Elyse Sewell was a contestant and third runner up during Cycle 1 of ANTM.

A native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sewell obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of New Mexico. Sewell was known on the show as the “edgy pre-med student.” In 2005, one of her “confessional” clips from the show, in which she started a profanity-laden rant against the people on the show, earned her 16th place on E!’s Most Outrageous TV Moments.

Elyse dated Martin Crandall of the Shins until January 2008, when he allegedly assaulted her in a Sacramento hotel. Both Crandall and Elyse were charged with felony domestic assault, though their cases were later dimissed.

Previously, Elyse told the Singapore Straits Times in an interview that she had dumped her boyfriend because he cheated on her while she was working in Japan, though they reconciled shortly afterwards.

As a model, Elyse has been incredibly successful, especially in Asia where she has had print advertisements for Chanel and Chow Sang Sang Jewelry and appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong.

Sewell’s first book, based in part on her LiveJournal Weblog, was published in Hong Kong in 2006. She appeared in multiple book signings across Hong Kong.

Over seas, Elyse has been signed with Zucca Tokyo, ZEM Osaka, Mannequin Singapore, Model Genesis Hong Kong, Chadwicks Sydney, Eye For I Milan, Dream Models Hong Kong and Elite Santiago.

Elyse has also been signed with Wilhelmina West Models, M4 Models, Q6 Models Portland, Model One (Hong Kong), Studio KLRP Paris, Seattle’s Model Guild, M4 Hamburg, Good Fashion Shenzhen and Model 1.

She is perhaps one of the the most successful models from America’s Next Top Model.




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To see more photos of Elyse, click here.


96 Responses to “Elyse Sewell”

  1. Aline Says:

    Go figure … She talked all that crap about disappearing, and there she is, all over the place!

  2. Cay Says:

    I’m glad she’s done so well! Out of all the cycles, she’s my favorite model by far.

    • Tammy Says:

      Me too. She is my favorite contestant out of all of the seasons of Top Model. I’m glad that she is doing so well.

      • Emily Eaton Says:

        She is my absolute favourite of all the cycles and I’m so glad she did well. What a stunning girl!

  3. I love her! Thanks for digging up all those photos; they were fun to look through.

  4. Clara Says:

    I’m not surprised that she made a name for herself in Hong Kong simply because she has a semi-Asian look about her (Eurasian?) that the Chinese love. I can say that with confidence ’cause i’m Chinese myself 😀

    • katarzyna weiß Says:

      What makes her Eur-Asian? LOL. Just cuz she’s got black hair? She’s got nothing Asian! They make it in Asia because people over there are obsessed with trying to become western. Ha ha!

      • Anna Says:

        You MAD? Clara doesn’t mean that. What she meant was that Elyse kinda looks like part Asian, not because she has black hair. I mean, seriously? If you see some people who are sort of Caucasian-Asian, you’ll see what Clara meant.

      • ron Says:

        Really now? you think that Asian people wants to become Western looking? Asia? Have you been to Asia? Its not like that.

      • Jenn Says:

        Ron’s wrong. It is like that. Not all Asian folks, but many. It’s not a judgment, just a fact. There are “double eyelid” surgeries popular in Asia to give young Asian women (primarily) a more Western-look. And yes, I’ve been to Asia. Although it’s by no means true everywhere you go there, many young Asians really dig US-everything – jeans, baseball, Hollywood, etc. That’s starting to change, fortunately, as the East starts to rise and the US is beginning to falter.

        For what it’s worth – of course she looks a bit Asian. She’s tall, so not that part, but she’s got a very slight build, tiny facial features, big eyes, and yes, short dark hair. She has a look I think many young Asian women would find accessible; more so than some of the blonde all-American looking models.

      • Mandi Says:

        I think Elyse has this skinny, fragile, doe-eyed innocent look, plus her features are very delicate..and milky skin.. all these traits that Asian women and men love..
        Whether she looks Eurasian or not.. she could pass as one.. look at Alexa Chung.. man, she looks purely Western.. I was shocked to find her part Asian.. except her last name gave away..

    • noname Says:

      I agree with you. And to ron, not all Asian’s have narrow eyes! Some part-asian’s have black hair, but have a certain look to them. So 2 words, shut up.

  5. larry Says:

    Nice. First Class work. And an impressive presentation! Thanks. Elyse has been inspiring and fun. Wish her blessings!

  6. Einez Says:

    I am so glad she was eliminated from ANTM; and where is she now? Doing better than Adrianne.

    • Andrew Says:

      I always thought she had a lot of personality, but I thought she was going to medical school and didn’t like modelling? And I was very upset that things didn’t work out so well for Adrianne….I mean, she did WIN!!

