone during the challenge was inexcusable..

  38. pretty katy Says:

    oh god erin stunning love you soooooo much your pretty beautiful i love you do you have a website ?

  39. angel loves erin Says:

    erin just so pretty and i love her so much she always make me smile so fab and so innocent face love her…..

  40. Laura Says:

    This girl has such a big talent!!! When the changed her hair and eyebrows, she became a high fashion model🙂 Love you girl, you were and you will always be one of my favorites !!!❤

  41. Jamaica Says:

    To me, she’s not model material. Her look is kinda ugly to me. I honestly don’t understand the hype.

  42. emman Says:

    i really love erin’s portfolio….shes a high fashion model🙂

  43. hmm. Says:

    Erin was awful. Yuck. I agree, what a brat. And her family members response, just as nasty. Must run in the family!

  44. Mishy Says:

    I somehow missed cycle 13. Erin was just 18 in 2008. She has had 5 years to grow, to mature, to see just how unimportant pidley jewelry, etc. is compared to meaningful life experiences. It is such a shame you did not allow yourself to enjoy the helicopter ride in Hawaii. I lived there for a few years, and I treasured every day. Like everyone else, it takes awhile to gain perspective. I look back at my “I am all grown up, this and that is not fair” self and just chuckle. Best of luck to you Erin!

  45. Marsha Says:

    I think Erin models for Nasty Gal…perfect eh! She should have won…she’ll go far…IMO…

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