Erika “Nik” Pace was a contestant an runner-up during Cycle 5 of ANTM.

Nik Pace was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was a student at Bradley Tech High School, but moved to Atlanta, Georgia when she was in her third year. Prior to her participation on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 5, Nik was working as an office coordinator and was under the care of Elite Model Management. She is Italian and African-American.

Although Nik was often criticized for not showing enough of her beautiful face in her photographs, the judges brought her all the way to the Top 2, along with other Top Model Finalist Nicole Linkletter. During the shoot for Secret Platinum Deodorant, Nik got into a fight with fellow Top Model finalist, Jayla Rubinelli. Nik felt that Jayla stole her secret, which was her fear of the dark. Because of this, Nik gave Jayla the silent treatment after the photo shoot. Nik and Jayla resolved their issues when they, along with the other Top 6 finalists, were flown to London. Nik did extremely well during the “Bollywood-themed” and CoverGirl shoots, but when it came down to the final runway challenge, the judges favored Nicole, consequently making Nik the runner-up.

After her appearance on the show, Nik received a contract from Fusion Model Management in New York. She has graced the pages of ElleGirl Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, Complex Magazine, VIBE Magazine, Essence Magazine, and appeared on the cover of MetroPop Magazine. She has also modeled for VIGOSS U.S.A Jeans, Snuggle and L’Oreal. Her runway projects include Fashion Institute of Technology 2006, LIM 2006, Gharani Strok Fall 2005, and Tamara Pogosian Spring/Summer 2007.

She is now signed with Ford, and was recently featured in a hair styling video by Ford Models. In September 2009, she gave birth to a baby boy.

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To see more pictures of Nik, click here.

49 Responses to “Erika “Nik” Pace”

  1. April Says:

    I think she should’ve won. She was grace and beauty all rolled into one.

  2. kiki Says:

    I think she should have won. So what if she didn’t have a great walk? Nicole always rested on pretty instead of pushing the way Nik did and still does.

  3. KriStina Says:

    Она должна была победить. Nicole не заслужила этого. Nik во 100, в 1000, в 1000000 раз лучше!!!


  4. Marissa Says:

    А мне Николь намного больше нравилась))

  5. ashley Says:

    Nik is more high fashion than Nicole. I think Nik should have won.

  6. pat Says:

    Nik had the total package. Nicole was an everyday girl who walked like a plowhorse clumping along. They had to let her win.

  7. carlos yorbin Says:

    You know, Nik is the most beautiful girl in world. I desire her so much. A thousand kisses for her.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    This girl is awesome. One of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen, such a rare and unique beauty. Her eyes are so wild, her skin and figure perfect. This girl is perfection. Can’t understand why Nicole got this title.

  9. Quiin Says:

    I understand that a “Top Model” has different qualifications than a “model” but regardless, Nik should’ve won. And because of it, I haven’t actively watched this show since she got eliminated.

  10. Alex Says:

    Now she is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I will download and watch this season just to check out this absolute beauty!

  11. ar Says:

    she’s just hippie chic and fierce!! =D

  12. Cari Says:

    She really was a gem during the season. She was mature, beautiful, consistently did really well in her photos, took and used the criticism, and the one time she did get upset at a girl she had a valid reason! She is a rare beauty that can really portray it through pictures!

  13. Kate Says:

    Nik SO should have won. Just because she was calm, kind and didn’t want to get involved with the idiotic behaviour and bitching that the other girls engaged in – she didn’t have any ‘personality.’
    It’s ridiculous!
    Nicole was very fake, and in each picture, her eyes were always too wide, and her teeth were awful and got in the way of her speech in commercials. It was clear in the finale that the judges preferred Nik, as they spoke the best about each of her pictures – which were the best. Yet they chose Nicole because she was not the ‘whole package’ and they wanted to show that annoying, pale, and boring girls could win antm.

  14. lolo Says:

    nik is beautiful……looking back on all the ANTM’s she is definitely up there as one of the great ones…..she should have won!

  15. one of the most beautiful by far.

  16. None Says:

    this was my fave season, and i agree – ever since this season where they picked nicole over Nik, i lost respect for top model
    Nik was way more high fashion

  17. Kyoshi Says:

    Question of the decade in reality TV: how did Nicole win over Nik?

  18. RACHEAL Says:


  19. Ivana Says:

    Nik should have won! I was her big fan, she was so mature, beautiful, exotic with super body and wild eyes. Nicole is a type of a girl who is more universal and better for high fashion world but I don’t think that she is beauty, maybe just a cute girl.