  7. Mariane Says:

    Elyse is beautiful and very cool. I like her.

  8. I think Tyra should get a little credit for launching new models who otherwise might never have tried to become one. Elise was my second favorite in the first cycle, but I would have been very happy if she had won.

    • My thought exactly. Tyra is a star because Elise probably won’t be taking all these photographs without her show. I love her (both of them)
      The power of good ideas and good work to change the world…

      • Sabine Says:

        Tha´s true for most of the girls, I remenber Adrianne in a ANTM E! THS special talking about how she wrote to Tyra demanding jobs and complaining on her career not launching like she wanted, as if that was Tyra´s responsibility after the show; but I consider THIS case rare. Elyse has been booking these great jobs internationally and with nobody´s help long before top model. She says so in her casting video, and the portfolio speaks for itself. She busted her ass and travelled the world living in all kinds of places with strangers (fellow models) to make this fine work. Thumbs up. Palmas!

  9. Jake Netherton Says:

    If Tyra gets to take credit for Elyse’s career, than Tyra also gets to be accountable for all the ANTM alumni whose careers have bombed.

  10. kiki Says:

    I’m not shocked she looks amazing on all these pictures and I’m totally not shocked she got all these jobs. But the thing I’m shocked about is that she actually tried and continued modeling outside of the competition. Mostly, because on the show it seemed like all she wanted to do was become a doctor. I agreed with Adrianne about Elyse. She said that Elyse hates everything about being a model and yet she’s the best at it.

    • klaus Says:

      She doesn’t really hate it. It’s more like she’s thinking about the future. She said it from the start that you can still be a doctor when you’re old, but you can be a model in a short period of time. If she hated it, she could not have send an audition tape in the first place. She did hate it because of the people. She didn’t like the way the other contestants behaved and thought. Especially about how the girls were making a really big deal out of everything fashion.

      Elyse has set her mind in the future; like everything is not fashion because there will be a time when you’re no longer a model. So, in the other words, she’s very intellectual that she couldn’t really handle the environment in the show.

  11. brennan Says:

    Pics don’t lie; best to come out of ANTM.

  12. Anastasia Says:

    She is so beautiful! When I first saw Elyse in ANTM I have started to watch this show only for to see her. She has really amazing face!

  13. nikki_amethyst@yahoo.com Says:

    She looks a lot like Winona Ryder.

  14. Sarah Says:

    I love Elyse, she is beautiful, I also love her body type, I’m shaped like her and it’s nice to know I’m not the only super naturally skinny and small girl out there.

  15. Spamana Says:

    She does look kind of Asian… maybe almost Faye Wong-ish.

    • john Says:

      Elyse is certainly photographic and she’s got brains, but hey – don’t compare to Faye, that’s sacred ground (as you know).

  16. Jan Little Says:

    I am a big, big fan. Thank you for posting this photos which were new to me.

  17. Tony a Says:

    I loved Elyse and find it ironic that she’s become arguably the most successful of all the models to come from ANTM, especially considering they didn’t even select her for the final two. Finally, on the most recent cycle, they had another contestant who was high fashion, and they played it smart and selected her to win. As much as I respect Ann, she had nothing on Elyse when it comes to personal presentation, and I can’t help but wonder if ANTM missed it’s brightest star when the show decided to eliminate Elyse?

  18. Sandy Says:

    What happened to Shannon? Shannon came in 2nd but I’ve never heard of her. Though I think Elyse is beautiful and great!

  19. Staycie Says:

    Elyse should have won cycle 1. I don’t think she would have made all the mistakes that Adrianne did.

  20. boo Says:

    I think that she copped out at the end. I think that she knew she’d be big so there was no reason to have the title of antm. She knew she had it, even though she hated it at one point. Hey man, try living with just a group of women who are of different background and for some (Robin) who treated some of the girls like they were nothing because of how they portray themselves. I mean sh**, I’d go nuts and want to leave also. But good for her, and yeah she probably is the only one who is the most successful throughout all of the antm seasons put together.

  21. eliza Says:

    I think I should point this out: IT WAS FATE THAT ELYSE DIDN’T WIN. Because if she did win, she would be cheated out of that Revlon prize of $100,000. So, it’s a blessing in disguise.

    But I don’t think Revlon was the problem. I think it was Adrianne. They probably didn’t like her; that’s why they didn’t book her. If Elyse won, Revlon would have booked her.

