Elina Ivanova was a contestant during Cycle 11 of ANTM.

Based in Seattle, Washington but born in Berdichieve, Ukraine, Elina was nineteen years old during her run on America’s Next Top Model. She was known for being openly bisexual and for having difficulty opening up to the camera and judges.

Elina had her ups and downs during Cycle 11, but maintained good standing with regards to her photos. She became better and better the first four episodes of the season, winning her first reward challenge during episode 3. She continued to do well through episode 7, then she had two continual appearances in the bottom two. Incidentally, she was bottom two during two episodes where she’d also won reward challenges, which rarely happens. After her two consecutive appearances in the bottom two, she was finally eliminated during episode 11. She was the 9th girl eliminated from the show.

Elina Ivanova is now signed with TCM Models & Talent in Seattle and Vision Models in Los Angeles.

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Test Shots by Alex Lim


Test shots by Alex Lim


Test shots by Alex Lim

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56 Responses to “Elina Ivanova”

  1. collette Says:

    Her face never changes!!!

  2. Sheh Says:

    I love Elina’s racial and sexual ambiguity; it’s very ‘now’.

    Watching ANTM 11, I felt sorry for Elina. She was unlucky enough to walk into the “introverted girl” stereotype the show’s creators wanted. As a result, she was subjected to a big mind trip from Tyra, who systematically tortured her and placed her in the bottom two, week after week.

    I guess Tyra kept waiting for Elina to crumble and cut her wrists. Hilariously, Elina kept her cool throughout; could have been the Russian/Ukrainian resilience in her genes.
    Go Elina!

    • Sasha Says:

      I completely and totally agree!
      Elina is a wonderful role-model to prove to girls that no matter what people say or do, NEVER give up and continue being your self, as long as YOU are happy with your self. She’s beautiful inside and out. I began fighting for her as soon as she showed up on ANTM, which is actually one of the very last seasons I watched, lol.

  3. Linda Says:

    She has a classic and sexy face. Wonderful. 😉

  4. Ellen Says:

    Post her work for Tarina Tarantino, its amazing!

  5. Anya Says:

    Очень красивая! И кстати татуировка у неё на руке на русском языке написана.

    Translation: “Very beautiful! And by the way, the tattoo on her hand is written in Russian.”

  6. ANYA а что написано на татушках?

  7. Kira from Russia Says:

    Славянская красота не победила европейскую…жаль..она величественно красива!

  8. Kira from Russia Says:

    Написанона руке: Галина Прокофьевна Костюк или Костюх, не совсем разобрала. 🙂 Галиночка, ты просто суперкрасотка!!

  9. sb Says:

    She’s soooo sexy!

  10. KriStina Says:

    Она просто супер!!! Настоящая модель!!! Достойная представительница славянской национальности на международном конкурсе.

    Кстати, она мне нравиться больше, чем Наташа из 8 сезона.

  11. boo Says:

    Liked her, but no, she was really annoying.

  12. Cassie Says:

    She’s the hottest.

  13. cynthia Says:

    Elina was my favorite through the whole season. And yes she fell into the stereotype that Tyra wanted, but maintained her cool throughout the season.

  14. tamo Says:

    Kira from Russia: A coglasna, elina ochen krasivaia.

  15. Полина Says:

    Она потрясная!

  16. Marie_U Says:

    Russian girls!!! Are you kidding me?!! She’s gorgeous, yes. But “real Russian beauty?!!”

    Да по ней все татаро-монгольское иго разом проскакало! То, что она из Украины еще не делает ее славянкой.

    • Marina Says:

      So if you say that she’s Tatar it doesnt mean all Ukrainians are tatarian and are not Slavic people. But I agree her beauty is typical for the Crimea, nevertheless Zhitomyr lost her.

  17. Настя Says:

    Элина – красотка. она мне очень нравится!! Болела за неё,…жаль(( Она самая лучшая!!

  18. Настя Says:

    Оч. люблю её!!.. она шикарная

  19. Carmen Says:

    Her look was the most interesting of all of the contestants, however she was eliminated.

  20. Carmen Says:

    I am so proud that Russian girls have such a big success on this show!

  21. Дашка Says:

    Very nice!

    Элина супер,она лучшая!
    И Наташка. Да они вообще похожи.