  20. Misha-Lily Says:

    She should have won. I can’t understand why Nicole got as far as she did let alone win it. Nik and Yonna from cycle 2 are the mpst beautiful of all contestants on ANTM overall.

  21. sandra crawford Says:

    She was robbed of 1st place on ANTM

  22. nissie Says:

    Shes gorgeous! & shouldve won!

  23. arasevera Says:

    What is with all the hoochie shots?
    I have lost respect for her.
    I was also disappointed when she appeared on “Say Yes to the Dress” – just looking for more screen time on another reality show.

  24. austin Says:

    nik so should have won it made me mad that she didnt because she was crying she wanted it so bad Nicole oh my god has to be one of the worst winners ever Janice Dickinson said in an interview that the winners were rigged i think she was telling the truth cause nicoles look was to pageant nik wins in my mind

  25. ausin Says:

    i so thought nik should have won Nicole was to pageant

  26. Amber Says:

    I’m still upset that she didn’t win the title. She was much better an overall model than Nichole and she was more striking beautiful as well. Nichole was annoying and rested on pretty the entire competition and last time I checked, that is what Tyra preaches NOT to do almost every episode. Nichole can kiss grits cuz Nik is the winner of cycle 5 in most people’s eyes. Love you Nik!!!

  27. Taylor Says:

    Uma Thurman’s black sister. Absolutely gorgeous – definitely should’ve won this cycle.

  28. jeff Says:

    Nik should have definitely won cycle 5.She was the best model in that cycle not to mention shes drop-dead smokin hot,1 of the most beautiful girls in the history of antm with the voice of an angel.Her partner is very lucky

  29. cheneka braxton Says:

    You are beautiful u shoulda won antm but u doin great anyway!! Go girl!!

  30. Nakiyah B. Says:

    Nik deserved this win!Fav model of all tyme and of all seasons!TF was the judges on???!!!GOOFIES

  31. Boone Says:

    I agree with everyone else. She should have won. She was far more versatile and unique as well as beautiful than Nicole. I have to say, Italian and African American is an excellent genetic combination!! This girl has obviously got IT. Glad she is taking it and running with it. Congrats to her and significant other on the birth of their baby.

  32. robin leigh trotter Says:


  33. Ajenk Says:

    Looks like everyone agree that Nik should have won!
    Well absolutely true!!
    I still don’t get it, from the overall performance it was crystal clear that she did better than Nicole.. But the judges seems to always contradict their own comment.

  34. Ivana Says:

    so stunning!!! it’s very rare to come across human being sooooo beautiful even regardless of gender! anyone noticed how much she resembles angelina jolie?

  35. Risha Says:

    This season was one the most disappointing disappointing
    Nicole was boring. Nik was the whole package, and more exotic and international looking. Her look can get bookings all over the world. Nicole, I can only see her doing European shots. she so should have won.

  36. Cristal Says:

    Nik was wayyyyy better than Nicole !! She should have been the winner !!!

  37. Holly Says:

    NIK!!! I was SO rooting for you girl on re-runs!! Haha you are so beautiful and a great role model. And from the looks of it, it seems your having a great career!! So happy for you!!! ❤
    Your fan,

  38. Pedro Cunha Says:

    The most beautiful black contestant …
    The most beautiful lesbian contestant …
    The most beautiful girl to ever appear on ‘Top Model’.

  39. Joseph Coston Says:

    Well the “second runner up” almost always makes it bigger than the winner. I adore this girl. In my opinion, she rocked since day one!!!!

  40. Jaketriya Bunion Says:

    You Are Amazingly Beautiful I Really Look Forward To You & You Made Me Realize If I Have A Dream Go For It I Love All The Hard Work You Have Put In To Become This Outstanding Women You Are Today I Just Really Look Up To You And I Just Think You Should Have Won And Even Though You Didn’t Make The America Next Top Model You Still Had The Faith In Yourself No Matter Who Didnt & Thats What Matter The Most Keeping The Faith & Believing In Yourself

  41. Chy Says:

    I honestly believe in my heart that the judges of ANTM made a huge mistake by not choosing her. I appreciate and respect Nicole as a model. However, Nik is more suited for the title of next “TOP Model” than Nicole. I love Nik so much!!

  42. Niamh Says:

    Nik definitely should have won!

  43. Brittany Says:

    For real one of the most drop dead gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen.

  44. channey Says:

    she’s still so effing pretty!

  45. I am confused. Before she was on ANTM she worked in the office at Elite Models?

  46. Tina Says:

    She was not my favourite, but l think she had best walking and pictures in that cycle.I don’t like nicole :s

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