  22. T.P. Says:

    Boo, I agree with you. That atmosphere was seriously toxic at some points. And it wasn’t just the varying backgrounds, there was also a religious aspect to it. I think it’s fair enough having your own beliefs, but to force them unpleasantly on someone else is seriously unethical in my books. And Robin did have a massive tendency to do that! That makes it uncomfortable for everyone all around.

    Does anyone know why she hasn’t been updating her livejournal?

  23. GäLv Says:

    I LOVE Adrianne, but Elyse should’ve won. Just look; she has amazing pictures, and during the show she looked like a real model.

  24. Makister Says:

    Her Paris photo shoot was awful. What was she thinkin’?

  25. olle Says:

    My conclusion from Elyse’s success is that not only beauty, but personality, rules in this business. Love her.

  26. Curlie Says:

    I can’t believe she went off and did all this modeling!! What happened to the doctor career? I didn’t like her though.

  27. Seilen Says:

    Yo creo que Elyse era mas de lo que aparentaba y la verdad me alegra el futuro que ha forjado. Era mi favorita aunque si me dio como coraje que no ganara. Veía que los fotógrafos la adoraban y a pesar de sus arranque en ANTM demostró que tiene todo lo necesario para ser una modelo a nivel internacional; a diferencias de otras. Me alegro mucho por ella ya que es mas que una cara bonita.

  28. sweegle Says:

    I like Elyse. she has brain, personality and looks. Good thing she didn’t win or she’d have gone straight into fulfilling her contract prizes and wouldn’t have done her double degrees. Though whatever happened to her ‘doctor’ dream is anyone’s guess. I’m second guessing she wasn’t successful with her application to that faculty.

    I also like Ann. She and Ann are same category; gentle and demure looking, but both strong inside and clever with charisma. Ann especially seems a very sweet and nice person with a vulnerable look. Elyse is more edgy and gutsy, but nonetheless sensitive like Ann is how I feel about them. No unnecessary judging of others.

    I suspect that Robin, who forced her religion down others yet she was a hypocrite, who wouldn’t strip for the shoot yet exposed herself to Jay Manuel – she must be thinking doing that will advance her chance – almost like prostituting herself. Yuck. She’s so low class, no wonder Elyse couldnt stand her. Respect to Elyse for not slugging her off in a big way. In Elyse’s place I would have cursed at that braindead bimbo Robin.

  29. sweegle Says:

    I am glad she ditched her ugly boyfriend Martin Crandall. He’s not ugly physically, but also ugly as a person because he allegedly assaulted Elyse, but no charge was brought against him because Elyse was maganimous enough not to pursue the matter.

    She deserves better than that stupid b*stard.

  30. Avia Says:

    Where is she right now? She hasn’t updated her blog since 2009. 😦

  31. 4sher Says:

    Done good like I figured she would, but I felt she was such a liar about modeling and it was a facade in case she did poorly. Nobody likes to lose, but she handled it by faking her likes, dislikes and eating habits.

  32. wvlover123 Says:

    I THINK SHE DID very well and a not surprise that she did. But at elimination she said that she was going to be that lawyer and know look at her. You go girl; keep up the good work. You are beautiful.

  33. Heather Says:

    LOVED her. I am so glad she went on to be successful.

  34. Melissa Says:

    Unfortunately, Elyse was a hot mess personally. I notice in her bio above, they only glancingly mention her violend, dysfunctional relationship and don’t at all mention her own drug addiction, eating disorder and multiple arrests. Please don’t admire this girl. There is literally nothing there to admire.

    • Iris Says:

      melissa,who do you think you are,by judging people just like that?!are you God or something?or are you just jealous?Elyse is just a person like everyone else,can’t be perfect in this world without makin’ mistakes,but you have to accept the truth,she’s amazing! 🙂

    • JZ Says:

      I am not surprised by her violent behavior….. when she told the judges models were dumb… that was a dumb and hateful, she has tons of resentment and violence in her.

    • Vicky Says:

      She had a drug addiction? What was/is she addicted to? I didn’t know anything about that… when?

    • Ashley Says:

      The bio is borrowed from wikipedia, so don’t expect much.

      Multiple arrests? Please elaborate. The only publicly known arrest was the Sacramento one in January 2008. She picked up a DWI yet? Her drinking was getting out of hand even by 2008.

      Any convictions? Anyone can meet a bad cop, after all.

      How many punchouts with Crandall?

      Which drug(s)? What eating disorder(s)?

      If you’re going to slam her, be specific. Otherwise it’s just lame innuendos.

    • Jillie Says:

      Have you read her blog? It’s full of pictures of her eating loads of food, some people are just naturally thin. No reason to bash her. It’s also not her fault that her boyfriend beat her up, and she broke up with him afterward. Completely unwarranted assessment.