  22. Zham Says:

    My daughter’s name is Elina so she was one of my favorites. But I agree she has a very still face. Bad enough to her she can’t let it go.

  23. Creen Says:

    Great look.

  24. Mari H. Says:

    I think she rocks, but it’s not just about the look, it’s about the personality to handle it in this dastardly biz!

  25. Lucretia Says:

    She was 18 not 19. She had a pretty enough face but played a character the entire time. She had no dimension or depth and was stiff and ice cold.

    • Susan Says:

      You are exactly correct. She still has “dead” eyes. She cannot allow herself to show emotion, which reasons she openly stated in ANTM, however, she had some of the best advisers in the world and always thought she knew best. A few sessions with a psych would perhaps show her how to open up on camera at least.

  26. Boone Says:

    My favorite model of all time on ANTM. Love you, Elina! – Your “Montana Gay Buddy”.

  27. Рената Says:

    Элина самая красивая из этого сезона.
    Ну..не считая Анали))

  28. Khatarina Says:

    I loooooove her!!!!

  29. Kat Says:

    I had her picked for top three. Like Kat from cycle 10, I loved that great European face. I am sorry she went home. Does anyone know what tats she had on her arms? I know what the one on her stomach said but I could never quite get a look at those others. I thought she was just gorgeous, but you know how it goes on the shows….

  30. Heather Says:

    LOVED her! She was one of my favorites. I loved how she managed to keep her cool when the b****ier girls picked on her. She’s breath-takingly beautiful as well, and I”m glad she went on to do more work.

  31. Brian Says:

    I love Elina because she stands up for what she believes in and is beautiful inside and out. Yes, Tyra and Mr J. ( whom I know personally ) had it out for her and she didn’t let it break her at all. She listened at the right times and got better and better. Unfortunately, they really did have it out for her. It was so glaringly obvious the way Tyra and the other judges and the J’s talked to her. They would tell her to do one thing and then chastise her for doing it at the next judging or photo shoot. The other girls were so damn prissy ( except for Analeigh, Marjorie, Isis, ) and obviously ganged up on her because of what she believed in and didn’t believe in……like God. But, that’s typical of holier than thou Christians anyway. They ALWAYS cast the first stone. Then, when they got to Amsterdam and the red light district, Elina said she didn’t see anything wrong with a woman choosing to be a prostitute if she chose to and that it doesn’t have to be respected ( because it’s no one else’s business, much like abortions! ). I so agree! The prissy, Christian girls got all whacked about that. I think the same as Elina. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and if a woman wants to do that, she should be able to. Hey, it’s good money too! Anyway, Elina is a shining star in the world of modeling and she will continue to be one of the best if not THE best. Keep up the great work, Elina.
    – Your Montana Buddy

  32. Ur Destiny Says:

    does anybody know her date of birth?i can’t find it…

  33. Liza Says:

    Oh yeah,russian beauty!I love her,she is my compatriot

  34. happy Says:

    she’s best)
    I want kiss she, but I am hetero)))
    She is really excites…

  35. Cari Says:

    I find her to be one of the most beautiful women ever on ANTM. I don’t even find her to be B*****. There was a lot of misunderstanding on Tyra’s and the Judging panels part. I have a huge problem when 4 people (3 really) tell someone they don’t have a personality or they aren’t letting loose. I actually found a load of personality and passion in Elina. Just go back and watch her during the scenes where she is feeling slighted against. Her eyes actually say loads.

    • Rhonda Says:

      thanks cari I just watched a rerun of that show where she went home and I don’t see her as fake just guarded sometimes there is a story behind and i think she is gorgeous, hope she keeps modeling ,and screw people that mis-understand

  36. D Says:

    She was gorgeous but looking at her photos even from most recent I can see what the panel meant by lackluster emotion in her eyes. Her facial expressions only seemed to changed by the angles of the camera and not her face. I think she has a lot of potential but she does need emotion. All the “Slip Is Showing” Photos she wears the same look and that’s a bit dull when looking at photos.

  37. Buzz Says:

    This chick pissed me off. She had a decent look (though not as visually stunning as Marjorie), but her pretentious, petulant personality was so grating to me! I wanted to like her, but just couldn’t get past the B.S.

