Ebony Morgan was a contestant during Cycle 9 of ANTM.

From Chicago, Illinois comes nursing student Ebony Morgan, who initially entered Cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model as someone who wanted to create a lot of drama in the house. However, upon realizing that it wouldn’t work, she decided to enter the competition as herself, in time to land a spot in the final 13 contenders.

As soon as Ebony encountered her first challenge with the girls, she immediately underwent some hardships, as she struggled to fit her character. The then 20-year-old aspiring model had difficulty translating her beauty into film, and thus earned a spot in the bottom two. Fortunately, Ebony was spared for another chance. It took a couple of more episodes for Ebony to regain her composure and finally show some improvements to the judges. She even impressed Mr. Jay with her improvements in the episode entitled “The Girl Who Is Afraid Of Heights,” but was also cautioned about her uptight in-person appearance. In the episode “The Girl Who Gets A Mango,” Ebony landed in the bottom two with Ambreal Williams. However, just before Tyra called Ebony for her last photo, Ebony declared that she decided to quit the competition and go home because she realized that she misses her family, and that modeling was not her calling. This then gave Ambreal a second chance at the competition. Ebony is the second contestant to quit America’s Next Top Model, with the first being Cassandra Whitehead from Cycle 5.

Ebony Morgan did not pursue a modeling career, but has gone back to dental school.

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36 Responses to “Ebony Morgan”

  1. datum pi Says:

    I think this girl has some major issues with depression and I don’t agree at all with what Tyra said to her when she left!

  2. boo Says:

    Um, there could have been another girl who would have been better than her. She begged to be on the show and she gave up. She was scared of her critique and she acted like she was still in high school where everyone has to be nice to her because she was the “pretty one.” Ugh. Glad she eliminated herself.

    • My My Says:

      She was not scared of her critique. She got a horrible one the first week, and a pretty good one the week she quit. She went into that last picture trying to be eliminated, since she already had decided she was going to leave.

  3. tareco Says:

    I think Tyra is a narcissist B*TCH!!!! I do believe that Ebony determined that modeling wasn’t for her. I did notice that very early on in the season, she stated that it was harder and different than what she had expected it to be. I think it took A LOT of character for her to admit that she did not want to be there and to step aside and allow someone who really did want to be there get a chance. I don’t fault her at all for not knowing this about herself before she entered the competition. There are some things you just cannot know about until you experience them.

    Ebony, if you by some chance read this, I hope you are holding your head up high and know that you are a woman of character and courage! I am so proud of you (and I am old enough to be your mama!) I hope you are doing well and are finding success and happiness in whatever career you have chosen to do. God Bless girl!

    • Yvie Says:

      I agree with you. I didn’t understand how her admission led to Tyra’s reaction.

    • Mayukh Says:

      You’re 100% right.

    • sonia Says:

      i agree with you but i will also add that she has an extremely natural beauty. if she wants to take up modeling again, i am sure she will do well. i found her to be one of the most beautiful models in that cycle…just plain gorgeous…God bless her

  4. Michelle Says:

    That’s a chance of a lifetime she gave up. She is going to get criticism everywhere in life. There will be ups and downs; you can’t run away every time there is opposition or you’ll never get anywhere in life. People aren’t just supposed to give things to you because you’re “pretty.” You have to work for what you want. Even if she didn’t want to be a model, her mere presence on the show could have opened a lot doors.

    • julius Says:

      I believe you, her mere presence on the show would open up more doors to her. I watched in dismay when she quit, she was my favorite, she reminded me of Danielle cycle 6 winner. When she met Daniella for that lisa challenge win, i was very delighted. I really missed her so much. Hope she is well in what ever she is doing.

  5. tareco Says:

    “chance of a lifetime …”

    When are people going to understand that something is only the “chance of a lifetime” if it’s something that YOU want to do?!!!! Some of you have SO those much to learn. Believe me honey, I am 51 years old and have learned have passed up many things that others felt were “missed opportunities.” Well, they weren’t for me–maybe they would have been for them if they had been presented with those “opportunities.”

    Think of it this way, you and I are both in a competition. You are there because it is something you really, really want and have dreamt of all of your life. I however, am only there because someone else thought I should do it but my heart really isn’t in it. I go, I do well but the longer I’m there, the more I am convinced this isn’t for me. So I chose to bow out so that those who truly do want it can have more of a chance.

    This is a very sensitive issue for me because I feel this is a very personal decision and that anyone who judges Ebony including B*TCH Tyra, is wrong. We all have different desires and dreams in life. In my opinion, it is this very thing that is so wrong with the world today. People don’t listen to their own inner voice enough. It sounds like you are the type of person who wants money, glamour, fame, and to impress others. Don’t get me wrong–It’s not a criticism–it takes all types to make the world go around. But it bothers me when people judge or criticize others because they made a choice that they wouldn’t.

    I still say kudos to Ebony. I don’t think it had anything to do with her being weak or running away; it’s simple. It wasn’t what she thought it would be and therefore why should she waste her time? I think if she hadn’t been in the bottom two, she would have stayed around until SHE had been eliminated on her own. But when it came down to her and someone else who she knew wanted to be there and the other girl was chosen to go home, MS. Ebony did the right thing by speaking up.

    I stand by my statement that MS. Ebony, you are a woman of class and of character. I know it couldn’t have been easy to make a decision like that on national tv and then having to hear that lecture from b*tch Tyra, which makes it all the more admirable!