    • star Says:

      Pictures or it didn’t happen. B.s. Rumor mongering from a hater

  35. panda Says:

    I like her way more than Adrianne!! She has amazing pictures and it’s pretty obvious that she’s made it farther in the modeling industry than the others.

  36. KriStina Says:

    Она самая замечательная!!!!!! Как же я расстроилась когда её выгнали…… Она 100% должна была быть первой топ-моделью по-американски!!!! Остальным участницам других сезонов будет очень тяжело затмить её!!! Все её фото просто восхитительны, как во время шоу так и после!!!

  37. Katherin Says:

    On ANTM she to me seemed the small lovely girl)))

  38. david Says:

    Except that she doesn’t have an eating disorder, nor addiction, nor multiple arrests, and she got out of that relationship a while ago.

    Anyway, ANTM undermined themselves when they didnt choose her to win. That was so obvious.

  39. Terra Says:

    I love her smile. Pretty teeth. Glad to see she has done well for herself.

  40. DeOnna Says:

    Does she remind anyone else of Winona Ryder she sure look like her to me. Elyse and Yoanna are the Most beautiful and talented models that have been on the show yet!

  41. I knew was going to make it big. She stood out as the star from the very beginning.

  42. Airam Robiso Says:

    a lot of job after ANTM!!! wow!!!

  43. Penny Says:

    Where are you getting all that from, Melissa? It doesn’t seem backed up by any public information so either you know something most people don’t or you’re just throwing stones and casting aspersions. Yes Elyse was arrested with her now ex-boyfriend, and some people thought she had an eating disorder on the show, and she is really thin, so is Kate Moss, and somehow everyone was shocked, shocked! when it was revealed that Kate Moss used drugs – in an industry that has exposes young, young girls and women to bizarre situations and demands they stay in an almost pre-pubescent state? I think there’s plenty to admire in Elyse. She’s got the brains to know what she was getting into, and to those saying “she was going to be a doctor!” she still can be a doctor, like she said on America’s Next Top Model that can wait, being a model can’t. The show really benefited from having her on it, and the combination of Elyse and Adrianne vs. Robin and the holy rollers made for more interesting conversations and interactions than any subsequent series have managed (although Jayla wanted to be like Elyse really, really bad, and failed). After Robin was eliminated and Adrianne and Elyse included Shannon completely and even brought her out a bit was wonderful; Robin would never have done that in reverse. It was also okay that she was eliminated; she dozed off during a meeting with someone giving them advice and again from a television standpoint it was Shannon and Adrianne that really wanted it, and I for one was thrilled that Adrianne won, and am equally delighted to see Elyse being successful at anything she chooses to do.

  44. Aliisia Says:

    Is that Elyse Sewell in this commercial? At 0:36.

  45. hhfhhdhh Says:

    I love the fact that she doesn’t have to tuck in that gut when modeling. It gives her an advantage over models who do not have naturally flat stomachs. I also love that she looks like Twiggy in some of her photographs.

  46. Lily Says:

    I watched Cycle 1 and loved it – because Elyse was on it. Haven’t watched ANTM since, except for little snippets of each season before I see that every girl since Elyse has basically been the typical ANTM contestant – shallow, petty, and ignorant. Heard about the All-Star cycle just a few days ago, and was like, “God, I hope they bring back Elyse!” Then found out they didn’t – interest level, once again, zero. -.-

  47. I really miss reading her blog I keep checking it every 6 months or so hoping she came back to it. She’s a great personality and someone I think deserves more positive attention. She stood up for what she believed and I respect her a lot.

  48. Em Says:

    I hope Tyra is pleased with choosing a future Playboy model instead of a genuinely gorgeous model like Elyse. Unlike other contestants Elyse made a huge name for herself and is a good role model

  49. Anna Says:

    She has one of the worst nose jobs I’ve ever seen – it’s like they just cut off the end without any thought to shaping it – shame because she’s a lovely looking girl otherwise.

  50. Andy Says:

    elyse has more pictures than all top model winners combined. she’s my favorite antm top model to boot.

  51. Katie Says:

    She knows how to model.

  52. Katherine Says:

    She’s absolutely stunning. I love her edgy look. Her work is amazing. I wish she won. I loved that fiery personality of hers.

  53. steven Says:

    Loved her, and love the pics. Glad she’ doing well, she was her own person instead of trying to fit a mold for the judges. More power to her.

