Ebony Haith was a contestant on Cycle 1 of ANTM.

Born in the Bronx, New York, Ebony is an openly gay model, whose well-known by the public because of her bald head.  Aside from modeling, Ebony has also dabbled in cosmetics, having worked as a make-up artist in the past. Her aunt is her personal hero because not only did her aunt overcome cancer, but she also raised 5 adopted children, one of whom was Ebony.

When Ebony became one of the finalists in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 1, she was met with harsh criticism from the two very devout Christian Top Model finalists, Robin and Shannon. The conflict escalated when Ebony’s partner dropped by the house, further angering Shannon and Robin. Things turned uglier for Ebony during the judging, as she became the fourth contestant eliminated. The judges reasoned that it was Ebony’s weak performance that drove them to cut her from the show.

Since ANTM, Ebony has signed with Downtown Model Management.

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To see more photos of Ebony, click here.

21 Responses to “Ebony Haith”

  1. dan Says:

    In the last picture, she looks like Ms. Jay.

  2. Dee Says:

    She really does have bad skin. 😦

  3. joejoe_no1 Says:

    I was looking at her skin, too; It’s terrible. Usually, a person fixes a problem like this easily. You just go to a dermatologist. Really, you can find good products at the drug store nowadays. I don’t know. She is beautiful. She could get a lot of work with improved skin texture.

    • Stephy Says:

      I dont think she has bad skin..its all about retouching…most of the pics of these models on the right are retouched..her skin looked fine to me..or maybe u guys can let me know which pics xactly looked bad..remember every model is photoshopped..Yaya also has bad skin..load of retouchn fixd that problem..

  4. полина Says:

    мне она не нравится!

    Rough Translation: “It is not pleasant to me!”

  5. Louisa Says:

    How beautiful she was with the long curly hair (wig)!
    But why are we talking only of her outside looks? Isn’t the inner person the most important?

  6. Michelle Says:

    The progression of the pics are beautiful; especially the black and white one by the window. It’s so vulnerable and innocent.

  7. panda Says:

    She actually didn’t do too bad, and some of her pictures look really high fashion

  8. JZ Says:

    It says she singed with Downtown modeling agency and the magazine photos says she is with Uptown. Also when she cut cut Tayra said she had a chip on her shoulder.

  9. jasmine Says:

    girl u look good

  10. Victoria Says:

    She looks really good in the 2nd to last picture, love her hair now she’s grown it

  11. euni Says:

    well at least she’s improving from time to time, and direction to her modeling career..love her 2010 photos though….whoah an activist too?

  12. Katie Says:

    She has a really, strange, unattractive look.

  13. skylar Says:

    she has hair!

  14. Lydia Says:

    What are you talking about?
    Shes beautiful :O

  15. Risha Says:

    Glad she kept her modeling career going after ANTM. Most of these pic look great. She’s a beautiful Nubian queen.

  16. Katie Says:

    Lol. I’m sorry, but she looks like a man. Not to mention her personality was hideous. Omg, in that last photo, she really looks like Ms. Jay.

  17. lux Says:

    I liked her personality a lot, but her looks didn’t stand out as anything special or unique. And that last picture is frightening. I hope she’s doing well, though.

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