  6. Erica Says:

    She’s so gorgeous, and I agree that it was a bit of a waste. But I really did respect that she realized that career choice wasn’t for her and she admitted it when she was sure she no longer wanted to pursue modeling. I think it was wrong of Tyra to call her a quitter. She just didn’t want to model and she wanted to pursue something else.

  7. fifi Says:

    Waste of time, that’s all I could possibly say. But still, if she realized that she didn’t like afterall, it was her choice and it had to take some courage to step out and give her chance to someone who wanted it more. And what Tyra said … God, that woman gets on my nerves. I just hope Ebony is happy and doesn’t regret. We can’t know.

  8. Azereht Parlan Says:

    @tareco, “There are some things you just cannot know about until you experience them.” That’s true. I read all your comments and I really wish Ms. Ebony Morgan could have a chance to read what you’ve said. She’d be smiling. 🙂

    @Erica, Yes, I agree with you. It’s just she didn’t want it anymore. Sometimes being a quitter doesn’t mean you’re a loser; It’s just you realized you’re on for something else, maybe something better. Following your heart is never a bad thing and Ebony did that. I kinda admire her actually. =)


  9. Aaron Says:

    Ebony was the most interesting face in all of cycle 9. Her features are striking and Tyra even said that she has a collar bone that she finds to be stunning. I just think she cracked under so much scrutiny, and rightfully so; the show is very stressful. Had she continued in the competition, she would have no doubt been in the top 3, if not the winner .

    • julius Says:

      Totally i believe you had she continued she would have won. her features were more pronounced than those of Saleisha. She by far dented the whole cycle 9.

  10. Me Says:

    I appreciate her quitting,but GIRL,you could of quit next week? You would get to work with Enrique Iglesias and as portrayed on the show Ebony is crazy for men. :)) :))

  11. Sidonia Says:

    She was sooo stunning I wish that she didn’t lose her desire to model.

  12. Cari Says:

    It was easy to see that Ebony was dwindling away. Even in the photo shoots that she did well on she never seemed truly happy. There was also not one episode in which she said she was worried about being sent home, while every other girl was seen saying it at the MINIMUM once.

    It takes a lot of guts, especially during a once in a lifetime opportunity, to say that this was not what she wanted. While technically Tyra is right by saying she quit, this was not a bad type of quitting and that is something Tyra clearly does not understand. Ebony quit this because it was something that she did not want, she did not simply quit because it was too hard (she clearly had some awesome photos happening).

  13. j Says:

    Ella para mi fue la chica mas guapa e interesante de la temporada 9, pienso que si no hubiera salido habría ganado

  14. I think she is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my whole life!

  15. mzoverit Says:

    She was not pretty at all to me because of her I think my sh*t don’t stink attitude.

  16. gigi Says:

    She could have won.

  17. I’m proud 2 say Ebony is doing great she finished nursing school & is now serving care n the Chicago area!

  18. dissapointedintiffany Says:

    I was so dissapointed in Ebony just as I was in Tiffany cycle 4. Had both girls jut persevered both girls would have won. I just know it. It is tragic that both `gave up` when it is so hard for black young ladies to get into the modelling industry. Ebony & Tiffany blew the opportunity of a lifetime, not to mention a whole lot of money. That is a pity. Nay. A tragedy thayt niether of them pushed through to victory.

  19. Debra Benson Says:

    Update: Ebony did the right thing, she is now a practicing R.N. in chicago, and is still beautiful. Thank you Tyra for being the nasty mean person you were to her, it only encouraged her to fulfill her dream of being an R.N., something she is really good at, and guess what she is even more beautiful then ever because of your meaness she realized that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and she is holding it down. Best looking nurse I’ve ever seen.

  20. Guy Says:

    you are right sabrina,she is damn gorgeous

  21. Liz Says:

    That was so snotty of Tyra to put the clip of Ebony begging to be let into the competition. There was no reason to do that, except to be rude.

  22. Donell Says:

    She is beautiful and I just wished she knew that before her 3rd audition regardless of her father encouraging her to go. I agree with Tyra she is a quitter and its an positive feedback to make one realize especially at her age what oppurtunity she had. The girls were spoiled and had everything at there desposal. The only thing they had to do was bring forth the effort and learn what they needed to persue a career in modeling. To call Tyra out of her name is just wrong and I’m sure she will carry that on her shoulders proudly. Most leaders do! I hope Ebony find happiness but I do not pity for her, she is a quitter and regardless that her father uses a mask to support her wishes deep down he agrees with Tyra. Ta ta people, get a big towel and soak it up.

  23. sumaria Says:

    thats my cousin and she told us she left cuz she was tired and just wanted to come home and i think she went a long way and she was great i thought she could make it to the top 4 four but she wanted to come back home

    • sonia Says:

      u have a very beautiful cousin and she could have won if she stayed… i think that Tyra is a narcissus and i am not at all impress with her..ur cuz had her reasons and i wish her well and blessings as she matures in life…God bless her always

  24. K. Reka Says:

    i truly respect the way she stood out for herself and i am glad that she is happy now but…. she did take a place in the competition from someone else and if you look at it that way, that’s so sad.

  25. Katherine Says:

    I think what Tyra said to her was very ugly. Other people have quit, but she didn’t go off on them. It’s her choice. And Tyra should’ve respected that. It’s funny. Looking at Ebony, she doesn’t look like anything but an average girl, but she photographed beautifully. It’s a shame how this was for her.

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