  54. Megha Says:

    I am very very proud of her. She was a remarkable person, who had both brains and beauty. But What happened to her? She’s almost disappeared the face of the earth- she has completely abandoned her blog (for 4 years), no updates on her youtube channel – nothing. I am getting really worried. Wherever she is, I hope she’s happy.
    She was very human, she wasn’t perfect and I loved her honesty. She was edgy, dorky but that just added to her amazing personality. She was imperfectly perfect. I just love her.
    If anyone hears anything about her, please please comment. Thanks 🙂

  55. Julio Cesar Says:

    I think that she is so good that she did not have to win to become a winner!

    She is the only one that looks like a real model, and was smart enough to get away from ANTM.

    After she was eliminated I stop taking the show seriously…. and I am afraid I was not the only one….

    Congratulations Elyse! You deserve all the success!

  56. Paulita Says:


  57. I’m so glad she didn’t win, she was hateful and disrespectful. There are plenty of models who are intelligent, she for some reason thought she was better because she was educated. She’s a beautiful girl on the outside, but she’s lost on the inside, which comes off as bitchy and cocky. That rant about the other girls was totally uncalled for. She had not even known them that long to be rattling off judgments. She felt the need to convince everyone that she didn’t care about modeling, and complained about how ridiculous she thought all of it was, yet went on to pursue it. If she didn’t really want it, she should not have taken the chance away from someone who really did. What a hypocrite. Good for her on her success, I hope she found herself somewhere on the way.

  58. Katie Says:

    She’s a great model. Very versatile. She can do commercial, and high fashion. I love her quirkiness.

  59. Gia Says:

    These are some of the more amazing pictures of all the models put together. She’s a natural. I could see her in W magazine with all the other high fashion models. She’s a little too thin in a few of the photos but all in all they are brilliant.

  60. galafinite Says:

    Elyse was the only thing interesting about ANTM. I honestly think the only reason she didn’t win is because she wasn’t dumb enough. There was no way Tyra was going to allow the person who came in there with a brain and basically laughed at the profession to be the winner. Cause everyone knows, modeling is super duper serious, lol.

    • empear Says:

      I think if you look back at judges comments, you’ll see that Janice Dickinson always favoured Elyse – Elyse even commented that Janice would wink at her to give her the nod that she was through to the next phase. In one of the shows, you can see Janice screaming out “She’s gorgeous” as Tyra throws Elyse’s picture down and chooses the generic, square-jawed Shannon instead. So at least one of the judges wanted Elyse, but Tyra was offended that Elyse had called models dumb, so she paid the price. Elyse is stunning, her blog was amazing – witty, funny and always interesting. I’ve tried to find her book at Amazon, but they don’t have it. Where are you, Elyse?

    • pointandshoot Says:

      If she’s such a think tank, then why is she modeling?

    • wanda Says:

      For someone who you think laughed at the profession, she sure pursued it seriously. If it was such laughable job, why didn’t she become a doctor?? Its kind of ignorant of you to make fun of something that means so much to these girls. I am sure the women who pursue it take it very seriously. I think Elyse was mean and nasty.. I am not surprised she was in a domestic violence case. It wouldn’t surprise me if she provoked it. Look how she verbally attacked the girls on the show.

  61. bebebebebe Says:

    Elyse and Allison are the best and most successful models. I love Allison more though!!

  62. Jay Moore Says:

    Agree with the last entry, obviously she should have used smaller words to Janice Dickinson when they asked her the now famous question about ” what other than physical attributes does it take to be a top model” – a politician will be the first one to tell you that your answer to a question depends on who your audience is – maybe she should have just started singing “How excellent ….” Robin eat your heart out !

  63. Jay Moore Says:

    Addendum: Adrienne, as much as I liked her, admitted that she was a high school drop-out, (great role model you picked there Tyra)…..hmmmm, med student, high school drop-out……med student, high school drop-out :/ I think Elyse was correct from the get-go

  64. paneska Says:

    I’m very impressed. Wow, such a great carreer she did there! She was my favorite participant of that cycle and it’s glad to see how many beautiful photos she made after the TV show.

    There’re some many photos where she really looks like asian. 😛

  65. Alexandra Says:

    The judges said she was not commecial. In your face biaches 😛

  66. lux Says:

    Bravo.. fantastic model. One of the pros.

  67. she was my favorite. She was the only one who gave her honest to blog opinion of everyone, and was not afraid during any of the shoots. I really thought that she would win. I’m absolutely glad that she went on to have a good career in fashion, because I don’t think that being a doctor would have suited her that well.

  68. Kat Says:

    I truly could not stand her. She was so bitchy and catty, thought she was way better than everyone else, and it really really got on my nerves. She also seemed very disrespectful.

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