  38. s Says:

    I loved her look but I HATED her pretentiousness.
    This is a girl who claims to be an animal rights activist, yet she’s competing for a contract with covergirl, owned by a company that does animal testing? Shouldn’t she have done a little bit of research?

    Also, what was Tyra thinking giving her that awful red hair?

    • Alice Says:

      I think tyra gave her red hair to see if she could handle it. Or if she would break down

      It did make her look interesting though.

  39. A Says:

    I never got why everyone hated Elina. I thought she was beautiful and full of emotions. If she became loose like the judges and everyone else wanted her to, what would she become? And I hated how the other girls were all “You don’t live in Europe anymore. And haven’t you been living in America since you were what? Eight, nine?” That was seriously offensive. Just because you live in a country for a long time, doesn’t mean you’re actually, THEM. Have they never thought that she was proud to be European, proud to be who she was? And what was even worse was that they put her down because she got a winter photo shoot, and she was atheist and didn’t believe in holidays.

    I’m atheist. You have to be religious to celebrate holidays? Wow. Then I must’ve lived my whole life whacked up.

    I liked her personality anyways. It’s better to be blunt and beautiful, then to be b*tching about somebody behind their backs and beautiful.

  40. lindheaxel Says:

    She was one of my favorite and I never really understood the critic about her. I think she´s gorgeous and I hope she will do good in the future. And yes – they gave strange hair, but that´s not the first time they do that

  41. mary Says:

    I love Elina !!!<3

  42. Юлия Says:

    Её взгляд беса заглянул мне в душу. Шикарна!бесподобна! она моя модель для подрожания.

  43. Tamsin Says:

    Elina was one of my favourite models in ANTM. I can understand the judges reason for her elimination because she did seem a bit held back. However since the show, it’s obvious she’s doing very well.
    She’s my girl crush. Yep.

  44. Ashli Says:

    I just came across this site on random, while googling local Seattle models. I know I’m a little late to the game. Here’s the thing – I’m a makeup artist in Seattle and I know Elina and have worked with her on several occasions. She is ANYTHING but pretentious, shy, reserved, etc. She is intelligent and down to earth, funny, and always cool and collected, which can be misconstrued on TV for bitchiness. Her demeanor is calm and very professional, not giggly and catty. She’s incredibly mature for being so young. You have to understand that producers look to fill certain “types” within these contestants and the editors of the show will only include footage of them that is within those personality confines. They make the viewers’ minds up for them. In person, Elina is incredible and an amazing model who has had a ton of success since leaving the show. She’s a beautiful person both inside and out.

  45. Rhonda Says:

    I am a fifty-eight year old grandma that loves watching antm and I love Elina she is so unique and beautiful and I hope she doesnt change for anyone, I wanted her to win but I will still follow her through the net!

  46. Vasiliy Ivanov Says:

    Между прочем её папа русский, а мама украинка!
    Так что дорогие мои монголо-татарами там и не пахнет.

  47. Claire Says:

    She was very pretty, but she could only do one type of modeling, the high fashion edgy. Her lack of range is what got her eliminated.

    I mean really, could you see her being a carefree covergirl? No way.

  48. Will Says:

    Elina is signed with Wilhelmina LA now

  49. Ella Says:

    Elina frustrated me to no end. The comments she made about Isis were extremely uncalled for “she looks like a demonic hyena”, really??? Not only that but when the girl she had a crush on was eliminated she said Joslyn was a “no-name mall model” or something of the sort. You cannot state things like this, especially since beauty is subjective.

    She was so immature and has such a narrow view point, yet tried so hard to pretend to be mature . I understand there is a cultural divide between how people from American and Europe act- but it’s not like there aren’t different divides within America itself. Sheena had to tone it down. Obviously it’s not trying to change you completely or make you something you’re not, it’s being able to adapt to situations but still be YOU at your core. Lauren Brie who was American her whole life was seen as too reserved. Elina had no respect for anyone in that household with a different view than hers and it bugged me.

    And no, this is not a problem with her sexuality, or being a vegan. In fact, I praise her for being different, but the fact that she attacked other girls in the house and would make ignorant comments about other’s appearances and THEN say that others were being offensive towards her because she was “European” really just showed her immaturity. I hope she has grown since her Top Model days.

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